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Live From the Lounge: The Rhythm of the Seasons is a variety show podcast hosted by Keythe Farley. It's a collection of stories, songs and conversations intuitively designed to help you groove with The Rhythm of the Seasons.


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Live From the Lounge: The Rhythm of the Seasons is a variety show podcast hosted by Keythe Farley. It's a collection of stories, songs and conversations intuitively designed to help you groove with The Rhythm of the Seasons.






Live From the Lounge: The Rhythm of the Seasons Presents: The Gay Man Who Did Not Seem Gay Enough

Our regular Rhythm of the Seasons podcast is coming your way this Fathers’ Day, June 18. In the meantime, we’re celebrating Pride with some of our favorite interviews and segments from the past three years that touch on the experience of being part of the LGBTQ+ community. First up, we’re re-presenting this sweet and funny modern fable from the LA based comedy collective The Burglars of Hamm. It’s called "The Gay Man Who Did Not Seem Gay Enough."If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE.



The theme of today's show is GROWTH. John Ballinger and Double Batch Daddy celebrate the Golden Afternoon. In our new segment The Seasons of Life, we’ll hear from four high school juniors and seniors and find out what they’re thinking and feeling as the school year comes to a close. Jenny Yokobori reads a lovely Japanese fable about passing the torch to a worthy successor. And Keythe shares some thoughts on the incredible power mothers bring to our world. If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE!


April Fool

This month's episode is about The April Fool.John Ballinger and Double Batch Daddy celebrate the season cycle in song.Ruby Farley and Keythe share a story in honor of Earth Day that explores some fascinating ways humans facing climate change might choose to change themselves. We have three middle schoolers joining us to share their perspectives in our new segment called The Seasons of Life.And later on, we’ll consider following the April Fool to see what they can teach us about taking risks.If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE.


Spring Forward

This month's show is all about Springing Forward. Double Batch Daddy help us feel that hum as the world springs back to life. Keythe performs a short story about the dangers of spring… especially if you happen to live in the city of love. We check in with a collection of 9, 10 and 11 year-olds and hear what’s on their minds and in their hearts. John Ballinger and Laura Martin help us put winter behind us as they sing us into a Sunshine Day. And Keythe looks at some of the crazy ways cultures around the world shake off the winter doldrums and take a turn towards the light. If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE!


Get Ready

This month we’re exploring How to Begin . In honor of Valentine's Day, Keythe shares a Kurt Vonnegut short story of a love triangle where one of the lovers is not a human. Double Batch Daddy honors the bleak mid-winter in song. This month we begin a new feature called The Seasons of Life where we ask a collection of basic questions to a group of folks who are roughly the same age. This month we start with kindergarteners. The Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere performs Knee Play Number 5 from Phillip Glass’s opera Einstein on the Beach. And we follow Punxsutawney Phil deep into his burrow and across the ages to explore whether it’s time to venture forth or head back to bed. If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE.


Dream It Up!

Today’s show is all about Dreaming Up where you want to go this year! Ruby Farley shares a story that’ll make you feel like you’re in a dream. John Ballinger and Double Batch Daddy are California Dreamin’. Keythe chats with Amateur Sleep Sleuth Tom Keegan about how he conquered insomnia. Ann Closs-Farley sings you off to dreamland And Keythe talks about rethinking your New Year’s Resolutions in a way that’ll give them every chance to succeed. If you like what you hear. DONATE HERE!



This month’s lounge is simply a celebration of the holidays because, let’s face it, you’ve earned it. Ann Closs-Farley shares with us her story of what it was like to endure a “Spiritual Holiday". Ray Chase and Julia Julia McIlvaine are back to perform in the holiday ode to Slackers called "Happy NO-lidays". John Ballinger and Double Batch Daddy are here to kick out the holiday jams. And Keythe shares the truly bizarre, and utterly true, origin story of Santa Claus. If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE.



November's Lounge is all about Giving Thanks. Double Batch Daddy bring us a new tune about coming through with gratitude. Keythe talks with Dan Boul, co-creator of 65 Amps– a line of guitar amplifiers– about cultivating a thankful mindset even in the face of loss. Keythe reads a sweet story by O. Henry that celebrates selfless giving and heavy eating in equal measure. And we explore the theme of gratitude as a practice that can be cultivated. If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE!


Take Stock

This month’s lounge is all about Taking Stock. Double Batch Daddy present a new song about writing a new song and finding connection in the process. Rose Portillo from the animated movie ENCANTO stops by to share the healing magic that happens when we make time to honor those who have passed on. Ruby Farley and John Ballinger think about Things We Used To Do. In honor of Halloween, Keythe reads a very scary story about a very scary guy who makes a very scary deal with a very scary spirit.... WARNING: It’s pretty scary. But mostly, we're taking a minute to look back on the year to celebrate our accomplishments and learn from our missteps. If you like what you hear, DONATE HERE:


Hurry Up!

We’re back to school and back to work and the clock is ticking. There's lots of stuff to get done! Let’s get to it: Matt and Carol Almos share with us a Human Resources interview like no other. John Ballinger and Ruby Farley punch the clock, quite literally, with their rendition of a Dolly Parton classic. Double Batch Daddy have been hard at work on a brand new song. Keythe talks with Myriame Lachapelle about her experiences working as a producer in the video game industry, where hundred-hour workweeks are often a way of life, and what labor unions are doing to change it. And we face the challenges of returning from a laid back vacation to the hectic pace of work, and how we might navigate that transition with a little bit of Lounge energy. DONATE HERE:



Welcome to The Lounge! The theme of this month’s Lounge is Take a Break, and in the spirit of that sentiment, we’re taking a break ourselves and presenting you with an Unashamed and Unabashed Best of the Lounge Episode. We’ll return to Thanksgiving for a musical story that Matt and Carol Almos wrote with Brendan Milburn. Keythe revisits his time at Marching Band Camp to remind us that taking the first step is often the most difficult part of the journey. David O and Michelle East talk about their journey through the pandemic as parents and theater professionals. And we’ll revisit lots of our favorite musical offerings from John Ballinger, Ruby Farley, Val Vigoda, Ryan O’Connell and, of course, Double Batch Daddy. Follow, subscribe and donate at



This month’s Lounge is all about Camping. Throughout the Lounge The Zehnder Family Singers perform campfire songs live. Our radio show is about the surprisingly transformative power of a few weeks away at camp. Keythe talks with his parents, his spouse and his kids about his family’s history as campers. Keythe reflects on the utopia that is summer camp, and explores a much maligned campfire song that actually contains a rich history of helping people rise up and overcome oppression.


Grow Up!

This month’s Lounge is all about Growing Up. John Ballinger and Double Batch Daddy share a couple of tunes with us. In honor of Pride Month, The Burglars of Hamm present a new Modern Fable called The Gay Man Who Did Not Seem Gay Enough. The voice of Wile E. Coyote and Netflix’s BOSS BABY JP Karliak joins us to share how he grew to become a successful voice actor and how he created Queer VOX to foster LGBTQ+ inclusion in the voice over industry. Ann and Keythe share a wonderful movie about fathers and sons, and pair it with one of their favorite dishes. And Keythe talks about how to honor all the people in our lives who help us grow into who we’re meant to be.


Give Birth

Our May Lounge is all about Blossoming and Giving Birth! Matt and Carol Almos share the conclusion to their Grand Canyon Adventure. Double Batch Daddy bring us a new tune. Keythe talks with birthing nurse Brittany Slattery about the dos and don’ts of a successful labor and delivery. Voice actors Jennifer Hale, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Julie Millett and Nickie Bryar perform The Mothers' Day Proclamation of 1870. And we explore what we can learn from the birthing process, and how we can apply those lessons to our own dreams and goals. DONATE:


Get Over It

Welcome to The Lounge! A collection of stories, songs and conversations all intuitively designed to help you groove with the rhythms of the season. The Theme of our April Lounge is Get Over It. Not in the flippant way you might have heard on the playground, but as an exhortation to see objects in your path as hurdles to get over rather than roadblocks that halt your progress. Matt and Carol Almos relate a story of adventure where what goes down must come up. Double Batch Daddy share a new tune with us that invites us to connect with the hum that comes alive this time of year. Keythe and Ann pair an Oscar winning film with a delicious and healthy entree. Indie duo SkyeChristie join us to talk about how the challenges of lockdown spawned an unexpected collaboration among siblings. And Keythe shares a couple of stories that demonstrate how to meet challenges with acceptance, humor and creativity.



This month our Lounge is all about taking action, moving forward and, yes, marching. Matt Almos shares a story about a layover like no other. Double Batch Daddy invite us to Climb that Mountain. Keythe sits down with Ruby Farley to talk about some great action movies-- and one IN-action movie-- and they pair them with a simple recipe for a crispy treat that’s perfect any time of the year. Dave O. and his spouse Michelle stop by to talk about the unexpected path they’ve marched since Dave’s broadway debut was postponed by a global pandemic. And Keythe attempts to solve the mystery of marching bands and explores what they have to teach us about getting things going.


Let Go!

The Lounge this month is all about letting go! Carol Almos shares a story about being part of The Great Resignation. Keythe talks with Kathryn Venable about her continuing recovery from the loss of her dearest love. Double Batch Daddy debut a new song about taking The 101 Way to discover a deeper love in the face of loss. Keythe and Ann talk about leaving the Beatles behind as they look at a pair of documentaries about their breakup. We welcome Val Vigoda & Ryan O'Connell to the Lounge with their take on one of the greatest songs about moving on that’s ever been written. And Keythe talks about letting sh*t go– in some cases quite literally.


Start Smart

This month’s theme is Start Smart. Matt Almos shares the story of starting his first job and how it took him Back to the Future. Double Batch Daddy perform a new tune. Keythe talks with The Pink Lady about the Art of Reinvention. We share our favorite films of 2021 and pair them with a recipe designed to upgrade your home theatre experience in a fundamental way. And we take a metaphorical trip to an actual location that’ll get you thinking about how to approach your New Year’s resolutions in a way that gives them the best chance to succeed. Help us keep this podcast going. DONATE here.


Light a Candle

Feel free to pour yourself a hot chocolate with a liberal splash of peppermint liqueur if you’re so inclined, curl up with a warm blanket and lounge with us for an hour or so. The Lounge Players present another installment in their series of Modern Fables. In this episode, the Unloved Man discovers an unexpected connection at the local Farmers’ Market. Double Batch Daddy shares a new original tune with us. Keythe talks with Erin Fitzgerald (Storybots), Tad Stones (Dark Wing Duck), Fred Tattiasciore (Avengers), Johnny Vatos (Oingo Boingo) about how they create a giving heart in themselves and how they share it with others. Ann Closs-Farley and Keythe talk about a special holiday movie and pair it with a recipe that’s sure to put you in the spirit of the season. And Keythe tackles The Big Question: Why Light a Candle?


12-Going Home and Giving Thanks

It's the final episode of Season One! We're thankful for you! In this episode, we’ll share a unique Friendsgiving Feast with The Lounge Players. John Ballinger and Ruby Farley sing about finding home in the arms of your loved ones. Keythe talks with the host of Combat Radio, Ethan Dettenmaier, about how his life was changed by an impossible request from his daughter. Double Batch Daddy share a song about leaving fear behind and moving forward with your chosen family. Dinner and a Movie features a timeless comedy about the challenges of getting home in time for supper, and we pair it with an idea for your Thanksgiving breakfast. And we ponder the gifts and the challenges we face in this season of Going Home and Giving Thanks.