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In Moment 2 Moment, we seek to reveal the formative moments which most influenced each guest in becoming the Artist they are today. Join along as we journey together, exploring the shaping & molding of each influential Artist’s life & moment at a time.

In Moment 2 Moment, we seek to reveal the formative moments which most influenced each guest in becoming the Artist they are today. Join along as we journey together, exploring the shaping & molding of each influential Artist’s life & moment at a time.


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In Moment 2 Moment, we seek to reveal the formative moments which most influenced each guest in becoming the Artist they are today. Join along as we journey together, exploring the shaping & molding of each influential Artist’s life & moment at a time.






Ep 20: Why Kool Moe Dee Ain’t Into Buying Your Trendy Sneakers...Bruh

A living hip hop legend, Kool Moe Dee has plenty of insights & opinions on the industry he helped build -- and he ain’t afraid to share them. Covering everything from Big Business’s toxic effect on the modern day hiphop industry, to his decades-long friendship with Will Smith, to the evolution of his legendary feud with LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee provides an honest, raw, and intriguing look at the growth of the hip hop world that can only come from someone who has been inside it for...


Ep 19: Leaving Herself Alone: Prolific Theatre Actress Angelica Page Reflects On Her Process and Why She Can Say “No” To a Director

Not many people can say that Tennessee Williams read them bedtimes stories when they were young, but that’s par for the course when you were raised around legends like Angelica Page was. In this episode of Moment 2 Moment, multi-award winning actress Angelica Page explores her life from growing up as the only daughter of acting icons Geraldine Page & Rip Torn, growing up around the likes of Truman Capote, all the way to being mentored by Estelle Parsons, and touring her own plays. Join...


Ep 18: From The Appalachian Mountains To The Hollywood Hills: Writer Kevin Bernhardt Reflects On Those He Climbed and Others He Fell From

From a childhood spent devouring hundreds of books deep in the frozen woods of Pennsylvania, to hunting deer just so his family could survive the winter, to learning how to bullfight, the life prolific Screenwriter Kevin Bernhardt has lived could fill a book of his own. Or three. Giving up a successful career as a Hollywood heartthrob to become a screenwriter, the star of General Hospital and Dynasty turned down Aaron Spelling’s offer to create a star-making TV series just for Kevin...


Ep 17: Why California Reggae / Hip-Hop Artist Ben Barbic Always Picks Up The Phone When Opportunity Calls

When the going gets tough, Ben Barbic gets going — into his music studio, that is. A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, the up & coming singer/songwriter has taken more knocks than most, and through allowing his life to inform his art, sends back a few knocks back of his own. From losing everything he owned in a house fire, to becoming a father while barely of legal drinking age, to climbing out from rock bottom, the Bay Area musician feels most alive when letting it all come out through...


Ep 16: Faith, Family, Food, and Fun: Celebrity Chef Jernard Wells Shares His Food, His Love, and His Story

To Chef Jernard Wells food, love, and heritage are one and the same. Growing up in Mississippi, he might have spent his days working on the family farm, but he spent his nights dreaming of something much bigger. In this episode the celebrity chef and runner up on Food Network Star talks growing up in a huge family, opening his first restaurant at the tender age of 16 just so he could buy a car, and how ambition keeps him from falling to what he calls “the demon of comparison”. From traveling...


Ep 15: The Man Who Built The Lightsaber Finally Speaks!

For the first time, Oscar-winning production designer & director Roger Christian reveals his own personal voyage: from his earliest work in the British film industry, to his breakthrough contributions on classic masterpieces such as Star Wars, Alien, and Monty Python’s Life of Brian. On this episode of Moment 2 Moment, Roger takes us inside the manic three months that it took to build George Lucas’ legendary "space opera", and why he was so keen to take on the challenge. From building sets...


Ep 14: A Fantastic Distraction: How Writer-Director Heidi Greensmith Turns Quarantine Into Television Creativity

Once Heidi Greensmith hopped on the filmmaking train, she knew she’d never stop. A celebrated indie screenwriter & director, like many, Heidi’s career has been chock full of unexpected twists and turns. From accidentally moving next door to her favorite photographer, to directing music videos for the likes of Fatboy Slim, even to stumbling upon screenwriting when needing a creative outlet during her first pregnancy, Heidi has always been on the lookout for personal and meaningful stories to...


Ep 13: How Prolific Songwriter Adonis Shropshire Won Over Diddy, and Parlayed That Into 3 Grammys In The Process

Mariah Carey. Usher. Alicia Keyes. Beiber. P Diddy. Who do these superstars call when they need a hit song? Adonis Shropshire, that’s who. On this episode of Moment 2 Moment, one of the most celebrated R&B songwriters of his generation breaks down his storybook career. From hopping on a last minute 14-hour bus ride from Atlanta to NYC to finding himself recording his first track with Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez on his FIRST day in New York (merely hours after arriving) a 15-minute...


Ep 12: How Years After Winning American Idol, Singer-Songwriter Caleb Johnson Still Dreams On

Caleb Johnson is a Rock & Roll pastor, and with his new album, he's ready to preach to his congregation once again. A rock musician who won season 13 of American Idol in resounding fashion, Caleb couldn’t be more proud of his upcoming album — Mojo Mountain Vol 1 — and more importantly, what it took to get there. On this episode of Moment 2 Moment, he breaks down the resilience it took to audition and be rejected for American Idol not once…not twice…but three times before he finally broke...


Ep 11: How Director Andrew Davis Snuck His Socially Conscious Themes Into His Movies — and To Over Billion Dollars At The Box Office

Though he might be best known for his work directing smash hit action films like The Fugitive (nominated for 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture), his themes of social justice always lay just below the surface. Guided by his internal truth teller informed by his undergraduate journalism background, and his belief in the importance of reflecting society's realities on-screen was steadfast. In this episode of Moment 2 Moment, the seminal director breaks down his career, revealing how his...


Ep 10: When The Going Gets Tough, 8-time NHRA Champ Tony Schumacher Gets Going

Tony Schumacher survived one of the worst accidents in drag racing history. His thoughts on it? Working an office job still scares him more. In this episode of M2M the most successful drag racer in NHRA history shares the importance of having a good team around you, growing up in the shadow of his father (legendary driver, Don Schumacher), and what it’s like handle an engine that accelerates faster than any other car, jet, or space shuttle ever invented. From his very first professional...


Ep 9: Mo Kheir Is Just Another Sudanese Kiwi, Working To Make His American Dream Come True

Mo Kheir would like you to write a recommendation for his green card application. The accomplished Comedian, Musician, Architect, and Sudanese-New Zealander comes from a long line of impressive people — a legacy he’s acutely aware of, and actively trying to live up to. On this episode, Mo breaks down how his background in Architecture helps inform not only his unique approach to writing music, but writing jokes as well. Most memorably, tune in to hear how comedian Hannah Gadbsy changed his...


Ep 8: Cung Le’s Momma Said Knock You Out

Your typical Hollywood Action Star has never lived in a refugee camp, but then again having first started his career as an MMA World Champion, Cung Le’s life has been anything but typical. On this episode of Moment To Moment, the actor and martial artist shares everything from the breathtaking tale of his family’s harrowing escape from Vietnam moments before the fall of Saigon (being flown out under fire in American GI Helicopters), to growing up in a small home with 14 people, and most...


Ep 7: Chasing The Dragon: How Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Danny Seraphine Still Gets Lost In The Groove

Saved by the Music: as a teenage father & gang member, high school dropout Danny Seraphine thought his dreams of a life in music had slipped through his fingers. That is, until the day Fate — and Dick Clark — stepped in, and forever altering the tempo of Danny’s life, and the pages of Rock n’ Roll History in process. This is the implausible tale of how as one of the most gifted & instinctual drummers in Rock N Roll history almost traded his drumsticks for nightsticks — nearly choosing to...


Ep 6: How Choosing Writing Over Revenge Led Bobby Moresco To Convert Purpose from his Pain, and Back-to-Back Academy Awards

When dealing with the violent loss of a loved one, a gangster gets revenge but a true artist gets to writing. And that’s just one of a series of crucial Moments of Decision that forever altered the life of Academy Award-winning Writer, Director, and Producer Bobby Moresco. In this episode of Moment To Moment, the man behind Oscar-winning films like Crash and Million Dollar Baby poignantly shares both his professional path, as well as personal process, along with valuable insights into what...


Ep 5: Why Operation Odessa’s Tarzan Fainberg Owes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a Drink

For most people, an Instagram shout out from the #1 movie star on the planet to his nearly quarter billion person following would be the highlight of their life; but to a former enforcer for the Gambino Crime Family constantly looking over his shoulder, it’s just the only highlight of his morning. Enter “Tarzan” Fainberg — the magnanimous NY mobster turned Miami strip club owner…turned Creator of successful children’s animation? Why not. After all, one can only take so much death &...


Ep 4: How Writer-Director Michael Corrente Drives Academy Award-Winning Actors to Tears — And Why They Love Him For It

What do you get when you combine late night theatre, a buck knife, and the New York City subway? A classic Michael Corrente story, that’s what. Equally comfortable as a Writer as he is a Director, Corrente has cemented his reputation as an "Actor’s Director”, time & again having had the finest actors in America gravitate towards his projects. All told, the actors he has Directed have amassed a combined total of no less than 53 Golden Globe & Academy Award Nominations, earning 15 Golden...


Ep 3: Getting Up and Moving On with Ruby Mazur…The Artist Who Defies Defeat

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it might’ve been like to trip on LSD with Salvador Dali at Studio 54, then has Ruby Mazur got a story for you! A world famous Artist & Painter, Ruby first gained international acclaim as a Grammy Award-Winning Designer of over 3,000 album covers for the most iconic bands in the history of music. What’s it feel like to have your legendary “Mouth & Tongue” design for The Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice record sleeve celebrate its 50th year as the most...


Ep 2: Where Soprano's Actor Arthur Nascarella Gets the Stones (and When He Does…You Might Have a Problem)

Having spent the better part of 21 years working Undercover Narcotics, by the time he retired as a 2nd Grade Detective Arthur Nascarella had learned more about high stakes “acting" than anybody this side of Donnie Brasco. From the moment he finally stepped in front of the camera at the age of 46, he found himself an in-demand character actor. Quickly compiling over 80 credits to his name, he fast became a favorite go-to actor for iconic Director Spike Lee — having been cast in no less than...


Ep 1: How Global Action Star Michael Jai White Became The Most Sensitive Of Artists…You’d Never Want To P*ss Off

Long recognized as “the baddest man in HollywoodLand”, Michael Jai White’s road to success has been anything but easy. In this inaugural episode of Moment To Moment, the respected Action Star, Director, Martial Artist, Father, and Husband openly shares about his early gang days riddled with fist fights & gunfights, and the life-changing moments that connected him to both his pain, as well as his secret dreams — spurring him towards the Creative Life. Join us as Michael reflects on the...