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Mad Tales is Horror, Post-apocalyptic, and Science fiction audiobooks written, narrated, and produced by James Noll

Mad Tales is Horror, Post-apocalyptic, and Science fiction audiobooks written, narrated, and produced by James Noll
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Mad Tales is Horror, Post-apocalyptic, and Science fiction audiobooks written, narrated, and produced by James Noll






The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 11: God's Bones—An Assemblage of Heroes

Battle, Han, and Ushi devise a plan to stop the end of the world from happening, but the best laid plans and all that . . . Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 10: God's Bones—End Times

Battle is transported to the end of the world. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 9: God's Bones—Stonehammer's Dilemma

Sebastian Battle, a Civil War veteran turned private detective, takes on a new case: a girl who has disappeared from her job in a sweat shop. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 8: Angel's Glow

A young girl develops the power to jump between bodies. And she uses it to exact revenge upon all those who have ever hurt her. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 7: It Came From Out Of Nowhere

A horse runs down Main Street and impales itself on a post sticking out of a farmer's truck bed, setting into motion a strange series of events that began two hundred years before and ends in murder. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 6: The Orphan

Ozzie hates her job at SingleCorp. She's no more than a coding drone, fixing bugs in a cubicle day in and day out. But the SingleCorp has all the mech and tech she can steal for her own project, an AI that she's created in her basement. All's well until her boss finds out what she's doing and blackmails her. But Ozzie isn't about to let anybody steal what she's stolen fair and square. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 5: Stupid

Alfred and Harld are lured to the Rappahannock River by a man with a terrible secret and even worse intentions. But Alfred has a secret of his own, one that not even his hetero life partner Harld knows about. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 4: Steps

An unstable young woman is pushed to murder by her annoying roommate. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 3: The Deepest Cuts

The world has ended, and those who are left desperately seek out a way to survive. Rumors begin to swirl about a place that has managed to thrive, a village called Salvation. Nobody knows where it is, but Max and her band of survivors (led by the indomitable DC), thinks they’ve found it. And they’ll take it. By force, if necessary. Which is exactly what the people of Salvation want them to do. Support the show


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 2: The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead

Chavez is a survivor. He survived the zombie apocalypse. He survived watching his new girlfriend die when the camp they lived in was overrun. But can he survive Grossman? "The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead" is the sequel to "The Neighborhood Is Really Going to the Dead," which was aired May 28, 2019. Here's the link! "The Neighborhood is Really Going to the Dead" is one of the short stories in my first collection, A Knife in the Back: Seven Tales of Murder and Madness and Raleigh's Prep, a...


The Wounded, The Sick, & The Dead, Episode 1: The Catalyst

Milo hates school. He hates everything about it. The stupid work. The stupid teachers. The stupid students. All he wants to do is draw. Jennifer Reed, specifically, the smartest, most popular, most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He loves her so much he makes her the main character in his comic book series: Holly Huntress, Warrior Woman of the Galaxy, which features a scantily clad Holly running around in space losing items of clothing, sometimes one piece at a time, sometimes all at once,...


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 13: The Legacy of the Monster Diego Tomas

An apartment building in a city deluged by the rising oceans becomes a battle zone between the last people on Earth. Ramon Tomas: son of the Monster. Weary of the constant struggle to live, he must now contend with rebellion lead by his sister, Marijke, leader of the mid-level Generators who are sick of Ramon’s iron-fisted rule. Michal: Ramon’s son. Tired of a life dictated by the restraints of the building and his family name, Michal seeks escape. To do so, he must join forces with...


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 12: Coming Home

The enemy came from Salvation. They came in the fall. “The Knights of the Book”. They told us we were sinners, that we had to be punished. They set fires and raised ladders, but our walls, the walls of Gabriel, were too high, and we rained down a reckoning so fierce that they were forced to pull back. But they weren’t the only enemies we had to worry about. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 11: Savages (Part 2 of a 2 part series)

A fireball streaks through the heaves above the peaceful valley where the White One, the Brother of Rhoem, has lived for years with his cousins, the Unan. The chief of the Unan thinks it may be a message from the gods, but the White One knows it is a different kind of visitor. In order to reach it, however, they must climb the mountain, through the territory of the flesh-eating Turons. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 10: The Unan (Part 1 of a 2 part series)

On a distant plant, Scientific Compound B sits forgotten in the middle of a barren desert. It’s been lifetimes since the Federation has made contact, yet the men and women of the compound soldier on. When a deadly disease wipes nearly everyone out, Bear, Lily, and the old man escape to the jungle, where, if the old stories are to be believed, the native Unan dwell, waiting to kill, and witches hunt for human flesh. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 9: Like This?

Jefferson’s doctors thought he was well enough to be let out of the asylum. They were wrong. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 8: Milly-Anne

Milly-Anne doesn’t let autism get in her way. She’s smart. Smarter than her mother, smarter than her classmates, and definitely smarter than Mr. Tull, her principal. But something horrific is spawning in the air ducts of her school, and she can’t make anybody understand just how much danger they are in. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Bonus Episode: It Steals Things

Ben hasn't seen his cousin, Mike, since they were children. But after Mike sends him a letter begging for his help, Ben returns home to try and help as best he can. But Mike is not well. Not well at all. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 7: Prey

Dan didn't want to interview the old man about his stupid plant. He was tired and hung over, and the old man's house was creepy and dark. He wanted to smoke a cigarette, but the old man wouldn't let him. Dan tried to get him to talk about the plant, but all he'd discuss was fertilizer, all the different blends and how he discovered them. And he kept pushing him to drink that nasty tea. Support the show


Mad Tales Shorts, Episode 6: Under The Rocks

Something evil is swimming in the waters of the Rappahannock River. Jason Riddle knows it. He and his brothers thought they’d killed it in the summer of 1932. Seventy years later, that evil has returned, and Riddle knows that he has to destroy it once and for all. Support the show