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A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill

A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill


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A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill






“People always fall in love in apocalypse movies.”

We have YET ANOTHER new song for you! It's called Breaking Ground, and it's about falling in love, getting married, and having babies in a pandemic. How audacious and hopeful.


“The downside: trapped inside with your kids. The upside: trapped inside with your kids!”

Wow, can you believe we're already FIVE songs into 2020101? The newest song is called "These Four Walls," and it's about parenting in a pandemic. A deep topic for sure. If you have a story about what parenting has been like for you over this last year — the good as well as the difficult — please email it to us at jamie@misfitstars.com! We want your voice to be included in our project.


“All bullshit, no flowers.”

Today we're talking about song 4 from 2020101: "Digging That Hole." It's about a situation that all too many of us have had to deal with over the last year: someone in your life getting sucked in by propaganda or conspiracy theories. It's tough stuff. We'll listen to the song and talk it through! If you have a story to share with us about how someone in your life has fallen under the sway of propaganda or conspiracy theories, please consider writing it up and emailing it to us at...


“The majesty of the kazoo.”

Apropos of a Listener Question from Scott S., we spend some time in this episode talking about risk/reward, codependency, and listening to the little voice inside you. Plus digressions on vaccinations and the historical role of the Department of the Interior. Also, there's kazoo.


“Little acts of sustainability.”

The songs from 2020101 are coming fast and furious! The latest is called "Extraordinary People," and, despite being about 2020, it's a celebration – of the ways in which we've showed up for each other and ourselves in this time of crisis. The other fantastic thing that's happened this week is that the Senate has passed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. There is so much legitimately great stuff in this bill, that will unequivocally help millions and millions of people who need it. We're...


“May their memories be blessings.”

Our rituals around death, loss, and grieving were turned on their end over this last year. Shannon talks about this in an intimate way in the second song from 2020101, "Through the Window" – and we talk through it at some greater length in this week's episode. If you have a story to share about your experience around death and grieving over this last year – or if you would like to share a remembrance, memorial, or eulogy for a departed loved one – please email it to Jamie at...


“Happy face? Are you doing a happy face?”

It's a lightning-round Misfit Stars podcast episode! But we manage to tackle a shocking number of topics – including a listener question from Amanda M. on how we maintain healthy space in our relationship.


“We’re on the precipice. Do you feel it?”

The 2020101 Project has begun! Song 1 is out in the world. It's called Precipice. It's about coming to grips with what the idea of “normal” meant in 2020. We hope you love it. If you have a story to share about how your normal was disrupted over this last year, please email it to Shannon at skc@shannoncurtis.net; we are continuing to collect and share people's stories of 2020 throughout this project.


“We’re moving house!”

Eep! We have big changes in store for our Misfit Stars community. Don't worry, though, it's nothing too scary. In fact, it's going to be amazing. Come have a listen and we'll tell you all about it.


“You can’t do a mohawk with curly hair.”

Misfit Star Scott S. recently posed us a fascinating Listener Question: What labels have we worn in the past, and why did we wear them? And what did they mean to us at the time? We spend this episode talking about the specific labels each of us has worn at various points in our lives, and also about the more abstract role of labels as totems – given, learned, earned, and aspirational – and how they define our sense and understanding of what it means to be a human, inhabiting this strange...


“Fire up that good-news machine.”

Like you, we're still decompressing from the last four years. And, perhaps also like you, we're realizing that it's going to be a process! We use this episode to continue talking through our experience as we transition from what was to what's next. Also: join us this Saturday, January 30th, for a live acoustic concert, simulcast on YouTube and Facebook! Details in the Misfit Stars private group and at shannoncurtis.net.


“Let us never speak of this again.”

Wow, four years. For something that feels like it took a decade off our lives, it went by in a flash! We don't want to dwell, and we're so excited for what comes next. But, also, we understand the value in approaching transitions intentionally. So we thought we'd spend this episode remembering exactly how bad it was, celebrating the good that sprang from it, and putting good thoughts into the air for the future. Please share your own reflections and hopes in the private group!


“The pyramid of sedition.”

So, ah, there was a coup attempt last week? And what else could we talk about, really. We’re appalled. How appalled? Shannon says the F word 😮


“I write songs so I don’t … KILL.”

It's part two of our "how we do what we do" miniseries! If you missed the first part, rewind one week. And if you need more to listen to than that, keep rewinding, because the Misfit Stars Podcast is going on winter break. We'll be back January 13. Make good choices. ❤️


“You’re like cool hippies!”

It's the first part of a two-episode mini-series about our creative process! Our Stars had questions about how we do what we do ... we are here to answer them. And also to make a serious digression regarding the role of gender in our society. It's important.


“Just point fingers and yell. It works!”

We're doing his-n-hers topics on the Misfit Stars Podcast today! Each of us just had some stuff on our minds. For Jamie it's accountability; for Shannon it's the history of democracy and the role of the individual. Spoiler alert: there's overlap.


“‘Creating my own bonus structure’ sounds so much better than ‘petty larceny.'”

It's Season Three! Hard to believe we've been doing this podcast for TWO YEARS. To celebrate, we're starting a new segment – Listener Questions – in which supporting members of the podcast can ask questions for us to answer on-air. To kick things off, we're talking about previous jobs we've held – and, in Jamie's case, the various reasons he was fired from them. Some people really are cut out for self-employment.


“If this Thanksgiving isn’t different, you’re not doing things right.”

It's Thanksgiving! And even though it's a weird one this year, that doesn't mean we can't honor the season. So, in that spirit, we spend this episode sharing personal memories of Thanksgivings past, and talking about what we're thankful for. If you're in the Misfit Stars Facebook group, we're going to be starting a group thankfulness thread in there ... please come participate!


“‘Third-wave pandemic’ sounds like it should be a lot cooler than it is!”

We're feeling some anxiety around this third wave of coronavirus! Days are getting colder and darker, everyone is out of patience, and the holidays are approaching. It's a recipe for trouble. We talk through our feelings about it.


“Make democracy worth saving.”

It's all over but the shouting (and the gesture toward a halfhearted coup attempt. But you can tell their hearts aren't in it, the poor dears). Which means that we've actually found ourselves starting to decompress from these last four years! It's a strange feeling, and a lot to process. We spend this episode talking through it.