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Why Meditation Will Make You A Better Writer

It’s a buzzword, right? Meditation. You hear lots of people talking about it and swearing by it and saying it’s been life changing. Meditation is a practical support to mind mastery, relaxation, mental health and creativity – including, of course, writing. Meditation brings you into the present moment. It takes you out of the busy-ness of your mind and helps create stillness and in-the-moment awareness. Know what happens then? You find out what is really important. You start to hear “the...


#35 - How To Become A Creative Entrepreneur. Interview with Tracy Durrant.

It’s a dream for all of us creatives, right? To be earning a living through what is our passion, through what we love to do and create… Why? So we can more easily and enjoy our lives! That, to me, is what Creative Entrepreneurship is all about. So what is a Creative Entrepreneur? A Creative Entrepreneur is someone who creates a business - and a living - through doing the things they love creatively. Today, I have something special for you! I am interviewing Tracy Durrant, Business...


#34 - Becoming A Freelance Writer – A How-To Guide To Pitching Articles & Getting Them Published.

Would you love to be a Freelance Writer? Would you love to write articles for publications or be featured on podcasts or other media in relation to your work? I get lots of questions about this so I’ve written this week’s blog to help! I’m going to go through some steps to take, what research is important to do, the strategy behind your pitch letter and tips that have worked for me and for people I have worked with and various campaigns I have worked on. Listen to today’s podcast for...


#33 - It's Time To Write Your Novel! Interview with Megg Geri

Want to write a novel? This is for you!! Today I’m interviewing Megg Geri, novel writing coach and author of “How To Write A Novel in 30 Days”. Check it out to hear Megg break down things like: the key elements necessary for a great novel how to create characters that really “come to life” and that your readers can feel a deep connection with the fears and stumbling blocks Megg notices most writers struggle with when to begin building your author platform Megg’s advice to authors...


#32 - How To Be Productive And Make Progress When You’re Multi-Passionate And Hyper-Creative

Have you got a beautifully bionic creative brain – bursting with new ideas all the time, full of creativity and compelling you to go in multiple directions at once? There are so many interesting and cool things to potentially spend time on in life, but the problem therein is if you go off following every idea you have, here’s what happens: not much. You can’t make proper progress with anything, that leads to you feeling unfulfilled and that so often leads to losing faith in yourself,...


#31 - Feel Like You Are Made For More Than The Life You Are Living? This Is For You...

Lately, I keep hearing people around me talking about their lives with dissatisfaction, saying things like: · I thought I’d be further along by now. · I’ve been working so hard but it doesn’t seem like I’m making any progress. · I can’t seem to create the changes I want in my life – nothing works. · I’m lost. I don’t know what my next step is. · I thought it would be different. So how do go do it? If you feel like you are made for more than the life you are living… how do you go...


#30 - What Is Book Coaching Anyway?

Writing a book is not a small endeavor. It's more than just the research or the writing of words or the doing the work or the putting yourself ‘out there’. Writing a book is potentially life changing. Why? It is because writing a book demands that you to look deeply into yourself and it calls for you to share your message and your creativity fully and energetically and unapologetically. It calls for you to overcome any fears or resistance - anything that has stopped you before now. It...


#29 - How To Get The First Draft Of Your Book Done

I talk so often with people who feel deeply called to write a book. They tell me “I wish I could KNOW exactly what I need to do to get the first draft of my book DONE!” Well, for everyone who has asked, your wish is my command! In this episode, I outline 7 things you absolutely must do to get the first draft of your book done. I’m including an action step for each one and I have a free writing course for you too. Let's get to it!


#28 - Want To Write A Self-Help Book? Start Here...

I have read and learned from so many self-books, and, as a book coach and book editor, I have been involved in the writing process of quite a few self-help books at this stage! I am excited to share this blog with you and tell you about why writing a self-help book is a little different and what you need to consider before you start. Basically, there are five elements that I believe make writing a self-help book a little different. Listen in to find out more...


#27 - 7 Secrets to Kick-Ass, Heart Centered Copy

Writing copy can feel daunting – how do you find those magic words to capture the essence of what you do and really connect with your ideal audience? You want to create copy that makes your audience eager to find out more about who you are and what you do. You want copy that makes people want to learn from you and work with you. You want copy you can really stand behind and be proud of. Well, there are guidelines for creating really great copy, no matter what kind of copy you are...


#26 - Sensitive And Creative? STOP Blocking Yourself!

As sensitives and creatives we are hyper-aware of the feelings and emotions and vibes of the people and the world around us. Sometimes we play all this down to fit in - but ignoring yourself to create outer accord creates an even greater discord within. When you are not respecting and being true to yourself you are, in effect, saying, “I don’t matter here. My feelings, needs and wants don’t matter. What is more important is what you want and how you feel. That is more important to...


#25 - Why You NEED Beta Readers For Your Book (... And How To Get The Best From Them)

So you’ve been writing your book. You have your first draft done. Maybe you even have your first draft edited. What next? Well, this is the part where you begin to share your book with others to get their feedback. It’s Beta Reader time! But... · What is a Beta Reader? · Who would make the best Beta Reader for your book? · What should you ask or expect of a Beta Reader? · Why do you need a Beta Reader at all? · How would you even find Beta Reader… and do you have to pay them? In...


#24 - The Psychology of Social Media Content For Your Book, Business or Brand

Creating social media content is one thing, but it's another to create content that does what's it's meant to - i.e engage! Engaging content is really valuable and interesting for your audience, is fun and connects and resonates with them, while being fun for you to create at the same time! Sounds like a lot, but trust me - today's episode will help! I'm going to dive into the fundamental human psychology behind content creation and give you lots of ideas for what kinds of content you can...


#23 - How To Get Comfortable With Being Vulnerable - Interview with Author Melissa Venable

Today I am interviewing author, Melissa Venable. Melissa published her first book “Finding FabYOUlous” last year and she joined me to talk about the book itself and also to talk about the process of writing and publishing. This interview is gold for an aspiring writer...! Enjoy!


#22 - How To Build An Audience For Your Book (Even If You Haven't Written It Yet!)

Regardless of what kind of book you want to write, how you want to publish, who your audience is, this is a MUST: You need to build an audience for your book. You need to build your author platform. Your author platform Is something that, as a writer, you will be building and adding to on a daily and ongoing basis. It’s basically a key part of your life’s work. In today's episode, I’m going to give you an outline of what an Author Platform is and the basics of what you need to focus on to...


#21 - How Do You Want To Feel? (Goal Setting That Is Fun & Works!)

Traditional methods of goal setting haven't really worked for me: Previously, I would follow the advice of some respectable person who seemed to know what he/she was talking about. I set a desired outcome that I thought was a good idea. I reverse engineered a perfectly planned and structured schedule. I often outlined a detailed calendar, created financial projections and other stuff too. I basically used to create a perfectly organized plan I would get an A+ for in a Business Organisation...


#20 - Live From A Place Of Love (Even On Bad Days)

Love. It’s a word that is bandied about and so often used/misused in life. Or else used for things that are really not the same at all. I love dark chocolate. I love my brother. They’re kind of different things, right?! Also, love gets tarred with a kind of pink sparkles and glitter type vibe. Like it’s nice and sweet. But the love I am talking about is a force AND the only way to live, as it happens… What am I talking about? Well before I get started talking about living from a place...


#19 - Procrastinating? Stuck In Perfectionism? Listen to this...

Procrastination. Perfectionism. You know what we're really talking about, right? Resistance. “Imposter Syndrome”. Fear of Criticism. Incompletion. It’s all resistance. When life is working really well, when creativity is working really well, it flows. If you're stuck, if you're not even sitting down to do your work, that's generally resistance. Resistance can feel pretty insurmountable. Especially when you have had these habits of behavior for a long time. Believe me, though. It is...


#18 - Just Have A Day

The world is kind of ok with us feeling a little down now and again, with us “having a bad day”, just as long as it doesn’t happen too often and we pick ourselves up and get back on track and don’t interfere with the normal running of our job or relationship or whatever. “Smile, though your heart is breaking” as the song says. I disagree. Recently I went through a tough time, a really tough time. In this episode, I share with you some things that helped me get through this time. I hope...


#17 - A Superhero Writing Exercise

I’ve been thinking about the ideas of superheroes (or real life people) as role models for us in our lives - role models for how to behave with integrity or courage or how to stand strong in the face of adversity or challenge or as a stepping stone to developing a desired trait. This isn’t just a cute idea - it’s confirmed by psychologists. The truth is that we each have more power and ability within us than we employ in our lives. We each have access to a far greater spectrum of feelings...