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Podcast by Ray Dudley

Podcast by Ray Dudley
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Podcast by Ray Dudley






Michael Domeny - Improv Artist

Michael Domeny of 3-2-1 Improv breaks down Improvisational comedy for us and explains: What exactly is improv? What makes for good comedy? How does improv make him a better scripted actor? What a great life skill it is The different forms of improv, short vs long form Can just anyone learn improv? What the heck happens in an Improv 101 class? Finally, what a typical evenings performance looks like from his perspective.


Michael Venn - Award winning/Emmy nominated NH filmmaker

New Hampshire is home to an astounding group of incredibly talented and diverse individuals. And Michael Venn is certainly to be named among them. Quentin Tarantino is quoted as saying "I never went to film schools, I went to films." That quote describes the filmmaking journey Michael over the last 9 years. From NEVER having made a film or taken a single filmmaking class to creating an award winning film now seen around the world, his story arc is indeed impressive. In this episode, he sits...


Gary Locke - Director of BO-NITA and actor

Gary chats on about his early days as a young adult working at the Gilford Playhouse and some of the stars that performed there (William Shatner, John Raitt, David McCallum,etc.). He talks about his time with Streetcar, The Players Ring (16yrs!) and the company he started called Phylloxera Productions. And about his desire to produce Nicholas Nickleby and why it would be so difficult to do it. Then we dig into his latest production, BO-NITA, a one woman show starring the incredibly talented...


Lowell Williams - NH Playwright

Lowell and I chat about the play he is re-writing about Jonathan Daniels. "The end is buried in the beginning." We get deep in the weeds about play writing and screen writing. Topics include: how to get the right theme, condensing a large play in a small, tight version and still maintain the them, how to get your play or screenplay seen by groups that will pick it up. How Ernest Thompson has helped him (and many others) with his plays and his play writing. About working collaboratively with...


Jim Webber - Set Designer

Jim and I talk about how he got "the hook" for theater and then he speaks about his time in L.A. and the plethora of theater that was happening during that time. After that we get into his move to NH and his involvement with local theater groups. And finally, we speak about the Community Players of Concord upcoming show "Somethings Afoot".


Gina Carballo/Justin Voshell: NHTA Part II

In Part II of our discussion, Gina, Justin and I have a conversation about how to highlight productions that don't quite fit into the adjudication process and yet should be recognized. Related to that is their relationship with a local film company that helps them document unknown or seldom seen companies/projects by using film shorts. We discuss why more communities should have there own theater companies, how the new leadership is tackling their new mission and how the NHTA is attempting...


Gina Carballo/Justin Voshell: NHTA Part 1

Gina Carballo and Justin Voshell drop by to talk about the New Hampshire Theatre Alliance. In part I we discuss its beginnings from its days at the Palace theater to its current home at the Capitol Center for the Arts. We talked about the way it's matured and evolved from a sort of insider production to the entertainment spectacle of its current form. We end part one touching on how the NHTA wants to become an advocacy group for theaters around the state, but, we flesh out the topic (and its...


Donna Cotnoir - NH makeup and hair stylist to the stars!

Donna chats about what it's like to do makeup and hair styling for a dizzying array of names! She's done makeup for MSNBC, CNN, WMUR and FOX News as well as commercials, weddings, political events, television shows! During our discussion she name drops: Fox News Mitt Romney George Stephanopoulos Jeb Bush MSNBC Chris Hayes show Rachel Maddow show Morning Joe Chris Matthews Show James Taylor on the Katy Tur Show Ivanka Trump Chris Christie Good Morning America Herman Cain Newt Gingrich Michael...


Shawn Allen - Paragods (YouTube web series)

It's tough enough creating a web series that last for a year. But, what is it like to sustain it for FIVE years? What would it be like to have ABC-TV think about picking it up? And tossing around names like Jim Carrey, Rob Schneider and JJ Abrams? What would it feel like if it didn't get picked up, but, a VERY similar series that seems just like yours got picked and had the name Denis Leary attached to it? Directing, writing, producing along with casting and location nightmares PLUS the...


Emily Marsh - Event Coordinator for Red River Theatre

Well, today I learned that I know nothing about what's going on at the Red River Theatre in Concord! Emily Marsh, Events Coordinator for the Red River Theatre, fills me in. Did you know: That every October they have a "Rocky Horror Picture" night and that they supply ALL the props for AUDIENCE? Squirt guns, toilet paper, etc. That they have a Galentines Day? Or a "Princess Bride" night where the audience gets to quote the movie as it plays? That they're going to have an anime night? With...


Matt Cahoon - theatre KAPOW

Oh brother, did I get pulled into the deep end of the pool! I knew things were getting deep when Matt Cahoon, theater KAPOW, started talking about Stanislavski, Agamemnon, Psycho-physical improv and Lessac training. But, I just kept nodding and looking like I was hanging right there with him and, thankfully, the episode was stellar. The performance training that they teach and employ should be on every performers radar. it's a great episode.


Michael Curtiss - Theater Critic

The august NH theater critic sits down with me and covers: • The first play to hook him on live theater • Are there too many theater groups in NH? • Should the arts be subsidized or should we let the market choose winners and losers? • Maryann Thebus, the 86yr old actress that had to read her script during her performance • The controversy on Broadway with To Kill a Mockingbird • Michael quickly discusses Mamet • How he would love to see a full time regional theater in NH • His next project...


Joe Pelonzi - Doo Wop DJ, actor, director

And it’s Doo Wop time! In this episode I sit down with Joe Pelonzi. Joe is a NH stage actor and director, but, that’s not why he was in the studio. Joe is also a Doo Wop DJ at a small radio station in Salem Ma. Where he plays doo wop and psychedelic music. For the first 3/4 it’s all things doo wop. Some of the things Joe covers are: what doo wop is, where it came from, how it was part of the evolution of rock from late 40’s right through the 70’s. how many songs were regionally flavored, how...


Catherine Martinez - Co-Host of the Ghost Girl Diaries, actress, singer

Catherine is an actress, singer, songwriter, classically trained opera singer and co-host for the show The Ghost Girl Diaries. She talks all about what it was like to audition for Disney (2X), the Boston Opera and the Voice (3X). Then she spills the beans on how to went about creating an album in Boston with no money, no band and with the hope of inventing a new musical genre. As if that wasn’t enough, she gives us details about her ride from fan to co-host of the paranormal series The Ghost...


Josh Hardy - Station Manager @ CTV in Concord

Josh and I discuss all of the elements that make up CTV and that are FREE to use. The television studio, the podcast studio, the equipment room full of cameras, go-pros, etc. and the education they provide. For ANY entertainer that would love some free exposure to thousands of households this episode is for you. Think outside the box, my friends. Think about what your group could do with a free studio, free recording equipment, etc. Think exposure!!


Jim Rogato - Co-Founder of the Rockin' Daddios & Executor of the Putnam Fund

For the first 8.5 minutes Jim and I have small talk about his skiing, about Judys first time on stage and pre-performance routines. Then we get down to it: we talk about how the Rockin' Daddios came to be, about how great it must have been to perform (multiple times) at Mohegan Sun and finally about how a trust which he helps to execute brings big name artists into the Laconia Region for free.


Bryan Halperin - Director, Former Director NHTA

Man oh man, did Bryan have me in stitches!! First we talked about how he got into acting/director and then we spent some time chatting about his stint as Director for the NHTAs. After that Bryan speaks about his bucket list of plays he'd like to do and lastly he calls me out as a Bugs Bunny cartoon character minus the steam coming out my ears. This is a very informative conversation and I hope you enjoy it.


Katie Collins - Director of Development CCA

Katie and I sit down and chat about the Capitol Center for the Arts and her role there as Director of Development. How funding works, how different acts are brought in and which are the most attended. How grants work, fund raising and competing venues like Tupelo and Meadowbrook. Lastly we chat about her own acting career. Bucket list choices, future projects, etc.


Andrew Pinard - Magician

A magician who hands no hands, another which can produce a block of ice from under a hat given to him by a guest, Harry Anderson (from Night Court, also a magician) and the 3 shell game are just some of the topics brought up in this conversation between Ray Dudley and Andrew Pinard.


Doris Ballard - Executive Director CTV in Concord and Comedian

I chat with Doris Ballard, Executive Director of Concord TV (CTV) about her role there, about the free studio and audio/video equipment that available to Concord residents and then about how she started both a comedy club AND a comedy class in Concord. We talked about how she became interested in comedy and the path it took.