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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, and Roxanna Angles.

A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, and Roxanna Angles.


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A podcast about mostly film photography! Hosted by Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, and Roxanna Angles.




Negative Positives Podcast #375.5

A solo Mike show with tons of listener interaction that starts with a submission to the Neg Pos Intro contest from Larry Effler (IG larryeffler). We have an email from Mark Fohl (IG m.fohl) and Mike gives shout outs to Leo Nikishin from the 10 Rolls of Film Podcast and YouTube channel (IG 10rolls_of_film, YouTube 10 Rolls of Film) and Kevin Lane from The Uncle Jonesy's Cameras Podcast (IG ujcpodcast, IG kevinlane). Mike talks about some things he is thankful for other than the obvious. Next,...


Negative Positives Podcast #375

We start with an intro contest submission from Dave Mihaly (IG theoldcameraguy , YouTube The Old Camera Guy). Mike Kukavica (IG drunk_darkroom) joins us to help out for a missing Jess and Roxanna. We offer our sympathy to the loved ones of John Whitmore (IG thedarkshed) who was a cohost of the Sunny 16 Podcast (IG sunny16podcast). Donate to the memory of John at ( ). Andre talks of the Intrepid enlarger products and shoots a skate...


Negative Positives Podcast #374

We start with an intro contest entry from Sherry Christensen (IG sherrychristensenphotography , IG embrace_the_grain , FB group Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast) from the Embrace the Grain Podcast. Mike Kukavica (IG drunk_darkroom , ) fills in for Jess Jones and we update the Silver Linings Project with our guest and new member of the project, Bob St-Cyr (IG foto.bob , , FB group Follow The Light Podcast) from the "Follow The Light...Analogue...


Negative Positives Podcast #373

A listener interaction episode with a submission to the Neg Pos Intro contest from Billy Sanford (IG bsanfordjr ) where Mike Kukavica (IG drunk_darkroom , ) joins us to have an update on the Silver Linings Project to raise money for cancer research. We also talk of Andre's YouTube fame, Kukavica's and Andre's upcoming Route 66 photo trip, Kukavica's recent printing issues, Jess talks of pawpaws and her experience with Roxanna Angle's recommended makeshift Amazon film dryer,...


Negative Positives Podcast #372.5

A bonus Mike solo show episode! Intro contest entry to the show by Mario Piper (IG mariopiper , IG genxphotogpod ) from the Gen-X Photography Podcast, Mike shamelessly gives shout outs to YouTube channels that are using his music such as Alex Luyckx (IG alexluyckxphoto , IG classiccamerarevival , YouTube Alex Luyckx , ), Scott Graham ( IG wflbc , YouTube Scott Graham Photography ) and Mike Padua (IG themikepadua , IG shootfilmco , , YouTube Mike Padua...


Negative Positives Podcast #372

This week our guest is Wayne Setser ( IG wayne_setser , Flickr wsetser , Facebook Photographs By Wayne Setser )! We discuss how he got into film photography through darkroom printing, camera repairs, running a camera store, and large format. He answers community questions about his favorite photos, why darkroom printing, integral pieces of his kit, finding his ideal setup, thoughts on Leica, knobs on cameras, the Baby Rollei and 127 film, waterfall shot tips, lens choices for large format,...


Negative Positives Podcast #371

We start with a show intro contest submission from Matt Jones (IG mjones41) and his partner Fon! Mike Kukavica (IG drunk_darkroom , ) joins us for a listener interaction episode. We catch up with our weeks! Andre talks Leica, Roxanna updates us on her club and her new film drying hack, Jess and Roxanna share some mail love, Mike Kukavica gets some print love from Jess, talks of pyrocat developing, his 8x10 Ondu pinhole camera, 8x10 film developing, and Gutterman gets some...


Negative Positives Podcast #370

A long overdue Co-Captain's catch up episode! We start by announcing the new Negative Positives Show Intro contest that Mike Williams (IG mike_on_film ) is helping us run where you can win Andre's Holga from Mike Williams! Andre talks of his adventures with Mike Kukavica (IG drunk_darkroom ), Robert Lainez (IG rlainez ), and Jeffrey Greenstein (IG sjeffgreenstein ) from the "I Dream of Cameras" Podcast (IG idreamofcameras), his Cinestill YouTube involvement, Cinestill Redrum 120 redscale...


Negative Positives Podcast #369

A Mike solo show listener interaction episode. Emails from Mark Bradshaw (IG oldus_farticus_ ), Paul McKay from Analogue Wonderland about their new film lab called Analogue Wonderlab (IG analoguewonderland , IG ifwefilm_ , ), John Gleason about his 2021 Pinhole Photography Conference in Louisville, KY (IG probusphotos , , Facebook group Louisville Worldwide Pinhole Day , email ). An IG message from @lucy_lumen , and...


Negative Positives Podcast #368

On this episode our guest is Jamie Maldonado ( , IG jamiemphoto , YouTube Jamie Maldonado , Twitter JamieMphoto )! We discuss how he got into photography through BMX, high school yearbook staff, college, journalism, Holga, music photography, portrait photography, finding the film community, and how all this led him to start his YouTube channel. Next, he answers community questions about finding the courage to photograph people, best film for "flesh tones", planning for...


Negative Positives Podcast #367

Another listener interaction show! Mike receives a wonderful gift of a black Pentax Spotmatic with a Super-Takumar 50mm f 1.4 lens from Steve Ingram (IG printandtype) and he appears on the Sunny 16 Podcast episode 254 (IG sunny16podcast, Sam Warner starts a new YouTube film photography channel (YouTube The Unrecovering Photography Addict , , IG unrecoveringphotographyaddict ). Malcolm Myers (IG photovalve) sends a call in with...


Negative Positives Podcast #366

The triumphant return of Roxanna Angles to a co-captain's chair! We catch up with Roxanna to see what she's been up to during her hiatus, catch up on our weeks, and talk about a zine from Wendy Gunderson (IG filmroadtrip , ). Next, we announce changes to the podcast and have listener interactions on the topic of our photographic legacy from Mario Piper (IG mariopiper , IG genxphotogpod , Flickr mario piper) from the Gen-X Photography Podcast and Mike Williams (IG...


Negative Positives Podcast #365

A listener interaction episode with emails from Aaron Alfano, Matt Bump (IG mattbump), and Malcolm Myers (IG photovalve). Also, an announcement about Stephen Dowling's (IG kosmofoto , IG ) new Kosmo Foto film release! The film is called Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow and has the usual awesome packaging of Kosmo film and is a 400 speed B&W emulsion. Support it on the Kickstarter campaign here:...


Negative Positives Podcast #364

We are back with the usual gang with a long episode! Our guest this week is John Money (IG johntmoney , IG _john_tm ) ! We talk out about how John got into photography, Andre's new family heirloom Leica and Cinestill BWXX in 120 format, Jess goes to the west coast and ruins some packfilm negatives, and Mike gives a shout out to Alex Luyckx (IG alexluyckxphoto , , YouTube Alex Luyckx ) of the Classic Camera Revival podcast (IG classiccamerarevival ) for using his music in...


Negative Positives Podcast #363.5

We were supposed to take this week off, we probably should have! Our most offensive episode to date! We start off okay with emails from Ken Tuomi (IG kentuomi ) and Mark Fohl (IG m.fohl , ) and a call in camera review from Malcolm Myers (IG photovalve ) about the Nikon FM2n. See the article Malcolm mentions by Johnny Martyr (IG johnnymartyrphoto ) at . Then things go quickly downhill with a segment of the lost...


Negative Positives Podcast #363

A Mike solo show with an email from Michael Raso from the FPP ( , IG filmphotographyproject , YouTube FilmPhotographyPodcast) about his newest video tutorial on YouTube for movie film shooters titled "8mm- Super 8 - 16mm / Basic Digital Editing - Sound FX Tips" (link here: ), Mike's birthday song to Graeme Jago in episode 248 of the Sunny 16 Podcast (IG sunny16podcast , ). An email from Alan...


Negative Positives Podcast #362

A guest show without our usual co-captains, so Mike had to enlist some cocoa captains in the form of Jess Hobbs (YouTube Jess Hobbs , IG jesshobbsphoto , twitter jesshobbsphoto) and Sam Warner ( , IG unrecoveringphotographyaddict , IG wayward_bones , twitter aphotoaddict ) to interview our guest Casey Hall (IG thejunkbookjournal , IG analogrescue ). We talk about how Casey got into photography and how classic lenses got him back into film, home...


Negative Positives Podcast #361

A listener interaction episode! Roxanna Angles (IG roxannalog IG golannaxor) appears on the "All Through A Lens" Podcast (IG allthroughalens.podcast) episode #39, Bob Matter (IG bobmatter) sends a message about a Vivian Maier: In Color exhibit at the Chicago History Museum that opened on May 8th, Mike Caputo's (IG aloha_bigmike) zine "America: Fifty on Film" is now available to order (get it here: ). We get emails about the Analog Kissy...


Negative Positives Podcast #360

A round table episode with Matt Murray (IG mattlovescameras, from the "Matt Loves Cameras" Podcast and Mike Caputo (IG & Flickr aloha_bigmike)! We talk about Matt's upcoming zines and his Lomo Purple contest and Mike Caputo's America 50 states zine, Old Spice menthol shower gel, and the Gutterman receives a package of Irish Spring soap and film from Alessandro Cornacchia (IG filmphotoguy)! Round table topics include: selling and repurchasing the same cameras again...


Negative Positives Podcast #359

This week Mike is joined by his wife, Mrs. Manette Gutterman (IG justmanette) to pick the winners of the Neg Pos Analog Kissy Selfie contest, we read emails from Kevin Dillon (IG ricoh_shooter) about LED light bulb replacements for portable slide viewers and Daniel Novak (IG danielnovakphoto, Flickr @masinka, ) with tips about Fomapan film. Next, we have an interview by Roxanna Angles (IG roxannalog, IG golannaxor) with Stephanie Rosie (IG stephanie.rosie,...