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Kinda Cute – Ep. 9 -A Caroline Calloway Deep Dive, Millie’s Imaginary Face Wash, Cheetos Couture, and Lemon Pits

In episode 9, as usual we are discussing The Cut: *we have a HEFTY discussion on the Caroline Calloway/Natalie Beach article and my thoughts on why Caroline is not the scammer the press loves to label her as *Is Millie Bobbie Brown’s skincare line the conspiracy of the century? *Cheetos at New York Fashion Week […]

Kinda Cute – Ep. 8 – Paltrow v Stewart, Even Gypsy Gets a BF, and ScarJo Supports Woody

In episode 8, The Cut is coming at us with: *an update on the ongoing feud between Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow *Munchhausen by proxy/prison inmate, Gypsy Blanchard calling off her engagement–proving my lack of a dating life is truly a joke *ScarJo questionably supporting uber-creep, Woody Allen *BONUS CONTENT: Taylor Swift Track by Track […]

Kinda Cute – Ep. 7 – The Return of Baby Phat, Scary Spon Con, and Rob Pattinson’s Clown Story

In episode 7 we’ve got some popping The Cut articles to cover: *a wild interview with Baby Phat’s Kimora Lee Simmons *Did an influencer stage her motorcycle accident? *Rob Pattinson’s iconic lie to dirtbag Matt Lauer who I will never forgive for pushing Anne off of the Today show This Week’s Legit Sh*t: Smart Sweets Sour […]

Kinda Cute – Ep. 6 – Ghislaine Maxwell: spotted, Instagram Shopping Addictions, Miley + Kaitlyn, & Tinder Parties

In episode 6 we are chatting about The Cut articles covering the following: *Ghislaine Maxwell, of Jeffrey Epstein infamy, has been spotted *”Tips” on how to not buy so much crap off Instagram *Downloading dating apps to get into college parties? PLUS: my two cents on the Miley + Kaitlyn + Brody +Liam saga This […]

Kinda Cute–Ep. 5–Valentina Sampaio, Update on Hot Girl Summer and Bradley Cooper Helps Katy Perry in the Shallow

In this week’s discussion of The Cut we’ve got: -Victoria’s Secret hiring its first transexual model-Valentina Sampaio -An update on capitalism’s appropriation of Megan Thee Stallion’s #HotGirlSummer -Are Ashley Benson and Cara Delivigne married? Or was it just a friendship ceremony? -Bradley is on a boat with Oprah and Katy Perry?! -Are in-laws poisoning their […]

Kinda Cute — Ep. 4 — Euphoria’s Maddy Perez, John Mayer’s Cruise Upon the Carnival Victory, and KKW Shimmer

As usual, we are discussing The Cut: Today we’ve got Maddy Perez from Euphoria’s matching Louis Vuiton sets, John Mayer’s Cruise Music Festival, a follow up on the tie dye jumpsuit, with a dash of Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s wedding. hope you enjoy! xx, bails

Kinda Cute – Ep. 3 – Steve Harrington’s New Music Career, Brad and Leo Making Pottery, and #HotGirlSummer

In today’s episode, we’ve got Joe Keery’s/Steve Harrington’s budding new music career as DJo post-Post Animal, Brad Pitt and Leo Decaprio’s art nights, Ashley Benson’s new tattoo, Megan Thee Stallion trademarking Hot Girl Summer, Marcus Hyde being disgusting and Kim K’s and Ariana Grande’s response, as well as how furries feel about the new CATS […]

Kinda Cute – Ep. 2 – Anwar’s Fave Smells, Euphoria, and Internet BF Keanu Reeves

In today’s episode we are still analyzing The Cut articles and breaking down Anwar Hadid’s favorite smells, the best show on TV right now, a 16-year old law school student, Keanu Reeves’s status as the internet’s boyfriend, and a girl turning a wine spill on her pretty little things jumpsuit into a masterpiece! The 2-in-1 […]

Kinda Cute – Ep. 1 – CATS trailer, the return of the Fendi Baguette, and Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeff Epstein

Welcome to the very first episode of Kinda Cute! Here we discuss kinda cute and kinda not articles from The Cut. On this week’s episode, we are covering the terrifying CATS trailer, the return of the Fendi baguette, and monster Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged right hand woman- Ghislaine Maxwell. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, […]