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023: Can You Imagine a World Without Disease?

Alex J. Swanson is the founder of Nutrition Genome and creator of the software Genetrition. Alex is the son of our own “Ask Cheri” guest, Cheri Swanson. Influenced by his mom, he has taken nutrition to the next level. Alex explains how the Nutrition Genome works through a saliva sample from a cheek swab which holds your very own DNA. This is then shipped to a lab where they sequence and genotype it which is how to get DNA. This gives them a data file on all your genes. They then look at the...


#022 The Unspoken Truth About Alzheimer’s with Jim McAleer, CEO of Alzheimer’s OC

June is Brain Awareness and Mental Health month. Ladies Roadmap is shining a light on Alzheimer’s and today we are at the Alzheimer’s OC headquarters in Irvine, CA with the CEO Jim McAleer. There are over 84,000 people who suffer from Alzheimer's in Orange County alone and at least 34,000 Caregivers. Alzheimer’s Orange County is a community based non profit organization providing free programs and services for local families affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. All of us knows someone...


021: First Woman to Reach the Summit of Mount Everest from Both the North and South Sides with Cathy O'Dowd

Cathy O’Dowd is South African and was the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest climbing from both sides. She wrote a best selling book about her experience called, Just for the Love of it. Cathy, shares about the expedition in a way that may surprise people. The title for the book came to her because she was tired of hearing men write about “The Death Zone and Killer Mountain”, she says it is actually really fun. Her focus is on the importance of team work and relationships...


019: Hollywood’s Guru of Hue and Color Makeover Specialist with Jill Kirsh

Jill Kirsh is a Color Specialist- aka known as “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue.” She has spent years creating a color makeover system for fashion and beauty which is based around a person’s hair color. This system has revolutionized the fashion Industry (remember the past.. when colors were based on the seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall?) forget all of’s so yesterday! Jill has worked in the fashion and television industry for years, not only as an actress, but also revamping...


018: Emotional Safety and Dodging the “Energy Vampires” with Murielle Fellouse

Murielle Fellouse, founder of Date Like A French Woman Podcast joins us as a Conscious Dating,Relationship and Self Love Coach. We discuss how one has to shift the brain and energy level to make emotional and energetic space for the love and richness you really want in your life. Murielle shines the light on the emotional vampires and what we must do to recognize when these men and people try to make their way into our hearts and minds. Murielle talks candidly about a time when she...


017: Self Mastery, Empowerment and Growth Through Core Value Alignment with Dr. Kate Dow

Do you find at times you are successful at changing an unwanted habit or dealing with anxiety only to realize you’ve slipped back into your old ways, commonly known as your comfort zone? Dr. Kate explains why our brain plays a factor in this and talks about what we need to do to change this natural, sometimes, annoying process. Do you tend to take things personally in business or in your relationships? One of our favorite books of all time, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz teaches...


016: Love Your Age with Barbara Hannah Grufferman

BARBARA GRUFFERMAN is an acclaimed advocate for positive living and healthy aging. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and author of the new Best Selling Book, Love Your Age~the small step solution to better, longer, happier life. The book is published by National Geographic and partner AARP. Barbara shares her philosophy about creating new and positive habits. All roads lead to movement and exercise. We are our habits and good habits will help us live a happier, fuller...


015: A Different LIfe with Rhonda Nelson

You might not know our guest today by her name, YET, but her husband is lead singer, Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band. Rhonda Nelson is a motivational speaker and author of the book, A Different Life. Rhonda’s journey and the tragedy she experienced twice as a loving daughter is one of sadness. However, it only takes a brief minute listening to her to see how she has mastered turning a negative into a positive throughout her life. A true southern girl through and through, Rhonda...


014: Using Foods to Speed Up Metabolism and Plump up Skin

Nutritionist and wellness expert Cheri Swanson of Swanson Health Center in Newport Beach, California joins us for a full "Ask Cheri episode. Cheri’s clear visuals puts nutrition and health into simple, layman’s terms making it easy to introduce new habits and foods into your daily life. Women’s bodies change as we age as do their needs for nutrition and supplementation. Are you eating the right foods to help plump the collagen in your skin? Are you eating at the right time of day to...


013: Importance of a Financial Roadmap and Home Mortgages with Melissa

We welcome back Melissa Tooker, founder of Mortgage America and a financial consultant of 20 years. Melissa was a stock broker in NYC, then in 1986 moved back to California where she was planning to go into commercial lending. However, believe it or not, even as recent as 1986 they were not hiring women in the commercial lending industry. She went into residential lending and realized how overqualified she was so Melissa began looking at the Mortgage Lending process from a more holistic...


012: Makeup for Mature Women with Award Winning Makeup Artist, Beke Beau Makeup for Mature Women with Award Winning Makeup Artist, Beke Beau

Beke Beau is an award winning professional make-up artist, specializing in wedding and commercial make-up and styling. She is based in the Philadelphia area and the is the founder of the Beke Beau Makeup Studio. She is also an Adjunct faculty member at Immaculata University. Beke is candid and open about her unpredictable journey from Rock Star to the Harvard School of Divinity. Initially, after high school , she was feeling out of place in college so she dropped out of the University of...


011: Techno Girls and Ask Cheri

Are you challenging yourself to learn and do new things? JoJami and Lana chit chat about their difficulties and the humor they experienced learning the technology to produce their Ladies Road Map Podcast. Who knew it could be so challenging? New endeavors are unfamiliar and can be trying but also invigorating and rewarding once you get a handle on it. Try something new! Get a partner if you need one, it not only motivates you, but also makes the process more fun. Today’s “ASK CHERI”...


010: From Bombshell to Bomb Expert with Peggy Munson

010: From Bombshell to Bomb Expert with Peggy Munson They told her she couldn’t do it! This 5’6” former dancer decided she wanted to be a Las Vegas Firefighter but they told her she needed to be home in the kitchen cooking and pregnant. Peggy Munson showed everyone and earned her position as one of the few female Firefighters at the Las Vegas Fire Department. She served on the Fire Squad for 22 years as a Firefighter/ Arson Investigator and then was promoted to a Bomb Technician. She has...


009: High Strung From Dance to Film with Janeen Damian

009: High Strung From Dance to Film with Janeen Damian Janeen Damian, Writer and Producer, of 15 movies with the latest High Strung Free Dance, the sequel to High Strung, releasing later this year. At a young age, Janeen fell in love with dancing and went on to have an amazing professional dance career, where she performed with Cher, Lionel Richie, Prince, Elton John, George Michael and Engelbert Humperdinck, to name a few. We discuss the life and passion of an artist and performer....


008: Manners To Go with Lisa Richey

Don’t miss this eye opening episode as we dive into the lost art of etiquette and manners with Lisa Richey, the founder of The American Academy of Etiquette and the creator of a licensing program called Manners to Go. Manners and etiquette don’t have to be stuffy and judgmental. It’s more about self confidence and feeling comfortable in any social setting. Lisa talks about how critical this is and to think of it as self interest as well as your own personal branding. Corporations see the...


007: Money Matters With Melissa- Preparing Financially for Unforeseen Occurrences

Are you involved and knowledgeable about your finances? We talk with Melissa Tooker, founder of Mortgage America. Melissa discusses the importance, whether married or not, of doing a thorough analysis in order to get a realistic view of your current finances. Many women let their spouse control the finances and are not prepared in the unfortunate occurrence of a divorce or death. Melissa says, “Know what you owe, know your liquidity as well as any investments in your portfolio and how to...


006: The Upside of Downsizing

Have you been thinking about downsizing? JoJami and Lana chit chat today about the Up side of Downsizing. Making the decision to downsize can be difficult and come with some resistance. Then there’s the question “What do we do with all the stuff we have accumulated over the years?” Purging and cleaning out is part of the process as well. JoJami shares the book, The Art of Tidying Up and challenges listeners to clean out at least one closet or drawer a week. Keep it lean! The freedom...


005: Charlotte Gadbois, Glamorous Side of Virtual Reality (PART 2)

In Part 2 of the Mother-Daughter Duo in Business, we hear from Charlotte Gadbois, (@SloaneStreetJewelry @CharlizeGadbois) Co-founder of the House of Gadbois Jewelry and Charlize Gadbois, and daughter of this dynamic mother-daughter duo. We hear Charlotte's perspective on working with her mother and how she has learned the importance of "letting go" and keeping a "united front" in their business relationship. This mother-daughter duo is revolutionizing the jewelry business and bringing a...


004: Frances Gadbois, Bling it Out, Bring it On! (PART 1)

Frances Gadbois (@sloanestreetjewelry @charlizegadbois) tells how the House of Gadbois Jewelry is revolutionizing the jewelry business along with the advantages of adding millennials to your team. It is a story about respect and boundaries when working and traveling 24/7 with your daughter. Also, tips on how to never check a bag when traveling and her latest "must haves". Stay tuned for Episode 005 when we hear from Charlotte Gadbois, daughter and partner in the House of Gadbois with...


002: Meet Your Ladies Road Map Co-Host JoJami Tyler

Image Consultant, JoJami Tyler’s in the, “Hot Seat “ sharing a few of her childhood memories growing up in a show biz Family. Her father was, “Roscoe P. Coltrane in Dukes of Harzard”, her mother was a dancer and instructor. Abruptly uprooted in the 70’s from Hollywood and transplanted to the Deep South, JoJami tells of her latest role as Executive Movie Producer on her sister and husband, Michael Damion’s (Danny on Young and the Restless, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat), new dance...