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Episode 22: We Bitch and Moan About Life n’ Stuff

It's been a while since we recorded a podcast, but we still managed to bitch and moan for a good hour and a half. I can't even tell you what we went on about now - probably some Covid related thoughts and maybe even some stuff about art! Either way, it's a bit of company for you as you while away the hours in your studio/shed/spare room/kitchen...etc We did give you some tips to sell better and Jill recommended the other podcast we love - Older and Wiser with Jenny Eclair, so do check that...


Let’s Talk About Affiliate Marketing…and Cricket Bats

We do manage to finally have that chat about affiliate marketing today, where we explain what it is and how you can use it to earn anything from a few extra pounds each month, to a substantial amount if you give it some welly. But we obviously never keep on the straight and narrow, so you'll be delighted to know that Jill shares another of her 'stories' and this week it features that traditional English game...Cricket! We'd also like to start featuring some of your news each week, so if you...


Episode 20: A Mindless Hour of Banter and Art (ish) Chat

You know what it's like when you meet a friend for coffee and before long an hour has gone by and you've barely scratched the surface of what you supposed to be talking about? Welcome to episode 20! Yep, bit a of catch up episode where we still talk about lockdown, painting. exercising, baking, drugs, entertaining - oh and some stuff about reality shows. Also, we hear about that drug fuelled area of town Jill lives in... So join us for some mindless banter for an hour and take your mind of...


Episode 19: Sleepless Nights, Lockdown Fights and Frights in Tights

Episode 19 and we mention art a bit as we have a catch up and hear about Jills latest liaison with a 'Ballet Dancer'. There's a moral in there somewhere, but it will certainly bring a smile to your face whilst you figure it out! We also talk about the fear of being as good as your last piece of work and how it can impact your mood and play havoc with your sleep. We also talk about a group challenge we are creating for everyone on our Facebook group and next time we will be talking about...


Episode 18: Your Favourite Art (ish) Podcast is Back!

Yeah we know, it's been a while, but it's unprecedented times and flailing about looking startled for a while has been the norm, but time to get some sort of normality back. Plus, some of you actually noticed we'd buggered off - so how can we possibly deprive you!! We don't cover much in this episode specifically - we chat about the current covid sitch and how we and others have been coping, we have a bit of a catch up and a bit of a laugh about DIY haircuts. We do give out some arty...


Episode 17: Interview with Becky Gouverneur Pt 2

Sorry for the delay folks - but finally, here is part 2 of the interview with Becky. There are some quality issues with this and Jill has done a tremendous job of cleaning it up, but do bear in mind that is has the odd wobble. You can find downloadable info sheets for this on the episode 16 show notes


Episode 16: Interview with Becky Gouverneur Pt 1

We're delighted to be able to bring you this interview with Becky from Bex Arts where she gives a rake of information about photography, prints and copyright, that you can utilise in your art business today. Becky has also kindly given us some information for you to download here below, which includes a guide to taking great pictures (especially pet portraits) whether you're taking them for yourself or wanting to advise your client. You will also find pictures within this of her studio set...


Episode 15: M-m-m-my Corona

Well, we may be self isolating - which for most artists isn't anything too unusual, but we don't have to be alone! Over the coming weeks, where it might all feel a little bit gloomy, we're hoping to bring shorter but more frequent episodes to you. We figured it might be the best way to perk you all up. We're never ones to step too deeply into art anyway, but these episodes will be generally more focused on the Life side of 'Life and Pencils'. So, let's all pull together and support each...


Episode 14: Numbnuts, Yumnuts & Cronuts

And just when you thought we couldn't exhaust the subject of cake any further - we bring you the Yumnuts and Cronuts episode - no prizes for guessing who the numbnuts are! On a serious note, we do eventually gather our thoughts and we talk about art workshops and the sort of experience you can expect when attending, plus we also recommend starting your own and what level you need to be at to do that. In the same vein, we also chat about YouTube and Patreon and building a passive income...


Episode 13: Jaw With LAW Pt 2 (plus Bob, Dick & Arun Jumpers)

Part one was so well received, we thought we'd better dish out part 2 pretty swiftly for you! Huge thanks goes out to Lisa Ann Watkins of Animal Art by LAW for giving up her valuable time to chat with us, it was great fun all round and interesting to have an insight into a successful artists lifestyle. And of course, you must listen to the end, just to hear Jills story about her Arun jumper, honestly - it's pure gold! We also totally lose it today when we get in-depth about inner voices,...


Episode 12: Jaw with LAW Pt 1 (& bonus nut sacks)

We get to chat with Lisa Ann Watkins (Animal Art by LAW) in this episode, and she was so utterly thrilled to speak to us, it went on for over an hour and a half, so we've had to split it into 2 parts - I know, right? So, you get to listen to part one this week and next week, we'll let you have part 2! As we wanted this to be focused on the interview, we only have a quick catch up at the beginning and then head straight into the interview, so limited waffle on this one! As ever, we appreciate...


Episode 11: Pricing With Ease, Websites a Breeze and Ben Fogles Knees

In episode 11, we mourn the loss of cake as we chat about domain names, hosting and building a website. We also talk about some of the important things that should be included on a website. Plus we discuss pricing and whether you display them or not, how to handle sending your price list to customers and what to do when you want to put your prices up. Plus there's the usual banter, us going off on a tangent and Ant Middleton even gets a mention! We recommend following Carla Grace a fantastic...


Episode 10: Tracing, Racing & Self Effacing

We're into double figures people, so welcome to episode 10 where we discuss whether it's acceptable to trace as part of the process in producing your work and how impostor syndrome can impact your life as an artist. Jill also gives some good guidelines on how to overcome this very common problem. We also have our normal catch up with a few laughs along the way and our recommendations this week are for Renato Muccillo - an oil painter who creates such beautiful landscapes that look like...


Episode 9: Isolation, Condemnation and Defamation

After lowering the tone in episode 8 (that was funny though!), we're on to more sensible topics this week. When we've established what beverages we're drinking and what cake we're not having, we crack on and tackle a few issues that we feel most artists will resonate with. Topics discussed this week are loneliness as an artist, something that is more common that you might think. Being an artist is quite an isolating thing, and whilst some artists embrace all of that alone time, others -...


Episode 8: Limited Snacks, Understanding your Tax & No Need for a Wax

In episode 8, Jill walks us through how to understand tax with your art business if you are working within the UK - it could work differently, depending on where you are based. She explains how it all works, what your tax allowance is and how much you can earn before tax, plus what is tax deductible and what you need to do to keep track. Nikki touches on why it's not a bad thing to fail, so that you can then adjust your plan and try something else - failing is good, everything is a learning...


Episode 7: Mildly Festive, Mildly Offensive, Always a ‘Joy’

In episode 7, Jill brings up those bloody mince 'not' pies with the sponge topping again, it's not a pie Jill!! We talk about winding down for the year and some of the things we'd like to draw in our downtime over Christmas, and how that can impact us us within our businesses as we head into the new year. Nikki mentions how she's inadvertently used her boob to draw with pastels on occasion, which leads to a discussion on other appendages that they both find hilariously funny - because...


Episode 6: Pods, Pickiness and Perfectionism

In episode 6 we chat about a serious lack of cake, due to a last minute podcast recording. Jill was fine though, she was still stuffed full of birthday cake from the day before! Nikki did have a posh coffee pod thingy though, so that took the edge off. We also talk about how to deal with customers who might be being overly picky with you. Sometimes you have to be strong, take the reins and be the professional by advising your customer what is best. After all, that is what they commissioned...


Episode 5: Hybrid Pies, Family Ties & A Felting Demise

In episode 5, we talk about saying polite no's to friends and family who want freebies, or expect you to be available at the drop of a hat because you 'work from home'. Jill also talks a little about her experience with the gallery and selling her first piece, in addition to her 'wool felting' story of horror! We hear about two great people to follow @clairemilliganartist and @helen_carter_artist and learn about the charity Xmas podcast single that we'll be dropping into iTunes next week...


Episode 4: Algorithm Shmism, Hashtags not Hash Cakes!

In episode 4 we talk a little more in depth about the Instagram algorithm and what that means and how you can make hashtags work for you. We also mention cakes, custard creams and bourbons!! Jill recommends we all follow Jane Braithwaite on Instagram, with her beautiful oil paintings of horses, and Nikki recommends a couple of apps for encouraging block working without distractions and one for measuring you time spent working, to either bill a client accurately or help you to work out a...


Episode 3: Markets, Galleries & More (no cows)

In episode 3, Kerri Dixon shares her inside knowledge on selling your art at a market, how to find your audience there and what steps you need to take to ensure that it's a success. You can download the full interview below: Kerri-Dixon-on-Life-and-Pencils-Podcast-1Download We also chat about some exciting gallery related news from Jill and touch on......Christmas! Our Insta favourites this week are @mrlumpyandfriends - great if you like viewing wild badgers 🦡 🙈, @julianeberge and...