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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.

A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.
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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.




Negative Positives Podcast #192

An old school Mike and Andre show! We try recording entirely through the Skype software after more audio difficulties. Andre finishes his college career and prepares to leave for Miami, we receive Christmas cards from Sherry Christensen and Bill Smith. Also, emails from listeners about the episode 200 Mega Prize-a-thon Sweepstakes! We addressed questions about fulfilling your commitments to print swaps and film community events and our biggest flaws as photographers!


Negative Positives Podcast #191

A Mike midweek solo show! Talk about the 200th episode giveaway, thoughts on the Negative Positives Double Exposure Tag Team Challenge including emails from Shaun Nelson and Ian Fleming. Also, a call in camera review from Neil Piper about the Pentax Efina APS camera, and a possible repeat email from Stephen Rea about choosing film formats! Finally, an Ebay purchase of Kodak 2475 Recording film that randomly turns out to be from a listener of the show, Alan Cole!


Negative Positives Podcast #190

It is a Christmas miracle! Mike finally has Graeme of the Sunny 16 Podcast on to judge the Negative Positives Double Exposure Tag Team Challenge! Who won?


Negative Positives Podcast #189

Andre talks 6x9 vs. 4x5, explains why he sold his Fujifilm GW690II, and Leo Nikishin brings us a call in camera review of the Bronica ETRC!


Negative Positives Podcast #188

Mike and Andre are joined by Em from! We talk about the Nikon F2, the Nikon L35AF point and shoot, the Emulsive Secret Santa, a major redesign of the Emulsive website, taking fog photos, and Kevin Spaghetti's zine "Summer '17 - Winter '18 Portraits" (@kevin_spaghetti on IG). Also, we talk about expired film and the often repeated advice of adding one stop of exposure for every decade the film is past its expiration date. Is it a rule, guideline, or myth? Finally, Andre loses...


Negative Positives Podcast #187

A Mike solo show with a lot of house cleaning of listener interactions! Call ins from Juan Ruben about the Yashica Electro 35 pad of death and the Ted Vieira episode, an email from Matthew Ashbrook about Ansel Adam's holy trinity of photography books, and a call in camera review about the Nikon Lite Touch AF from Dave Mihaly. Finally, an awesome message from Sean Welch that mentions whether our ease of access to media focused on our interests is healthy and the struggle of pursuing two...


Negative Positives Podcast # 186

Mike and Andre are joined by James Lee of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast ( We talk about drunken podcasting, Kodak Tech Pan film, high silver content Efke and Rollei films, most underrated and overrated film cameras, missed photos, Canadian and APS Leicas, 35mm or medium format, classic photography, shooting photography solo or in groups, a camera James regrets selling, favorite photographers, cameras to nail exposure on slide film, and how to start doing paid work...


Negative Positives Podcast #185

Returning from his recent hiatus from the solo show game, Andre says happy birthday to lovely listener Sherry Christensen, takes a look at Svein Olav Humberset's fantastic zine, discusses failing photographic projects only to re-visit old ones, and goes over what he's packed for his Thanksgiving trip to Miami!


Negative Positives Podcast #184

Mike and Andre are joined by Ted Vieira of the Photography Matters Podcast! We talk about Ted's journey into film photography, about being a professional musician, mixing creative outlets, Andre's man flu and car accident, the Emulsive Secret Santa, bourbon balls, Ted's film stock explorations and the mood in his photographs, bulk rolling, and Mike makes progress on repairing a Yashica Electro 35 thanks to a donor camera from Juan Ruben. Also, Ted's opinions of the film community, questions...


Negative Positives Podcast #183

A Mike solo show! A call in from Andrew Bartram of the Lensless Podcast about testing Ektachrome and Mike's plans for Ektachrome developing. Also, a call in from Juan Ruben of the A1 Rediscovering Film Podcast about an offer to help Mike repair his Yashica Electro 35. Finally, another installment of Dustin Cogsdell's On the Road Camera Reviews about the Yashica Electro 35!


Negative Positives Podcast #182

Mike and Andre are joined by Joey Ready of! Topics include his Awesome Cameras Podcast, the film community, product photography, hotel bars, Anil Mistry's "Monochrome" book, Svein Olav Humberset's zine, thrifting cameras, the Leica R series, and camera haggling. Also, an email from Jr Wyatt about winter projects, a call in from Frederico Quaglino about high speed color film, and questions from the facebook group about best thrift store finds, where will film be in 5...


Negative Positives Podcast #181

Mike talks about shooting some Polaroids, an update on the Emulsive Secret Santa, feedback on show 180 in the form of an email from Ian Fleming and a call in from Denise Grays. Also, emails from Sean Portnoy about the Pentax 645 vs. 645N, Simon Forster from the Classic Lenses Podcast about watermarking or branding your prints when selling, and a call in camera review from Graham Young of the Homemade Camera Podcast about the Bronica EC-TL. Finally, some griping about horrible item photos on...


Negative Positives Podcast #180

Mike and Andre are joined by Pete Donovan (IG: petedonovanphoto,! We discuss wedding photography and being a wedding DJ, photo walks, and fire escapes. Mike records with Neil Piper for his Soot and Whitewash Podcast, and talks of possibly destroying a precious roll of Kodak HIE infrared film and buys a truckload of film! Also, talk of the struggle of finding time to shoot photos and darkroom prints. Finally, Mike Williams sends a call in about advice for a digital...


Negative Positives Podcast #179

Andre makes his triumphant solo show return with a much deserved mailroom episode. His wonderful gifts included Wendy Gunderson's new zine "Chinatown" and her Kodak film strip business cards, B&W darkroom prints from Neil Piper, and Killian Idsinga's Let's Explore Magazine Issue 02: Perseverance. Last but not least, friend of the show Dustin Cogsdell calls in for another On The Road Camera Review of the Kiev 4.


Negative Positives Podcast #178

Andre's meet up with Adrian Doyle and his first experience shooting the new Kodak Ektachrome. Mike buys stuff, shoots some APS film, and fails at repairing a Yashica Electro 35. Finally, a recording sent in from Anil Mistry about his photo book titled "Monochrome" which includes fantastic insights into the thought process behind the book and making photo books in general.


Negative Positives Podcast #177

Mike talks about a package from Kevin Dillon (IG ricoh_shooter) including the Sears KS-2 camera, and results of his one year ink jet print torture fade test. Also, emails from Aaron Alfano about Jack White's new photo lab, Wendy Gunderson about her first photo zine, and Dustin Nickerson about basic film developing equipment and chemical needs. Finally, a call in camera review from Theo Panagopoulos of about the Lomo Smena 8M!


Negative Positives Podcast # 176

A Mike Sunday Solo Show on the week of the podcast's one year birthday! Topics include the FPP's 200th episode, Ektachrome sold out, a darkroom print from Dan Novak, an amazing gift from Andy Jones @andyphotoblog on IG, emails from Kevin Dillon about the Pentax 645, Daniel Novak about the print exchange, Betsy Dougherty who was my print exchange partner, and Sean Portnoy about negative storage. Also, messages regarding my Mexico Beach project, Nathan Johnson's youtube video about DSLR film...


Negative Positives Podcast #175

Mike talks about his recent art show, talk about taking local landmark shots in a creative way, pricing issues, and why this was a bit of a down year. Also, discussion about how hurricane Michael destroyed his family's yearly vacation spot and how no photo is too mundane. Lastly, the next installment of Dustin Cogsdell's On the Road Camera Reviews about the Rollei 35.


Negative Positives Podcast #174

Part 2 of our Photokina 2018 coverage! Mike and Andre are again joined by Em from to discuss field interviews Andre recorded at the event. Andre interviews Film Washi, Solarcan, Mint Camera, Lomography, and Kodak!


Negative Positives Podcast #173

Andre receives a darkroom print from Dan Novak, talks of resin coated photo papers vs. fibre based papers, Jennifer Zehner's Obscura Community Darkroom Kickstarter, Emulsive Secret Santa, and finally a call in camera review from George Griffin of the "On the Streets" podcast about the Canon EOS500N camera!