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A guys in his 40s, living life and telling the stories.

A guys in his 40s, living life and telling the stories.
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A guys in his 40s, living life and telling the stories.






Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 15 - My Time With The Admiral

Hey! It’s Keith from Mind of the Modern Man – the website and podcast about a guy in his 40s, living life and telling stories. A while ago, I shared the story while I was observing a little slice of life, stuck in the waiting vestibule of the local Pep Boys. As I sat there, I took to my laptop and typed down what was happening all around me. Today I share the podcast of this story – I call it – My Time With The Admiral. Read the Transcript Below (full story at MindofModernMan.com): I’m...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 15 - THIS Close to Perfect

Hey! In today's podcast, I go back, exactly 20 years from today, for this week's story. July 18, 1999 - a trip to Yankee Stadium and what ensued was nothing short of an amazing story - and not just for the reason you think. It was Yogi Berra Day! My hero, Don Mattingly was Back at the Stadium! Paul O'Neill made a Highlight Reel catch. David Cone pitched REALLY well that day... But that's only half the story of my day. Listen to it all here or on iTunes today.


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 14 - More Than Just A T-Shirt

In the mail last month, I received the newest graphic tee from our friends at Wohven.com. It’s a great look – and reminds me 100% of what it was like getting dressed in the late 80s and early 90s and some of the great memories those shirts were a part of for me. Listen to our latest podcast her or you can find us on iTunes too! If you'd rather read the story - you can do that on our website too! I was born in 1975. That means I was born in the time of disco, ran around as kid during the...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 13 - Where Am I Supposed To Look?

With everyone heading to the beach for the Fourth of July weekend, I have another story for you. Today, I'm recalling a recent trip to the beach. I’ve mentioned, in previous stories, my major disinterest in the beach. The heat scalding your skin. The shells slicing the soft underbelly of your feet. The crowds of people flexing, preening and sweating all over the place. And of course, the super, almost occult-like, ability for sand to get EVERYwhere it doesn’t belong. Not that sand actually...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 12 - The Closer I Am To Fine

We've decided to change up direction a bit here at Mind of Modern Man and get back to our roots of simple storytelling. We told you all, this site would be about a guy in his 40s, living life, and telling the story. So - we're going to flesh that out for you. We'll still post about some of our favorite pop culture things, great products we love, and all that fun stuff, but we're going to do this in a story form across all our platforms - here on the blog, on our podcast and over on our...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 11 - Dissecting Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

A few weeks ago, the holy grail of pop culture happened - Disney released the Teaser Trailer for the FINAL movie in the Skywalker Saga at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. We have now seen (many many times) the trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. SO, we did a reaction video of watching the trailer. Jon and I recorded our feelings after seeing it a few times. The reaction may be a few weeks old, but dang if they aren't real! THEN after that 2+ minutes, Jon and I hit record on a...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 10 - Waiting for Avengers End Game and Star Wars Rise of Skywalker

On this episode I'm joined by Jon to talk about waiting. Specifically - we're waiting for Avengers End Game and Star Wars Episode IX (We NOW know it's called The Rise of Skywalker). Which are we looking forward to more? Did The Last Jedi sour Jon enough to NOT be excited for Episode 9? Does Marvel now hold a special place that Star Wars USED to? Does Keith even watch Marvel movies? What does Bumblebee, smoking in the early 70s and Will & Grace all have to do with this? Listen and find...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 9 - Why I Love Baseball

I LOVE BASEBALL! Spring Training is here. The grass is green, the players are running around in the sun and baseball is BACK! Sure, the world seems to be navigating towards NFL Football these days, but I still love the American Pastime. Why? MANY reasons - the history, the passion, the fantasy, the movies and the game itself! Have a listen to Modern Man Podcast Episode 9 and find out more. Click Below to Listen, or you can find us on iTunes - Subscribe AND Rate Us... Please and Thank...


Mind of Modern Man - Special Episode - 2019 Pledge Drive

Asking for help is never an easy thing to do. For the Modern Man, the younger man and the older man too. There’s something inside us that disconnects when it’s time to ask for help. It’s especially difficult when you’re asking people to give of themselves for you. Maybe it’s a level of embarrassment. Maybe it’s a fear of being let down or not wanting to inconvenience those around us. Whatever the psychological reason – we’re here to ask for help. It’s like our version of the old PBS...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 8 - I Hate Diets

I was the chubby, husky or cherubic kid. Whatever cute little word you want to use for over weight. As an adult - I'm the big guy. The big brother. The teddy bear best friend. Whenever someone would cast a movie of their life, John Goodman gets cast as my character. Recently, my quest to get healthier went head-on with the Food Unholy Trinity - Thanksgiving, Christmas and Super Bowl. I have a LOT of thoughts on fad diets, how to maintain a healthier style, falling off the wagon and so...


Mind of Modern Man Podcast - Episode 7 - What's Next!

Ok, it's been almost a YEAR since you've heard from us in your podcast inbox. Sorry about that. Yes, we've been neglecting our podcasting duties. Not because we gave up on the format, but because we were all focused on other stuff. Sorry to keep you waiting. However, 2019 is here and with that, we've got a lot of new stuff on the horizon - including bringing back the Modern Man Podcast! With that said, I decided to 'dust off' your podcast inbox. What exactly do I mean by that? Just ask my...


Mind of the Modern Man Podcast – Episode 6 – Debating Star Wars The Last Jedi

After some serious time off, it took a powerful "Force" to get the Modern Men back together again for a new Podcast! After watching WAY too much The West Wing, KP decided to moderate a debate between Jon and Mat on the virtues of Star Wars, The Last Jedi.


Mind of the Modern Man - Episode 5 -Keeping Old Friends

In Episode 5, Mat and KP talk about how the Modern Man in his 40s stays in touch with their friends – or at least tries to. Not just Facebook contact, but real, true friendship. The guys share personal stories, open up and talk very honestly about the hardship of seeing old friends slip away and making the effort to keep them beyond hitting the “like” button from time to time.


Mind of the Modern Man - Episode 4 -Modern Man Myths

Mat, Jon and KP chat about fan submitted Man Myths such as stopping to ask for directions. Do the Myths hold up or do the Modern Men debunk them?


Mind of the Modern Man Podcast – Episode 3 – Talking Fantasy Baseball

In this episode, Mat and KP talk about the long-running fantasy baseball league they are in and how a Modern Man deals with the highs, lows and time needed to be competitive. Join the conversation in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on fantasy baseball, any cool rules you use or how you find the time to research and made your moves week in and week out during the season.


Mind of the Modern Man - Episode 2 - Finding Time

In episode 2, KP and Jon chat about finding time for your passions that don't necessarily involve work or family. Music, theater, sports, even watching TV - how does the Modern Man in his 40s carve out time for these parts of his life?


Mind of the Modern Man - Episode 1 - Much to Learn You Still Have

A musician, a drama teacher and television critic walk into a bar… Ok, it’s not a bar – it’s a podcast. Yet, still, it’s a place for us to ‘get together’, share our stories and have a good time. Besides, we’re all in our 40s and going out to a bar just seems like a lot of work these days. Episode One is here! Join us (Jon, KP and Maty) as we discuss two things we hold dear - our kids and Star Wars! Every modern father knows there will be a time when he must teach his children the love...