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Conversations with individuals that think differently, work differently, and challenge the status quo. With successes and valuable learning lessons we each forge our own path. Everyone has a story and that story is a beautiful one because it is theirs. Whats your story?


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Conversations with individuals that think differently, work differently, and challenge the status quo. With successes and valuable learning lessons we each forge our own path. Everyone has a story and that story is a beautiful one because it is theirs. Whats your story?




Conquering your inner demons with Ty OG

Ty OG, also known as Mr. Universe tells his story about how he became a peak athlete and then was faced with challenges like depression. Ty explains how he was able to cut out his depression medications by using ROOT products. We dive into how TY is now training new athletes in the bodybuilding industry and fitness. Connect with us: Ty OG Ty music Patrick Moen Just A Recording


Connecting in a spiritual realm with Willis

Meeting a friend takes time, energy, and investing in that relationship. Meeting a brother while attending a plant medicine journey takes no effort at all, you just have to be open to it. Willis and I crossed paths while I was pulling into the combine where we would soon be sitting next to one another and only gave each other a head nod upon observing the other. Willis is a digital nomad who is currently living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and has been living this nomadic lifestyle for almost 18 years. This podcast goes into detail about this type of lifestyle, what it does to your ability to stay grounded, plant medicine, and connecting in a spiritual way to form a brotherhood that is filled with synchronicities.


Experiencing the ego death with Natalia Ochoa

Growing up in Miami and being introduced to the arts at a young age, Natalia was primed and ready for Hollywood life. Little did she know the toxic environment that she would be thrust into and having to fend for herself as a single minority in a very surface-level industry. After working for several years and getting her stride, Natalia found that nothing was serving her higher self. After a few sessions with teachers and mentors, she decided to walk away from it all. Leaving LA during the exodus that brought 1000's of people to other cities during covid, Natalia found herself in Austin, Texas. Starting from the ground floor she started working with astrology, natal charts, akashic records, and she created her own business working with clients helping them remember what the soul has forgotten. Connect with us: Natalia Ochoa Power of Your Intuition Podcast https://www.nataliaochoa.com/ Patrick Moen Just A Recording Podcast


Fighting for laughs with Kurt Pellegrino

From practically birth, Kurt and I have been best friends. Everything that Kurt did I wanted to do it and be just like him. From manhunt to fights we couldn't be separated. I would attend almost all of Kurt's wrestling matches and then UFC fights. Watching him come up was a highlight for me. Kurt went on to be a dominant force not only in the UFC but also in Jiu-jitsu and then opening up his own gym in New Jersey, our hometown. From wins to losses and having it on the largest stage in the world we talk about what that does to your psyche. Connect with us: Kurt Pellegrino Youtube Podcast Patrick Moen Podcast Youtube


Simplifying nutrition with Kelly Springer

Kelly is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BS degree in Nutrition and earned her Master’s degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland. She formerly worked as the Division Dietitian at Wegmans Food Markets. While raising 2 daughters and attending school and working she began Kelly’s Choice in 2012 with a vision to empower people to invest in their own health and wellness in order to live their best lives. Kelly’s Choice now functions as a comprehensive nutrition and health company that offers private nutrition counseling, workplace wellness, educational webinars, media appearances, and brand partnerships. It's no secret that nutrition is very daunting. Kelly makes it consumable in bite-sized chunks that can teach you so much on how and where to start. Connect with us: Kelly Springer Kelly's Choice Linkedin Youtube Patrick Moen Just A Recording Youtube


Raw living in cognitive dissonance with Sherif Fouad

From childhood, Sherif has lived a life that is not like most. Moving from Egypt to New York at a young age and having to learn a new culture was very impactful. This has shaped who he is today now as CEO and founder of Raleigh Raw. We go into so many topics of this episode from politics, traveling as a digital nomad, the riots that happened this summer, Covid-19, and the two of us doing an ayahuasca ceremony in Mexico. Sherif is a rare soul that when he speaks you should listen. He has profound thoughts that continue to push you to consider your beliefs. From his creation of the platform Raw U and in-person Conscious Conversations, his teachings will make an impact on your soul. Connect with us Sherif Fouad Youtube Website Raleigh Raw Patrick Moen Just A Recording Youtube Our Sponsor The Root


Overcoming your limiting beliefs with Taylor Amrani

Growing up in LA Taylor had a kush life on the outside. But internally she was struggling to fit in, find her roots as an Israeli, deal with her ability to learn in a different way in school. After graduating from highschool Taylor decided to join the IDF for 2 years and teaching soldiers how to shoot their guns. After loving teaching soldiers how to do their job Taylor went to university. After graduating from college in 2017 and deciding to not go to law school she purchased a camera and started filming content and growing her page to have viral videos. Taylor has taken her role and failed forward on many different endeavors but she has found her stride helping others with their struggles through personal development and "coaching". Connect with us: Taylor Amrani Life by Taylor Linkedin Patrick Moen Linkedin Just A Recording Youtube channel


Gaining clarity with Justin Peterson

When the pandemic hit Justin decided that he wanted to take this opportunity to redefine who he was. This was a pinnacle moment for him as he sought the help that he needed. Little did he know that he just needed to simply be still. From large stage keynote speeches to being a father, and an amazing husband, Justin has never just stopped moving. During this stillness, Justin came up with a new business and a way to help others create reputation equity. He has defined how to use it to your benefit like a savings account that you have spent your whole life making deposits. His 7 step process will take anyone through a transformational experience and provide you with like-minded individuals that will support you every step. Clarity VIP is your answer to transform who you are with the support of someone who has done this their whole life. Connect with us: Justin Peterson Clarity VIP Patrick Moen Just A Recording LinkedIn Youtube channel


How to do the work using Ayahuasca with Dante Damico

Wanting to stop repeating the patterns with his relationships, Dante started a mantra to say yes to everything that came across his path. A friend asked him to do Ayahuasca, this journey with mother Ayahuasca opened his third eye to a new way to live, he is now up to 22 ceremonies. From his evolution in becoming a yoga instructor to becoming spiritually awakened, Dante has been doing the work to know oneself. He has many lessons that he continues to learn from. From his daily practice of meditation and reading to spending time with his new puppy. Dante is a great student and teacher in peeling back the layers of the onion. Connect with us: Dante Damico Patrick Moen Just A Recording Subscribe to my Youtube to watch the interview Try the products from our sponsor


Becoming the Quadfather - with Todd Stabelfeldt

Todd Stabelfeldt is an entrepreneur and computing technology expert. He is the founder and CEO of, C4 Database Management. Todd is also a C4 quadriplegic. Becoming paralyzed at the age of 8 from a gun accident, Todd's life was forever changed. You might look at him and think for worse but after speaking with him you will quickly realize that this accident did not come close to stopping him. During his decades-long struggle for increased independence, he has become a noted expert in technologies for the spinal cord-injured. His tenacious attitude and drive have put him at the forefront of inventions to assist other injured individuals to live "normal" lives. He has been a featured keynote speaker at WWDC, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference; as well as featured in several online publications such as CNN Money, NBCNews, Cupertino Times, Think Leaders IBM Blog and noted by Stuart Varney on Fox Business News. allowing him to work with businesses like Apple, New Mobility Magazine. Connect with us: Todd Stabelfeldt Todd Linkedin Patrick Moen Just A Recording Youtube Podcast Sponsor


The Root of wellness with Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas is the Co-Founder of Root wellness, LLC (www.therootbrands.com). Studying as many subjects as he could in college attending Washington State University he was set on a path to learn differently and always find a different path with regards to business and healing the body. From finance to health and how the body consumes products Clayton met his match when he was introduced to his wife. They worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between allopathic/traditional healthcare and the integrative wellness side of patient care. At Root their focus is holistic. Better outcomes, better care, better income. At Root, they have created a system to benefit those who spread the word about their amazing products through a shared program. In this episode, we dive into how and why they created their first two products and the benefits of telling a friend about them. Connect with us: Clayton Thomas The Root Patrick Moen Just A Recording Youtube


Garnishing your growth with Candice Motley

Born and raised here in North Carolina, Candice was destined for something bigger than the small-town life that most settled for. At an early age, Candice started in the hair industry learning her craft with a company called Mitchell's. She would later realize that this would be the springboard for her now 19 year career. Craving personal development and growth when Candice started her own booth rental she needed structure and guidance. She set a goal and then ran through it after she attended a seminar that helped her with the business side. After her first hair extension transformation she was hooked, not because of the money but because of the way it made her client feel. Candice is now a national trainer for NBR (Natural Beaded Row) and is helping stylists all over the United States. She is a single mom of 2 and runs her own business. Candice is a highly successful entrepreneur and an even better friend. Connect with us: Candice Motley Youtube Channel Garnish Extension Studio Patrick Moen Just A Recording Youtube Channel Our sponsor: The Root Brand


Part 2 - Growing to become open with Santana Kornegay

Part 2- Of the highly successful Episode 9 with John Kornegay, is with his wife Santana. Giving you her perspective of what an open marriage is. Since an early age, Santana knew she was different but due to her strict parents, she had to hide her true identity. Growing up in the church, she was conflicted about how she felt which caused her to hide her interest in women masking it with dating guys at the same time so that her parents wouldn't find out. From depression to loss, to abandonment, Santana has had challenges that have prepared her for this new chapter in life. Ending up in Raleigh after a few stops in California is where Santana started a relationship with John. He would be her first male partner ever and she would lose her lesbian gold star (yeah I didn't know what that is either, tune in to find out). Now they are entering a new phase of their relationship of being open. Connect with us: Santana Kornegay Her Business Page John Kornegay Patrick Moen Just A Recording YouTube Channel


Special Edition Covid-19 - Talking to a 16yr old about what's going on

This special episode spurred from a conversation with my niece about what's going on in the world and I thought it would be interesting to record our conversation. I ask her questions and give her some information that I have read on and to help her understand how this all started and how serious it really is.


Manifesting light from darkness with Jiaani

Also known as the Persian poet this artist is taking the hip hop culture by storm with his positive message that's surrounding his music. Speaking of experiences, hard times was what forged Jiaani to become a man of his word. Growing up in Raleigh-Durham and bouncing around from group home to his family and a few stays in jail. Jiaani was never challenged by his cultural background, even though it was evident growing up that most didn't know what circle to put him in. Being introduced to an array of music that made a large impact on his future and ultimately his career. He has taken that work ethic that he saw in his father and created a nitch for himself. Listen when he speaks because Jiaani's words will impact your soul and speak to your spirit. Connect with us: Jiaani YouTube Patrick Moen Just A Recording YouTube


Rebuilding a new foundation of spiritual beliefs with Letty Cooper

Growing up in Ohio, Letty always had her sights on the Carolina's. Having incredible experiences of studying abroad and traveling to different countries she was changed at a young age. Letty was always a student but finding out quickly that what she thought she loved didn't feel good as an identity and she didn't want that to define her. That's when the pain started and failed successes with conventional medicine she found her angels. Rebuilding a new belief system on homeopathic medicine Letty began to heal her body and spirit. She has been on a path of stepping into her purpose to help others in their desire to find a new way of living. From her infectious smile to her incredible presence of energy Letty will speak to your soul. Connect with us: Letty Cooper Patrick Moen Just A Recording Watch the Interview: Youtube


Part 1 - Growing to become open with John Kornegay

Part 1- Growing up in Detroit and then coming to Raleigh to attend Shaw University on a full-ride for basketball, John was a very accomplished athlete. Shortly after college John invited his high school friend Santana to come to visit him and she never left after that trip. Getting more into the dynamic of their relationship Santana is a lesbian and John knew that when he was pursuing her. Fast forward to now, they have been together for 5 years and have a beautiful son, Langston. They recently have started to explore the space of what an open relationship means for the two of them. John is also a photographer who has recently stepped into his purpose of what he wants to shoot and his niche. He is an incredible human and can capture your beauty on your worst day with his amazing talent. Connect with us: John Kornegay JohnKornegay.com Patrick Moen Just A Recording LinkedIn


I am not your pastor with Doug Stewart

From being in church at an early age, Doug asked the questions to rattle the beliefs of the pastors at his church to point out flaws in the bible. Originally it was important to his mother for him to attend church. Exploring other cultures while playing basketball at a young age, Doug was able to see there was more then what he was led to believe growing up in a small town in Sanford, North Carolina. He was exposed to a different way of life while excelling at a sport where you create a brotherhood with your teammates. Getting incentivized to graduate early Doug was able to follow in the family business and be mentored by his grandfather. Now he creates breakthroughs for businesses as a Dale Carnegie coach and is impacting lives at a scale that is insane. From his presence on stage as a TEDx speaker to an office conference room, this man will move you to your core. Connect with us: Doug Stewart LinkedIn Patrick Moen Just A Recording


The road less traveled with Vegas Hampton

From a young age, Vegas made several decisions that impacted his trajectory of life and business. From being born in Puerto Rico, moving around and then finally landing in North Carolina he has seen his fair share of landscapes and cultures. Vegas has made it a point to learn how to connect with others and to make friends as quickly as he could. Choosing the path of entrepreneurship he knew that he was different and decided to drop out of school and push his limits not only in business but also in his belief system. Vegas is now the COO of Valor Media and Chefi Social and continues to be involved in many different areas of business. Connect with us: Vegas Hampton Linkedin Patrick Moen Just A Recording


Not searching for the truth with Morgan Davis

Making a home in Raleigh, NC, Morgan is no stranger to the area. As a die-hard Tarheel fan and studying law at UNC, she slowly starting to create a name for herself working as a criminal defense attorney and soon falling in love with it. Working for one of the oldest law firms in Raleigh, Hatch Little & Bunn and then leaving to start her own practice. Morgan then found herself in an industry that she never would have thought of to help local clients searching for a new way to start hemp-based businesses. Connect with us: Morgan Davis Patrick Moen Just A Recording