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An exploration of all things Christmas from the Internet's longest ongoing celebration of Christmas at

An exploration of all things Christmas from the Internet's longest ongoing celebration of Christmas at


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An exploration of all things Christmas from the Internet's longest ongoing celebration of Christmas at








The Future of Christmas Present

The future of Christmas present is definitely on the minds of many as we head into the New Year. What just happened? How do we explain the Christmas we just experienced? Try as we might to predict ahead of time what Christmas 2020 would be like we still have been flooded with feedback about the Christmas we all just went through. For many of us, it was a Christmas unlike any other in our lifetime. But – it’s not like history has not recorded a Christmas like this. In this episode we look...


Shepherds and Angels

Shepherds and Angels are forever a part of the Christmas story. But why? And what things can we learn from them? In this exploration of a different angle on the Nativity story we ask a lot of questions. The idea is not to cast doubt. It is to celebrate clear facts — surprising things about the shepherds and angels that you may not know. In this merry episode we discuss the part that shepherds in particular played in the story. They were a curious choice for being key witnesses to the most...


The Magic of Turkeys and Santa

In this episode we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together with a mix of old and new. Thanksgiving — that All-American holiday of festive foods married with historical debates — get a look through the lens of pandemic past. We explore the Thanksgiving of 1918 and how it was the same and how it was different. This conversation comes as a backdrop to modern-day calls to abolish Thanksgiving by The New York Times and The Atlantic. While we agree some liberties have been taken with the...


New Christmas Music 2020

New Christmas music in 2020 is like everything else related to 2020: very different. In fact, we would say there is more heart to the music this year and nothing showcases that better than the good work of the artists and musicians whose songs we feature in this traditional episode of the Merry Little Podcast. Each year we try to do this. To share new music of Christmas is to share Christmas better than almost anything else. We purposely steer clear of the mainstream and the known in this...


Let it Be Christmas

Let it Be Christmas – despite what 2020 has become. That is the theme and the message of this merry episode of the Merry Little Podcast that is filled with music. We take a look back at our thoughts of Christmas just months ago and the predictions we made last spring about what this Christmas will be like. It’s here now — so how are we dealing with it? We have some pretty serious issues, not the least of which is the unexpected mental toll this year has taken on many. Are you feeling it?...


Family History in Christmas

Family history in Christmas is something everyone has. In fact, the stories of family at Christmas can possibly be the most cherished family memories we possess. In this merry episode of the Merry Little Podcast we take it to a very personal level when it comes to Christmas history as we discuss the sharing and retention of our family Christmas stories. We have all been there when it comes to these things. We’ll sit around at or after the funeral of a loved one and we’ll tell their...


Classic Christmas Movies that Suck

Classic Christmas movies are those that get watched year after year. We all have our favorites. And we all have those that maybe we can do without. In this merry episode we take on some truth-telling about some classic Christmas movies that everyone knows and most like but movies that nonetheless really suck. Is such a thing possible? We think so and yes we go there. Lest you think I’m just a Christmas movie Grinch consider that complaining about Christmas movies is something of an art on...


10th Anniversary of the Merry Podcast

This special episode marks our 10th anniversary of the Merry Podcast. What better way to celebrate International Podcast Day? Given the harshness of our times in 2020 we thought the best way to celebrate this milestone would be to take a look back at some of the best moments of the Christmas community online. In other words, we’re not making this episode about us – it’s about YOU! If you’re down, weary, worried, concerned, fed-up, or depressed this episode is for you. You will smile. You...


Scrooge is the most recognizable character in the history of Christmas, second only to Santa Claus. The mere mention of his name immediately brings to mind images that are both good and bad. His story – A Christmas Carol – is known around the world, in multiple languages, and in nearly every corner of the world. Every year, it is a story told and retold on stages large and small. It is a story read and re-read by Christmas fans everywhere. Charles Dickens did not invent Christmas but he...

The Victorian Christmas Part VI

Our series on the Victorian Christmas concludes with an in-depth look at the stuff of Christmas – the décor, the music, the food and the celebration. We also get a good look at the fads, which include the runaway tradition of Christmas cards that, for some, got a bit out of hand. The dialogue, the poetry and the debates of Christmas cards are discussed as part of an exploration of the relationships between men and women – and they their gift giving differed during the late 19th century. We...


The Victorian Christmas, Part V

The Victorian Christmas is named after England’s Queen Victoria. Victoria very famously and quite unexpectedly became Queen around the age of 18 or so. She was young, pretty and different compared to England’s royalty of the past. Her coronation took the world by storm and was big news, especially in America. She was an iconic figure during an expansive time. But did she really do anything for Christmas? Modern historians on both sides of the Atlantic credit Victoria and her German...


The Victorian Christmas, Part IV

The Victorian Christmas had it all. In this episode, it takes a dark turn thanks to the powerful lessons brought on by the American Civil War. Is it wrong to say this is an important episode? Candidly, I tell you few episodes have affected me as emotionally as this one did. It was necessary to dig deep into journals and letters from this time period. What they went through, how they felt and what they said is frankly haunting. Christmas was, up to the time of the war, a more joyous...


The Victorian Christmas, Part III

The Victorian Christmas is defined by many diverse things over a 60-year period of the 19th century. In this episode of the Merry Little Podcast we explore the struggle the media had in defining the very face of Christmas during the Victorian Era – Santa Claus. Moore’s poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, made very clear who Santa was and what he looked like. But from the start of the century to the end, Santa evolved into two really different looking men — thanks to the media, to product...


The Victorian Christmas, Part II

The Victorian Christmas is a complex thing. In this merry episode we pull back the layers to expose great music, great events and great traditions of the time. Not surprisingly much of it has survived and it influences our Christmas today. For example, one of the great traditions of the era was sleigh rides. This was another holdover tradition from the 18th century but one that seemed to gain steam and attention in the quickly evolving media in the 19th century. That tradition gave rise to...


Christmas Community Online Part 1

In this special edition of the Merry Little Podcast we get a little personal. We often get asked about the Merry Forums and what makes it so special. This episode gives you a look into that world. Added in 2004, the Merry Forums has been a gathering place for people online to celebrate Christmas together. In this episode one member of our forum family, BallCoach is what he goes by, asked if part of Christmas in July he could include a few personal conversations between him and other forum...


The Victorian Christmas, Part 1

The Victorian Christmas is one of curiosity for a lot of people today. It is a time in Christmas history with a very long reach. It influences today in everything from music to decorating in the modern Christmas. But what exactly is the Victorian Christmas? It is a time so big in Christmas history that we just can’t get it all into this episode. This is part one. In this episode we explore how Christmas in Germany of the 18th century gave rise to Christmas in the Victorian Era. And yes,...


Christmas 1920: One Hundred Years Ago

Christmas 1920 was a transformative time. The war was over and the deadly pandemic had subsided. Life could finally return to normal. In this merry episode we take a long look at this epic Christmas of Tinker Toys, Prohibition, Lincoln Logs, Raggedy Ann, and getting a new car for Christmas. We also discuss a bit about researching Christmas and the value of having newspaper records now available. This look back at Christmas history also includes a tangent about Christmas of 1870 when...


Christmas of Puritans and Pilgrims

Christmas of Puritans and Pilgrims is the stuff of legends. Unfortunately, most get what is real about the Puritan Christmas wrong because they believe the media and lazy historians. This article, for example, is a good example of the bad history that out there. It is a mix of truth and just stupid assumption. It doesn’t help that old images like this are floating around to support their conclusion that Christmas just didn’t happen in New England: The very same publications that provide...


Predictions for Christmas 2020

Predictions for Christmas 2020 could ultimately prove to be an impossible task. Who foresaw what 2020 has been so far? The mess that has been made of the world by way of Coronavirus and civil unrest no doubt means many things for Christmas. In this episode we take on that heavy topic and hopefully address some issues that perhaps folks just aren’t talking about yet. We believe this Christmas will be far different than any other this century — including the Christmas of 2001, when Christmas...


The Christmas Hall of Fame

The Christmas Hall of Fame launched in 2019 to give the true Christmas enthusiast a voice and a place to memorialize the best of Christmas. In this merry episode of the Merry Little Podcast we discuss how the Christmas Hall of Fame works by extending a conversation that began with Tim Babb of the Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast. Tim nominates and argues for Sesame Street and Muppet Creator Jim Henson for the Christmas Hall of Fame. We argue against him. Well, it’s not really all about Jim...