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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.

A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.
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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.




Negative Positives Podcast #175

Mike talks about his recent art show, talk about taking local landmark shots in a creative way, pricing issues, and why this was a bit of a down year. Also, discussion about how hurricane Michael destroyed his family's yearly vacation spot and how no photo is too mundane. Lastly, the next installment of Dustin Cogsdell's On the Road Camera Reviews about the Rollei 35.


Negative Positives Podcast #174

Part 2 of our Photokina 2018 coverage! Mike and Andre are again joined by Em from to discuss field interviews Andre recorded at the event. Andre interviews Film Washi, Solarcan, Mint Camera, Lomography, and Kodak!


Negative Positives Podcast #173

Andre receives a darkroom print from Dan Novak, talks of resin coated photo papers vs. fibre based papers, Jennifer Zehner's Obscura Community Darkroom Kickstarter, Emulsive Secret Santa, and finally a call in camera review from George Griffin of the "On the Streets" podcast about the Canon EOS500N camera!


Negative Positives Podcast #172

Part #1 of our Photokina 2018 coverage! Mike and Andre are joined by Em from to discuss field report interviews Andre recorded at the event. Andre interviews Analogue Wonderland, Adox, Bergger, Silberra, Nico's Photography Show, Analog Things, and Japan Camera Hunter! Part #2 will come out next week!


Negative Positives Podcast #171

Another Mike solo show! Mike Williams sends a box of goodies and a call in to the show, a film trade with Sherry Christensen, the joy of developing film, turning color film photos into black and white in post. Finally, Dustin Cogsdell's next installment of On the Road Camera Reviews about the Pentax IQzoom 160!


Negative Positives #170

Mike is joined by Bryce Randol of the "Under The Safelight" Podcast and Dustin Cogsdell, who started the Photography Print Swap Facebook group! We basically answer a bazillion questions from the Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast Facebook Group!


Negative Positives Podcast #169

Kodak Ektachrome is shipping! Juan Alatorre sends some love to arm the APS Revival, Aaron Alfano emails an update on his Pentax K1000, Eric Hendrickson of for Pentax repairs, Jennifer Zehner emails an update to her public darkroom effort in New Jersey called the Obscura Darkroom. Also, a question from George Griffin about what inspires you to shoot photography. This leads to discussion of photography as a creative outlet but also a way to document your life. How mundane daily...


Negative Positives Podcast #168

Mike is joined by John Gregory of the A Light in the Dark Podcast and Shaun Nelson of! We talk about John's new darkroom, the Olympus XA, Mike's son's 16th birthday party and the kid's reaction to instant photography, Eastman Double X, Kodak Color Plus 200, and a press release from Cinestill about the TCS-1000 Temperature Control System. Also, Neil Piper sent a darkroom print and a call in about determining the actual manufacturer of a film stock with the website...


Negative Positives Podcast #167

Mike talks about his son's 16th birthday party and instant photos at parties, how APS has helped him put down his phone for taking family snapshots, an upcoming portrait session for a friend with digital and the Pentax 67. Also, how he has kept music and photography separate as creative endeavors and how that might have caused missed opportunities. Finally, do you listen to music while out shooting photos?


Negative Positives Podcast #166

A rare Mike Sunday solo show due to the hurricane in North Carolina! Topics include preparing for my big art show, the HP instant ink program, my first pinhole shots with the Holga Wide Pinhole camera on Kodak Tmax 100, my first black and white roll in the Pentax 67, my appreciation of medium format over 35mm, an update on the APS Revival, emails from Ian Fleming about the B's processor from, Sherry Christensen about C41 developing and black and white developing for...


Negative Positives Podcast #165

Andre gives tips on how to do your part to spread film photography in your area!


Negative Positives Podcast #164

Mike and Andre are joined by Mike Padua of! Topics include the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Fanny Packs, the APS Revival taking the world by storm, Mike Padua's first experience shooting Tri-X, Ultrafine Extreme 400 film, film rebranding, bulk roll color film, C41 faster to develop than black and white. Also, questions to Mike Padua from the facebook group including where would you like to shoot film, favorite color film, why film shooters like pins and patches, his design process,...


Negative Positives Podcast #163

Mike talks about Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi photography and why it is the middle ground that is less interesting. Also talk of experiments to make cheap 35mm compacts more Lo-Fi, the new Polaroid One Step+, and trouble with blue scratches on red scale film!


Negative Positives Podcast # 162

Mike and Andre are joined by Mike Williams! Topics include downsizing camera collections, keeping cameras in your car, for prints, the APS Revival and the Gutterman's recent scanning process of APS film, emails from Jr Wyatt about 3D printing for film photography with talk about camera grips, Andrew Bartram about his process of family vacation road trip photography, Ian Nutt about plans for Andre's trip to Europe for Photokina and about the music on the show, and Daniel Tregembo...


Negative Positives Podcast #161

Andre talks about his battle with migraines as he starts his last semester of college, struggles with the after effects of GAS, and discusses the thought process of paring down a camera collection. Also talk of camera bags, specifically the Think Tank Signature 10 and how a smaller camera bag is helping his photography shoots.


Negative Positives Podcast #160

Mike is joined by Em from and Aislinn Chuahiock (aisbaby on Twitter and aisslinnn on Instagram)! Topics include the process of shooting 4x5, an update to the Emulsive Secret Santa, some talk to infuriate Leica and Mamiya shooters, the APS revival and the Nikon Pronea 6i APS SLR. We also talk about gatekeeping in the analog film community and start a discussion on what we can do as members of the community to make it more open and inclusive. We also talk with Aislinn about film...


Negative Positives Podcast #159

A Pentax heavy episode! Mike answers emails from Jr Wyatt about shooting the Pentax 67 and Aaron Alfano about Pentax K mount K series vs M series lenses. Also an update on home APS film developing!


Negative Positives Podcast #158

Mike and Andre are joined by a pants-less Stephen Rea who is becoming a cowboy called Honest Steve The Mountain Man on his trip to the USA. We answer questions to Stephen from the facebook group about facecast fame, meat pies, what he does with trip photos, trip zines, pinhole, Polaroids, his favorite part of America, sprint car racing, what gear he brought, peanut butter on burgers, how he got into pinhole photography, film development during or after the trip. We also address call ins from...


Negative Positives Podcast #157

A Mike solo show for the midweek episode. I talk about my trip to Cave City, Kentucky and choosing family time over photography, how my summer photography plans didn't go as expected, how Jr Wyatt reminded me to make some time to share my love of film photography with my sons, cheap filters from Amazon, the Negative Positives print exchange, a gift of from Dustin Cogsdell, emails from Cassius Fitzgerald and Kevin Dillon!


Negative Positives Podcast #156

Andre and Mike are joined by Bill Smith of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast! Some behind the scenes of Classic Camera Revival, Neil Piper's new film photography podcast "Soot and Whitewash" and a call in from Sherry Christensen. We also answered questions to Bill fielded from the Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast Facebook Group about the relevance of film photography blogs, social media as portfolios or personal photography, cameras we have always wanted to shoot, cameras and...