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A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill

A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill


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A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill






“Pretend you’re a firefighter, people … and it’s your house that’s on fire.”

We thought we'd wait to record this week's podcast till we'd watched the first presidential debate. Which was kind of a good idea, only because talking about anything else on this particular Wednesday would have been irrelevant. But, holy cow – neither of us was prepared for what a viscerally traumatic experience it was! We talk about that – and nothing else – for this hour. We apologize in advance.


“Lucy’s *gonna* pull the football away, Charlie Brown.”

When things get increasingly bad, repeatedly, over a long period of time, it's tempting to get fatalistic. But we need to keep imagining a brighter future; it can be ours, if we don't get discouraged and we keep putting in the work. Also, Jamie actually remembered to put a link in the show notes for once! Here's the link to Sunday's acoustic Facebook Live concert. Grab some snacks and hang out with us for an hour and a half or so. ☺️


“We’re experiencing a massive Little Old Lady shortage.”

We're back! Staycation was ... fine? It's hard to relax during the apocalypse. We did our best. And now we want to talk with you about phone banking! No, seriously. It's really great. We'll tell you all about it. We have to save democracy, you know.


“No longer a monster under the bed.”

It's our second Misfit Stars Staycation Activity podcast! This week we'll walk you through how to take a personal inventory. It's like a wellness check for your insides. Good stuff.


“Flashing incandescent lights. Like Vegas!”

It's the first of two Misfit Stars Staycation Activity podcasts! This week, we'll talk about how to make your very own gratitude list. It's good for your soul.


“My mind is pleasantly blank!”

It's the final deep dive from And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm! Shannon, aka 'Ms. Curtis,' gets deep into the oh-so-science-y meaning behind "Petrichor." Also, we explain how this album title isn't a QAnon reference, for the love of god.


“Come for the science! Stay for … more science!”

On the downside this week, [gestures wildly in every direction]. But on the upside ... we have music. We'll talk everything through, and also we'll do a deep dive into "Clouds," song 11 on AHWBAS. We're happy you're here.


“Thank god we’re not doing this on hot mics! That would be embarrassing.”

Have you had one of those days recently where the universe just felt a little bit ... off? Same here. And you know how sometimes, on a day like that, it can feel really good to re-ground yourself in why you're doing what you're doing? SAME. So in this episode we start off with a bit of that. And then in the second half, we break down songs 9 and 10 off Shannon's new album. Thanks for listening!


“Who are you gonna trust … me or your lyin’ ears?”

When we set out six weeks ago to do our weekly song-by-song analysis of Shannon's new album, we promised misheard lyrics. And then we went a lot of weeks without any really good ones. We apologize, and we're please to announce: that changes today! Indeed, it's a veritable Misheard Lyrics Bonanza on S02E35 of the Misfit Stars podcast. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a laugh as badly as we have lately.


“In every ‘right now,’ we set in motion the thing that’s coming next.”

How on earth is it possible to start recording a podcast episode with no script and nothing specific to talk about and end up with a 50-minute episode? We swear we only intended to talk for 20 minutes. In the second half of the episode, we do a deep dive on "This Millisecond" – song 7 on And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm.


“Just saying the thing out loud doesn’t make it happen.”

Misfit Stars is on vacation! But we're terrible at vacation. So we recorded an hour-long podcast. Siiiiigh. This week we dissect "Small Breath" and "Bending the Atmosphere," from Shannon's new album. Learn all about the hidden Morse code, and other insider secrets!


“This is as much your fault as it is ours.”

We watched a movie called Mr. Jones the other day, and it felt deeply relevant to some issues the country is dealing with at the moment, specifically as regards cognitive dissonance. So we spend the first half of this episode talking about that. And then in the second half of the episode we talk about song four on "And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm" – a song called "The Reckoning" – including a very special Misheard Lyric. You won't want to miss it.


“The episode so nice we recorded it twice.”

Due to an arcane technical glitch, the first recording of this episode didn't actually happen. The machine said it was recording! But it was lying! So we got to record it a second time. Which brings up some interesting questions related to quantum physics and the fallibility of memory. Did any of you hear the first version? Was it better? In the second half of the episode, we listen to and discuss 'Nowness,' the third song on Shannon's new record. This is the thematic centerpiece of the...


“Like a warm bath with a built-in toaster.”

Even as everything feels like it's on fire, it's also tempting to let complacency take over. I mean, who doesn't want a break right now? Everyone's exhausted. But we've gotta stay vigilant. On all the fronts. And there are many. And then after the break we'll listen to song 2 off our new album – a song called "Paralyzed in Sleep" – and we'll each talk about it! Some sugar to help the medicine go down. Hang in there.


“In Target, feeling comforted by the consumer goods.”

Our country has not been dealing with coronavirus well. At all! We have feelings about this. We share them. Also, we're debuting a new three-month-long series-within-a-podcast, in which we start at the beginning of the new album and play one song each week and then talk about it! It's the behind-the-scenes album-making content you crave.


“Ego is a hell of a drug.”

After Jamie popped off at the mouth about cops in last week's episode – and was held to account in real time by Shannon – he was also subsequently held to gentle and kind account by a few people in our Misfit Stars Facebook group. It led to some wonderful follow-up conversation, which provided a helpful jumping-off point for some continued conversation on our end. Also, we're hurtling toward our album release and Zoom tour. We'll tell you all about it.


“White people: we need to keep talking to other white people.”

We had a couple of online personal interactions this week apropos of the Black Lives Matter protests that did not end well. It gave us a lot to reflect on. Also, we unintentionally model how to work through a disagreement on a sensitive topic in real time!


“You can’t fix a problem that you can’t name.”

Our country has – improbably, given where we were starting from – taken a dramatic turn for the worse over the last week. We spend the first half of this episode talking through what's been happening – and then we spend the second half talking over some things that we've been learning in this time about how to start effecting change – both systemic and personal. It's a long one ... buckle in!


“Finding ways to keep our hearts soft.”

We're nearing the end of our fundraiser, and we still need 23 more supporters to reach our final goal. Please make a small-dollar contribution at shannoncurtis.net if you haven't already! Because of the fundraiser, this is a short-ish episode. We touch on Memorial Day weekend, in which our nation did not acquit itself well at all. We are doing a bad job at pandemic. We need to do much better.


“None of us has this figured out.”

There seems to have been a disconcerting shift in tone regarding the coronavirus over the last week or so – maybe you've noticed it where you live? It seems like a whole lot of people all of a sudden have decided they're sick of this pandemic situation, and are moving swiftly to put it in their rearview. Which ... that's not really how this works, in reality? But, also, dealing with people who have decided to adopt this mindset is very much a reality – indeed, a personal reality, for a lot...