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Podcast hosted by the Nerd and his wife. Together we cover current events (entertainment) some wrestling, and whatever floats our boat. Solo, the nerd goes off on Religion and politics, as well as the world as he sees it.

Podcast hosted by the Nerd and his wife. Together we cover current events (entertainment) some wrestling, and whatever floats our boat. Solo, the nerd goes off on Religion and politics, as well as the world as he sees it.
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Podcast hosted by the Nerd and his wife. Together we cover current events (entertainment) some wrestling, and whatever floats our boat. Solo, the nerd goes off on Religion and politics, as well as the world as he sees it.




Dcuo GU 94, random nonsense, WWE, ghosts, and caterpillar attacks!

This episode pits the nerd against caterpillars, who wins? They also discuss DC Universe onlines latest update 94 and how they feel about the content, game, and developers. The podcast starts and finishes with dcuo and really picks up in the second half. Stay tuned throughout the whole thing to get both sides of the tale with dcuo. Also WWE news and other random topics. Happy Easter! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Vampire and werewolf sex, WWE shakeup, God myths, Celeb guest! Florida man, serial killer battle royal! Giveaway!

This week the nerds talk about the recent WWE roster shakeup! They then discuss the logic of Vampires and Werewolves having sex and making babies! They also tease a very close, potential celebrity guest for the future, hit up Florida Man, famous houses from movies that YOU can visit, the serial killer battle royal, and tackle religious bullshit. Tune in and enjoy! And a first ever giveaway! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Larping and wrestling news!

This week the nerd confesses to larping in order to fall asleep. He goes into his youth and follows it up to current day as he reveals his darkest secret, enjoying larping. He also gives an update on the Sasha Banks drama in WWE as well as Monday Night Milf, Mickie James worship. Come have a seat and enjoy this episode of the Nerds! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Wwe, movie previews, comics, news, and TMZ nonsense!

This week the nerds get, well, nerdy! Stranger things, Marvel and Dc movie previews, Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage drama, Halloween then vs now. The way things were, TMZ stories, weird world news, and more! Action packed nerd bullshit! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Wrestlemania Recap, Raw and SDL post Mania shows, and random BS.

This week the nerds review Wrestlemania and the Raw and Smackdown post shows. Will they even remember who they picked? They give their thoughts and give their opinions on the matches as well as predictions on the roster shake up. Also, news of the week and some more Florida Man, plus random talk about nothing. More Michael Jackson shit. Is money real? Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Keto! Losing weight, mental health, random thoughts.

This week on solo nerd, his brain explodes all over the screen and the randomness continues. He details his dramatic weight loss, talks cbd oil and mental health issues. Listen to his rambling and subscribe! Send in questions for tomorrows duo podcast! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd gmail:


80’s trends, fads, toys and crap. Florida man, and news stories!

This week the nerds discuss the fads of the 80’s that we grew up on! Commercials, toys, lifestyle differences from now and then, music, and the stuff that made us, well, us! They also have Florida man stories and news of the week! And Bret Hart getting attacked at the hall of fame? Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerds Gmail:


Dcuo Quick Thoughts, and Internet murder.

This week is a solo nerd podcast where he gives a quick ‘re review’ and gives second thoughts on the new DLC ‘Justice League Dark.’ (And where he thinks Dcuo went wrong) He then suggests that it is too easy for people to run from others with differing opinions on the internet and thinks it’s unhealthy. A quick podcast since he was dying in the sauna! Check it out! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd gmail:


Wrestlemania preview, Casey Anthony! Raw and Smackdown Review, Ghost stories, Florida Man, News!

This week the nerds recap WWE Raw and Smackdown, and preview this Sundays Wrestlemania pay per view! See how your picks stack up against the nerds. And Casey Anthony update, plus random news stories, and Florida man! Haunted house stories! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


All about the 80’s movies!

This week the nerds talk about the movies from the decade of excess and what they thought about them. From Ghostbusters to Stand by Me, they cover the entire decade in short and long form. They also drop a preview for the next podcast coming up wednesday night. Feeling nostalgic? Have a listen! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Dcuo, eso, black ops 4, The Walking Dead, and more!

This week the nerds discuss DLC 34 from Dc Universe online! (55 min worth) and how they are moving towards other games for now. After, the nerdette discusses The Walking Deads latest and her views on it (62 min start time) before briefly discussing Good Girls and a few other shows. They end with Florida man and random news stories! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Horror movies, and assorted bs.

This week the nerds face their fears and talk about horror movies, and the killers that scared the life out of them as kids (and adults). They walk down memory lane and relive their horrors as they discuss the films and how they affected them. Plus more random bs as they usually do. Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd gmail:


Defective people at Walmart! Trapped at Chik-fil-A! Lost podcast.....

This week the nerd talks about his day off! Seeing a clueless man at Walmart and getting held hostage at chik-fil-a with the nerdette! Also the lost podcast episode from yesterday, and a possible name change! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd gmail:


Rachael Ray! Horror movies! Dreams! Disney movies! Fast food joints!

This week the nerds talk about Rachael Ray, horror movies, summer time fun, dreams, Disney movies, news of the week, and Florida man stories! This one is awesome!!! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Jerk off Instructions, God hates Africa? George Conway the cuckold!

This week on solo nerd, he discusses weird stuff he found on twitter. From Jerk off instructions by some wrestling skank to George Conway being a cuckold, to Africa and how far behind they are, this is a podcast you’re going to want to hear! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Dcuo! Casey! Tv! Tuesday bonus podcast!

This week the nerd tries to have a peaceful rant filled podcast, but there is a surprise run in from the nerdette! They talk about dcuo, call of duty, wwe, Wrestlemania, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, The Walking Dead, and news of the week! Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Gmail:


Casey Anthony? Everything and nothing all the same.

This week the nerd begs Casey Anthony for an interview. The Nerdette and him then discuss Michael Jackson, the hatred for the left, WWE, forced diversity, forced inclusion, LGBTQ, kids with iPhones, and other random BS. Check us out! twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd Email: Facebook: myrtle beach nerds podcast


Leaving Neverland, MTVs The Challenge

This week the nerdette talks about watching Leaving Neverland and what she thought. She also talks about MTVs The Challenge and who her favorites were/are. Walking dead fight scene and a moment that This is Us missed.


Alyssa Milano the dolt, Man almost eaten by whale! WWE raw quick thoughts!

Today on a back to back podcast, the nerd vents frustration regarding Alyssa Milano and her idiot comments on twitter, and talks about Nasa and their funding and where he thinks it should go. Also a quick WWE Raw recap. Twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd gmail:


Wwe fastlane 2019 review!

This week the nerd reviews WWE Fastlane 2019! Not a very good pay per view but there are some bright spots. Let us know what you think! twitter: @myrtlebeachnerd gmail: