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An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.

An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.




An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.




Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode from Footprints (CRI)

Being locked into our compounds hasn't been a fun experience for the residents of Shanghai over the last month. But we will survive this inconvenience, and we will hopefully be all the more grateful for the luxuries of living in Shanghai, once they have finally returned. Oscar could have spent this time preparing for Season 03 of Mosaic of China. But he hasn’t. So the launch of next season is probably still weeks away. However, today we’re including an edited version of the conversation...


Season 02 Compilation: Chinese Phrases

If language is one of the most important keys to unlocking a culture, then today's tenth and final compilation episode from Season 02 of the show perhaps represents the epitome of what I’m trying to achieve with Mosaic of China. It's a collection of the voices of 30 people from 30 contrasting backgrounds describing 30 favourite words or phrases in Chinese. With hearts heavy under the burden of world news at the moment, please use this as a much-needed injection of joy and entertainment....


Season 02 Compilation: China Hangouts

In today’s penultimate compilation episode from Season 02, we’re talking about the favourite places people like to frequent in China. Whether you’re looking for recommendations of street food, high-end restaurants, bars, or coffee shops, you should find some inspiration from today’s episode. Subscribe to the PREMIUM version, see the visuals, and/or follow the full transcript for this episode at Join the community on Instagram...


Season 02 Compilation: WeChat Stickers

We're coming up to the Spring Festival in China, so please consider this to be your Chinese New Year gift. It's the compilation episode of the favourite WeChat stickers from the guest of Season 02. With electronic communications, it’s no longer good enough to learn how to compose compelling messages; you need to be fluent in the language of images. Without including things like emojis and emoticons in our messages, they can come across as cold, blunt, and rude. And there’s arguably no medium...


Season 02 Compilation: China Bests & Worsts

In today's special compilation episode from Season 02 of the show, we listen to how 30 people answered the question: "If you left China, what would you miss the most, and what would you miss the least?" There’s no such thing as perfection, living life is about dealing with both the rough and the smooth. The same holds true no matter where you live, or to which cultural identity you feel most affiliated. So it always makes for interesting listening to hear how people from different...


Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode from The Honest Drink

To mark the final episode of 2021, we're switching away from our usual programming to include an edited version of the discussion that Oscar had on The Honest Drink podcast. Recorded a few weeks ago, the conversation covers many aspects that we don't usually have a chance to explore in Mosaic of China, so I hope you'll enjoy listening to the different themes that emerge. A big thanks to Justin, Howie and Aric for giving permission to share this on the feed for Mosaic of China. The...


Season 02 Compilation: China News Sources

Today’s special compilation from Season 02 is all about where people get their news and information from about China. Around the world, news and journalism continues to get more consolidated, more digitalised, and more aggregated onto social media. And China is no exception. But there is still a host of different sources to help people discover more about what's happening on the ground. So I hope you can find a few nuggets of inspiration in today's episode. Subscribe to the PREMIUM version,...


Season 02 Compilation: China Purchases

It's that time of year where our thoughts turn to... buying stuff we don't really need. In China, we've just had the annual Singles' Day online shopping bonanza. And the U.S. equivalent of Cyber Monday is coming up next week. So what? As someone who hates shopping, I couldn't care less about what this means, or what people choose to spend their money on. But somehow, when you ask someone the question "What's the best or worst purchase you've made?", you seem to elicit some of the best...


Season 02 Compilation: China Facts

Do you know why Chinese politicians have lustrous black hair? Do you know why you wouldn’t write '1,000,000' in China? And do you know why pandas do handstands? If the answer to any of those question is ‘no’, then you should definitely listen to this week’s compilation episode, where we listen to the favourite China-related facts from all 30 guests of the last season. Subscribe to the PREMIUM version, see the visuals, and/or follow the full transcript for this episode at...


Season 02 Compilation: China Surprises

This week's compilation episode from Season 02 is about the things which surprise people the most about life in China. No matter whether you're a China outsider or someone who's been living here for decades, there's always something new around the corner to keep you on your toes. What is it about China that makes you feel the most surprised? It's scale? The pace of change? The way decisions are made here? Think carefully about how you would answer this question, and then see if it...


Season 02 Compilation: KTV Songs

These days you don't *need* to be a fan of KTV (karaoke) to thrive in China. But it certainly helps to have a favourite song prepared, just in case your friends, colleagues or clients force you to join them for an evening of merriment and microphones... In today's compilation episode from Season 02 of Mosaic of China, we hear from 30 people about their strategies for symphonic survival. Do you agree with any of them? Be sure to get in touch to share your own favourite KTV...


Season 02 Compilation: China Destinations

As we come up to the October ‘Golden Week’ holidays in China, wouldn’t you like to hear the opinions of 30 people on their favourite travel destinations within Mainland China? Your wish is my command! In today’s special compilation episode from Season 02 of Mosaic of China, we showcase the guests’ travel recommendations, from the beaches of 海南 [Hǎinán] to the mountains of 云南 [Yúnnán]; from the city of 重庆 [Chóngqìng] to the grasslands of 内蒙古 [Inner Mongolia]; and from the wine country of 宁夏...


Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Season 02 Wrap-Up

It's time to reflect on Season 02 of Mosaic of China. So for today's special Wrap-Up episode, I invited Logan Brouse from Tacolicious to interview me, and to share his thoughts on podcasting in China, in the context of the launch of his own upcoming show: 'China on the Rocks'. As well as discussing the past legacy and future development of Mosaic of China, we also discuss the thorny issues of authenticity, profanity, and... the correct way to pronounce 'cicada'. Subscribe to the...


The Transgender Teacher (”Jiyoung”)

One of the themes that comes up a lot in Mosaic of China is the idea that people who can span different cultures can often gain a certain superpower when it comes to analysing their own culture. It's that inside/outside perspective that becomes honed when you venture outside the comforts of your cultural paradigm. In today's episode, we extend that idea beyond the realm of cultural identity, and into the realm of gender identity. It's a very special episode with a very special guest, who...


The Protocol King (Murray KING, Shanghai Disney Resort)

Murray King is one of those people who took an early bet on China, and applied for a Beijing posting with the Canadian diplomatic service in the 1990s. Fast forward two decades, and he was part of the team that was bringing the Disney experience to China. In today's episode, Murray shares how he continues to apply his experience in negotiation and public relations to his role as the Head of Public Affairs for the Shanghai Disney Resort. We end our discussion on a question that might resonate...


The Africa Vlogger (ZHAO Huiling, HuilinginAfrica)

Zhao Huiling was born in Shanghai, and spent the formative years of her life in West Africa. The experience changed her life, and still informs her work - and her world view - to this day. So it's useful for listeners to Mosaic of China to be reminded that culture clashes are not binary; they can happen no matter where you're from, and no matter with what new culture you're confronted. More than just that, Huiling also represents the mindset of the worldly young Shanghainese professional....


The Italian Lawyer (Vittorio FRANZESE, Business & Intellectual Property Lawyer)

We all know the old stories about fake goods in China. But the parallel worlds of intellectual property infringement and anti-counterfeit regulation have changed a great deal over the last decade. In today's episode, I talk with the lawyer Vittorio Franzese to reminisce about what it was like when this cat-and-mouse game was at it's peak. Who were the counterfeiters? What actions could the lawyers take against them? How did the high-profile police raids come about? And what part did the big...


The Gourmet Coach (Crystyl MO, The World's 50 Best Restaurants)

Crystyl Mo has been reporting on the world of resturants in China for over twenty years, so she has borne witness to the phenomenal growth of the modern Chinese fine dining experience. Now, as an Academy Chair at The World's 50 Best Restaurants, she has also been able to contextualise China's culinary scene on the global stage, and she shares some of her insights in today's episode. Apart from that, Crystyl is an American national who has been stranded for 18 months outside her home of...


The Fire Engineer (Michael KINSEY, Arup)

Hot off the press, today’s episode is with the Fire Engineer, Michael Kinsey. Like a moth to a flame, I was fascinated to learn what his job entails. It was a slow burn, but I was soon fired up, and all guns blazing to learn more. To add fuel to the fire, Michael explains in glowing detail how he has blazed a trail in the research between human behaviour and the development of fire-safety guidance for the super high-rise buildings that increasingly adorn the city skylines of China. Subscribe...


The Investment Maven (Salome CHEN, Property and Technology Developer)

Coinciding with the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, it's fitting that today's episode includes a family history that spans a similar historical timeframe. Salome Chen is a child of the 清 [Qīng] and 明 [Míng] Dynasties, as well as a child of the modern Chinese property boom. So in many ways she personifies the quirky mix of tradition and moderniity of today's China. Subscribe to the PREMIUM version, see the visuals, and/or follow the full transcript for...