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Episodes The LinkedIn for Writers to Connect with Producers

This episode was recorded in beautiful Miami where we had a chance to talk with Ana Benitez & Ron Karasz, the founders of Storyrocket. If you've written a manuscript you think is perfect for TV, Film or series programming, tune in. Storyrocket is the latest literary ambassador featured on our podcast. For show notes, links and more visit


Millions of Mistakes with Helene M. Epstein

Most children are healthy but every year approximately 4 million American children receive a wrong diagnosis for a delayed diagnosis. Too many of them are harmed because of it. One boy suffered for years with a growing list of bizarre symptoms including pain and memory loss before the truth in his case was uncovered. That child was the son of writer Helene M. Epstein who is writing a book about her son’s medical mystery tour. For show notes and more visit


Preparing for NaNoWriMo with Rachel Shapiro

A quarter-finalist in Amazon’s 2013 breakthrough novel competition, Shapiro published her short story “Pieces of Light” in Gemini Magazine and her short story “The Convenience Store” in Story Shack. She is currently completing a novella (tentatively named) “Between The Keys” about a pianist whose hand is maimed in a car accident. In this episode, she explains her process (“no outlines”); how to enter your work in competitions (“there are so many”); how to set career goals (regularly) and...


A Radical Approach To Publishing with Radix Media

New York City’s only worker-owned print shop, Radix Media, is nestled in a small and easily-overlooked space on Bergen Street in Brooklyn. Step inside the unassuming front door and you’re transported back in time to an era when books were crafted by hand. Nick Hurd, one of the owners, is the grandson of Clement Hurd, the artist who created the timeless illustrations of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon. In April 2018, Radix published its first book, an anthology of 33...


Meet The Writers with Michele Weisman

Award-winning writers of best-selling books come from all over the country into New York City public schools bringing picture books, chapter books and young adult books of all kinds. It’s been going on for the past three years, ever since Michele Weisman created Meet the Writers, Inc., a non-profit and tax-exempt corporation with the mission to promote literacy. One of the original program goals was for every student who meets an author to go home with a signed book. Today, Meet The...


Art is The Opposite of Violence with Stella Padnos

Brooklyn poet Stella Padnos works “on the fine line between courage and crazy.” A therapist in New York City, she creates intimate, funny and fearless poetry from the dark places we all have and hide. Her first book, In My Absence, a collection of poems on love, ambivalent parenting, and at-times failing relationships, received five stars from Goodreads. For show notes and more visit


Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else) with Ken Auletta

Ken Auletta, media critic for The New Yorker Magazine and author of 12 books, including the bestseller Googled among many New York Times bestsellers, talks about growing up in Brooklyn, sexual harassment in the workplace, and being deeply troubled by the current trends in publishing. “No other reporter has covered the new communications revolution as thoroughly” as Auletta, according to the Columbia Journalism Review. His new book, Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and...


Sex, Love & Frida Kahlo Barbie Dolls with Patty Bryant

Writer Patty Bryant has written several romance novels published under different pen names. In this far-ranging conversation on passion, love and Frida Kahlo Barbie Dolls, she talks about the formula for writing romance novels and defends the virtues of the romance genre, which is the biggest selling fiction market. While she is fully aware of its limitations, she appreciates its ability to brighten the dreariness of everyday life. Not only can it provide a bit of happiness, it can teach...


Life Detonated: The 1976 9/11 with Kathleen Murray Moran

Very few of us know or talk about the 9/11 attack that occurred twenty-five years before 9/11/01. Kathleen Murray Moran cannot forget it! Her husband Brian, a member of the New York City Bomb Squad, was killed by an explosive device left in a Grand Central Station locker by terrorists. Life Detonated is the story of how that bomb ripped through Kathleen's life. As Kathleen tried to make sense of her husband’s death, she became involved with one of the terrorists, brought a lawsuit against...


All The Wrong Ways To Write with Max Lebo

In this episode, writer Max Lebo explains how to pitch your work to an agent, the value of workshopping a manuscript on its way to publication, and why an aspiring author should develop the habit of reading and writing as a daily practice. For show notes and more visit


It's A Matter of Trust with Greg Lewin

As a top-earning fund manager on Wall Street who practiced martial arts in his leisure time, Greg Lewin was always in high-stress situations. Then one day he slammed into a tree while skiing and injured his heart so badly his doctors said he’d have to stop doing the things he loved. He chose not to take their advice. Instead, he began a philosophical inquiry that eventually led him from suffering deep depression into becoming a happy person, for the first time in his life. For show notes...


Presents From The Past with Amy Lyons

Amy Lyons is a writer and painter whose chosen work is to portray life in Brooklyn — not as it is now, but as it once was. “I’m obsessed with time travel,” she says. Her art is dedicated to “creating a time capsule.” For show notes and more visit


When A Book Is More Than A Book with Kristin Rath

Kristin Rath wrote a book that is “a support system.” It helps people decide whether to move, when to end a relationship, how to survive a career change and more. Rath says she wrote “the book I wished I’d had” when she was going through some of her own major life turning points. For show notes and more visit


BookCon2018 with Jim Westcott - Jack's Tales

Anxiety disorder is getting more common and starting at younger ages. Jim Westcott writes stories that help kids with anxiety disorder. We caught up with him at BookCon 2018. For show notes and more visit our website


BookCon 2018 with Anthony Wedgeworth - The Altered Creatures Series

Anthony Wedgeworth graduated high school without learning how to read because his dyslexic brain jumbled everything on the page. Today, he writes popular fantasy books for thousands of loyal readers. “Altered Creatures” is such a popular series that fans wearing costumes to look like his characters swarm him at comic conventions bearing hand-made gifts for him and wearing tattoos of the fantasy world he created. We met up with him at BookCon 2018 at Javits. For show notes and more visit...


BookCon 2018 with MaryLee MacDonald - Bonds of Love & Blood

MacDonald is a novelist, prize-winning short story writer, creative writing professor and truly genuine. In this episode, she explains the writing secrets that took her 50 years to learn. How to write a great short story. What it takes to find a publisher. When it’s better to self-publish. And what will keep you writing when you don’t want to write. For Show Notes visit our website:


BookCon 2018 with Sherry Maysonave - The Girl Who Could Read Hearts

Maysonave’s work includes the Amazon best-seller 'Casual Power' and a children’s book. Her latest novel, 'The Girl Who Could Read Hearts' has won 14 awards including the London Book Festival and the Beverly Hills Book Awards. Sherry has been interviewed by more than 200 TV, radio and print publications in America and Europe. For Show Notes visit our website:


BookCon 2018 with D.A. Field, Blood Memory Society

We caught up with author D.A. Field at Javits Center on the first day of BookCon 2018 and asked him about his book “Blood Memory Society.” When animals reproduce, he explained, their offspring carry their ancestors’ physical traits. Some animal babies (mice, elephants, insects) are born with their ancestors’ memories too. What if humans were born with this kind of knowledge? This is the question he examines in his book Blood Memory Society. For Show Notes visit our website:...


Loving and Leaving - Domenica Ruta

It took Domenica Ruta three years to write the story of her unconventional coming of age in which she chronicled a misfit ’90s childhood, the painful act of breaking away from her drug-addicted mother, and the struggle to overcome her own demons in the process. Her memoir, With Or Without You, is a powerful, inspiring story about loving and leaving. For show notes and more go to