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An interesting person tells us about a piece of pop culture that was important to them as a child.

An interesting person tells us about a piece of pop culture that was important to them as a child.
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An interesting person tells us about a piece of pop culture that was important to them as a child.




68: Under The Hawthorn Tree with Naomi O'Leary

Naomi O'Leary, journalist and co-host of The Irish Passport, joins us to talk about maybe the bleakest book in children's literature, Marita Conlon-McKenna's famine classic Under The Hawthorn Tree. We talked about the unrelenting horror of the book, the historical accuracy, and how maybe it should be on the British school curriculum as well as the Irish one. There's also a whole load of talk about Brexit and we try to solve the mystery of forgotten Irish author Mary Regan's The Secret Of...


67: The X-Files with Just Alan and Sarah

Welcome to 2019! We decided to kick off with just Alan and Sarah talking about something that was pretty important to both of them but especially to Sarah, The X-Files. We talked about how good the pilot is, the once in a lifetime chemistry of Mulder and Scully, The X-Files Companion, GameStop discounts, going to the cinema alone, TV show tie-in magazines, and lots more Alan is [@alan_maguire](https://twitter.com/alan_maguire), Sarah is [@griffski](https://twitter.com/griffski). Her...


The Juvenalia 2018 Sample Platter Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our roundup of the year. This part has a little taste, just a little mind you, of every episode from July to December. We hope it inspires you to go back and listen to some episodes that you missed during the year! Ok happy new year bye x Episode Contents Section 1 [Babe with Andrea Cleary](https://www.headstuff.org/juvenalia/54-babe-with-andrea-cleary/) [Gilmore Girls with Ruth Hunter](https://www.headstuff.org/juvenalia/55-gilmore-girls-with-ruth-hunter/)...


The Juvenalia 2018 Sample Platter Part 1

We've had a fun year here at Juvenalia. Maybe you skipped a couple of episodes along the way because you weren't familiar with the topic or you were just busy. Well that's fine. We've put together a little appetizer plate of bits from every episode this year for you to make sure you get a chance to try them all properly. Part 1 covers January to June including our live 50th episode extravaganza in the Workman's. Episode Contents Section 1 [The Simpsons With Just Ellen &...


The Juvenalia Christmas Smalltacular 2018

Hello and welcome to the Juvenalia Christmas Smalltacular 2018! Alan, Ellen, and Sarah met up to share a Terry's Chocolate Orange and talk about Christmas stuff like Furbies, Puppy in My Pocket, Big Tunes 2000, the bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, loungewear, relaxing in jeans and a belt, Candle Check 2018, more selection box talk, Alan gets shamed for his love Cadbury's Fudge, and chocolate spreads. Don't listen to this episode when there are small children around because you...


66: Spice Girls with Valerie Loftus

Valerie Loftus of Stellar Magazine joins Alan and Sarah to talk about the most successful girl group of all time and inventors of feminism, the Spice Girls. We talk about which Spice Girls Valerie and Sarah saw themselves as, Geri's betrayal, the solo careers, and the reunion. Valerie's book Thanks Penneys, with illustrations by Ciara Kenny is out now and it's very good and funny. Valerie is [@valerieloftus](https://twitter.com/valerieloftus) on Twitter. Alan is...


65: Star Trek: The Next Generation with Jack Fennell

Jack Fennell, editor of Irish sci-fi collection, A Brilliant Void, joins Alan and Sarah to talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation. Alan was obsessed with TNG when he was young, Sarah was not but she has many questions which Alan and Jack enthusiastically try to answer. They talk about their favourite episodes, and a little bit about the other Star Trek series. You can find Jack on Twitter [@JFennellAuthor](https://twitter.com/JFennellAuthor). A Brilliant Void is out now from our good...


64: The Pogues' The Old Main Drag with Tony Duffin

CW: This episode includes discussions about drug abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Tony Duffin, CEO of Ana Liffey, joins Alan and Ellen to talk about being a London-Irish teenager in the 80s, harm reduction, drug decriminalisation, and The Pogues, specifically their song The Old Main Drag, and how it influenced his decision to work for harm reduction charities. You can find Tony on Twitter [@tonyduffin](https://twitter.com/tonyduffin). For more information on harm reduction and...


63: The Sims with Caroline O'Donoghue

Caroline O'Donoghue joined Alan earlier in the year to co-host a couple of episodes. In between those episodes we had an hour to kill so we turned the mics back on and talked about The Sims! The Sims was a huge part of every millennial's childhood so we had a lot to talk about. We covered Death, Fires, The Sims Extended Universe, Paul St Emos, Sexy Suave Goths, Seeing Famous People In Real Life, Reality Shows, and lots more. Caroline's novel Promising Young Women is still out and is still...


62: Romeo + Juliet with Anne T. Donahue

Writer and podcaster Anne T. Donahue returns to Juvenalia to tell Alan and Ellen about her teenage obsession with Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet and Leonardo Di Caprio in general. We talk about beige food, huge teenage emotions, Titanic, John Leguizamo, Harry Styles, and just like a lot of other stuff. You can find Anne on twitter @annetdonahue. Her amazing book Nobody Cares is out now. Anne's podcast, also called Nobody Cares, is excellent and will be right up your street if you like...


61: Grunge and Take That with Nadine O'Regan and Niamh Farrell LIVE at DPF18

We kicked out the jams at The Soundhouse as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival with our fourth live show. Since it was our second time at the DPF we decided to go twice as big and have two guests. First up, we had Niamh Farrell of Ham Sandwich on to tell us all about her childhood love of Take That and Mark Owen and then Nadine O'Regan of the Sunday Business Post told us about being a teenage grunge fan in West Cork. We had lots of fun and we can't thank Nadine and Niamh enough for being...


60: Spaced with Shane Langan

Shane Langan of Diet Of Worms, The Walshes, Becca's Bunch, and the WGM podcast joins Alan and Sarah to talk about something that's very close to all of their hearts, Spaced. We're all very enthusiastic about it in a low energy way because it was very warm in the studio. Shane Langan is @Shaneinho on Twitter. Find The WGM on your podcast app AFTER you've finished this episode. Alan is @alan_maguire and Sarah is @griffski. Sarah's book Spare and Found Parts is out now and her second book Other...


59: Sailor Moon with Jenna Stoeber

Jenna Stoeber, video producer at Polygon and co-host of Fandalites, joined Alan and guest co-host Caroline O'Donoghue to talk about the classic anime series Sailor Moon. Now, Sailor Moon had a very limited run on our side of the Atlantic so we're very grateful to Jenna for being patient with us and answering our questions and guiding us through the beautiful, complicated world of the Pretty Guardian Sailors. We talked about representation and merch and Barenaked Ladies and all kinds of...


58: Little Women with Emilie Pine - LIVE at All Together Now

Emilie Pine, author of the best-selling essay collection Notes To Self, joined Alan and Sarah in the All Curious Minds tent at the All Together Now festival in Co. Waterford to talk about a book that was very important to her when she was young, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. We talked about boxes of books, rebel girls, gothic novels, not having a tv, and all about Jo. Thank you so much to Linda and Erin of All Curious Minds for having us and to Lisa and Sarah of Tramp Press for their...


57: Rapper's Delight with Claire Beck

DJ and host of the podcasts Fear/Fun and Tug Life Claire Beck joins Alan and Sarah to take them to school about the history of hip hop and Rapper's Delight's place in it. Claire is an amazing DJ and listening to her talk about the art of DJing was one of the most interesting experiences we've had doing Juvenalia Claire is @clairebeck1052 on Twitter. Fear/Fun is on the HeadStuff Podcast Network and Tug Life is on Mixcloud Alan is @alan_maguire and Sarah is @griffski. Sarah's first novel Spare...


56: Stardoll with Fionnuala Jones

Daily Edge writer Fionnuala Jones joins Alan and special guest co-host Caroline O'Donoghue to talk about Stardoll, a fashion-based social network for teenz from 2006\. We talked about Fionnuala spending hundreds of euro for Superstar status, the Olsen twins, making friends online, Second Life, Love Island, and fashion, fashion, FASHION. Fionnuala Jones is @FionnualaJay on Twitter Alan is @alan_maguire and Caroline is @czaroline. Caroline's novel Promising Young Women is published by Virago...


55: Gilmore Girls with Ruth Hunter

Comedian Ruth Hunter joins Alan and Ellen to talk about Gilmore Girls. We talk about all aspects of all the seasons so there are tons of spoilers. You have been warned. Topics covered include: good kissing gifs, the evolution of Jess, #LaneDeservedBetter, rich people are bad, and the relative sexlessness of Gilmore Girls. Ruth Hunter is @ruthokhunter on Twitter. Her show Science Idiot is running at the Edinburgh Fringe from Aug 4-27th in Barbados, Cowgate (Room 6). Alan is @alan_maguire and...


54: Babe with Andrea Cleary

Music writer and co-host of The Nialler9 Podcast Andrea Cleary joins Alan and Ellen to talk about the best little pig in the world, Babe. We talked about vegetarianism, feeling all the feelings, teaching moral lessons with animals, is Babe a sports film?, the many ways in which James Cromwell is wonderful, Alistair MacLeod short stories, Ulysses, Christine Cavanaugh, and just generally about how Babe is the sweetest little guy in cinema history. Andrea Cleary is @AndreaCleary_ on Twitter....


53: The Magic Faraway Tree with Louise O'Neill

Author and awards-magnet Louise O'Neill joined Alan and Sarah to talk about Enid Blyton's classic series about a fantastical tree that's not nearby, The Magic Faraway Tree. We talked about the Famous Five vs Secret Seven, the comforting repetition of Enid Blyton, updating books for modern audiences, and, seeing as we had two of Ireland's best YA authors in the studio, a lot of talk about writing YA. Then we had a patented Juvenalia digression into Adele's Titanic-themed party, the Met Gala...


52: The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air with Sahar Ali

Spoken word artist Sahar Ali joins Alan and Ellen to talk about The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. We focused on three episodes in particular: the "why don't he want me, man" episode, the one where Carlton overdoses on speed, and the one where Carlton and Will get arrested in a fancy car. We talked about representation on kids TV, Fresh Prince's willingness to leave things on a sad note, learning morals from Will Smith, and the legacy of rich, black families on TV. Sahar is @saharmali on Twitter....