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Episode 23: Rise Peacock

We've only got a few episodes left until we end our first run here and this episode is a special one. The founder and chief commander of Kitchen Table Gallery sits down with the passionate and talented gallery friend Rise Peacock! Fresh out of grad school from the Tyler School of Art, Rise is already on the move. You can check out her show tonight at Da Vinci Art Alliance http://www.davinciartalliance.org/- a #FirstFriday opening starting at 6pm. The title of the show is Periphery, showing...


Philly Stewards at the 5th Annual Philly Podfest

Happy First Friday art people! In this episode of KTG Talks the Philly Stewards sit down with me for a live recording at Philly Podfest no. 5. Kitchen Table Gallery was very pleased to be one of the venues for this year's Philly Podfest. We hosted a bunch of great shows you can find out more about on our Instagram. The Philly Stewards (www.phillystewards.art) is an educational organization at the beginning of their journey to promote and foster support for the Philly art scene and the...


Episode 22: Conrad Benner

This episode of KTG Talks is a long time coming! Conrad Benner is a Philly kid who fell in love with street art at a very young age and has been documenting the incredible street art and graffiti Philly has to offer on his blog, Streets Dept (https://streetsdept.com). But Conrad isn't limited to art documentation, his blog is a "purpose driven" one and his belief that art can motivate and effect social and political change is obvious. That's enough from me though, you can listen to the...



Listen up! We got a few big nights in August as CHER takes over Kitchen Table Gallery. This is my chat with one of the founders, Veronica Cianfrano, about More Stately Mansions and all the other events CHER pop-ups has planned for us. Here's my Monopoly game reference: http://www.cracked.com/article_24565_hard-truth-time-monopoly-guy-never-had-monocle.html Kitchen Table Gallery: http://www.kitchentablegallery.com/shows/?view=calendar&month=August-2017 CHER Pop-ups:...


First Saturday

Every First Friday in Philly has so much art happening it's impossible to get around to all of the galleries. This is a very good thing for Philly artists and artists from around the world showing in Philly at local galleries - if you don't believe me just check out a site like Philly Stewards (www.phillystewards.art/) and browse their calendar. So much is going on in the Philly art scene right now that many galleries have moved their openings to the Saturday after First Friday. In this...


5th Annual Philly Podcast Festival

Hey everyone, press play to hear the lineup for this year's Philly Podcast Festival at Kitchen Table Gallery! We're one of the many venues helping to host shows for this year's festival, the 5th Philly PodFest so far. July 22nd & 23rd we'll be hosting more than a few shows each day. And it's FREE! song: conduit by transient http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Transient/path-01/transient-05-conduit


Episode 21: Karen Donnellan

Happy 4th of July! As the fireworks wind down and you escape the clutches of exhausting political commentary from your relatives or you're leaving a space surrounded by the ones you love, here's a new episode of KTG Talks! In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with artist, healer and educator Karen Donnellan. A professor in the Sculpture & Dimensional Studies Dept. at Alfred University, Karen is an artist who uses a wide range of media to communicate "that which cannot be...


Episode 20: Tim Belknap & Ryan McCartney

The Icebox Boys! It's finally here! Back in July last year the co-directors of the Icebox Project Space, Ryan McCartney & Tim Belknap, were generous enough to take time out of their busy schedule and sit down with me for an interview. It was a lot of fun, and one of my first interviews. It took a bit of time to get here but the episode is in. I don't usually bring up the timing of an interview but we get into a couple current cultural things happening in the country around July of last...


Episode 19: Jacob Koestler & Anna Tararova

We're back! And we'll be rolling out more episodes in the coming weeks, thanks for sticking with us. We see you out there and haven't forgotten about you. We've got plenty of episodes with artists, curators, creators, makers, and more on the way. This episode features two prolific artists, Anna Tararova & Jacob Koestler, who had a show at Kitchen Table Gallery back in January. Anna's background in printmaking and drawing has led her to exploring a variety of themes we discuss in this...


Episode 18: Stacy Elaine Dacheux

My guest for this episode of KTG Talks is visual artist and writer Stacy Elaine Dacheux. I've been friends with Stacy for a long time, all the way back to our days at the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. Since I met Stacy back in Boulder, I've had the good fortune of seeing her evolve as an artist. If it's painting, drawing, interviews, art criticism, short fiction, screenwriting, or coaching others to improve their writing - she always has a project or two exploring a new...


Episode 17: Jody McGrath

Happy New Year - KTG Talks is back with our first episode of 2017 and we're going international again (kind of). This episode is my conversation with Jody McGrath, an Irish painter all the way from Armagh, Northern Ireland. We talk about Jody's journey to America, his time spent on the east coast, and where he's heading next. We also discuss Jody's journey as an artist. How has his art evolved from his early studies at the University of Ulster in Belfast to the work he's creating now? We...


Episode 16: Ana Vizscarra Rankin

I had the chance to sit down with Ana as she was finishing up co-curating FALOLO4EVER at the Little Berlin Annex here in Philadelphia. From the Little Berlin home page: "All artists included in this exhibition attended TrueQué Residency 2016 http://www.trueque.work/. TrueQue is a residence for emerging artists, activists and cultural managers whose practice reflects on being latin American inside and outside Ecuador. TrueQue seeks to create a space or creative exploration where research,...


Episode 15 Kasey Toomey

In this episode of KTG Talks I sit down with Kasey Toomey. Currently living in the Philly area and attending graduate school at UPenn, Kasey's work intersects design, landscape architecture, sculpture, art, and any materials he finds compelling enough to create his work. There's no denying that as humans we try to shape and form just about everything around us from our lawns to natural treasures we turn into national parks. Kasey explores how form and object meets space and how that...


Episode 14: Jena Seiler

We recorded this episode before Nov. 8th, 2016. KTG Talks is working on an episode that will address to the recent decision Americans made which resulted in a new president-elect. Keep an eye out. But this is Jena's episode and so without further delay, please check out my conversation with Jena Seiler. Jena is a doctoral candidate at Ohio University - Athens and in this episode we get into how she thinks about art and lives in the two worlds of making art and writing about it as an...


Episode 13: Nicole Saltzer

In this episode I sit down with Nicole Saltzer, a designer and illustrator living and working in Philly. Nicole talks with me about making a living as an artist, finding your place without formal training in the arts, and pushing forward through self-doubt and learning to be self-reliant. Don't miss out on this episode and go check out Nicole's work around the web with the links below! Thanks for listening to another episode of KTG Talks, we really appreciate the love everyone's shown us...


Episode 12 - Steven Earl Weber

In this episode I sit down with Steven Earl Weber, a sculptor living and working in Philly. Steven talks to me about his creative process and how his working class upbringing played a massive role in shaping that process. We also discuss how art helps us to reflect and work through our emotions and the beliefs we've been carrying around with us, if we knew it or not. Don't miss out on this episode and go check out Steven's work around the web with the links below! Thanks for listening to...


Episode 11 Pt. 2 - Beth Heinly

It's finally out - back with Beth Heinly in pt. 2 as our conversation comes to a close we dive into the depths of all that is Beth! More art, cats, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, finding your place as an artist, living in Philly, her 3 o'clock book, and much much more! Check out Beth's links below. And go see her perform at PhilaMOCA Sept. 21st in an opening performance for the Dame Darcy Book Release - 7pm. Thanks for listening to another episode of KTG Talks, we really appreciate the love...


The Philadelphia Podcast Festival

Our first podcast festival episode! We were part of the #PhillyPodFest last Sunday thanks to Nathan and Teagan Kuruna and Philadelphia Podcasting Society. Also, special thanks to Tattooed Mom for hosting our show and the rest of the podcasts that day. The festival continues this weekend at Tattooed Mom. Here's a list of the great sponsors who helped to make this 4th annual festival happen: Tattooed Mom Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse BridgeSet Sound Fireball Printing Pyroglyphics...


MATERIAL 1: Yixuan Pan

KTG Talks presents "MATERIAL," a new project part of Kitchen Table Gallery. The first artist in our series is Yixuan Pan. Language and sound is the medium through which she creates art. It was no accident that Pan became an artist to begin this project "Material". As an artist she fits the concept behind material well. I hope you enjoy this sound piece she has shared with us. Pan: http://www.panyixuanpan.com/ About: Adventure. Alien air. Pool. “Who am I? ” Interlocutor, eater, serious...


Episode 11 Pt. 1 - Beth Heinly

It's FIRST FRIDAY so get out and see some art! This week we have my conversation with Beth Heinly and we talk art, cats, finding your place as an artist, living in Philly, her 3 o'clock book, and much more! Listen to the episode during your walk between galleries. So many galleries in Philly right now and there's a lot happening on First Fridays. You have a chance to see new art by burgeoning artists and working artists (the kind that are actually living) and maybe even talk to a few!...