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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, Roxanna Angles, and Jessica Jones.


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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, Roxanna Angles, and Jessica Jones.




Negative Positives Podcast #399

Mike and Andre bring a listener interaction episode! Andre talks about his recent trip to Rochester, Mike talks about his back injury and receives prints from Bob St Cyr (IG foto.bob) and Billy Sanford (IG bsanfordjr, IG musicandphotographypodcast). Next, we read emails from Patrick Lynch, Daniel Smith (IG corvuspress), Mark Fohl (IG m.fohl), Stephen Schaible, Bill Thoo (IG bill.thoo, IG analognights) who also sent Mike a copy of Analog Nights Volume 3 zine (get it here:...


Negative Positives Podcast #398

Mike and Kuks welcome Alessandro Cornacchia (IG filmphotoguy) as a cocoa captain and Juan Alatorre (IG as our guest! We talk to Juan about the Pentax Auto 110 he sent Gutterman, how he got into film photography, and the film community. Next, we find out how Juan keeps his loved ones happy to have their photos taken, makes portrait subjects feel comfortable, displays portraits through frames/albums and the importance of those photos to him. We also talk of the recent...


Negative Positives Podcast #397

Mike, Andre, and Kuks bring a listener interaction episode! Andre and Kuks talk of their recent route 66 shooting adventure and Kuks got a new 50mm lens for his Hasselblad. Mike shoots some APS visiting his son in Ohio at his college campus, gives some YouTube shoutouts, and receives some APS film from Steve New and a Pentax Auto 110 camera from Juan Alatorre (IG Next we have a call in from Mario Piper (IG mariopiper, IG genxphotogpod) about the Silver Linings Project...


Negative Positives Podcast #396

Mike, Andre, and Kuks welcome Minsan Sauers (, IG minsan_sauers, Flickr minsan_sauers) as our guest! He talks about how he got into film photography through collecting classic lenses, his wife's studio photography and how he is involved and how it taught him lighting as well. Next, Minsan answers questions about car photography and motorcycles, tips for bulk loading, balancing hobbies, deciding on film vs. digital when shooting, Route 66, and shooting a tribute band....


Negative Positives Podcast #395

A listener interaction episode with Mike, Andre, Jess, and Mike Kukavica (IG drunk.darkroom). Jess announces her hiatus from Neg Pos. Check out her cyanotype creations (IG dustytrueblue). We talk about our new Silver Linings Project for this year to raise money for cancer research. Mike G. gives some shout outs to Jamie Maldonado (IG jamiemphoto, YouTube Jamie Maldonado), Theo Panagopoulos (IG theo_panagopoulos,, IG camerosity_podcast), and Alessandro Cornacchia (IG...


Negative Positives Podcast #394

Mike, Andre, Jess, and Mike Kukavica (IG drunk.darkroom) welcome Chris O'Connell (IG chris_oconn_photos , ) to the show! We find out how he got into photography and darkroom work, his influences, how he got into alternative processes using such things as sandpaper, onions, and inks! We also have some international beer debate, learn about his experimental dreaming project, and talk of creative inspiration struggles. Finally, we ask Chris about his zine titled "Turn Up...


Negative Positives Podcast #393

Mike, Andre, and Jess are joined by Mike Kukavica (IG drunk.darkroom) for a listener interaction episode! Andre talks Cinestill news and the Eastman Analog Academy. Jess talks about her cyanotype explorations and her appearance on Billy Sanford's "Music and Photography Podcast" (IG bsanfordjr , IG musicandphotographypodcast) and her flight experience. Kuks talks about his project of selling his work in a public forum. Mike gets mail from Andre, Johnny Martyr (IG johnnymartyrphoto), Joe...


Negative Positives Podcast #392

We are joined by Bill Manning (IG studio.c41 , IG of the Studio C-41 1 Hour Photo Podcast and Sherry Christensen (FB group: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast, IG sherrychristensenphotography , Grainery sherrychristensen, Facebook group: Frugal Film Project '22, IG embrace_the_grain ) of the Embrace The Grain Podcast. Bill talks about a startup making movie film available with ECN-2 processing to combat rising color film prices (get the film at


Negative Positives Podcast #391

A listener interaction episode where we are joined by Theo Panagopoulos (, IG theo.panagopoulos, IG camerosity.podcast) of the "Camerosity Podcast" and the "Photo Thinking Blogcast" on your podcast catchers. We talk about the podcasts and catch up on what we have been up to including robots, Australia film scene, infrared, digicams, Mamiya backs, 6x8, and shout outs. Next, we have an email from Bernhard Sperling (IG bernhardasphoto) about the lack of technical specs on...


Negative Positives Podcast #390

A round table episode with a return of Roxanna Angles (IG roxannalog) with panelists David Mihaly (IG, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok The Old Camera Guy) and Dan Tree (IG dantreephoto). We catch up with what we have been up to in the first segment and Larry Effler (IG larryeffler) sends Mike a nice note and some fridge magnets. Next, we get into the hot topics including rebadged/rebranded film, dealing with disappointment in our creative outlets and the end game of it, Grainery as a new platform...


Negative Positives Podcast #389

A Mike and Andre listener interaction episode! Andre picks up a Rollei book, a new 6x6 film back for his RB67, and gives a Cinestill 400D update. Mike finishes some rolls of film, changes his outlook on photography, gets cool mail from Jake Rose (IG jakerosephoto) of the Embrace The Grain Podcast (IG embrace_the_grain), Billy Sanford (IG bsanfordjr) of The Music and Photography Podcast (IG musicandphotographypodcast), Alessandro Cornacchia (IG filmphotoguy), Shaun Nelson (IG shaunnelson,...


Negative Positives Podcast #388

This week Mike and Andre welcome on Larry Effler (IG larryeffler,! Larry talks about how he got into photography and his experiences in photojournalism and television production, how digital and working for a non profit got him back into photography, some film camera acquisitions and how that led him back into film, and his covid experience with photography and podcasts. Next, Larry answers questions from the Facebook group including his thoughts on the Agfa Isolette,...


Negative Positives Podcast #387

A listener interaction episode! Mike, Andre and Jess catch up with each other. Andre develops film, scans more negatives, and comes down with Covid AGAIN. We get a surprise call in from Mario Piper (IG mariopiper) from the Gen-X Photography Podcast (IG genxphotogpod). Jess documents some of her pack film shooting on videos and experiments with cyanotypes. Mike talks about getting old, getting a new Gutter Man Cave film/beer refrigerator, gives some shout outs, and talks about cassettes....


Negative Positives Podcast #386

Mike and Andre talk with photographer/cinematographer Jonathan Bensimon (, IG jonathan.bensimon, IG jobenzphoto). We hear about how he got into photography and film making, the transition to digital times, hipster film school experiences, what brought him back to film, and his slide film/cibachrome print gallery show project. Next, he answers questions about favorite shooting locations, preference of color or black and white, favorite film format, how still...


Negative Positives Podcast #385

A listener interaction episode with Mike and Andre! Andre talks about finishing his scanning project, sharing to social media, and how it will effect his shooting in the future. Mike updates his knee injury, problems with the Gutter Man Cave beer/film fridge, his plans for shooting with his son, finishes his dad's last film roll, and releases a new music album. Next, we have an email from Mark Fohl (IG m.fohl) about sticky plastic developing reels and a UV light for cyanotypes, and also we...


Negative Positives Podcast #384.5

A Mike solo show of listener interaction. Mike gets a print from John Gregory (IG jwgregphoto) from the "A Light In The Dark" podcast and a zine titled "London Through A Holga" by George Griffin (IG flaneurwithacamera, IG flaneuronthestreets) from the "Flaneur On The Streets" podcast, get the zine at Shout outs to YouTube channels "Casey Hall" and "Felicity Makes". Email from Chris Marinari (IG chris_marinari_photo). A call in from Anthony Vargas (IG...


Negative Positives Podcast #384

Intro by the intro contest winner, David Mihaly (IG theoldcameraguy, YouTube The Old Camera Guy). This week our guest is Billy Sanford (IG, Twitter, Flickr - bsanfordjr ) of the "Music and Photography Podcast" (IG musicandphotographypodcast) found on the Sunny 16 Presents Podcast feed. He talks about how he got into photography and starting his podcast. Next, he answers questions from the Neg Pos Facebook group including how music inspires his photography, past experience as a content...


Negative Positives Podcast #383

A birthday eve recording! We start with the famous birthday song from last year from Jeff Greenstein (IG sjeffgreenstein) and Gabe Sachs (IG gabesachs) from the "I Dream of Cameras" Podcast (IG idreamofcameras)! We do a host catch up segment to see what we have all been up to. Andre visits his parents and Cinestill putting out 220 film! We have a call in from Mike Kukavica (IG drunk_darkroom) to give Andre a guilt trip. Jess goes to Savannah and shoots some FP-100C, talks of Negative Lab Pro...


Negative Positives Podcast #382.5

A bonus listener interaction episode! Mike receives awesome gifts from Nick Cooley (IG nickdotcooley, and also Vania (IG surfmartian) from the "All Through A Lens" Podcast (IG allthroughalens.podcast). We have emails from Kevin Dillon, Patrick Blake, Keir Frei (IG keirfrei) who also sent a call in about the movie Dune, and Chris Paulin (IG altprocess). Mike gives shouts outs to productions using his music. Next, we have a call in from Andre Domingues (IG...


Negative Positives Podcast #382

We start with an intro contest submission from John Meadows (IG johngmeadows) from The Classic Camera Revival Podcast (IG classiccamerarevival). Our guests for this episode are Mario Piper (IG mariopiper, Flickr Mario Piper) and Suzanne Lopez (IG b.roll.backup) from the Gen-X Photography Podcast (IG genxphotogpod)! We discuss the evolution of their podcast, Suzanne talks about how she got into photography and her portrait business, and talk about the importance of podcasts in the future....