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A light-hearted English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.

A light-hearted English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.




A light-hearted English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.




The Immersive Producer (Roz Coleman, Sleep No More)

At the time of recording, Roz Coleman was the International Company Manager of the immersive theatre experience “Sleep No More” in Shanghai. This has given Roz a unique appreciation of audience responses in different countries and cultures, and during our short chat she shares some great observations about human behavioural traits in China. The obvious irony is that our discussion covers audience behaviour in environments where people are crammed together and inhabiting each other’s...


The Broadcast Master (Yang Yi, Co-Founder, JustPod)

Yang Yi is a Chinese editor, a broadcaster, and one of the trailblazers in the new world of podcasting in China. He is the host of two podcasts, a culture-themed show called "Left-Right", and a show called "Go! LIVE" where he invites reporters in China to share their eperiences in journalism. And he is also co-founder of the "JustPod" company, which currently produces four original and three branded podcasts. Yi and I discuss his personal experiences of growing up with broadcast media in...


The Cookie Empress (Lexie Comstock, Strictly Cookies)

Lexie Comstock is the Founder of Strictly Cookies, and we’ve known each other now for over four years. So I thought I knew all about her when we sat down for our conversation. But just like an unexpectedly under-baked cookie, Lexie's story was notable for being surprisingly raw in parts. I was amazed to hear what she had been through in the early days of setting up her cookie empire, and am inspired by her continued positivity. I apologise in advance for the parts of this interview which...


The Events Entrepreneur (Stephane de Montgros, Riviera Events)

Stephane de Montgros first came to China as an engineering graduate, and today is the Director of an events and hospitality company. In our conversation, we trace this circuitous career path, and make observations about the current state of the hospitality and tourism industry in China and beyond. If you’re curious to know about how hotels in China are coping with societal, environmental, and technological changes, then this conversation should be a great starting point. Apart from these...


The Jewelry Craftsman (Angie Wu, AWÜ Studio)

I didn't know I was interested in the art of jewellery design until I met Angie. Maybe that's because I didn't think about the precision of the tool-work; maybe it's because I didn't pay attention to the forms and structure of precious metals; or maybe it's because I've never met anyone as unique as Angie Wu. Angie has a fascinating background, and it was a joy to spend a short time together in her company, and learn about her art and her clientele. I hope you'll enjoy it too. See the...


The Aussie Opportunist (Simon Manetti, Kantar Consulting)

It's time to relect on the end of the year, and the end of the decade. So as you’re listening to Simon Manetti reflect on his last 10 years of choices and chances in China, take a moment to think about the forces that brought you to where you are today. Some of you might look back on your decade as a series of rational and linear decisions. Well congratulations to you. Personally I relate more to Simon: some rational decision; a few irrational ones thrown in; and otherwise a combination of...


The Urban Artist (Nini Sum, IdleBeats)

Today’s interview is with the artist Nini Sum. We talk about her life and work as the co-founder of IdleBeats, the first independent screen print studio in China, as well as her take on artistic expression and the arts scene in general in China. You’ll notice straight away that she has a very hypnotic way of talking, so this episode should be a nice, slow and relaxing one. See the visuals and join the community on Instagram (, Facebook...


Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs - Bonus Episode on "Community"

We're marking the halfway point of Season 1 by releasing a special episode in which Oscar is interviewed by Shannon Martin, Director of Communications at Podbean, to discuss the topic of "Community". Since building real and virtual communities is at the heart of the Mosaic of China project, this is a conversation that we felt was worth releasing as a bonus episode. Hopefully it will not only interest you, but also encourage you to contribute your thoughts and comments on WeChat, or on...


The FinTech Philosopher (Srinivas Yanamandra, NDB)

Srinivas Yanamandra ("Srini") is the Chief Compliance Officer at the New Development Bank (NDB), the only multilateral organisation based in Shanghai. Comprised of the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the bank has a unique constitution and culture. Srini and I discuss his position in the organisation, with a particular focus on the similarities and differences between China and India. And our conversation soon stretches into many other areas, including his...


The Aquarium Queen (Emily Madge, Asia Head of Conservation, Sea Life)

In case you ever feel like complaining about logistics, bureaucracy and red tape in China, spare a thought for Emily Madge, who was part of the team in charge of transporting two beluga whales from Shanghai to Iceland. In today’s episode we discuss this amazing story, as well as track Emily’s experience in the conservation and welfare of marine life in China. With plenty of FISH FACTS thrown in, today’s episode is a great mix of the entertaining and the educational. Big thanks to Emily...


The Prolific Playwright (Nick Yu, Artistic Director, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre)

This week’s guest is the award-winning Chinese playwright Nick Yu, 喻荣军, who juggles his work as a writer alongside his role as Creative Director of the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. In our conversation, we cover Nick’s two contrasting identities: the sophisticated denizen of the Shanghai arts scene, and the son of a village teacher from the heart of the Chinese countryside. Nick is no stranger to controversy, and is famous in the Chinese theatre scene for pushing the limits of what can...


The Refugee Researcher (Yael Farjun, CEO, ChinaClickGo)

In 2010, Yael Farjun had a chance encounter with someone at the Shanghai Expo, which led her to undertake an amazing research project. We discuss the heroism and humanity of one Chinese man in Vienna, which resulted in an epic migration from Europe to Shanghai. And in so doing, we highlight Shanghai’s unique historical status as a Free Port, and a magnet for people from around the world See the visuals and join the community on Instagram (, Facebook...


The Inclusion Architect (Sebastien Denes, Greater China Senior Executive, SAP)

When I first met today's guest, Sebastien Denes, I liked him immediately. But I did question what kind of content he would be able to bring to this recording. Here was another privileged white male in an executive role on an international career track at a multinational organisation. I have spent a large percentage of my career as an executive headhunter in Asia, and I've seen a thousand people like Sebastien. At least that's what I thought. I was wrong. See the visuals and join the...


The Luxury Manager (Lori Li, General Manager, Yongfoo Elite)

“Keep it Quiet” is the name of the semi-public bar at Yongfoo Elite, the private members club located in the diplomatic quarter of Shanghai. So I’m especially grateful that its GM, Lori Li, broke her own rules to speak to me in this week’s episode. As well as spilling the beans on the club itself, Lori and I talk about Shanghai’s status as a world centre of style and fashion, and she walks us through the changing interpretation of what luxury means in China. You may think you know how...


The Workplace Documentarian (Noah Sheldon, Filmmaker)

This week’s episode is with Noah Sheldon, who has been taking photos and making films of workers in China over the last decade or so. We discuss some of the factory conditions that aren’t covered in much of the world’s reporting on the issue. We talk about the condition of the average migrant worker in China. And we focus in on the lives of one or two people that Noah has encountered as part of his work. To see some of the work mentioned in our conversation, see...


The Sweat Sister (Vy Vu, FitFam Community Leader)

Today I’m speaking with Vy Vu. Apart from how much I love the economy of her name, I also love the story of how someone who was feeling lost in Shanghai can ultimately become part of a fitness movement that’s spreading across China and the world. You’ll hear about how FitFam is not just about making people in China fit, it’s also about making them confident, and making them into future leaders. We also talk about how to manage a volunteer organisation, and then how to grow it without...


The Symmetry Breakfaster (Michael Zee, Instagram Influencer)

Today’s episode is a special one, I’m usually trying to introduce aspects of the lives people lead in China without going over too much familiar territory to China experts. But with today’s episode, my role is reversed. My guest today is Michael Zee, who is a social media influencer with a global fan base on Instagram. However, Instagram is very difficult to access from within China, so there might be listeners to this in China who haven’t ever seen Instagram, let alone come across Michael’s...


The Product Pioneer (Gina Li, CEO and Co-Founder, Beach IoT)

“Failure is three meals a day”. You may have heard other tech entrepreneurs talk about how they embrace the idea of failure. But it has never sounded as genuine as when uttered by today’s guest, Gina Li. In our discussion, Gina tells the story of growing up on the Silk Road, embarking on a career in Hip-Hop, and eventually stumbling into the world of innovation and product design. If Gina defines her life as failure served up like three meals a day, then… I’ll have what she’s having. In...


The Bubbles Wizard (Jorge Luzio, China Marketing for Sprite & Fanta at Coca-Cola)

Today’s guest is Jorge Luzio, who works for Coca-Cola as the Greater China Marketing Director for Sprite and Fanta. He’s originally from Venezuela, and has had an international marketing career with Coca-Cola in Caracas, Bogota, Atlanta and Mexico City before coming to China. Digital marketing in China is a real science, and today’s recording is a masterclass. Jorge discusses how he and his team mix anthropological and societal insights with digital functionality to reveal fascinating...


The Symphonic Siren (Astrid Poghosyan, Armenian Violinist)

Today’s interview is with Astrid Poghosyan, an Armenian violinist and the first non-Chinese management employee in the 140-year history of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Astrid is the youngest guest in Season One of the podcast, but she has achieved a lot in the nine years that she has been here in China. Astrid and I talk about her passion for music, her passion for Armenia, and her life as an unofficial ambassador for both those parts of her identity. Astrid was in the first batch of...