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Join the Miles to Memories team weekly for a lively discussion about the week's hot topics, in-depth talk about miles & points + expert travel tips to save time & money.

Join the Miles to Memories team weekly for a lively discussion about the week's hot topics, in-depth talk about miles & points + expert travel tips to save time & money.


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Join the Miles to Memories team weekly for a lively discussion about the week's hot topics, in-depth talk about miles & points + expert travel tips to save time & money.






Bonvoy Making Themselves Useful, Virgin Atlantic Reversal & Hotels Review Rant

Episode Description In episode 74 we discuss Bonvoy’s customer friendly changes, Virgin Atlantic walks back their devaluation some, are Citi ThankYou points overrated & a hotel reviews rant. Episode Notes 10:43 - Positively Bonvoyed? 20:45 - Virgin Atlantic Devaluation - good news 23:36 - Hotel Reviews rant 41:06 - Straight to the Points Premium 42:11 - Amex Uber Credits 42:30 - Citi ThankYou Points - overrated? Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive...


Application Plans For 2021, Amex Offers Bonanza & Virgin Destroys Their Program

Episode Description In episode 73 we discuss the amazing new Amex offers that launched, our application plans for the first part of 2021 and Virgin destroying the value of their program. Episode Notes 3:04 - AMEX offers 9:26 - Virgin Atlantic devaluation 12:40 - Las Vegas deals through Amex and Chase 16:44 - Mark's 2021 credit card sign up strategy 25:51 - Around the web 26:54 - Rio Las Vegas Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive review on your favorite...


Seasons Greetings, Our Favorite Segments & MEAN REVIEWS

Episode Description In episode 72 we each share our favorite segments from the show in 2020. We go back to the rice and soy sauce incident, why traveling with kids sucks and a nightmare stay at the Atlantis. We also read our favorite mean reviews from the year. Enjoy! Episode Notes 1:27 - Joe's favorite mean review 2:54 - Why traveling with kids sucks 14:19 - Shawn's favorite mean review 18:09 - Nightmare stay at Atlantis 36:12 - Mark's favorite mean review 38:19 - The infamous...


Which Program Will Devalue First, Favorite Holiday Trips & Are We Done Cashing Out?

Episode Description In episode 71 we discuss whether or not we are done cashing out points, for now. We also talk about our favorite holiday trips of the past and ones we are looking forward to in the future. Lastly, we speculate which program will devalue first in 2021, two cards you should get right now and say goodbye to Observation Deck. Episode Notes 1:38 - Catching up 9:26 - Holiday travel highlights and goals 16:43 - Which airline will devalue first? 20:47 - Are we still...


Amazon's Tricky Games, Walmart Aims To Shut Down MS & Chase Adds New Transfer Partner

Episode Description In episode 70 we discuss whether or not MS is dead at Walmart, something Amazon shoppers need to be aware of and Chase’s newest transfer partner. We also talk about our Chase Freedom first quarter plans and our Thompson Playa Del Carmen review. Episode Notes 4:16 - Chase's new transfer partner (Details on the new Aeroplan) 12:38 - Walmart shutting down MS??? 22:05 - Amazon playing games with our points 29:01 - Bionic Boost 30:12 - Chase Freedom Q1 bonus...


Maxing Out Hidden Deals, Amex Shutdown Spree & What Is NYC Like Right Now?

Episode Description In episode 69 Bethany Walsh of Bougie Miles returns to the podcast! We discuss what NYC is like right now, what countries you can visit without quarantining right now and thinking outside the box with a Paypal Key play (that no longer exists, alas). As we recorded, news broke that AMEX shut down a bunch of accounts so we discussed that as well. All that plus rapid fire on a fun episode! Episode Notes Subscribe to Bethany’s Youtube channel! 4:27 - What’s NYC like...


Hyatt Rocks Our World, End of Year Housekeeping Tips & Maxing Out A Vanishing Disney Redemption

Episode Description In episode 68 we talk about Hyatt’s amazing new promotion and why Shawn isn’t a huge fan of it. We also talk about end of year housekeeping, maxing out a Disney redemption before it vanishes, getting kickbacks for Amazon returns and much more. Episode Notes 5:05 - All about Hyatt's new generous status offer 28:03 - Black Friday reflections 34:41 - End of year housekeeping 40:38 - Kohls Amazon returns 42:49 - An "old" United business class flight 43:40 - Using...


Huge Reselling Blow, Black Friday Deals & Tips, Awesome Retention Offers Plus What We Are Thankful For

Episode Description In episode 67 we talk about a big blow to Best Buy resellers and the gift card game overall. We also discuss Black Friday deals, share some tips, discuss avoiding spending creep and recent retention offer data points. Lastly, we talk about what we are thankful for even in the train wreck of 2020. Episode Notes 9:48 - Is Best Buy gift card reselling dead? 15:13 - Apple/Target gift card deal 18:35 - Week of Black Friday 20:00 - Walmart pickup is ruined 23:20 -...


Was American Jailed For A Bad Review, New 5X Spending Bonuses & Is It Time To Plan A Disney Trip

Episode Description In episode 66 we talk about how an American was jailed for more than a bad review, some nice new 5X offers and if there are just too many to juggle right now. We also talk about planning for a post pandemic Disney trip, why you shouldn’t use our Platinum links and a ton more. Episode Notes 9:00 - Jail time for a review? 17:18 - Citi 5X bonus 22:27 - Planning a post pandemic Disney World vacation 34:12 - Why you shouldn’t use our AMEX Platinum links 36:34 - Las...


Tons Of Insane Welcome Offers, More Walmart Issues & Did Miraval Live Up To The Hype?

Episode Description In episode 65 we talk about some massive new welcome offers that were launched this week. We also discuss some more issues with liquidation at Walmart stores and Shawn gives us an overview of his Miraval stay and whether the juice is worth the squeeze or not. Episode Notes 5:01 - New Chase Ink offers 8:13 - AMEX Platinum and Gold offers 14:15 - Co-branded airline card offers 17:46 - Walmart issues 22:30 - Miraval Tucson 41:26 - Getting hotel...


Airport Discrimination Story, Country Hopping West Africa & What Are Points Really Worth?

Episode Description In episode 64 we have a special guest, Ryan from Miles to Memories. We discuss his recent trip to West Africia, how he was denied boarding, discriminate against in the airport and other shenanigans that happened along the way. We also talk about point valuations and play a fun game in the outtakes. Episode Notes 2:43 - Mark in Vegas! 6:09 - Mile and point valuations 20:06 - Ryan's trip to Africa 21:53 - Adventures at the airport 29:20 - Dealing with tricky...


Walmart Money Order Issues, Amex Gold Refresh & Preparing for 4th quarter

Episode Description In episode 63 we discuss the Amex Gold refresh, some unfounded worries (at least for now) about money orders at Walmart and getting ready for Q4 reselling and gift buying. Episode Notes 1:07 - Mark's flying! 6:51 - AMEX Gold changes 13:07 - Walmart MO concerns? 18:39 - Black Friday month long sales and preparations 30:19 - Citi Prestige 4th night free analysis 32:26 - Las Vegas casinos being sold? 33:21 - Disney layoffs and how you can help Enjoying the...


Wrongly Denied Boarding, New Chase Spending Offer & Prime Day Wins

Episode Description In episode 62 we discuss getting wrongfully denied to board a flight, Chase rolling out a new spending offer, an increased bonus ending and our favorite Prime Day wins. We also talk about Delta’s juicy status match offer and a shout out to the great Daryl Grove. Episode Notes 6:00 - Prime Day 15:15 - New Chase spending offer 19:02 - Denied boarding for a flight?? 27:32 - CSP increased bonus ending 28:50 - Delta status match offer 29:41 - Shoutout to Daryl...


Popular Gift Card Deal Dead, New Anti Gaming Language & Racking Up Points With Retention Offers

Episode Description In episode 61 we discuss a popular gift card deal ending and what to do when a deal dies. We also talk about our latest retention offer wins and losses and best overall practices. Lastly, we discuss Citi adding some new anti gaming language, Centurion lounge reopenings, Vegas walking tours & more. Episode Notes 9:54 - Taking advantage of retention offers 21:55 - RIP to a great gift card deal 29:03 - New Citi gaming restrictions? 35:34 - Centurion Lounges...


Huge 100K Offer, Why Traveling With Kids Sucks & Chase Extends Popular Program

Episode Description In episode 59 we discuss why family travel sucks sometimes, the best miles for international first class and a massive 100K offer. We also talk about Chase extending their popular program, continued issues with the Hilton Surpass & much more. Episode Notes 6:47 - Chase Pay yourself back extended 8:48 - 100K Cap One Venture offer 14:58 - Hilton Surpass continues to have issues with grocery spend 17:51 - Why family travel sucks 36:29 - A dark horse credit...


When MS Turns Into Marriage, Saving Thousands With Everyday Rewards & Amazing Amex Offers

Episode Description In episode 58 we have a special guest, Grant Thomas from Travel with Grant. During the episode we talk about when MS turns into marriage, savings thousands using everyday rewards and Grant’s recent travels. We also give World of Hyatt & Delta customer service tips. Episode Notes 5:45 - Introducing Grant 10:50 - Grant's current road trip to Carmel/Monterrey 16:24 - MSing a wife 22:38 - How did Travel with Grant start? 26:31 - The importance of community 31:38 -...


Istanbul Trip Report, Tips For Using Turkish Miles & Cats Gone Wild

Episode Description In episode 57 we have a special guest, Ian Snyder, who talks about his recent international trip to Istanbul. We talk about the travel experience during the pandemic, customs, top sights in the city and all the dang cats! Ian also shares Turkish redemption tips, we talk about Hyatt’s amazing promo and maxing out the Hyatt Brand Explorer perk. Episode Notes 3:25 - Introducing Ian 8:13 - Turkey basics 12:45 - Istanbul as a tourist 19:32 - Istanbul cats 22:39 -...


Chase Flex Shenanigans, Flying To Buy Gift Cards & Why Using A Disney Travel Agent Makes Sense

Episode Description In episode 56 we discuss why people flew across the country for a gift card deal, how the rules keep changing for the Chase Flex card and how a travel agent can save the day at Disney. We also talk about the most popular posts of August, being the only person staying in a hotel & Vegas’ newest property. Episode Notes 7:27 - Using a Disney travel agent 16:47 - Using Disney gift cards 20:17 - People flew from Texas to Michigan for gift card deal 24:18 - Chase...


When Pigs Fly: Chase Flexes Lineup, Target Pays & Airlines Eliminate Change Fees!

Episode Description In episode 55 we discuss Chase bringing the heat with their newest credit card launch. We also talk about airlines actually doing a customer friendly change, getting compensation from Target, the different types of US Passports & more. Episode Notes 8:43 - New Vegas show! 10:52 - Chase Freedom FLEX and other changes 19:22 - Getting paid back by Target 23:52 - Airlines eliminate change fees 30:07 - US passport types 31:01 - Vegas visitor numbers 32:09 - Is...