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An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.

An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.




An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.




The Beer Boss (Sean HARMON, Duvel Moortgat)

China is the largest market in the world for beer in terms of volume. And Belgium is a country with a long history of brewing, dating back to the 12th Century. So what better guest to have on the podcast than Sean Harmon, the China head of the premium Belgian beer company Duvel Moortgat, probably best known in China for its brand Vedett. Despite its proud status in Belgium, Duvel Moortgat started its life in China with a youthful start-up mentality, and this spirit continues to live within...


The Handicrafts Designer (Jovana ZHANG, Rong Design Library, PINWU Design Studio)

In China, craftsmen are not always venerated as artisans. Instead, they are often denigrated as low-status workers. But there is a design team based in the Zhejiang countryside that is doing its best to turn this around, curating the myriad ancient crafts that can be found across China before they disappear, and repurposing them for modern usage. This week's episode is with Jovana Zhang, one of the co-founders of the Rong Design Library and the PINWU Design Studio. Her's is not just a...


The Performance Exhibitor (ZHANG Yuan, McaM Ming Contemporary Art Museum)

We all know what to expect in a theatre. We all know what to expect in an art gallery. But in which of these worlds does Performance Art belong? One answer is the Ming Contemporary Art Museum (McaM) in Shanghai, and one person who can explain this world is the artist and curator, Zhang Yuan. Yuan's story also helps to paint a picture of the independent art scene in China, and the way in which performance art can convert audience members into active participants, and ultimately into a...


The Childbirth Guru (Louise ROY, Ferguson Women's Health)

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding should be things that are universally understood around the world. But guess what... they're not. Societal conventions and traditions have created a disassociation between what is 'natural' and what is 'expected', leading to both cultural confusion and generational conflict. In today's fascinating and eye-opening episode, we discuss these issues with Louise Roy, Director of Patient Support at Ferguson Women's Health in Shanghai. As a prenatal educator,...


The Bearded Lady ("COCOSANTI", Drag Artist)

The art of drag, with its emphasis on exaggerated costumes and makeup, has gained mainstream popularity around the world, particularly over the last decade. And China is no exception. While drag in the West can trace its roots from Elizabethan England up to the underground queer scene of New York, drag in East Asia draws its own lineage from the Beijing Opera. As one of the more prominent members of the drag queen community in Shanghai, Cocosanti joins this week’s episode of Mosaic of China...


The Peruvian Healer (Katherine WONG, The Andean Apothecary)

Shanghai is one of those magical places where people can somehow become who they were always supposed to be. This is what happened to Katherine Wong, who decided one day to quit her corporate job, and start earning a living by sharing her knowledge of traditional Peruvian remedies with customers in China. Growing up in Peru with a Taiwanese father, a Bolivian mother, and a nanny from the Amazonian jungle, Katherine is perfectly placed to describe the links between Peru and China, as well as...


The Streetwise Sinologist (CHANG Chihyun, History Professor)

There are some professors who can justifiably be accused of living in their own little academic bubbles, but Professor Chang Chihyun is not one of them. In today's episode, Chihyun talks about his experiences in the world of unversity education in China, and shares a few morsels of his knowledge of history and sinology along the way. The episode also includes a catch-up interview with Tom BARKER from Season 01 Episode 25. Follow the full transcript for this episode at...


The Streetside Foodie (Jamie BARYS, UnTour Food Tours)

Food can be a window into a culture. But it can also be a barrier, especially when it comes to street food. Many can be intimidated to communicate with hawkers who often speak with strong dialects. And many can be turned off by hole-in-the-wall establishments, where there's no fancy décor, and definitely no English menu. Jamie Barys has made it her mission to remove these barriers, by offering tours that uncover some of the hidden delights of Chinese cuisine. In this episode, she reveals...


The Trend Tracker (Stéphane WILMET, L'Oréal China)

With thirty years at L'Oréal, and fifteen of those in leadership roles in mainland China, Stéphane has made a career of anticipating trends in China, and catering to the needs of the powerful and illusive 'Chinese consumer'. In this episode, we discuss the art and science of consumer insight analysis, through the prism of the beauty industry. We talk about the correlation between beauty and technology, and observe the new trends that are emerging in a post-COVID world. The episode also...


Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Season 2 Trailer

Hello, I’m Oscar. In this trailer, I introduce the new features of Season 2 of the Mosaic of China podcast, including the PREMIUM version of the show that is now available on Patreon (, and the new transcripts of the show ( The transcripts have been designed for anyone whose first language isn’t English, or for listeners with hearing impairments, or for any English speakers who want to follow the words that are spoken...


Season 1 Compilation: Chinese Phrases

If you were asked to name your favourite phrase in Chinese, would you choose something you hear every day in China like 差不多, 哎哟, and 没有? Or would you choose something deeper which reveals layers of meaning like 一山不容二虎, 养儿防老 and 而遇而不可求? In today's final compilation episode from Season 1, the guests discuss their favourite words and phrases in Chinese. So get ready to make notes in case you want steal any of them for yourself! See the visuals and join the community on Instagram...


Season 1 Compilation: China Hangouts

In today’s penultimate compilation episode from Season 1, we’re talking about the favourite places people like to frequent in China. And since this first season has focused on resident of Shanghai, the resulting answers are a love letter to all the restaurants, bars and cafés of this vibrant world-class city. Whether you’re looking for recommendations of street food, high-end restaurants, bars, clubs, coffeeshops, malls or even supermarkets, you should find some inspiration from today’s...


Season 1 Compilation: WeChat Stickers

The Mosaic of China podcast has been designed to have visual elements that can be enjoyed alongside its audio episodes. Today’s show is the biggest test of that theory, since it’s a compilation from Season 1 of the guests’ answers to the question: “What’s your favourite WeChat sticker?”. In the same week that Donald Trump has threatened to ban WeChat from the United States, we take a look at one of the most popular features of the app that’s ubiquitous in China: the sticker function. And...


Season 1 Compilation: China Bests & Worsts

This episode will touch a nerve with a lot of people. It’s a compilation of the things that the guests from Season 1 would miss the most and miss the least if they were to leave China. It was designed as a hypothetical question, but has now become a sad reality for those who left China temporarily during the pandemic but now, six months later, still have no way of returning. It is also the one question that elicits answers that might include some of the nuisances and frustrations that you...


Season 1 Compilation: China News Sources

The topic of where we get our information has been in centre stage across the world, as societies debate the ideals of press freedom versus the dangers of fake news. So when I asked the 30 guests from Season 1 of the podcast about their favourite sources of information in China, I had no idea what kind of answers I would receive. The picture that emerged is an array of news and information sources, some of them official, others personal; some of them industry-specific, and others in the...


Season 1 Compilation: China Purchases

Today marks the halfway point of these ten special compilation episodes that showcase the guests from Season 1 of the show, and I hope you've been persuaded to go back and take a listen to some of the original episodes you may have missed before. If not, let me try yet again to convince you: the theme of today's episode is the best and worst purchases that have been made in China. In a way, this episode is a window into China's shopping culture, and specifically it's unique e-commerce...


Season 1 Compilation: China Facts

If you're an annoying person like me, you will love to share little pieces of trivia to unsuspecting listeners. You will think it makes you look clever to those around you, and you will accept their polite silent nods as proof of your awe-inspiring worldliness, oblivious to the reality of your unending tediousness. If any of that sounds familiar to you, then you will love today's special compilation episode from Season 1. Today we listen to how all the guests from the season answered the...


Season 1 Compilation: China Surprises

If there's one thing on which almost everyone can agree, it's on China's capacity to surprise. No matter whether you're a China outsider or someone who's been living here for decades, there will always be something to make you stop in your tracks. And this is just as much the case for Chinese people as it is for non-Chinese. Today's special compilation episode from Season 1of the podcast is an anthology of all the things that still surprise the guests about life in China. And listening to...


Season 1 Compilation: KTV Songs

Today's compilation episode is all about the podcast guests’ favourite songs to sing at KTV, the Chinese version of karaoke. Out of all the questions asked on Mosaic of China, this one elicited the biggest array of emotions: joy, pride, embarrassment and… sheer terror. There’s a reason why karaoke is so popular in China and other East Asian societies with a Confucian heritage: it’s an important catalyst for group social harmony. Unfortunately that doesn’t always guarantee group *vocal*...


Season 1 Compilation: China Destinations

In the first of 10 compilation episodes from Season 1, we listen to the guests's answers to the question: "What is your favourite travel destination within Mainland China". The answers range from cities with historical cities to the Gobi desert; from the mountains of Tibet to the lakes of Hangzhou and Nanjing; and from the beaches of Sanya to the Alpine scenery of northern Sichuan. So my question for you today is... where would be *your* favourite travel destination within mainland...