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A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill

A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill
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A weekly conversation with Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill






“The Coffee Shop Encounter.”

What does empathy look like in practice? And where do our responsibilities lie when confronted with people whose lack of empathy threatens to dehumanize another person? We had both of those questions unexpectedly thrust upon us in real time this week, in a random coffee shop in Gresham, Oregon. We felt like we acquitted ourselves all right, although of course we also both felt afterwards as though there were more eloquent words we could have chosen in the moment, and the encounter left us...


“We need to have strategies.”

A conversation at a house concert this week with a dear friend who lives in a polyamorous family gave us occasion to reflect on the enormous privilege that we enjoy – specifically, the privilege of being able to be non-confrontational in situations where others can't afford to be. We ended up having a fairly eye-opening – and sobering – conversation about this in the second half of this episode.Fortunately, the first half of the episode is tour recap! And therefore much less heavy. Don't be...


“In your garage and going through your tools.”

It's Misfit Stars Tour Edition number three! And what a week it's been. We played 6 shows in 6 days in 6 Northern California cities. Which is a lot. But it was so worthwhile. A lot of our people in this part of the world seem to be in transition at the moment. It's given us an opportunity to reflect on what our intersection with their lives at these unique moments means for us. We return to that idea over the course of talking our way through the week, as well as talking about some...


“I can be the person in white.”

What does 'home' mean? And what does it mean to make peace with the places you've lived, and the seasons of your life that those places helped define? We went back to our old haunts in LA for the first time since moving to the PNW, and it gave us a lot to think about. We go deep on this in the second half of today's episode.Plus we talk about this week on tour! We had a great week, met some excellent people, and got to have some really cool discussions. We'll break it all down for you in...


“I’m a MASTER controller.”

It's the very first Misfit Stars Tour Edition podcast! 😮 We recorded this episode on our new headset microphones, sitting behind a VW dealership in Folsom, California, watching cars whiz by on Highway 50. Funny looks from passers-by: 3. Lizards: 1.We have our first couple of shows under our belt, and they were both great, for very different reasons. We talk about what made each of them part of such a good start to our tour!And then in the second half, we drill down on a pretty deep...


“Screw you, a-hole developers!”

You know how sometimes you just really have to write a song about climate change? But, like, a really optimistic one? Or is that just Shannon? Anyway, we're sharing two more new songs from Revolutionary Acts of Optimism in this week's episode, and one of them is that song! Setting up the song turns into a good long talk about climate justice. More of a rant, maybe? You'll love it. And that's not even the best song we're sharing with you! Also, our neighborhood had a really good week in...


“It’s Christmas in June!”

It's all happening! Tour is coming at us like a freight train. We use it as an opportunity to talk about scarcity, process, and balance. We also spend some time touching upon emotional intuition in the recording process, apropos of the wonderful record that Jamie just finished producing. Ever wonder what it's like to be a married pair of DIY working artists approaching the beginning of an album cycle? Have a listen. Subscribe in your podcast app of choice to get our biweekly free episodes,...



It's a world-exclusive premiere! We're using the podcast in the run-up to our album release date (June 14th!) to trickle some songs out to our favorite people (that's you!). Most of those are tucked into "member exclusive" sections of the episodes, but this one's public and freely available for everyone to hear. We hope you love it. Shannon talks about the idea behind the song ... I talk briefly about how the music part came about ... and we do a little weekly catch-up as well. Short but...


“A jarring temporal dislocation.”

You know how sometimes something happens that makes time collapse on itself? This weekend was that for Jamie. Using his 25th college reunion as a framework, we (re-)connected with his little pack of people from that era of his life – including his first true love, with whom he hadn't spoken in 18 or so years. Eeeep! But it went amazingly well. Certainly as well as it could have. And it was revelatory. We spend a good hour talking through what it was like, what happened, and what it's like...


“This is our week-off podcast. Are we doing this right?”

If we'd had the time to think ahead, we would have taken a week off the podcast this week, because it's been an absolutely wild week. We finished Shannon's new album! "Revolutionary Acts of Optimism" is off to the plant to be made into CDs. Just like that. It sounds fantastic, and we're thrilled about it. Given that, this is basically a "week in review" type episode. We still manage to talk for half an hour! It's just amazing what you can do with enough coffee. And we do talk about housing...


“A love song to possibility.”

Welcome to our Silver Jubilee podcast episode! It's been a month since last week. We'll tell you all about it. With extra emphasis on intentionality, and on letting your heart lead the way in your deliberative process. Subscribe in your podcast app of choice to get our biweekly free episodes, and unlock access to member-exclusive episodes at patreon.com/misfitstars!


“Can I share the peeing story?”

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the day that we met! So we used this episode as an opportunity to take a little trip down memory lane, telling the story of our meeting and the time that led up to it from alternating his-n-hers perspectives. Fair warning: there's lots of giggling. This is the last day to support our album fundraiser! It's at shannoncurtis.net. Thank you. ❤️ Subscribe in your podcast app of choice to get our biweekly free episodes, and unlock access to member-exclusive...


“It starts with the idea that it’s possible.”

Moving to a new place is an opportunity to redefine your relationship with what it is to live in a community. An opportunity that we've accepted wholeheartedly! Aided by the a-hole developers who are trying to build an unwanted storage facility in our neighborhood. There's nothing like banding together to fight for a common cause to foster unity. Misfit Star Katie R. posed an interesting Listener Topic to us last month that we've been holding on to until today: what have we learned,...


“All the monsters under the bed.”

Putting yourself out there is vulnerable and scary. And ... guess what time of year it is for us! New-single-and-album-fundraiser-time is a fraught time at best. And when things don't go quite as expected, as happened this week, it can throw us for a serious loop. This paired excellently with a Listener Topic from Terry B., about helpful versus hurtful inner dialog. Spoiler alert: it all worked out better than we could have possibly imagined. And there's a valuable lesson in there. The link...


“The world was never changed by people sitting on their couch.”

It's Album Fundraiser Time around here! What this means, in practical terms, is that for the next three weeks the podcast episodes are going to be shorter ... because we're also going to be doing Facebook Live broadcasts. Every. single. night! If you want in on the fun, those will be at facebook.com/shannonkcurtis – usually around 7pm west coast time. Album Fundraiser Time always coincides around here with an album theme reveal and a first single. This year the album theme (and title!) is...


“Straight into the sun for 3,000 miles.” (and new single premiere!)

So, hypothetically, if you had a new song you wanted to debut, and a new podcast, where would you debut the song? Yeah, us too! It's called "Glorious," and it's out worldwide on Friday ... but we wanted you to hear it first. We hope you love it. And then in the second half of the episode, do you know what we do? We get into some politics! But don't worry, it's fine. You know us well enough to know that we can be trusted to be sensitive. Katie R. was curious to know what we're looking for in...


“The fruits of our labor.”

We did a couple of seemingly unrelated things this week – having coffee with a parent-age friend, and seeing Michelle Obama speak. But they ended up feeling oddly connected, for reasons having to do with the essential nature of optimism, from an intergenerational perspective. In the first half of the episode, we explore what that connection felt like for us. And then, in the second half of the episode ... we got an intriguing listener topic from Kitty S., about our relationships with our...


“You first; you’re more mad.”

Some a-hole out-of-town developers are trying to screw with our little neighborhood! And the neighborhood isn't taking it lying down. We rant about this for the first part of this episode. And then in the second half, we talk through a listener topic from Elaine N., on the ins and outs of being a married couple who work together. Elaine asked us to talk about the things about each other that drive us insane, and we oblige. Good fun. Bonus content: Shannon makes a spontaneous run at the...


“Like … is she a witch?”

Happy Women's History Month! We celebrate by spending this entire episode talking about women who have made a personal impact in each of our lives. Come for the heartwarming discussion ... stay for the surprise ending. BONUS CONTENT: Shannon cries. Awww. ❤️ Subscribe in your podcast app of choice to get our biweekly free episodes, and unlock access to member-exclusive episodes at patreon.com/misfitstars!


“Our backpack of uncertainty.”

You know how we talk with each other on this podcast every week? Well, sometimes we get asked to speak, outside of our living room, to people other than one another! How exciting. Last week we were on a panel in Seattle, on finding work that matters. It was a fun discussion, and we thought we'd use it as a jumping-off point this week to take a bit of a look back at where we came from, and at how we evolved into doing the work that we're doing now. And then: what are your dirty words? No, not...