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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.

A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.
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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, a Louisville, Kentucky based photographer.




Negative Positives Podcast #158

Mike and Andre are joined by a pants-less Stephen Rea who is becoming a cowboy called Honest Steve The Mountain Man on his trip to the USA. We answer questions to Stephen from the facebook group about facecast fame, meat pies, what he does with trip photos, trip zines, pinhole, Polaroids, his favorite part of America, sprint car racing, what gear he brought, peanut butter on burgers, how he got into pinhole photography, film development during or after the trip. We also address call ins from...


Negative Positives Podcast #157

A Mike solo show for the midweek episode. I talk about my trip to Cave City, Kentucky and choosing family time over photography, how my summer photography plans didn't go as expected, how Jr Wyatt reminded me to make some time to share my love of film photography with my sons, cheap filters from Amazon, the Negative Positives print exchange, a gift of from Dustin Cogsdell, emails from Cassius Fitzgerald and Kevin Dillon!


Negative Positives Podcast #156

Andre and Mike are joined by Bill Smith of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast! Some behind the scenes of Classic Camera Revival, Neil Piper's new film photography podcast "Soot and Whitewash" and a call in from Sherry Christensen. We also answered questions to Bill fielded from the Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast Facebook Group about the relevance of film photography blogs, social media as portfolios or personal photography, cameras we have always wanted to shoot, cameras and...


Negative Positives Podcast #155

The mad lad is at it again with his second ever solo show! For this mid week episode, Andre takes a deep dive into Ektachrome beta testers, mounting and protecting slides, spot metering, Kodak carousel slide trays, and emails from Daniel Novak and Jr Wyatt!


Negative Positives Podcast #154

An action packed show of listener interaction! Emails, call ins, and gifts from Daniel Novak, Jacob Garcia, Gerhard Schulze, Federico Quaglino, Betsy Dougherty, and Jeff St. Onge! Topics include Sticky Leatherette, starter TLR cameras, our first experiences with home developing film, and Instamatic cameras! A special Road Trip segment is included with insights from the FPP Walking Workshop in Findlay, OH with Mike and John Gregory!


Negative Positives Podcast #153

The midweek episode, this time it is Mike's turn! Observations of shots I missed on our Florida vacation trip, having a linear mind as far as completing projects, having too many cameras loaded with film, my upcoming weekend trip to the FPP Walking Workshop in Findlay, Ohio, and call ins from Ian Fleming about Instamatics and 126 film and Robert Hamm of the Hamm Camera Company!


Negative Positives Podcast #152

Joined by Em from who will be joining us once a month on the podcast! Topics include Andre's future permanent employment at Cinestill, the Nikon FM3a, Mike's local Konica purchases, modern solutions for cameras that use old mercury batteries for light meter operation, a formula about how much to increase development time for rolls using the Unicolor C41 kit courtesy of, bleach bypass C41 process, news of the Emulsive Secret Santa for 2018, and questions for Em from...


Negative Positives Podcast #151

Andre loses his solo podcast virginity with his first solo appearance! Updates on the campaign to save packfilm, waxing poetic about the right camera for certain situations (dreams of the Konica Hexar AF), and a discussion about purging your gear to justify your GAS!


Negative Positives Podcast #150

Back from vacation! Emails from Chris Mena about vacation cameras and Michael Jin about the Nikon ES-2 adapter to digitize film with the Nikon D850. Also, the Hamm Camera Company Pinbox Kickstarter and get your 2 favorite photos submitted for the Double Exposure Tag Team Challenge by July 31st!!! Lastly our next community event will be a print exchange.


Negative Positives Podcast #149

An old school Mike solo show! Redscaling in a dark bag, how to decide how many cameras to take on a vacation, emails from Jr Wyatt, Dustin Cogsdell, and Daniel Novak, finally a question from Svein Olav Humberset about how to start a podcast in which I share my limited podcasting knowledge and our rocky journey to how we currently record the show!


Negative Positives Podcast #148

Andre and Mike are joined by Rachel from the Sunny 16 Podcast! Topics include Rachel's Analogue Adventurers Kit, APS film developing, the Kodak Kodacraft developing tank and lasagna apron reels, alternative processes, cyanotypes, making it full time in photography as a business, getting more female voices and perspectives in the film community, and what it takes to be a world class podcast host!


Negative Positives Podcast #147

Happy Independence Day America! Andre and I respond to call ins from Andrew Bartram, Sherry Christensen, Neil Piper, Steve Rea, and an email from Yvonne Raven! Also talk about our next community event being organized by Mr. Shaun Nelson, the deadline for the Negative Positives Double Exposure Tag Team Challenge, and a changes to the midweek episode!


Negative Positives Podcast #146

Andre and I are joined by Jr Wyatt to discuss developing E6, the Fuji GW690, balancing film with family time, finding inspiration around your home, having a camera for every situation, live music photography, second favorite film stocks, and trying new films!


Negative Positives Podcast #145

Had some audio issues, sorry about that! Andre and I talk about my observations from my art fair last weekend, the Lomography Diana Instant Square camera, a call in from Graham Young of the Homemade Camera Podcast and the website, and support for Juan Ruben of the A1 - Rediscovering Film Podcast.


Negative Positives Podcast #144

Andre and I are joined by Dustin Cogsdell where we discuss film souping, redscale film, the weirdness of brand loyalty and lust for cameras that are currently hip, how Andre is Al on the 90's sitcom Home Improvement, and Andre locks himself out of his bedroom!


Negative Positives Podcast 143

Redscaling the clearance Fuji Superia, preparing for an art show and fighting fogged frame glass with inkjet prints, big news from Cinestill - the DF96 Monobath, the kickstarter campaign for the Pixl-latr from Hamish Gill, and the new gas inducing Facebook group - The Film Camera Gas Factory!


Negative Positives Podcast #142

Andre and I are joined by John Gregory of "A Light in the Dark" podcast. We talk of some film gift love, an exciting upcoming Cinestill announcement, Father's Day, the NP Double Exposure Film Challenge, Call ins from Matt Melcher of the "Box of Cameras" podcast, an email from Kevin Dillon about night photography, and call ins from Juan Ruben from the "A1 - Rediscovering Film" Podcast!


Negative Positives Podcast #141

My bargain Kodak inkjet paper purchase, a trip to the post office to send out some love, an update to the Negative Positives Double Exposure Tag Team challenge, an email from Mike Raso of the FPP, and my most recent night photography experience and thoughts on viewfinder displays in the dark!


Negative Positives Podcast #140

Corey Cannon of the Lensless Podcast joins Andre and Mike! Topics include Andre's second week at Cinestill, Danny Bonaduce, a call in from Andrew Bartram, Andre and Corey's Pinhole walk, Extol, Diafine, HC-110, stand developing, shoot what makes you happy, format choices and the hurdles of moving from medium format to large format!


Negative Positives Podcast Episode 139

Andre's first week at Cinestill, call ins from Inspirado Projecto and John Gregory, Polaroid Spectra, the struggle of enjoying life moments vs. documenting life moments, and the Kodak Ektachrome teaser!