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"Kicking it with Kirk" is the talk show that is driven by curiosity of the people around us, and how they view the world today. Each friend Kirk meets along the way represents new knowledge in us, knowledge not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that our perspectives on life itself grows with it. So come kick it with us, because you might just learn something new!

"Kicking it with Kirk" is the talk show that is driven by curiosity of the people around us, and how they view the world today. Each friend Kirk meets along the way represents new knowledge in us, knowledge not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that our perspectives on life itself grows with it. So come kick it with us, because you might just learn something new!
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"Kicking it with Kirk" is the talk show that is driven by curiosity of the people around us, and how they view the world today. Each friend Kirk meets along the way represents new knowledge in us, knowledge not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that our perspectives on life itself grows with it. So come kick it with us, because you might just learn something new!








Male Roosters Out for Cody: Minute 43 is Pretty Funny

Today we have a special spin on the content you're used to. Sometimes it's great to just kick back, relax, and shoot the shit with friends. On this episode, I'm joined by Cody Menhetten who is basically Kelso from "That 70's Show". In our dialogue, we speak on self awareness, rationalizing the "no homo" aspect of stick shift cars, Orientalism, incels, and well...the list goes on. While it may be a casual conversation, I urge you listeners to pay close attention to this episode and the way we...


REWIND: Self Awareness and Elevating Yourself to Your Highest Potential with Jimmy Gomes.

Bringing back older episodes with the current flair you're used to! In this episode, I have one of the best conversations I've had on the show with my close friend (and main sponsor of the show) Jimmy Gomes CEO of Elevated Fitness. I find this episode to be so important for you listeners because we discuss many different aspects of internal growth, and some of the processes myself and Jimmy took to get to where we are at respectively. Internal growth can be challenging, because many of us...


"Victim to Victory: From Sex Slavery to Freedom in Christ" with Tisha Nickson

Sometimes the universe brings two people together to share a story so compelling you feel so blessed to hear and be a part of the conversation, and that is exactly what to expect from this episode. This week, I am joined by Tisha Nickson, a person who at 16 was sold into sex slavery by her own mother, was beaten and abused for 2 years, and overcame that adversity with faith, hope, and ultimately in the end forgiveness. There is so much to learn from this dialogue, but ultimately this is a...


REWIND: Sex Addiction

As promised, I will be bringing back some of the best episodes the show had in its inception, retrofitted to the new format you know and love today. On this episode, I kick it with a sex addict in what might be the most compelling interview I have done thus far. It is very easy to hyper-sexualize and romanticize a sex addiction, or even to not believe it exists, but what if it consumes your whole life? My brave guest sits down to talk about her addiction, her hopes to overcomes it, and her...


REWIND: Love Yourself Like Kanye Loves Kanye

As promised, I want to bring back some of the best content the show had during its inception. On this rewind episode, Noelia Valle joins me to talk about self love, how to discover it, and the steps one can take to show this trait daily. Before listening to this episode ask yourself, "Am I loving myself to my fullest, and do I know HOW to love myself?" If this is something you want to know the answer to, then the universe brought you to the right place. Sit back, relax, and kick it with me...


Powered by Plants: "Eating Like You Give a Damn" with Stephanie Harter

Y'all ready for the skinny on the veGAINS?!?! There are many reasons one considers a plant based diet. Whether it be for health reasons, environmental, or compassion toward sentient life, the positive impact of a plant based diet are many. Now listen, ya boy is a MEAT EATER, so understanding and recalibrating what I know as food fact poses a difficulty sometimes. Luckily to break it down Barney style, I will be joined by Stephanie Harter. Stephanie is a podcast host, plant warrior princess,...


Finding God(s): Seek Wisdom Where it Can be Found

Human culture has produced literature, philosophy, religions, and many other works over the course of thousands of years to answer some of life's valued questions. In the quest to find the answers, Kirkuleez kicks it with Dr. Sean Lake, a professor of humanities. In this episode, the Doc will explain the ancient knowledge given to us to answer life's time tested curiosities, how different philosophies overlap each other, and the possible purpose of our life while we are here on this earth....


Finding God(s): Bend it Like Buddha

As the search for the meaning of life, existence, and human purpose continues, host Kirkuleez finds himself in the Guang Ming Temple. This beautiful three story temple hosts a Buddhist community that welcomes all with open arms and greets everyone with hands clasped and a slight bow. Among the welcoming community is Peter Meluso, an instructor, docent, and head of volunteer efforts here at Guang Ming. For this week's episode, Mr. Meluso sits down for an interview and shares the knowledge of...


Coming to America

In America’s political climate, it goes without saying that tensions are high in terms of immigration. The current US administration has taken measures to restrict the ability of recently graduated and skilled foreign nationals to work legally in the U.S. The student visa process right now is “a nightmare,” for many who just want a shot at making their American dream come true. Many of the recent anti-immigrant policies in the United States are the direct result of Trump’s “Buy American,...


What Does Wisdom Say?

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams? Thinking they’re too big? Not ideal circumstances in life? Trials and tribulations? We as humans experience obstacles to achieve our dreams DAILY, but how we overcome them defines us. On today's episode, Kirkuleez is joined by Hakeem "Raquan Beats" Roberts who is a music producer and author of his brand new book "The 7 8 Year Degree: A story of Triumph". Hakeem takes the time to share his experience of crawling out of the mud on his way to...


Finding God(s): Kicking it with Christ

There is power in perspective BDE Gang. In a little series being compiled out of pure curiosity, Kirkuleez tries to answer the common questions of mankind through different walks of faith and philosophies. On today's episode, Ray Lynch comes back on the show to talk about Christianity's lens on the discussion. Topics ranging from "Can Christianity and the Big Bang coincide in the same teaching?", "What is man's purpose?", and even "Do we truly have free will?" will be covered and much more....


Brothers in Arms

I constantly hear people lumping together military vets into one homogenous likeminded group, and in some senses of course we are. This opinion however spans into political agendas, social ideologies, or even the topic of PTSD. As a vet myself, I tend to think I do not 100% fit this "veteran stereotype", and there are plenty others like me who also fit this demographic. I'm joined by my buddy Jeff, as he discusses his opinion in the topics stated above, as well as the importance of having a...


Opposing Viewpoints: Let's Talk About it Pt.2

There is always two sides to every story. In the highly contested topic of the Alabama Abortion Bill recently passed, it is always imperative (with anything) to hear everyone's perspective on the matter. Following last week's Pro-Life guest, I am joined by Danielle Lagrande, a student attending George Mason Law School and avid human rights activist. She will be joining me to weigh in on the current legislative move as well as discuss certain talking points last week's guest had made.


Let's Talk About It

I honestly did not think I would post this episode. I understand it is a hot topic, and there are extremely polarizing viewpoints on the subject of Alabama's new abortion bill. While these opinions exist, understand this show is about perspective, and not every guest will agree with your opinion or mine. Remember, it is imperative to not only hear the opposition (whatever stance that is to you), but to be able to have the conversation civilly, because true change can happen that way as...


Your Body is an Instrument Not an Ornament

In today's day an age, we are put through the RINGER on what our bodies should look like and how we talk about things that naturally occur in the human interaction. On a very special episode, Kirkuleez has a fruitful conversation on the matter with Debbie Lee aka The Duchess of Windermere. Debbie is a resource in sexual health with Fairvilla, but do NOT let that title fool you. While some may be quick to label, her work with the company and they do for the community is absolutely inspiring...


Britney Warned Us

Britney warned us! Toxic people are EVERYWHERE, and at some point I KNOW you will encounter someone who will somehow affect your life in this negative way. In this episode Kirk kicks it with...himself as ya boy helps you identify toxic people, toxic traits, and habits so YOU KNOW when to CUT THEM OFF. Be sure to rate, review, subscribe, and share the show so others can increase their POV and maybe see a different perspective. Reach out to the show on IG@kickingitwithkirk so your DMs can be...


Bonus: We're in the Endgame Now.

THE SPOILER BAN HAS BEEN LIFTED! In a collaboration effort first heard on the "What U Need" podcast, I am teaming up with its host Chris Ortiz to analyze Avengers: Endgame. SPOILER ALERT...there's spoilers. We go into marvel theory but fret not, you know ya boy stays curious and tries to spice up conversation to get perspective out of the people I team up with. Keeping true to the "stay curious" mentality, I ask Chris his perspective on why there is possible pushback to different social and...


A Roundtable Discussion: Talking Toxic Masculinity with Team Win, Dr. Trier-Bieniek, and Derek Schorsch

MORE FRIENDS and a different take on this episode. Today there are S I X different perspectives on an epidemic sweeping the nation, toxic masculinity! I am joined by my radio group "Team WIN" as well as Doctor of Gender Studies Adrienne Trier-Bieniek and Professor of Psychology Derek Scorsch where we tackle the topic and all weigh in on how it arose, and what can be done to stop it from spreading! Other topics of discussion are gender roles in today's progressive society, how to teach...


Imperfect is Perfectly OK

In the first ever podcast collaboration, Kirk kicks it with Ale and Natalie, the ladies behind the podcast "My Not So Balanced Life". In an era where podcasting and perspective can play a huge role in getting your voice out, the ladies speak on the successes of their show and how it created a tight knit community of women (and some men) accepting their imperfections. Also discussed is their YinYang friendship dynamic, personal anecdotes of struggles women face in the workplace, and YOU...


GUERRIÉR: Getting Down with His Sonic Sound

THIS EPISODE IS BRINGING YOU ABSOLUTE MUSIC EARGASM! Between the new Podcast music, to our guest's own hit single "Land Rover" this episode is here for your auditory pleasure. Today, Kirk kicks it with up and coming Indie/Pop artist GUERRIÉR, who was recently nominated by Mieux Magazine for Best New Artist/Producer, and Best New Debut Album. Today, he’s going to talk about his music, the duality of balancing both music and music business without being deemed a sellout, and even dabbles...