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Episode 52 - Mind Your Own F'n Business, Or We Come For Your Job #CellPhonesUP

Bedford and LaMisha talk about “What’s Going On” with the ongoing internment of LatinX children, as well as #MinorityMentalHealthAwarenessMonth, and their excitement around the election London Breed as the first African American Woman to serve as Mayor of San Francisco. During #RealTalk, they discuss the expanding movement of recording white people while they harass and assault People of Color, and how making #PermitPattie and #JoggerJoe public might help to prevent others from following in...


#RealTalk 1-on-1: Dr. Nekeshia Hammond - Child Psychologist on Children in Cages

Bedford has a conversation with Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a clinical psychologist with a specialty in children and adolescents, author, speaker, and host of Parenting Explained with Dr. Hammond. During the interview we talk about Dr. Hammond’s passion for educating the public about psychology. And then she provides expert insight on the potential mental health consequences of the Trump policy of incarcerating children and separating them from their parents. Dr. Hammond describes how children...


Episode 51 - Trump Nationalized Child Abuse: A Mandated Report

LaMisha and Bedford shout out their dads for Father’s Day and talk about upcoming psychology conferences in the Bay Area. During the #WhatsGoingOn segment, they take a moment to express their respect for Anthony Bourdain and provide some insights on suicide and how to talk about it. For the #RealTalk segment, Bedford & LaMisha address the immoral and abusive Trump policy of splitting immigrant families from Latin America and the internment of their children. If you have been thinking about...


Episode 50 - Kanye: Too Privileged to be in the Sunken Place

Bedford and LaMisha discuss their reactions to Kanye West’s TMZ Rant, and how it did not come from the Sunken Place. They spend time debunking some of the right-wing rhetoric that he promoted, like Black on Black crime and slavery being a choice. The hosts explore the harmful effects of sensationalism, and the problematic nature of being willfully ill informed. Key Words: Black, Psychology, Rap, Kanye, TMZ, Opinion, Social Justice, Slavery, Sunken Place, Racism, Podcast, Music


Naming It - #RealTalk 1-on-1: Dr. Mel Lewis - Social Justice & Liberal Arts

Bedford talks to Dr. Mel Michelle Lewis, Associate Professor & Program Director of Ethnic Studies at Saint Mary’s College of California. This #RealTalk 1-on-1 episode focuses on Dr. Mel’s work as an educator and a scholar. The discuss the importance of Liberal Arts Education, the need for critical studies and radical approaches to change. Keep an eye out for Dr. Mel’s Notes in our next Naming It Newsletter. Key Topics: Race, Gender, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Queer Identity, Liberal...


Episode 49 - Lets Radically Change Policing Now... Seriously!

Bedford and LaMisha discuss their reactions to the #MarchForOurLives and how some of the students have been using their white privilege to be better allies to marginalized communities. They talk about What’s Going On with the most recent police shootings of Black people, including Stephon Clark, Decynthia Clements, Danny Ray Thomas and the lack of indictment for officers who shot and killed of Alton Sterling. During #RealTalk they discuss the need for better external regulation of policing...


Episode 48 - March for Who's Lives? | Tired of Innocent Whiteness...

LaMisha and Bedford send a shout out to all the folks who are choosing education for their futures. They talk about "What’s Going On?" with the #MarchForOurLives, and how the Parkland Students spoke out about the press ignoring their Black classmates and Black lives. During the #RealTalk segment, Drs. Palmer and Hill discuss the privilege of white innocence as they compare the media treatment of Stephon Clark of, a 22-year-old unarmed Black man, who was shot and killed by police in his...


Episode 47 - Seeing Ourselves in Wakanda, Even if the Oscars Refuse to Watch

Drs. Hill and Palmer discuss Black Joy, and issues around the intersections of social justice and media. The hosts talk about What’s Going On with how #OscarsSoWhite is both institutional and a blind spot for would be white allies who fail to bring intersectionality to their feminist activism. During #RealTalk, (SPOILER ALERT) Bedford and LaMisha discuss the effects of whiteness on relationships between ethnicities within the African diaspora, by analyzing their responses to the African...


Naming It - Episode 46 - Pink Hats? Y'all Ain't Hearing Us...

Bedford & LaMisha talk about What’s Going On with the unapologetic Blackness of Black Lightning, and decide that they need to convene a Social JUSTICE LEAUGE. For #RealTalk, they invite Namers to call in and talk about their experiences with the #WomensMarch. The discussion focused on how to call out common logical fallacies that people use to undermine social justice discussions. P.S., We skipped episode 45 for obvious reasons #RESIST. Key Words: Feminism, Race, Social Justice,...


Episode 44 - Oprah 2020: Celebrity vs Civics | Bruno & Cardi B: Judging By Color

Bedford and LaMisha start the new year by dedicating Episode 44 to President Obama. They get real about Black republicans and the sunken place. Then they explore What’s Going On with their reactions to Oprah’s potential run for the White House after her inspirational Golden Globes speech. During RealTalk, Drs. Hill and Palmer discuss the dangers of confusing race with ethnicity and culture, through talking about the negative reactions to Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s homage to In Living Color....


Naming It - Episode 43 - If Black Women saved America, where were Y'all?

LaMisha and Bedford talk about what’s going on the ongoing #MeToo movement and the recent Time Magazine cover. Before that Bedford shares his thoughts about the passing of his mentor Dr. Joseph L. White (Godfather of Black Psychology & Founder of EOP). During #RealTalk the hosts discuss the national reaction to Black people’s and especially Black women’s pivotal role in preventing Republican senate candidate Roy Moore (alleged sexual predator and confirmed bigot) from being elected to...


Naming It - #RealTalk 1-on-1: Civics w/ Michael Bracamontes

Bedford talks to attorney and California gubernatorial candidate Michael Bracamontes about his career as a public servant. They discuss the relationship between social justice and civic engagement. Michael explains how you do not need to be a career politician to run for public office and how regular people can push for change on their own terms.


Naming It - #RealTalk Puerto Rico: An Interview w/ María Scharrón-del Río Ph.D.

Bedford has a conversation with Dr. María R. Scharrón-del Río, an associate professor and the Program Coordinator of the School Counseling Graduate Program at Brooklyn College, part of The City University of New York. The interview is focused on Dr. Scharrón-del Río’s shares her thoughts on the colonial relationship between Puerto Rico and the Mainland US, as well as insights on the psychological toll of being living through a disaster only to be told that you don’t deserve relief.


Naming It - #RealTalk 1-on-1: Self-Care In Art w/ Eric Leive

In this special #RealTalk 1-on-1, Bedford has a conversation with video game art producer, accomplished artist, and his neighbor Eric Leive. Eric shares how he uses painting as a type of mindfulness exercise and how this helps him to reduce stress and be in the moment.


Naming It - Episode 35 - Social Justice & Media

Bedford and LaMisha welcome music industry & radio thought leader, and the author of Blackout: My 40 Years In The Music Business, Paul Porter as a special guest. They talk about #WhatsGoingOn with sexism in the Senate, racism at the Southern Baptist Conference, and ongoing injustice for victims of police violence. During #RealTalk, they discuss Paul’s new book and explore his perspective on social justice and the music industry.


Naming It - Episode 34 - Can Y'all Cut the Tax on My Blackness?

Bedford and LaMisha welcome special guest “Namer” Kevin Grant! They talk about #WhatsGoingOn with the Golden State Warriors, who are the verge of winning a championship, bandwagon fans, and a Stanford University study on Oakland Police being more disrespectful to Black people than White people. In #Realtalk they focus on the invisible tax that makes homes, cars, and just about everything else more expensive if you are a Person of Color, a Woman, or any other marginalized group. Bedford and...


Naming It - Episode 33 - Being Free Can Be Lethal

Bedford and LaMisha discuss the troubling increase in violent hate crimes since the election of “45.” They call out the price of allowing a white supremacist to be elected, and the catch-22 of systemically addressing racism and xenophobia within a racist/xenophobic system that allows individuals to threaten others using hate speech. During #RealTalk Drs. Hill and Palmer use an episode of Dear White People in order to focused on difficult process of deciding how to react to challenges to...


Naming It - Episode 31 - Turning Our Backs on the Sunken Place

Bedford and LaMisha shout-in some Twitter activity around the flue shot argument, and a Naming It meme that was Colorlines magazine. They go on to acknowledge their Moms for Mother's Day, and then talk about #What'sGoingOn with the controversy around Betsy DeVos and Bethune-Cookman University, as well as the victory for Black students at UC Santa Cruz and their RED, BLACK, & GREEN Rosa Parks House. In #RealTalk Drs. Hill and Palmer explore the concepts of civil disobedience and student...


Naming It - Episode 30 - White Supremacy & Malaria... Pretty Much The Same.

Bedford and LaMisha talk about what’s going on with the lack of media coverage of the continued police violence and hate crimes against Black and Brown people. They give a shout out to their friend and past guest Dr. Candice Nicole, who was recently featured in Huffpost. During #RealTalk, the hosts focus in on the concept of police violence as a potential public health concern, and relate the topic to the classic disease model.


Naming It - Episode 29 - Cultural Appropriation: Your Freedom or My Soul?

Bedford and LaMisha talk about what’s going on with Earth Day, 4/20, and show their love for the March for Science by arguing about vaccinations. In #RealTalk they explore the concept of cultural appropriation and relate it the controversy around expression at music festivals like Coachella. The Self Care Tip of the Week is the Power of Exercise so get moving. Share your thoughts and reactions by leaving us a review on iTunes or dropping us a message at 607-U-NAME-IT. And don’t forget to...