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Join the Miles to Memories team weekly for a lively discussion about the week's hot topics, in-depth talk about miles & points + expert travel tips to save time & money.

Join the Miles to Memories team weekly for a lively discussion about the week's hot topics, in-depth talk about miles & points + expert travel tips to save time & money.


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Join the Miles to Memories team weekly for a lively discussion about the week's hot topics, in-depth talk about miles & points + expert travel tips to save time & money.






Travel Is A Struggle, Amex’s Positive Change & Solo Travel With Kids

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we discuss Joe’s recent travels and how travel is not ready for prime time. We also give some tips on how to stay ahead of the bumpy ride that is travel. We then discuss Amex’s positive change, why solo travel with our kids is amazing and Marriott’s stupidly insane credit card fee. Episode Notes 3:20 - Travel not ready for prime time 9:45 - Ideas for saving stress and time during current travel conditions 13:32 - ...


Chase Made Their Portal Worthless, Capital One Revamps Their Program & Is The Citi Premier Worth Even More Now?

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we discuss why the Chase portal is now worthless, miles and points plays we avoid like the plague and whether the latest Citi Premier refresh adds value. We also talk about combining those pesky Amex Uber credits, Capital One greatly improving their program and if Bellagio jumped the shark pulling out their bathtubs. Episode Notes 4:56 - Does being able to cash out Citi Premier make it more valuable now? 12:41 - Miles...


Amex Tries To Break Up Families, The Best Chase Card is Surprising & Doing Florida On The Cheap

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we discuss Amex’s negative Centurion Lounge changes, the new king of Chase card welcome offers & how Shawn saved money on his latest Florida vacation. We also discuss American Airlines’ best kept secret and how snazzy Bellagios new rooms look. Episode Notes 5:21 - United Quest and Chase personal card rankings 13:29 - AMEX Centurion removes guest privileges 20:29 - Saving money on car rentals in Florida 24:43 - How...


Why Does IHG Suck, Our Favorite One Card Wallets, Maxing Out Delta's Promo & Status

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast Bethany from Bougie Miles joins us to talk about how IHG’s latest devaluation is the last straw, maxing out Delta’s new promo and how to get status on the cheap and our favorite one card wallets. We also talk about a new airline status match opportunity, an awesome new Virgin Atlantic change and 5 amazing places to visit. Episode Notes 4:50 - IHG devaluation 14:26 - One card wallet 21:03 - Delta status opportunities,...


Preferred Blows Reserve Out Of The Water, Easy Miles & Points Wins, Shawn Hits Up South Beach

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we talk about Shawn’s recent visit to South Beach and Central Florida. We also talk about why the Sapphire Preferred has been kicking the Sapphire Reserves butt lately. Lastly, we talk about the small miles and points wins we love, and hate. Episode Notes 8:56 - The Best Sapphire card 18:40 - Easy wins that bring joy 23:56 - Shawn went to Miami! 37:19 - Free golf with hotel stay 38:24 - Don't be your own worst...


Bumpy Travel Future, Free Night Shopping Spree & Hyatt Invades Vegas

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we talk about our plans to use our plethora of free night certificates, how the return to travel will be mighty bumpy and Hyatt’s big new move into Vegas. We also go over the Disneyland reopening, how Amex is giving bonuses out early and the application rules for every bank! Episode Notes 6:59 - Hyatt taking over Vegas 15:49 - The bumpy road back to travel 24:23 - Using our free night certificates 34:06 - Disneyland...


Amex Dropping Bombs, Our Bougie Birthdays & Our First Mileage Run Of 2021

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we talk about a mileage run to Panama, Amex’s amazing new offers and stacking the deals for big wins. We also talk about our favorite birthday trips, maxing out Chase Freedom’s new categories, Hyatt’s continued expansion and much more. Episode Notes 5:55 - Shawn's winning! (Panama airfare deal and mileage run) 14:01 - Insane increased Amex sign up offers 18:58 - Coolest birthday trips 30:55 - Maxing out Chase...


Smuggling Booze Into Hotels & Cruise Ships, Citi Fraud Fiasco Update & Was Frontier Status Even Worth $49

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we talk about maxing out Frontier status, yeah that is a thing. We also discuss Virgin Hotels’ food policy and if we sneak food and drinks while traveling and Mark updates everyone on his Citi fraud fiasco. Lastly we talk about some increased card offers, Disneyland, wanderlust in Bhutan and a booking flights guide. Episode Notes 5:43 - Frontier status match and how much a pain it was to use 12:59 -No drinks or food...


Why Resort Fees Aren't All Bad, Application Spree Results & The Craziness Of North Korean Money

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we debate resort fees and discuss why they maybe aren't so bad. We also take about saving for college with travel hacking, recent application spree results and why North Korean money is so interesting. Episode Notes 3:45 - Resort fees - are they as bad as everyone says they are? (Shawn’s solution) 17:27 - Mark’s application spree 23:03 - North Korean currency and foreign currencies in general 30:00 - Mark’s college...


Citi Just Got Dumber, Chase's Misleading Offer & Riding That Cash Out Money Train

Episode Description In episode 80 we talk about Citi’s crazy fraud systems, Chase’s fool’s gold offer, a lawsuit that involves manufactured spend and why Mark went points broke. We also talk about Baha Mar offering up private jets, Hyatt’s new promo & more. Episode Notes 7:39 - Cashing out all of the points 15:56 - Manufactured spending lawsuit 22:47 - Chase 10X earning overrated 26:52 - Citi is dumber than expected 40:51 - Baha Mar’s insane covid guarantee 42:20 - Hyatt Bonus...


Credit Card Blind Spots, Best Travel Apps & A California Trip Report

Episode Description In episode 79 we talk about our favorite travel apps, Shawn shares details from his recent trip to California and we share our travel hacking blind spots. We also talk about locked ThankYou points, JetBlue’s customer friendly change and how to get Apple News+ for free. Episode Notes 6:20 - Best travel apps 13:43 - Shawn's CA trip report, 3 Hyatts! 25:27 - Credit Card/Travel Hacking Blind Spots 30:11 - Getting locked Thank You Points back 30:56 - Jetblue says...


Traveling The World For 11 Weeks, Getting Malaria & Swimming with Hammerheads

Episode Description In episode 78 we are joined by Miles to Memories contributor Ryan to talk about his 11 week around the world trip. We discuss his itinerary, catching malaria, swimming with hammerhead sharks, getting stranded for a week and everything in between. Episode Notes 9:02 - General itinerary 12:25 - Stranded in Ecuador 14:22 - Covid testing on the road 21:52 - Malaria!? 27:35 - Swimming with sharks 29:59 - Hot air balloon in Cappadocia 32:09 - Is everything cheaper...


Massive Amex Credits, NoMad Vegas Overview & Saving For College With Hacking Skills

Episode Description In episode 77 we talk about Amex giving away hundreds of dollars to cardholders with their no credits. We also share an awesome way to track the credits each month, Shawn’s recent stay at the awesome NoMad hotel in Vegas and how Mark is paying for college with travel hacking skills. Episode Notes 6:38 - Amex limited time offers 14:52 - NoMad hotel stay 23:15 - Mark's paying for college! 28:17 - MORE Amex offers 30:04 - Jetblue Mint to London 32:54 -...


What We Hate About Travel Hacking, Easy $1000 Offer & Florida Trip Report

Episode Description In episode 76 we talk about a new $1000 offer from Brex, a trip report from Mark on his weekend getaway to Florida and what we hate in this hobby. We also talk about a Kauai quarantine loophole, Hyatt offering free covid testing & a nice Founderscard extension. Episode Notes 6:06 - BREX 14:56 - Sarasota trip report 19:01 - What it's like to visit Florida right now 22:58 - What Mark hates in this hobby 30:39 - Kauai quarantine exemption 31:50 - Hyatt offering...


Award Alerts, What Flyertalk is Good For & Booking Travel Deals Now w/ Spencer Howard

Episode Description In episode 75 Spencer Howard from Straight to the Points and author of the amazing award alerts newsletter swings by to chat about AMEX travel credits, why right now is a great time to book future award travel and the future of his award alerts service. Subscribe to Spencer’s award alerts newsletter or follow him on Instagram! Episode Notes 4:57 - Spencer’s miles and points story 12:22- Award alerts premium newsletter! 20:34 - United Travelbank no longer working...


Bonvoy Making Themselves Useful, Virgin Atlantic Reversal & Hotels Review Rant

Episode Description In episode 74 we discuss Bonvoy’s customer friendly changes, Virgin Atlantic walks back their devaluation some, are Citi ThankYou points overrated & a hotel reviews rant. Episode Notes 10:43 - Positively Bonvoyed? 20:45 - Virgin Atlantic Devaluation - good news 23:36 - Hotel Reviews rant 41:06 - Straight to the Points Premium 42:11 - Amex Uber Credits 42:30 - Citi ThankYou Points - overrated? Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive...


Application Plans For 2021, Amex Offers Bonanza & Virgin Destroys Their Program

Episode Description In episode 73 we discuss the amazing new Amex offers that launched, our application plans for the first part of 2021 and Virgin destroying the value of their program. Episode Notes 3:04 - AMEX offers 9:26 - Virgin Atlantic devaluation 12:40 - Las Vegas deals through Amex and Chase 16:44 - Mark's 2021 credit card sign up strategy 25:51 - Around the web 26:54 - Rio Las Vegas Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive review on your favorite...


Seasons Greetings, Our Favorite Segments & MEAN REVIEWS

Episode Description In episode 72 we each share our favorite segments from the show in 2020. We go back to the rice and soy sauce incident, why traveling with kids sucks and a nightmare stay at the Atlantis. We also read our favorite mean reviews from the year. Enjoy! Episode Notes 1:27 - Joe's favorite mean review 2:54 - Why traveling with kids sucks 14:19 - Shawn's favorite mean review 18:09 - Nightmare stay at Atlantis 36:12 - Mark's favorite mean review 38:19 - The infamous...


Which Program Will Devalue First, Favorite Holiday Trips & Are We Done Cashing Out?

Episode Description In episode 71 we discuss whether or not we are done cashing out points, for now. We also talk about our favorite holiday trips of the past and ones we are looking forward to in the future. Lastly, we speculate which program will devalue first in 2021, two cards you should get right now and say goodbye to Observation Deck. Episode Notes 1:38 - Catching up 9:26 - Holiday travel highlights and goals 16:43 - Which airline will devalue first? 20:47 - Are we still...


Amazon's Tricky Games, Walmart Aims To Shut Down MS & Chase Adds New Transfer Partner

Episode Description In episode 70 we discuss whether or not MS is dead at Walmart, something Amazon shoppers need to be aware of and Chase’s newest transfer partner. We also talk about our Chase Freedom first quarter plans and our Thompson Playa Del Carmen review. Episode Notes 4:16 - Chase's new transfer partner (Details on the new Aeroplan) 12:38 - Walmart shutting down MS??? 22:05 - Amazon playing games with our points 29:01 - Bionic Boost 30:12 - Chase Freedom Q1 bonus...