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Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.

Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.


Sydney, NSW


Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.




Life Matters GPO Box 9994 Sydney, NSW Australia 2001 (02) 8333 1430


How to address the housing crisis, Coronacast, the dilemma of how to refuse sugary gifts

What can be done to make housing more affordable, the latest episode of Coronacast, and the dilemma of how to refuse sugary treats


Who decides what happiness looks like?

What are the implications when the science behind happiness has a gender bias problem? Plus, how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities continue to cope during the coronavirus pandemic, and what does 'love thy neighbour' really mean?


Public transport and coronavirus

Is it possible to catch public transport and remain distant from your fellow passengers? Plus, surprise COVID-19 cases and one woman puts mindfulness to the test for an entire year.


COVID-19 and returning to work

COVID-19 has affected our working lives in a myriad of ways, but what will it look like when many of us return to work? Plus, how one backyard gardener caught his zucchini thief and made the world fall in love with the culprit.


Living entirely off the land and Coronacast on older Australians visiting family and friends

Have you ever dreamt of being entirely self-sufficient and living off the land? Life Matters talks to listeners and other experts about what happens when people make this dream a reality. And in Coronacast, Dr Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor assess whether it is safe for older people to visit, and even hug, family members and friends, now that COVID-19 infection rates are so low.


Weekend Life Matters: food in a can, citizen science booms, UFO claims, a Covid coven, sounds of then

Why some of us rush to or away from convenience foods during lockdown, how we can climb on the citizen science explosion, the US Navy officially releases UFO videos, Skye Rogers uses a lifetime of found objects to create Covid Chronicles, and Chris nominates a song for these times.


Finding good health advice, Coronacast, and the dilemma of selling art

How do you find good health advice, the latest episode of Coronacast, and who really owns a work of art?


Our reliance on convenience food and why kids curse

Where did our reliance on convenience food come from? We explore the phenomenon of UFOs and their stories, which have captivated us for decades. Plus, children and swearing on Philosophy Espresso.


Temporary migrant workers and the boom in citizen science

How is Australia obligated to help workers on temporary visas, and what does that look like in the long term? We may already have a frontrunner for the coronavirus vaccine. Plus, citizen science is experiencing a boom and listener Loretta writes in for Alone Together.


Coronavirus in regional Australia and inclusive fashion

What lessons of resilience could regional Australia teach us as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? Listener Dianne discovers her roots on her property and we ask whether social distancing 1.5 metres is enough to avoid coronavirus. Plus, how to make fashion inclusive to all.


Better bushfire prevention and why some are infectious with COVID-19 for longer

Listeners join experts to discuss what changes are needed in bushfire prone areas, so we can all be better prepared in future. On Coronacast, Tegan Taylor and Dr Norman Swan explain why some people are infectious for more than a month with coronavirus.


Weekend Life Matters: fast furniture pitfalls, learning to play music when you're older, the artistic joy of flowers, and a comedian talks performance in lockdown.

Why cheap, big box furniture seems to carry built in obsolescence, picking up an instrument later in life, an artist/illustrator describes her floral passion, and Australian born comedian Yianni Agislaou finds ways to reach his lockdown audience.


Post lockdown anxiety, Coronacast, and your friend's annoying partner

How to cope with post lockdown anxiety, the latest episode of Coronacast, and what do you do when your friend has an annoying partner?


Fast furniture and the beauty of flowers

Have we become reliant on fast furniture? Plus, how scientists are dealing with the overlap in coronavirus research, what it means to appreciate the overlooked beauty in everyday flowers and why every apocalypse needs its own theme song.


Homelessness during coronavirus and making music in isolation

Will coronavirus change how we treat people who are homeless? Plus, how regional Victorians are picking up their instruments in isolation for the first time in years and we kick off a new season of Philosophy Espresso.


Making ethical decisions during the pandemic, plus laughing in lockdown

With lockdowns being eased, how will your personal ethics influence your behaviour during a pandemic? Australian comic Yianni Agisilaou learns to share the laughs without an audience, and on Coronacast, Dr Norman Swan investigates whether the lockdowns were worth it.


Navigating Jobseeker and Jobkeeper and Coronacast on keeping health out of isolation

Employers, employees and those looking for work join legal experts on how well the welfare system is operating at the moment, and in Coronacast, Dr Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor look at how to avoid coronavirus as states start to ease restrictions on movement and gatherings.


Weekend Life Matters: cities post Covid, sea and sand restoration, Cape York does it well, and the times are a'changing

Can these lockdown patterns of urban behaviour change how we shape our cities, one man's mission to de-plastic our sea and sand, how Cape York communities have had zero infection on a shoestring budget, and a landmark Dylan song falls back into relevance.


Group exercise in the time of COVID-19, Coronacast, corona fictions, and being excluded from an inheritance

Getting back into group exercise after lockdowns, the latest episodes of Coronacast, and the Too Hard Basket tackles what to do when you are excluded from an inheritance.


Air pollution during lockdown and one man cleaning the harbour

It can be hard to focus on the positive during these coronavirus times, but one good outcome of all of this is that the lockdown periods seem to have given the planet a much needed rest. We are hearing reports from around the world that emissions have come down and air pollution is lower. Today, we examine how all of this has played out in Australia. Has our air pollution been reduced as we're all cooped up at home? And we meet one man who is spending his alone time wandering around Sydney...