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Discussions on discovering your identity, establishing proper mindsets, and believing in the power of your voice!

Discussions on discovering your identity, establishing proper mindsets, and believing in the power of your voice!


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Discussions on discovering your identity, establishing proper mindsets, and believing in the power of your voice!




The Response

Joanna, Ashley, and Sasha reflect on the response to the BLM movement in the wake of recent events. They grapple with questions such as: -What is true activism and what is required? -Is social media giving us the facade of being activist? Or in reality is social media simply making it a trend? Has this led to slacktivism in our culture? -Are we really taking on the responsibility of being a true activist? - Are the protestors really activists? Or are they simply following a trend? Are they...


Prophetic Readings with Sasha Bilik

Curious about how prophecy works and what it is exactly? Some believe it's all just an act while other believe anyone can prophecy. Why do some people supposedly hear from God and others don't? The sisters are joined once again by Sasha Bilik who explains it all and does a live (at the time) prophetic reading over Joanna and Ashley.


The Rebels of Lancaster County

Lancaster County, PA has decided to stick it to the governor and go against the stay at home order by entering itself into the yellow phase. The sisters are joined once again by Sasha Bilik to go on a wild rant about current events and government conspiracies, including the take down of Trump, Dr. Fauci's supposed involvement, what appears to be Bill Gate's odd enjoyment of the pandemic, aliens, prophecies over California, earthquakes, killer bees, and more!


Covid and Conspiracy

The sisters are joined again by Sasha Bilik to discuss several of the controversies and conspiracies surrounding Covid-19. Joanna shares her thoughts on watching a documentary on the virus, "Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Virus" (link here, as well as her attempt to watch the One World: Together at Home concert that has led to people wondering if some celebrities/Hollywood are in on a scheme to support and implement a one world order. The trio discusses...


Spiritual Revelations in Quarantine

The sisters are joined by special guest, Sasha Bilik to discuss the new realities of living in quarantine. Joanna calls in to talk about what they were doing before the pandemic and what they have been learning since. They cover illusion of control, discerning spirituality, grappling with freedoms, and discovering how to be of service in difficult times.


Authentic or Fraud? The Taylor Swift Doc

Ashley and Joanna discuss how to discover identity and authenticity in a society obsessed with facades. We discuss how Taylor Swift finally discovered her identity in the midst of navigating an industry where one must pretend to be someone else for a living and whose image is constantly at the mercy of opinionated fans on social media. The sisters finish their discussion on feminism in Hollywood and the need for action to balance the equation between men and women.


The Truth About Personality Tests

Kaitlyn joins the sisters once again, this time to discuss the validity of Personality Tests. The Girls explore the origination of Myers Briggs and the research behind it, and their surprise by what they discovered. The girls also compare and contrast astrology to personality tests. This episode is full of werewolves, personality, and a special guest appearance by Joanna and Ashley's middle school aged brother, Jonathan. Also watch out, Mercury Retrograde is happening soon! Listen to find...


Understanding Your Birth Chart Part 2 - with Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is back to continue our conversation about birth charts and how knowing yours can be helpful for self-understanding, self-acceptance, and discovering identity. The topics include; introversion vs. extroversion, personality test vs. astrology-why millennials can be obsessed with both, self care for your sign, and of course, retrograde.


Spirituality is Outside These Four Walls

Joanna and Ashley are joined by a special guest, Sasha Bilik, to discuss the difficulty of growing up in the Christian church and the negative impact it had on their identity, and how their spiritual and world views shifted as a result.


Are you.. married/dating/pregnant yet?! Cheers to Holiday get togethers

Joanna and Ashley are back for Season Two just in time for the holidays! On this episode the sisters catch up on changes in their personal lives. They discuss the pressures placed on women regarding marriage and reproduction, directed at us in the form of invasive holiday questions. You know, the ones women get asked by friends and family at every holiday get-together! “So are you seeing anyone?” “When are you getting married?” “When are you going to start having kids?” “Don’t you want...


Understanding Your Birth Chart Part 1 - with Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn, Joanna, and Ashley discuss how a person’s character or personality is influenced by the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person’s birth (like how the moon affects a women’s menstrual cycle). These positions are thought to affect a person’s destiny, although free will plays a large role in any individual’s life. The sisters and Kaitlyn discuss how studying one’s birth chart can be a powerful and fun tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world...


Online Dating Part 3 with Kaitlyn

Joanna and Kaitlyn's quest for love continues. In a world where online dating is the easiest way to meet people, and ghosting is the new norm, it can feel more complicated than ever to date. Joanna, Ashley, and Kaitlyn discuss the highs and lows of group dates, set ups, online dating, and how magical moments (meeting someone organically) may not be any better than online dating.


How to Find Your Tribe in a Culture That Doesn't Need You

Is community, unity, and belonging out in modern society? Now more than ever people struggle with loneliness and depression. Is it due to loss of unity of purpose, or do we feel let down by our expectations? Modern society has perfected the art of making people feel not necessary. We live in a day and age where you don't need people to survive. However, humans still need community and unity of purpose for psychological heath. When we lose our sense of belonging, we see suicide and depression...



Joanna and Ashley dig into the Native American legend, Spider-Woman, exploring how the the Native American Culture views interconnectedness through a webbed vision. Life and your connection with others is delicate but in total very strong. For years people have divided themselves but the truth is we are all already connected. We are all co-creators and ultimately one. How do we move away from fearing what is different from us to realizing that we are already connected? The girls explore how...


The Sacredness of the Cycle

Joanna and Ashley continue their discussion from the Period episode. How did menstruation become a source of shame for so many women? Why does our culture look at it as a curse, something that needs to remain hidden? If we look back at different cultures throughout history, such as the Native American culture, menstruation was not always viewed the way it is today. In fact, "Moon Time" was actually seen as a blessing not a curse. Can women today look at their Moon Time in this manner, and...


How to Change Your DNA

Joanna and Ashley discuss how we can influence and alter the outcomes of our individual DNA blueprints. The sisters look at this concept from a scientific, spiritual, and emotional viewpoint, and how this can lead to redeeming bloodlines from the past while creating a better future. We don't have to be locked into our genetic code.


Bikini Season is Here

Ashley and Joanna discuss how the SI Swimsuit Edition has been making changes post #MeToo. The sisters talk about how to feel good about yourself when culture makes it tough to feel positive about our bodies, especially during bikini season.


Women of Alabama React to the Anti Abortion Law

The sisters discuss the Heartbeat Bill recently passed by Alabama and Georgia, the most restrictive abortion ban in the United States. They explore the origins of abortion laws and how we got to where we are today. They then share the stories of women in the state of Alabama whose voices were missing from the abortion conversation.


Why So Much Hate for Brie Larson?!

The sisters discuss the potential reasons for all the hate surrounding Brie Larson. Has the public come to expect certain behavior from Hollywood and Hollywood actors? Does the public want actors to keep their opinions to themselves? And why are people still surprised that female led films can be as successful as male led films?


The Ugliest Betrayal

Joanna and Ashley discuss the stereotype that women are meaner towards women than men are to women. Why do we feel the need to compete with each other? Is it because of biology, insecurities, low self-esteem, self-worth? Or are women just programed to be mean? How can women change this narrative? The girls share their own experiences and current cultural events surrounding the topic.