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Podcast and Community for Artists of all Levels

Podcast and Community for Artists of all Levels
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Podcast and Community for Artists of all Levels




Episode 5: Hybrid Pies, Family Ties & A Felting Demise

In episode 5, we talk about saying polite no's to friends and family who want freebies, or expect you to be available at the drop of a hat because you 'work from home'. Jill also talks a little about her experience with the gallery and selling her first piece, in addition to her 'wool felting' story of horror! We hear about two great people to follow @clairemilliganartist and @helen_carter_artist and learn about the charity Xmas podcast single that we'll be dropping into iTunes next week...


Episode 4: Algorithm Shmism, Hashtags not Hash Cakes!

In episode 4 we talk a little more in depth about the Instagram algorithm and what that means and how you can make hashtags work for you. We also mention cakes, custard creams and bourbons!! Jill recommends we all follow Jane Braithwaite on Instagram, with her beautiful oil paintings of horses, and Nikki recommends a couple of apps for encouraging block working without distractions and one for measuring you time spent working, to either bill a client accurately or help you to work out a...


Episode 3: Markets, Galleries & More (no cows)

In episode 3, Kerri Dixon shares her inside knowledge on selling your art at a market, how to find your audience there and what steps you need to take to ensure that it's a success. You can download the full interview below: Kerri-Dixon-on-Life-and-Pencils-Podcast-1Download We also chat about some exciting gallery related news from Jill and touch on......Christmas! Our Insta favourites this week are @mrlumpyandfriends - great if you like viewing wild badgers 🦡 🙈, @julianeberge and...


Episode 2: Instagram, Cows and Corporate Life Life and Pencils Episode 2

In episode 2, we chat about the basics needed to take your Instagram post from average to noteworthy. We talk about how you can follow a few simple rules to entice people to want to open your posts to read more and hopefully follow you. Note: we may mention cows during the course of this conversation.... We also touch on a subject that we see many people dealing with, and that is how to go from a corporate career to an art based one, and this is something we'll be talking about in more depth...


The Podcast for Aspiring Artists: Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to Life and Pencils Podcast. This is the light-hearted podcast for aspiring artists who are looking to grow their art business and be part of a supportive and growing community. We want you to feel that this is your podcast, so please get involved! In this episode, we touch on some of the topics we'll be covering over the coming weeks. We also give you a little background on ourselves too. We may even go off-topic occasionally... and tend to laugh. A lot. We're not aiming...