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A podcast of stories about style and how we get dressed. Co-hosts Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella ask "Hey, what are you wearing? Can you tell me about it?" Produced by Lucy Dearlove.

A podcast of stories about style and how we get dressed. Co-hosts Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella ask "Hey, what are you wearing? Can you tell me about it?" Produced by Lucy Dearlove.


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A podcast of stories about style and how we get dressed. Co-hosts Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella ask "Hey, what are you wearing? Can you tell me about it?" Produced by Lucy Dearlove.




7: Acceptance

This episode’s theme is Acceptance, and Ana and Stevie are joined from LA by guest producer Kara Hart. She meets the founders of fashion label Universal Standard to discuss what Rihanna once described as “the pleasures of a fluctuating body”. Plus, some thoughts on dungarees, unlearning, and whether Stevie is allowed to shop in Massimo Dutti yet. Kara Hart is an audio producer in Los Angeles. You can learn more at []( Universal Standard is...


6: Handsome

Ana and Stevie contemplate handsomeness when it comes to getting dressed. It's a word so often associated with conventionally good-looking men, but why should it be? Together with two special guests, they consider handsomeness as a descriptor to be claimed regardless of where one is on the gender spectrum. Georgeous Michael talks us through transformational accoutrements, while Dazed Fashion Editor Emma Hope Allwood contemplates Le Smoking and handsome women in art. An array of voices...


5: Folk

In this episode, Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella talk about folk and what it means to dress with one eye on where you’re from: Quintessentially British Laura Ashley, so-called ‘sailor pants’ and regional dress. Plus, as always, endless eBay hunts. And we meet Alannah Eileen, a photographer from Orkney, about the importance of community, rural fashion and what happens to your style when you move to the big city. You can see Alannah’s work on her Instagram...


4: Boyish

In this episode, Ana and Stevie are mulling over BOYISH dressing. Ana pays a visit to see Claire Marie Healy, Deputy Editor at Dazed & Confused, who shares the charm of her thrifted synthetic zip-up top, which makes her feel like an extra from Freaks and Geeks. There's also talk of clothes on film, feeling obliged to strive for femininity, and dressing your age (whatever that means). Oh, and Stevie has had a personal style-related crisis after getting her clothes out of her storage unit....


3: Enduring

In this episode, we consider the theme of ENDURING. What is it about certain items of clothes that make us return to them over and over? And what about when there are limits on how many clothes we can own? What makes the cut and stays in your life, and what doesn't? Sirena Bergman, a London-based journalist talks to Stevie about how living on a houseboat means coming up with ingenious space-related solutions. And Francis McKee, a writer, curator and lecturer who lives in Glasgow tells us...


2: Chic

This episode, Ana and Stevie are thinking about 'chic', and specifically how spotting a chic person 'in the wild' is what makes people-watching so thrilling! They also hear from Colleen Hill, a curator at the Museum at FIT in New York about the pleasure she gets from working with this chic fashion archive, and how she gets dressed to work alongside such a collection. This episode of Layers is sponsored by The White Company. You can peruse their cashmere and silky pyjamas here:...


1: Fabulous

Welcome back to Season 2 of Layers! We've missed you. In Episode 1, Ana and Stevie are thinking about dressing fabulously, and whether that's possible in an everyday context. They visit a charming cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon to meet a very fabulous older woman, Sarah Hosking, who is 78 years old and attributes resourcefulness and dressing joyfully to a well-lived life. Sarah Hosking is the founder of Hosking Houses Trust, a charity that supports women writers over the age of 40 by...


6: Conviction

In the final episode of this season, Ana and Stevie discuss conviction. How should I dress? Is there anything I can’t wear? How does a designer know how their work should look? And - can I bring myself to throw this out? Writer and self-confessed hoarder of precious things Isabelle O’Carroll joins us for a panel discussion/group therapy on closet clear-outs and cashmere jumpers. And we meet designers Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding - aka the Shirt Boys - about how they started a fashion...


5: Power

Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith discuss power, or more specifically: "How do we dress when we want to feel powerful?" Ultramarathon runner Sorrell Walsh tells us about dressing for physical power, while writer and 'Women Who' founder Otegha Uwagba considers "power dressing" at work - and what power dressing even means in 2018\. Our latest Loved and Lost story comes from writer Eliot Haworth, who relives a very funny memory about pants in the jungle. Otegha Uwagba is a writer, brand...


4: Routine

For Episode 4 Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella are talking routine. Fashion writer and curator Lou Stoppard tells us how to “curate” a wardrobe that makes sense for you (sorry, Lou) and we learn about wearing exclusively monochrome looks from radio producer and Soho resident Clare Lynch. Also, we hear some secrets on replenishment buying and discuss how to take care of your clothes, and yourself. Loved and Lost comes from writer Zsofia Paulikovics. You can find Clare Lynch on Twitter...


3: Movement

In Episode 3, Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith discuss movement. Novelist Sharlene Teo tells us about moving from Singapore to the UK, and we talk about dressing for the dancefloor with curator Tory Turk. Foreign correspondent Sally Hayden shares how she packs for overseas assignments. Our latest instalment of Loved and Lost comes from author Sophie Mackintosh. Plus, Stevie takes a trip. Super Sharp is at Fashion Space Gallery until April 21st. Read about it here...


2: Encounters

In Episode 2, Stevie and Ana talk Encounters. A fleeting glimpse of a stylish stranger while on holiday, an ongoing friendship with the woman who works in the local boutique, or bumping into an enigmatic stranger in a Soho club: often it’s the chance encounters we have that can really influence how we think about clothes. Stevie makes a new friend, and Naomi Shimada tells us about her solo travels in Argentina. Sophie Davidson talks getting dressed for a memorable blind date. Ann-Maria...


1: Beginnings

In Episode 1, Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith talk about beginnings. We meet Abigail, who decided to make her own wedding dress for a beginning of her own, and Kate O’Donnell, who built up a wardrobe from scratch when she transitioned. Plus, a diary of those all-important first-day-at-work outfits from Colleen Kelsey in New York, and writer and cook Rebecca May Johnson shares a story of satin trousers for Loved and Lost. Items: Is Fashion Modern? closes at MoMA this month. Read about...


PREVIEW: Glamour

In this preview episode we discuss GLAMOUR. Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith talk to Coline Bach, a celebrity stylist who's worked with Years & Years and Madonna, and dancer Kate Haughton shares memories of ballet and pointe shoes. Writer and poet Rosalind Jana reads a story about a much-loved ring inherited from her aunt Violet. Music: E's Jammy Jams - Arabian Sand (via YouTube Music Library), Blue Dot Sessions - The Shoes They Wear (via Free Music Archive), Aaron Lieberman - Gypsy...


Teaser - "To Feel Powerful I Wear..."

What do you wear to feel powerful? And what do you really wish you could pull off? Four women answer. LAYERS is a podcast of stories about style, women and how we get dressed. Co-hosts Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella ask "Hey, what are you wearing? Can you tell me about it?" A preview episode on the theme of GLAMOUR launches 04/12/17, Series 1 starts 06/01/18. Produced by Lucy Dearlove.