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Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.

Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.


Sydney, NSW


Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.




Life Matters GPO Box 9994 Sydney, NSW Australia 2001 (02) 8333 1430


International students, pets in rental properties and gaming and health

Are we at risk of losing international university students to other countries, permanently? Plus a world-first study looks at the barriers to people having pets when they're renting, and we find out what happens to the brain and the body when we sit.


Vaccine rollout in aged care, kid reporters and 'the husband poisoners'

Understanding how informed consent will work as the vaccine rolls out in aged care, giving kids media literacy by teaching them to break the news themselves and the chilling story of the World War Two suburban Sydney wives who killed.


What happens when news is removed from your feed

It has been several days since Facebook blocked Australians from accessing news content via its platform and many users are noticing that their feed looks very different now. Are habits changing too? Listeners share how this move has affected on the way they consume news, while we look at the bigger picture.


The cost of losing regional events to COVID-19, walking around Australia, when your boss is a conspiracy theorist

The community cost of losing regional events in the age of COVID-19, a father and son journey around Australia on foot, what to do when your boss believes in conspiracies.


Where to for quarantine? Jeanette faces her fear, 50 risks to take with your kids

What can we learn from quarantine history to deal with our current challenges, Jeanette Schultz debuts in our Life in 500 Words theme of True Confessions, and a new book on building resilience and independence in children ten years and under.


Keeping Parliament House staff safe and imagining you're a mammoth

An allegation of rape by ex-Parliament House staffer Brittany Higgins has sparked calls for real and lasting reform of protections for workers in politics. Plus how to address the over representation of young African-Australians in our criminal justice system, and one writer looks at the world through the eyes of a mammoth.


Regional property squeeze, growing up disabled in Australia and cryptocurrencies

What does the latest housing boom in regional towns mean for the people who live there? Stories of disability and the importance of reclaiming space. And, the rise of teen traders.


Banks and credit in focus two years after the royal commission

How has your bank been treating you lately? The banking sector has improved its act since the royal commission, which highlighted some fairly unsavoury behaviour. Now planned changes to responsible lending laws have some consumer groups concerned, but others have welcomed these changes, because of concerns these laws tighten access to credit.


Tackling racism in sport, a cold plunge, and when a friend wants a gift back

What can elite sports learn from their communities when it comes to racism and inclusiveness, the benefits of a cold plunge, and what to do when a friend wants a gift back.


NDIS concerns, interactive parenting program for dads, alarm clock history

The proposed introduction of independent assessors has NDIS users concerned, a new online parenting program guides fathers in making good choices, the fascinating history of alarm clocks.


The real cost of gambling and op shop gems

New research uses bank data to analyse just how much people spend on gambling. Plus, we ask an expert how you can find a valuable treasure in an opportunity shop, and take your calls with stories of your own finds.


Evolving risks of hotel quarantine, a friendship in colonial NSW and playlists for healing

Could we make our quarantine practices safer? We meet two women who forged an unlikely friendship, and a playlist to heal you from 2020.


Embracing sport during the pandemic

Many Australians enjoy sport, either as participants or observers. But can we all safely keep fit and participate in sporting events while coronavirus is not fully under control? We hear your thoughts on keeping local sporting groups alive and the viability of big sporting events like the Australian Open and the Olympics.


Debate over the IR omnibus bill, over the counter medicinal cannabis, and what to do about screaming neighbours

What will the federal government's proposed IR changes mean for you, delays for over the counter medicinal cannabis, and when do you step in when neighbours are screaming?


Rosie Batty reflects, Noela deals with the F word, and Candida listens to horses

Former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty reflects on the pressures of the role, Noela Dawes deals with the F word at home and in school, and Candida Baker describes her life as a horse listener in a brand new book. We take your calls on lessons animals have taught you.


Dealing with economic interruptions and philosophy and sex

COVID-19 is continuing to cause disruption to the economy, with Perth and surrounding areas the latest part of the country to experience a lockdown. So how do we live with these interruptions that affect businesses, tourism and the wider economy? Plus philosopher Damon Young reflects on what he learned about sex by studying the great thinkers. And a tiny town in Victoria comes up with a plan to save itself.


Border closures, "sceptical believers" and primary school homework

As Western Australia becomes the latest state to handle an outbreak, the fraught topic of border closures is front of mind again. Is it possible for all states to get on the same page when it comes to how to handle their border closures and what do experts say is the right approach? Also author Amal Awad talks us through her journey to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual landscape of the New Age as well as her own. And, after primary school students had such a disrupted 2020, what...


Dealing with shortages in your medicine supply

There has been something going on at the pharmacy lately, with some medicines running short. But do not panic, there is advice on hand. Life Matters speaks to experts and consumers about how best to deal with medicine shortages in the current climate.


Life without Google, safe singing in the era of COVID-19, and an over-scented gym buddy

What would our lives be like without Google, the safety of choirs during COVID-19, and what to do when someone in your gym is wearing an overbearing scent.


Vaccine ethics, Janet goes rogue on her teacher, achieving holiday Zen

The ethics of access to COVID vaccines, a young Janet Price gives her rural teacher merry hell, and the difference between rest and recovery in maintaining that holiday feeling.