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A podcast hosting conversations about branding, design, technology, startups and creativity in the sports business. Guests include designers, art directors, marketers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, animators, developers and startup entrepreneurs working on sports-related projects.

A podcast hosting conversations about branding, design, technology, startups and creativity in the sports business. Guests include designers, art directors, marketers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, animators, developers and startup entrepreneurs working on sports-related projects.
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A podcast hosting conversations about branding, design, technology, startups and creativity in the sports business. Guests include designers, art directors, marketers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, animators, developers and startup entrepreneurs working on sports-related projects.




Episode 100: Jeremy Mitchell, Founder & Creative Director of Mitchell Bat Co.

"It's 100% about relationships. Probably the most important part of Mitchell Bat is the people I've met along the way that I consider true friends or trusted advisors." Jeremy Mitchell, agency creative director, web designer and most notably founder of Mitchell Bat Co., joined the podcast for episode 100 to discuss his passion project; a company that provides custom, hand-painted wooden bats to passionate & passive baseball fans, corporations and brands alike. Jeremy discusses how his...


Episode 31: TJ Harley, Founder/Creative Director, Harley Creative

"If you do good work, hopefully people will respect that and want to hire you again." TJ Harley, founder and creative director of Harley Creative and Vectorloop comes aboard the podcast this week. TJ was the former creative director of the Collegiate Licensing Company where he lead branding and creative strategy on college sports brands for nearly 11 years before leaving to join the ranks of entrepreneurship. On this episode, we talk about TJ's career – from his first design job at a...


Episode 30 (Halftime): What Makes You Different?

What really differentiates you as a professional or business? If all you are selling is your service, you are losing in the big picture. There is a lot of parity in the creative services industry. Talent is at an all-time high it seems if one takes a look at places such as Dribbble, Behance or Instagram. We have to find a way to stand out fromt the crowd. In this episode of Halftime, Adam discusses the benefits of positioning, focusing on vertical markets versus horizontal markets and...


Episode 29: Matt Powell, Sneakerologist, NPD Group

"People think I'm being critical but I (often) talk about what I call the 'echo chamber' of the sneakerhead world in that a shoe/brand/event is bounced back and forth inside this 'echo chamber' and it makes it seem like it's a really loud voice, but when you look around the big world outside, most people don't even know that it's going on. So very many of the hot sneakerhead shoes are just not commercial in units sold." This week, Sneakerologist Matt Powell joins the show. Matt is a...


Episode 28 (Halftime): Making It Official, Starting a Business

Should you incorporate if you are taking on freelance or contract work? In this episode of Halftime, Adam discusses the benefits of setting up an LLC to freelance and touches on the differences between LLCs, Partnerships, S-Corporations and C-Corporations. There are some complex topics discussed in this episode and of course, Adam isn't an accountant or attorney so you will definitely want to consult with one for legal advice. However, this episode may help you figure out ahead of time...


Episode 27: Bethany Heck, Founder, The Eephus League

"I've interviewed at sports places and I've gotten the vibe, 'you're gonna get used up a little bit here but you're gonna put up with it because you want to be able to say that you work here.' That's never been appealing to me. Nobody is going to sell me on that...I value my freetime...I don't want to be taken advantage of." This week the mega-talented Bethany Heck joins the podcast to talk about her independent project, The Eephus League; a website geared towards passionate baseball fans...


Episode 26 (Halftime): Show Me The Money

People that create for a living often get freelance inquiries – be it from friends, colleagues, family or random clients; opportunities to make a little extra money occasionally arrive. In this episode of Halftime, Adam touches on the infamous topic of pricing for freelancers. Having been involved as a business owner for nearly 10 years, Adam shares some of his knowledge about pricing strategies and offers some solutions that may work for you. The show touches on 3 strategies: hourly rate,...


Episode 25: The Interception Show with Joe Bosack & Adam Martin

"Designers are a dime a dozen. There are tons of designers in the world. Who's the best designer in the world? We probably can't name one because there are [1000s] that are about the same level...the way that we distinguish ourselves is through our personalities, our world view and also our skillsets. But how comfortable can you make the person you are working with in regards to them being able to trust you and executing something that is going to be good for them." Former guest and renown...


Episode 24: Chin Wang, Creative Director, ESPN The Magazine

"If you are a good designer, part of your job is to find (visual) solutions in a varied part of storytelling." Chin Wang, Creative Director of ESPN The Magazine joins the show this week to discuss editorial design, managing a team of designers, photo editors and art directors, as well as the inner workings of creating one of world's most popular sports publications. Chin has been an editorial designer much of her career and on this episode we go behind-the-scenes of how ESPN The Magazine...


Episode 23 (Halftime): You're Talented, So What?

You've been grinding away, posting work to Dribbble and still not getting project inquiries. You know you have the chops to produce great work, but why is no one hiring you? In this episode of Halftime, Adam talks about getting discovered. He touches on topics ranging from self-promotion, avoiding humble brags, and being a jerk. Mentions include: Fraser Davidson, Episode 22 Fraser Davidson, Skillshare South by Southwest Creative South Darrin Crescenzi, Episode 8 Darrin Crescenzi GoT...


Episode 22: Fraser Davidson, Designer/Director/Animator, Cub Studio

"It's about doing the kind of work you want to be producing. If you want to be working in the sports design industry, you just produce work as if you've been doing it." Fraser Davidson is our guest this week. He is a multi-talented Englishman focusing on animation, design and sports branding. He is a founding partner at the London (U.K.) animation shop, Cub Studio and sports branding consultancy, Field Theory. Major brands such as the NFL, ESPN, GE, Twitter, Fox Sports and more have called...


Episode 21 (Halftime): Are You a Fraud?

Do you ever feel like you are not good enough? That your accomplishments will soon get found and you will be exposed as a fraud? In this episode of Halftime, Adam talks about impostor syndrome, how to use it as motivation and how to overcome it. Mentions include: Gary Vaynerchuck VaynerMedia Stop Trying to Figure Out if You've "Made It" Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook Ira Glass, NPR The Gap, Ira Glass Our next guest is Fraser Davidson, co-founder of Cub Studio and founder of Field...


Episode 20: Ted Irvine, Senior Design Director, Vox Media (SB Nation)

"If you are fundamentally strong in [typography, composition, grids, layout, etc.] it will translate back the digital space." Ted Irvine, Senior Design Director at Vox Media – the digital media company that includes SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed, Eater and more – joins the show this week to tell the story of SB Nation and its eventual growth into Vox Media. SB Nation is a sports site that has grown from fan-run blogs to a technology company that includes many other verticals...


Episode 19 (Halftime): What is Halftime?

The first episode of Halftime launches as host Adam Martin talks about what Halftime is and why Makers of Sport Podcast is integrating this series into the show along with the interviews. He reveals the goals for the series and a few future topics including impostor syndrome, freelance pricing, the “like” drug and more. Mentions include: Tyson Beck, Episode 16 Host Communications Jim Host, Sports Business Entrepreneur Arnie, The Documentary IMG College Octagon Sports Eastern Kentucky...


Episode 18: Bill Frederick and Michael Raisch, Fanbrandz

"A well activated brand is more successful than a great brand that is not activated very well...the execution is such an important part of it. It makes or breaks a great program" This week, New Jersey sports branding agency Fanbrandz joins the show. Principal and creative director Bill Frederick, as well as senior designer and new media director Michael Raisch come aboard to talk about creating brands for the MLB and the NHL. Fanbrandz began as the sports and entertainment design agency,...


Episode 17: Matt Walker, UI/UX Designer, Walk Design

"The number one thing that we have to do in life, is be humble and learn that we have so much we can improve on...if you take off a little small thing here and there that you probably can improve, that's where you make the big gains. It's not one thing, it's always a number of little things. You scrape away, you scrape away, you scrape away – next you thing you know, you made a big dent." Matt Walker of Walk Design joins the show this week to talk about designing for the multi-million...


Episode 16: Tyson Beck, Founder/Designer, Posterizes

"Location is not a doesn't matter where you live, whether you are in a more rural destination or New York, if your work's good, you're going to get noticed." Our first international guest joins the show this week as Aussie, Tyson Beck comes aboard the podcast. Tyson is the founder of Posterizes, an international digital design collective that creates digital art for the NBA. Posterizes has launched the design careers of many independent designers, including Tyson himself, who...


Episode 15: Matt Stevens, Designer/Illustrator, The MAX100 Project

"Do you what you love, it will lead to great things, but it better be good." Independent Designer & Illustrator Matt Stevens joins the show this week to discuss personal projects and how they can help us get better at our craft and possibly even lead to work from our dream clients. Since joining the freelance world, Matt has worked with brands such as Facebook, Pinterest, NBA, WWE, Dunkin Donuts, Nike and more. We discuss his transition from employment as an unknown Charlotte, North...


Episode 14: John Trotter, Founder/Creative Director, Forty Forty Agency

This week, John Trotter joins the podcast. John is the founder and creative director of Forty Forty Agency, a San Francisco brand consultancy and creative agency that has worked with both consumer and team sports brands such as the Washington Nationals, DC United, NFL Players Association, Keen Footwear and more. Prior to founding Forty Forty Agency, John was a senior designer at Nike and design director at Landor. The interview takes a deep dive into the strategic side of sports branding...


Episode 13: Kris Bazen, Founder, Sports Font Foundry

"If I can contribute to the design world, something that might exist long after I'm gone, that's a win for me...Sports Fonts was a part of that". This week I'm speaking with typeface and logo designer, Kristopher Bazen. Kris is currently a senior apparel designer at J. America. He also recently founded Sports Font Foundry, an online store and typeface foundry targeting the sports industry. From getting kicked out of high school to battling cancer, Kris has a very inspiring story of...