Five neighbourhoods in Nigeria, Finland, the US and India that reflect the complexity of our local worlds.

Five neighbourhoods in Nigeria, Finland, the US and India that reflect the complexity of our local worlds.


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Five neighbourhoods in Nigeria, Finland, the US and India that reflect the complexity of our local worlds.




The Battle for the Future of Lagos

The story of one of the most ambitious, privatised cities in West Africa, which involves dredging up millions of tons of sand to build 10 square kilometres of land off the coast of Lagos. Reporters Katie Jane Fernelius and Ishan Thakore look at Eko Atlantic City, a city with its own private electricity, water supply and sewage system that works to make Lagos the Dubai of Africa, and fight coastal erosion. But the construction of the city displaced the residents and patrons of what remained...


How a Garden Grows

Lowell has seen better days. Once a bustling mill town, in the 1920s and 30s it was hit hard by broad shifts in manufacturing that rocked the northeast United States. In the decades since, an influx of immigrants from all over the world has moved in, making Lowell a vibrant place to live despite the departure of industry. However, it remains a largely low-income city, and in the past few years an effort to address urban access to fresh food has brought community gardens to some of the...


At Conscience Point

The Hamptons in the East End of Long Island, New York, is the playground of the super-rich, the epicentre of a luxury property boom, with developers scheming for any scrap of land on which to make millions. Meanwhile the original inhabitants of this beautiful peninsula, the Shinnecock Indians, find themselves pushed to a point of near extinction, squeezed onto a tiny 1000-acre reservation. Over hundreds of years the Shinnecock have seen their ancient burial grounds ploughed up...


We Might as Well Be Finnish

These days, Finland is considered to be one of the best governed, least corrupt, most educated nations in the world. It has even earned itself the title of 'world’s happiest country'. Yet the self-deprecating Finns have long seen Finland as a scrappy underdog wedged between two much bigger countries, Sweden and Russia. There’s even a saying of sorts that captures this sentiment: “We can’t be Swedish. We don’t want to be Russian. We might as well be Finnish.” Kavita Pillay travels to Finland...


Fake Marriages for Real Homes

Would you pretend to be married so you could find somewhere to live? Plenty of people in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai, one of the world's most populous cities, do exactly that. Despite a recent ruling by the country's Supreme Court that an adult couple has a right to live together without marriage, the city's housing system keeps those who are not in conventional heterosexual marriages from renting flats. Shirley Abraham meets some of the people who have to live a lie to live in an...


Robert Redford Previews Neighbourhood

Where do you live? How does it feel? We meet the people from five neighbourhoods from around the globe. Join us, as we introduce you to the neighbours. Episode one will be available from 1 October 2018.