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A Melting Pot of Harry Potter talks in podcast form. Hosted by Bogdan Minuț, Andreea Voicu & Miriam Cihodariu.

A Melting Pot of Harry Potter talks in podcast form. Hosted by Bogdan Minuț, Andreea Voicu & Miriam Cihodariu.
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A Melting Pot of Harry Potter talks in podcast form. Hosted by Bogdan Minuț, Andreea Voicu & Miriam Cihodariu.




Things We Loved, Things We Hated - Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald

Does anyone still care about the new Fantastics Beasts movie? Just in case you do, come hear us talk about the things we loved and the things we hated about it. Among our favorite things were the acting (especially by Jude Law and Johnny Depp), Newt and his character development, Nagini’s kindness, Dumbledore’s lessons, Nicolas Flamel’s appearance, and the scene in which we are shown what Dumbledore sees in the Mirror of Erised. We didn’t like the exaggerated magic tricks, the plot being all...


Ep. 10 - The One Where We Debate Whether Boys Will Actually Be Boys

Behold! Episode 10 of Melting Potter, where, respectively, we discuss Chapter 10 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Hallowe'en. Inside: we wonder whether McGonagall is being TOO nice to Harry, we discuss Quidditch, how come Harry is so interested in it, and why such a dangerous sport is still allowed at Hogwarts. We also discuss feminism and the amazing Hermione! Are her silent treatment of Harry & Ron and her crying in the bathroom too much of a trope? Andreea argues that...


Ep. 9 - The One Where Harry's Triggered AF

Welcome to episode 9 of Melting Potter, where we read and comment on the ninth chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Midnight Duel! Prepare to hear about juicy topics like Harry’s hero complex and impostor syndrome, toxic masculinity, myths about witches, and Rowling’s use of mythology. We look at Draco’s relationship to his family, Harry’s talent at flying, and the uselessness of the Remembrall. Is Harry waaaay too obsessed with Expelliarmus? Should McGonagall have...


Ep. 8 - The One with Snape Being All Like OMG Eyeroll Harry Potter

“Welcome to the Melting Potter podcast, coming to you from the land of dragons and vampires.” In this episode, we discuss chapter 8 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, focusing on Harry’s impostor syndrome, Quirrel’s incompetence and connection to Voldemort, and the disastrous school management that allows Filch and Peeves to torture students at Hogwarts. Join us to find out our opinion on Harry’s inquisitiveness, Hagrid’s strange tea invitations, Gryffindor favouritism, classes...


Ep. 7 - The One with Clearly No Prejudice against Slytherin

Episode 7 of Melting Potter looks at the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Sorting Hat. A few of the things you should expect in this episode are a discussion on Harry and Ron’s prejudice toward Slytherin House, an analysis of Hogwarts as both welcoming and threatening, a look at the ghosts of Hogwarts just in time for Halloween (boo!), and a conversation about the Sorting Hat being a metaphor for free will. We also discuss the diversity and lack thereof at...


Audio Essay - In Defense of Slytherin

Since we're about to become more acquainted with the Hogwarts houses in the following chapter we're going to look at, I (Andreea) thought it would be a good idea to look a bit at the prejudice against Slytherin House and why I think anyone who is a Slytherin (myself included)should be proud to be one. How would the untold story of a Slytherin look like? Listen to my brief audio essay to embark upon this fantasy ride with me.


Thoughts on the Anti-LGBT Romanian Referendum

On October 6-7, a referendum took place in Romania with the aim of changing the definition of family in the Constitution. These are our thoughts on this appalling, hate-fuelled tactic, how it is important to remain vigilant in the face of adversities, and how this reminded us of Voldemort's rise to power.


Ep. 6 - The One Where We Meet Hermione the Boss Witch

Welcome to the Aww Fest that is episode 6 of Melting Potter, where we have a look at chapter 6 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! In this episode, we spend an unholy amount of time chatting about Hermione, her first encounter with Harry and Ron, the differences between the trio, and some foreshadowing of their developing personalities. We also gush over Harry and Ron’s blooming friendship and how they comfort each other. The Weasleys, especially Molly, also get a special mention,...


Ep. 5 - The One Where There's a New Character Called Plot

In episode 5 of Melting Potter, we discuss one of our favorite chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Diagon Alley. After swooning over how lovely everything is and how much Harry deserves this treat in the magical world, we wonder if this isn’t just a bribe, a huge sugar cube for young readers, to get them excited about the story. I (Andreea) also announce my upcoming essay in defense of Slytherins, and we chat a bit about the different types of bullies that Draco and Dudley...


Some Thoughts on the Recent Nagini Reveal

In light of the new Fantastic Beasts trailer coming out and the controversy surrounding the quite shocking Nagini reveal, we wanted to share our thoughts on this - so there you have it. We're keeping it short this time, and we only digress from the main topic for a couple of minutes (we swear) to discuss Dumbledore being gay and the fans' general attitude toward an author straying from, or changing, the canon.


Ep. 4 - The One Where We Uncover Dumbledore the Plotter

In this particularly long episode of Melting Potter, we sum our podcast up in one word, we discuss at length Hagrid’s silliness in the movie vs in the book, and we name-drop John Green and Neil Gaiman. Among the highlights of this episode are plenty of Star Wars references (why not?), a discussion on Harry’s (rightful) anger, and whether anger & impulsivity are really the only ways to get things done, as well as a look at Hagrid as a struggling father figure. We also ask ourselves if...


Ep. 3 - The One Where We Ask Why Harry Still Isn't Broken

The third episode of Melting Potter starts with another Vernon-Petunia role play, followed by a comparison between Dudley and Dick Dastardly (yes, the cartoon). We distinguish between making the decision to be ordinary and having no choice, and then we have a laugh going over Vernon’s exaggerated reactions and strange face coloration in this chapter. We also delve into Dumbledore’s motivation to send Hagrid to get Harry and his influence when it comes to school-related issues. On a lighter...


Ep. 2 - The One Where We Err A LOT

In the second episode of Melting Potter, we dissect the second chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Expect a role play where we imagine Vernon and Petunia’s reaction to finding Harry on their doorstep (starring Miriam as Petunia and Bogdan as Vernon), a discussion on how believable the Dursleys really are since they are portrayed so cartoony, a collective sigh at the presence of fat shaming in this chapter, and a touching story shared by Bogdan. How reliable is Harry as a...


Ep. 1 - The One Where We Threaten to Blow up People

We start off this passion project discussing the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, wondering why we know nothing about Harry's grandparents, contemplating blowing up people, and laughing way too much. A few of the discussions you can expect are Vernon Dursley's "normality" and the longstanding marginalization of people dressed in cloaks, Dumbledore and McGonagall's relationship, and Hagrid's ineffable presence. We will (roughly) discuss one chapter per episode, but...