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....and other life lessons learned from quilters. Makers have stories! In these casual interviews, my guests talk about the joy, hope, and even healing that can be found in the process of creating something beautiful.

....and other life lessons learned from quilters. Makers have stories! In these casual interviews, my guests talk about the joy, hope, and even healing that can be found in the process of creating something beautiful.


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....and other life lessons learned from quilters. Makers have stories! In these casual interviews, my guests talk about the joy, hope, and even healing that can be found in the process of creating something beautiful.






Darlene Girton - the Featherweight Doctor

Darlene Girton has been making pretty things from fabric for a lot of years, but these days she has fallen in love with Singer Featherweight sewing machines. They have some unique qualities that make them beloved by quilters all over North America and beyond. Truly they are time capsules that we get to use and appreciate nearly 90 years later. Darlene does some surprising things on her Featherweights, like freehand quilting, and even sewing light weight leather! She's a born teacher, and so...


Leisha Farnsworth - Longarmer and Digital Designer

Leisha Farnsworth has been machine quilting for over 17 years! Many, many quilts were done completely freehand, but she now shares her skills and creativity by creating digital quilting designs. She's also developed a set of rulers, born directly from a need she saw, as well as an online course and on-demand classes. Leisha has some excellent tips to share regarding building a business and brand, and setting yourself up for long term success. If you're interested in making quilting your...


Bethanne Nemesh - the Devil is in the Details

Bethanne Nemesh is a classically trained artist with degrees in art and art therapy. She's been mastering the art of machine quilting and creating for over 23 years. She has extensively shown her quilts and won many major awards at national and international levels. Her deepest love, though, is teaching. Bethanne has taught quilters all over the world to love quilting, and to find their own voice of creative expression through the stitched line. Listen as she tells some stories of her...


Ann Brauer - Creating Art Quilts that are Landscapes of the Imagination

In Ann's words - "For 40 years I have been making original quilts that use color, fabric and tradition to create abstract landscapes of the imagination." Ann's creations are made one strip of fabric at a time, and are so evocative of wide open outdoor spaces. They range from eyeglass cases to a 140-ft series. She gives us a little tour through her studio (open to the public!) and even her village in Massachusetts, which supports artisans of all kinds. We chat about creator's block and how...


Karlee Porter - Graffiti Quilter and Fabric Artist

Karlee Porter is an artist! In her own words: "I excelled in the clay pencil holders of elementary school; I dominated the 10 minute drawing warm ups of my inner city middle school art class; and, against my mother’s most polite wishes, I skipped most of my high school core classes to escape to the art studio on the 3rd floor of my art-deco-from-the-great-depression high school." Happily for us, these days she considers fabric and thread her medium. We chat about her first entry at Houston...


Jenny Kae Parks - Quilting in COLOR

Jenny Kae Parks came to this (audio only) interview in clothes coordinating with the quilt behind her. That's how passionate she is about color and its appeal! Jenny Kae home-schooled for many years, and has honed those teaching skills to now teach quilters to develop their own eye for color and style. In Jenny Kae's words: "Don't stop until the combination is something you LOVE." We chat about the difference between an OK quilt and one you LOVE, rhubarb pie and chutney, mountain retreats,...


Tiffany Groff - Quilting is the BEST Therapy

Tiffany Groff's words about herself: "Insomniac Quilter, Random Conversations, Disabled living with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and still LOVE & LIVE Life!" Tiffany knows all about the therapeutic qualities of quilting. She has MS, and at one point was wheelchair bound. Quilting became her passion, her motivation, and her joy, and these days she shares all of these on her YouTube channel, Tiffany's Quilting Life. Like Tiffany herself, it's casual, often impromptu, and a bit...


Sue Heinz - Remarkable teacher and tool designer

Sue Heinz is a gem of a teacher, but WHAT she teaches is equally remarkable. Her quilting tools and designs are in a class of their own. Sue shares some rich (and maybe never-before-heard?) stories about personalities and history in the quilting industry. We chat at length about the value of giving credit where it's due, and the life-changing power of connections. Plus we give a good plug for Elmer's sticky stuff (NOT glue, you understand). Sue is absolutely genius in her development of...


Audrey Esarey - exploration is key to developing your own style

Audrey Esarey is an artist - no doubt about it! Her quilts are graphic, highly original, layered in interest and details, and, well....just a feast for the eyes. Audrey and I chat about her journey from her first quilt class to here - how that involved exploration, and trying out new skills, and even a complete hiatus for some years. But all those things served to clarify and refine her esthetic. And who knows what other new things may be over the horizon? For now, hand-dyed fabric, radial...


Christa Watson - Wearer of Many Hats

Christa Watson's quilting accomplishments are enormous! Pattern writer, fabric designer, quilting TABLE designer, and now host of ChristaQuilts.TV. Her enthusiasm, and heart for teaching and sharing is so evident in all she does. We chat many things! How to chase your dreams. How to take a quilt from bright idea to finished product. How to build a business as a couple. How to refine your quilting style. How to mask mistakes in machine quilting. You'll have to listen to find that...


PJ Jacobsen - the "Crazy Quilter"

PJ Jacobsen is a quilter with a story! She's been a lot of places in her life, but a massive medical emergency resulted in a complete start-over for her and her husband. They purchased an abandoned church from Ebay, and set out to build a home for their family, and then a quilting retreat, with their own hands. These days the Crazy Quilter Retreat Center (in central Washington state) hosts up to 20 crafters with all kinds of lovely amenities like sauna and hot tub, and PJ even washes the...


Tammy Thielman - Therapy Based in Nature

Tammy Thielman has a remarkable clinical practice - she offers counselling on her farm in southern British Columbia, Canada. Animals...corrals...forest trails...toy herds...quilts...cabins...fireside armchairs...all these are part of her multi-faceted approach to therapy. Tammy and I chat about these points of connection, and also about how quilting and creating helps fill up HER mental cup. It's so true, the value in creating has nothing to do with skill level, and everything to do with...


Brett Lewis - Natural Born Quilter

Brett Lewis (of Natural Born Quilter) is a very talented fabric designer, and a fellow northern Canadian. His fabric collections are rich with flora and fauna from his life and travels, and even family mementos and stories. And color! Lots of gorgeous color! In this episode we chat about the process of creating fabric, from concept to sketch to color, and the "roses and thorns" of being a quilt and fabric designer. Brett's newest collection, WILD, will be coming to quilt shops in August...


Connie Kincius Griner serves a delicious slice of Pi

Connie Kincius Griner is a quilt artist with a twist. Word play, puns, and many pi references are the hallmarks of her signature style. She is so gifted at telling a story, or indeed a joke, in her original designs. Even her labels and show ribbons continue the narrative. So we chat about how Connie got started making quilts, where some of her ideas spring from, and her love of quilt shows and the connections that are formed there. Take a quick sec and follow Connie's Instagram feed -...


Shereece Spain - @sewhookedontreasures

Shereece Spain combines her love of sewing, crocheting, and pirates in her business name - such an impressive play on words! We talk about all these loves, and how they've grown to provide a source of income for Shereece's family, allowing her to stay closely involved in her kids' lives, and to have them involved in her business too. Her upcoming pattern release was in fact inspired by a Shrek marathon with the kids. What's not to love? Shereece recently designed and donated the pattern...


Linzee McCray - Feedsacks and Other Treasures

Linzee McCray has a deep love for textiles of all kinds, and feedsacks in particular. She shows them...speaks about them...and has written a book about them with 850 gorgeous images!! Linzee has stories galore, both about her experiences and opportunities as a writer, and about the people and circumstances which made feedsacks the collectible fabric they are today. And bonus connection - she learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine too! Linzee's work can be found in all these...


Heather Cartwright - a Woman of Many Hobbies

I first met Heather as a dealer of the longarm brand I use. She's joining me to tell waaayy more stories - we cover shop hops, converting a husband to a quilter, raising kids in a barn, and even micro mini cows. You can find Heather in all these places: And to see the mini cows: @idahogallowaycattle on Instagram -------------------- If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a review...


Tracey Russell - Longarm Quilter Extraordinaire

Tracey Russell of Whirls n Swirls Quilting is a dynamo! She made her very first quilt out of triangles, and taught herself to quilt on a longarm machine way before YouTube University was a thing. Now Tracey finds great pleasure is helping new quilters "flatline the learning curve", and find confidence in their quilting. She teaches and encourages both online and in her brick and mortar shop in Whitby, ON, Canada. In this episode we chat about how to approach new skills without fear, getting...


Joan Parker - A Quilting Memoir

As we talk, Joan Parker's face shines with warmth and enthusiasm and hospitality. She has been making (many!) quilts for many years, all while raising and home-schooling 8 children. Her story is one of great creativity, often propelled by financial needs, and the desire to serve and help others. She has a mother-heart the size of her whole state. PLUS, she's got some great tips for a bullet journal to corral your project to-do list, and some thoughts on creating frugally and finding ways to...


Giuseppe Ribaudo - Man of Many Colors

Giuseppe Ribaudo is definitely a man of many talents. His background is in theater, but over time he has focused his creativity on fabric and pattern design. For sure he brought his storytelling skills into his design process, and I, for one, can't wait to see the lovelies in store for us quilt makers in the coming weeks. In this episode Giuseppe gives us some Andover history, introduces us to his Nonna's fabulous lamps and chairs, and has tips for keeping creativity fresh. Look for the...