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Conversations about writing and lesbian fiction

Conversations about writing and lesbian fiction
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Conversations about writing and lesbian fiction




LWW-13: Lesbian Fiction Genres: Love Them or Loathe Them?

Clare & TB are full of beans this week. TB has had no disasters (amazeballs!), and Clare is belatedly celebrating the Spurs’ historic progression to the Champions League final. Although, she still hasn’t won Hamilton tickets. It’s TB’s birthday (cue balloons!), and Clare chats about going on a writing retreat in a caravan and also hails the wonder that is Eurovision. TB is nonplussed. The topic of the week is lesbian fiction genres: love them or loathe them? TB is on the fence once more. She...


LWW-12: Should You Care About Word Counts?

Clare is back from Jamaica and has a cold. So, if you think she normally has a sultry voice, you’re going to love her on this episode! TB kicks off by telling us about her latest disaster. She’s fractured her hand but kept on writing (kinda) through the pain. Fiction doesn’t stop for fractures in her household! She’s within touching distance of finishing her Cotswolds novel, due out in June. Whoop! Clare also says that in between lounging on a Jamaican beach and drinking ALL the rum punch,...


LWW-11: Top Ten Tips for Writers, Part Two

In this episode, TB & Clare finish dispensing their top tips for writers. First, they catch up with what’s going on in their lives. Clare discusses her upcoming trip to Jamaica and TB shares a Lesbians Who Write surprise with Clare, getting them one-step closer to world domination. Huzzah! During the comment section, Clare and TB accept a challenge by a listener, and TB admits she’ll blush a lot discussing lesbian sex on the podcast. TB also slips in another mention about her mint chocolate...


LWW-10: Top Ten Tips for Writers, Part One

In this episode, TB & Clare share five tips for writers. First, they catch up with what’s going on in their lives. TB is on her second disastrous week in a row and blames Clare for calling her the Titanic TB last week, cursing TB. Clare is making good progress on her latest novel. Woot! During the comment section, Clare comes up with a new tagline for the podcast: unboring and unstuffy. It might need some work. Clare has also decided she has a new mission: to make TB cry on the podcast. Then...


LWW-9: Knowing what we know now, how would we launch our first books?

In this episode, TB talks about her wreck of a week: getting caught in a rainstorm and her author email being shut down briefly. Clare shares about her epic week, including Tottenham winning and seeing Michelle Obama speak. They also answer a question from a listener who wanted to know if either Clare or TB had ever been working on a story and then come across another book with a very similar synopsis. TB turns the table on Clare and asks knowing what Clare knows now, how would she launch a...


LWW-8: How Did We Launch Our First Books?

In this episode, TB & Clare talk about writing their latest books and how the process never gets any easier. TB is waiting for the book to click but is plowing on; meanwhile, Clare has trashed her first 10,000 words and is starting again. It’s all part of the process! They also chat about their ailments (shoulder, hip) and recommend cod liver oil for its lubricating qualities—almost with a straight face. Clare’s been obsessed with the reality show Married At First Sight and wants to write a...


LWW-7: What do we think of literary events & awards?

In this episode, Clare & TB get a little sweary in a bid to live up to their explicit tag. They almost manage it. They talk about writing their joint Cotswolds books. TB is at the saggy, soggy middle, swearing a lot and eating too much ice cream. Clare is at the beginning, where the world is still full of possibility and wonder. Give her a week, and she'll be sobbing, too. Such is the cycle of writing a book! They both agree they're not very outdoorsy (minus lesbian points). However, Clare...


LWW-6: What are the biggest challenges and the greatest joys of being a full-time writer?

Welcome to episode six of Lesbians Who Write, where Clare & TB riff on many topics, including the major one: what are the biggest challenges and the greatest joys of being a full-time writer? First up, they chat about their weeks. Clare reveals she spends an inordinate amount of time every day trying and failing to get tickets for theater and football. It's a sad state of affairs. However, she did manage to get some tickets to see a musical this week, so all was not lost. Plus, she launched...


LWW-5: How to deal with change in your personal and work lives?

Clare and TB talk about change and how to deal with it—in their personal lives and in their work lives. First up, they chat about their week, including going to the Cotswolds (and marveling at its teeny-tiny bridges), along with spending time at the London Book Fair with Harper Bliss & her Mrs. Summary: there were many books & much beer. Hurrah! TB then reveals she's had huge change in her life recently. Drum roll: she's had to move back to the USA due to Brexit (boo)—her fourth...


LWW-4: How do you achieve being a healthy writer?

Clare and TB tackle the burning question: How do you stay on track for physical health? First, they catch up about what’s been going on in their lives, including TB’s writing retreat in Hull, Massachusetts, where she started outlining a secret project that Clare is also involved in. Clare announces the Diva Literary Festival has been postponed, a true bummer since Clare was slotted for a panel hosted by Rachel Shelley from The L Word. They move on to the main topic, and TB chats about her...


LWW-3: Who or what inspires you to write?

TB shares big news about her exciting week and mentions her conundrum dealing with a successful series and not wanting to let readers down. Clare had a busy week and a crushing disappointment. (Will she be able to write again?) Clare and TB chat about what inspires them to write, discovering they both had school experiences that set them onto the writing path. The conversation wouldn’t be complete without discussing which writers inspired them, and they disclose how they find inspiration...


LWW-2: Where do you get your ideas?

Right out of the gate, Clare proves why writers need editors and drops a fab writing tip. (Get your notepad ready.) Clare and TB discuss what it takes to get a project across the finish line. Clare shares one of her phobias, proving she has the writer’s personality. Then Clare and TB discuss where they get ideas from and tackle a common fear for many beginning writers. TB opens up about having insomnia. Clare name-drops from her musical journalism days. They discuss their process of diving...


LWW-1: Introducing the Lesbians Who Write Podcast

Clare and TB introduce themselves to the podcast world in their inaugural episode. Huzzah! They chat about when they came up with the idea of Lesbians Who Write (beer was involved) and why they started writing lesbian fiction in the first place. Clare lobs TB the thorny question of what exactly lesbian fiction is and who can write it. They discover how history influenced both of their writing careers, leaving TB a historian, slightly heartbroken. They move on to what’s their favorite part of...