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Low Profile explores small time heroes of music, cult favorites that fall below the radar of the masses. We try to get to better know these artists through interviews, research, panel discussions, speculating, and letting their music speak for itself.

Low Profile explores small time heroes of music, cult favorites that fall below the radar of the masses. We try to get to better know these artists through interviews, research, panel discussions, speculating, and letting their music speak for itself.


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Low Profile explores small time heroes of music, cult favorites that fall below the radar of the masses. We try to get to better know these artists through interviews, research, panel discussions, speculating, and letting their music speak for itself.




Karl Blau

This episode picks up where the last one left off, with another singular auteur of Anacortes, WA music: my good friend Karl Blau. We talk 4-tracking vs computer, indie labels vs self-releasing albums, our times together in the studio and on tour, his relocation to Germantown, PA and his latest album "Children of All Ages."


The Microphones' Phil Elverum

My guest today is Phil Elverum. Phil has been making music under the moniker Mount Eerie, named for a mountain in Washington, since 2003. Prior to that, he made music as The Microphones. We’ll get to the origin of that band name later. I first met Phil in the mid-2000s in his hometown of Anacortes, WA, a small town where for years he helped organize What The Heck Fest, a music festival that drew acts and audience members from the world over. In the last 25 years he has been taking his music...


Jib Kidder

This week’s guest is Sean Schuster-Craig who performs under the moniker Jib Kidder. Sean describes his music as “ADHD Psychedelia.” He grew up in the south and is currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jib Kidder first made a splash when his song “Windowdipper” was featured on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” Since then, he’s primarily made sample-based music and incorporated that into his singer-songwriter collage style. We spoke on his process and influences, fruit flies, comic...


David Grubbs

Over the course of the last four decades, Kentucky-born David Grubbs’ musical activity has ranged from hardcore punk to the fine arts. In addition to his work as a solo artist, David is noted for his groundbreaking avant-pop group Gastr Del Sol and his collaborative efforts with a diverse group of influential musicians including The Red Krayola, Pauline Oliveros, Will Oldham, Tony Conrad, Royal Trux and John Fahey. In the 1980s Lousville KY punk scene he was a founding member of the band...


Donnie and Joe Emerson

Today on the twenty-fifth episode, I’m bringing you the goods: the definitive article on the sleeper underground pop duo Donnie and Joe Emerson. The two oldest siblings of their family, Donnie and Joe made the leap from agriculture to popular culture with their 1979 album “Dreamin’ Wild.” The strange thing is that it took over three decades for their music to catch on. Talk about being ahead of their time! And now there’s even a major feature film in the works about their story, which you’ll...


The Holy Modal Rounders

Season 2 finale. Band members Peter Stampfel and Robin Remailly recall the ups and downs of the Holy Modal Rounders, and remember their recently deceased band mate Steve Weber. Special guest introduction by musician and artist Jeffrey Lewis! Season three coming sooner than you think...


Old Time Relijun's Arrington DeDionyso (2019)

Rewinding to a little over a year ago we present the interview with Arrington of the trance-punk band Old Time Relijun from summer of 2019, with a fresh catching-up chat. This was recorded at TCTV's studio in Olympia, WA with guest panelist Jeremy Schwartz and guest engineer Andrew Ebright.


Gary Wilson

This is a new edit of last year's interview with Gary Wilson, in tandem with his new LP "Tormented." Gary is one of the wildest songwriters this earth has known, and has been making sleek, sexy jazz-tinged pop music since the 1960s. He talks to our panel (Tim, Susan, Andrew, Miles and Markly) about his youth in Endicott, NY and his "resurrection" in the 21st century.


Soul-Junk (repost)

Low Profile is going on hiatus for the rest of the month and replaying some old favorites. Today I’m sharing my interview with Glen Galaxy recorded in San Diego last summer. Glen is the creative force behind an experimental gospel group called Soul-Junk. He got his start in the seminal noise rock band Trumans Water, and in the years since has fronted bands such as Methuselah, OctaGrape, and Summatraban. His latest project is called Parallel Stereo. In this episode Glen and I discuss all...


Ashley Eriksson

An interview with friend of the show Ashley Eriksson of the band LAKE (who has a new album called "Roundelay"). We discuss her early musical output, her new disco project, animation and much more!


Dr. Eugene Chadbourne

If you want to know what Thelonious Monk, George Jones and the electric rake have in common, you need not look further than Eugene Chadbourne. He has been surprising audiences for over four decades with his alarming hybrid of free jazz and country music. He has an unfathomable catalog of collaborative and solo efforts. Musician and co-host Arrington de Dionyso joined me at the local Quality Inn to spend some quality time with the good doctor. Co-produced by Miles Rozatti, featuring bumper...


C.W. Stoneking

Here is a musical storyteller from Australia whose music is a vibrant collage of country, blues, hokum, calypso, rock and jazz that hearkens back to the early 20th century. His singing evokes imagery of carnival barkers and medicine men, singing tunes full of adventurous whimsy. I went with Miles Rozatti (who also produced this episode) to catch him on tour in Tacoma back in February 2020 and got to have a lovely chat together. If you'd like to support Low Profile, you can do so by doing any...


Washington Phillips

Washington Phillips was a jackleg preacher and a gospel singer in the early 20th century. He invented a one-of-a-kind instrument he called the Manzarene which sounded as celestial as the heavens. Little was known about him until music writer Michael Corcoran started knocking on doors and looking for clues, striking gold again and again. He compiled his findings into a book that is included with a CD called "Washington Phillips and his Manzerene Dreams." Markly and Miles spoke with Michael...



Cornershop have been making catchy and original music since 1993. Their sound includes elements of punk, disco, Bollywood, glam rock, and funk, always upbeat, no black keys used on the piano. Their lyrics often address issues of ethics, racism and politics. I spoke with Tjinder Singh in London about the group's evolution and their new LP on Ample Play, "England Is A Garden." Please support this show by rating and reviewing it on Apple Podcasts, subscribing, and making a recurring donation of...



Heatwarmer is a jazz-laden pop trio that originated in Seattle. They say their biggest influence is Star Wars, and they have a new EP called "Electric City." Markly chats over face time with Luke Bergman, Aaron Ottheim and Evan Woodle about all things Heatwarmer and how they are riding out the Covid-19 fiasco.



Danbert Nobacon spent 28 as a founding member of the anarchist pop group Chumbawamba before the band called it quits in 2010. He shares stories about the group's origins and antics, from his first group Chimp Eats Banana to dousing the Deputy Prime Minister with a bucket of ice water at the Brit Awards. If you thought you knew Chumbawamba based off of "that one song," you'll be surprised. This episode is supported by... you! Please rate and review the podcast, subscribe, and make a small...


Nick Krgovich

Nick Krgovich of Vancouver, BC has been writing and recording music since his early teens. His previous bands include Gigi, p:ano, and No Kids. He's been a member of Mount Eerie and Dear Nora. His latest solo release is a concept album about his first experience with heartbreak, entitled "Ouch." Nick and Markly got together at 9am over coffee some 200 miles apart and had this conversation, along with plenty of music clips and some exclusive previews of his upcoming projects. Please...


Amps For Christ's Henry Barnes

For the first episode of season two, we travel to Claremont, CA to get to know Henry Barnes, better known as Amps for Christ. Topics include the connotations of having such a band name, homemade instruments and oscillators, and the songs and sounds that shaped him. Recorded on location at the Folk Music Center.


Season Two Preview

Listen in on a mixtape with our panel as we discuss a few of the prospects for the artists we plan to feature this season. We hear from a guru, an inventor, people with superpowers and forgotten garage bands. New episode coming soon!


Talkin' Baseball with Terry Cashman

For our season finale, just in time for the end of the world series, we focus on a smattering of songs written for the love of America's pastime and talk to legendary singer/songwriter Terry Cashman.