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Shawn Harwell (writer, Red Oaks, Eastbound and Down, The Campaign) and Craig Moorhead (editor, The Heroes of Arvine Place, Nightmare Next Door) watch and discuss the movies that have fallen through their cracks. Tee Up episodes cover the people and stories behind the scenes and are followed by an entire episode dedicated to a spoiler-filled examination of the films themselves. Enjoy!

Shawn Harwell (writer, Red Oaks, Eastbound and Down, The Campaign) and Craig Moorhead (editor, The Heroes of Arvine Place, Nightmare Next Door) watch and discuss the movies that have fallen through their cracks. Tee Up episodes cover the people and stories behind the scenes and are followed by an entire episode dedicated to a spoiler-filled examination of the films themselves. Enjoy!
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Shawn Harwell (writer, Red Oaks, Eastbound and Down, The Campaign) and Craig Moorhead (editor, The Heroes of Arvine Place, Nightmare Next Door) watch and discuss the movies that have fallen through their cracks. Tee Up episodes cover the people and stories behind the scenes and are followed by an entire episode dedicated to a spoiler-filled examination of the films themselves. Enjoy!




Season 3 Ep 30 - 'I Married a Witch'

This week Craig and Shawn say "I do," to Rene Clair's 1942 fantasy rom-com 'I Married a Witch." Starring Veronica Lake and Frederic March, this is one flick that don't need no pre-nup and will leave you divorced from your seat with body-shaking laughter. So come walk down the aisle with us as we lift the veil on this little lady, and unite in our vow to stop using wedding puns as soon as humanly possible. Enjoy and thanks for...


Season 3 Ep 29 - Tee Up: 'I Married a Witch'

This week Craig and Shawn give their doos a peek-a-boo and try not to get caught in the machinery as they tee up the 1942 Rene Clair comedy, 'I Married A Witch.' As with all comedies, the making of this film was an absolute joy and laugh-a-minute pleasure that could hardly be referred to as anything resembling actual work. No, wait - we've got that wrong. Some of these people hated each other... which, oddly, always makes us happy around here! Maybe we're the witch?? Huh. Enjoy and thanks...


Season 3 Ep 28 - 'The Shootist'

This week Craig and Shawn saddle up to talk all about the 1976 Don Siegel directed western 'The Shootist.' Prepare to hear oratory on subjects such as what makes a bed ticky and what, exactly, it means to think of Ron Howard as a badass, and why, exactly, is Scatman Crothers laughing so hard in that one scene?? All these questions and more will be answered as they travel down the dusty, blood-soaked trail that is the lasting legacy of one Marion Robert Morrison. (Psst: that's John Wayne's...


Season 3 Ep 27 - Tee Up: 'The Shootist'

In this episode, Shawn and Craig tee up the 1976 movie ‘The Shootist’, starring John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard, Harry Morgan, and whole bunch of other famous critters. Craig runs through the cast and crew quickly, with a short stop off to defend his continuing feelings for the late Gloria Grahame. Thankfully then Shawn takes over and lets you know all about the behind-the-scenes intrigue, including the fact that John Wayne was very nearly not cast in the movie at all!...


Season 3 Ep 26 - 'In a Lonely Place'

This week Craig and Shawn tip the hatcheck girl and do their best to steer clear of people named Brub, as they do the deep dive on Nicholas Ray's 1950 pseudo-noir 'In a Lonely Place.' The film stars Gloria Grahame as the literal girl next door, and Humphrey Bogart as... well, Humphrey Bogart, if you believe what you read. So what then does the performance say about the screen legend himself? You'll have to listen to find out, but let's just say the title is a pretty big damn clue. Enjoy and...


Season 3 Ep 25 - Tee Up: 'In a Lonely Place'

This week Shawn and some weirdo named Craig put their recliners all the way back to tee up the 1950 Nicholas Ray noir 'In a Lonely Place.' Noted as one of the great Humphrey Bogart performances, you will now remember it for an entirely different and incredibly salacious reason after you listen to this episode. Trust us. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Twitter! Facebook! Instagram! Never Heard of It on IMDb


Season 3 Ep 24 - 'I Am Not Madame Bovary'

This week Shawn and Brian share their feelings on life, love, and 'I Am Not Madame Bovary,' the 2016 drama from Chinese director Feng Xiaogang currently streaming on Netflix. This movie is about as radical of a departure from the previous Chinese film the two discussed as one could possibly get, so are they up to the task? The answer is a solid YES. Even if it takes ten years of lawsuits, they will not have their names sullied. No, thank you. Enjoy and thanks for...


Season 3 Ep 23 - Tee Up: ‘I Am Not Madame Bovary’

This week Shawn and Emergency Backup Co-host Brian Crane head once again to the lovely shores of China to tee up a movie from 2016 titled ‘I Am Not Madame Bovary.’ Directed by Feng Xiaogang and starring Fan Bingbing, the film offers a peephole glimpse (literally) into some of the legalities of domestic Chinese life. Did we mention that no one here at the cast is Chinese? This should be interesting. Come get educated. Enjoy and thanks for...


Season 3 Ep 22 - 'Animal World'

This week Shawn and pod regular Brian Crane put on wigs and red noses to get to the clown heart of Chinese filmmaker Han Yan's 2018 action-comedy 'Animal World.' In case you missed the tee up (and can't see the episode art) surprise: Michael Douglas is in this thing. And that's not even the weirdest thing about it! So, strap on your ear goggles and pay attention, because you're about to never, ever look at Rock Paper Scissors the same way again. Enjoy and thanks for...


Season 3 Ep 21 - Tee Up: 'Animal World'

Stamp your passports, nerds - Shawn and Craig (?) are going to China! That's right, this week's Tee Up takes you on a fantastic voyage through all the details of the 2018 Han Yan directed action flick 'Animal World,' streaming right now on Netflix. This movie's got some surprises up its sleeve right there in the credits, so if your only association with Chinese film is poorly dubbed kung-fu, then you're in for a real education. You might even get a degree. Maybe even a cap and gown. Just...


Season 3 Ep 20 - 'Franklyn'

This week Brian and Shawn ask a lot of questions about Gerald McMorrow's 2008 thriller 'Franklyn,' and (frankly) don't come up with very many answers. But maybe that's the point? Either way, it makes for a lively discussion and unless you belong to the sect of the 7th Day Manicurists you're going to want to strap on your ear-goggles and give it a listen. It might just change your life. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Twitter! Facebook! Instagram! Never...


Season 3 Ep 19 - Tee Up: 'Franklyn'

This week guest co-host Brian Crane joins Shawn once more to tee up the 2009 dystopian thriller 'Franklyn,' directed by first-timer Gerald McMorrow. Yes, this is the film about a masked vigilante played by none other than Mr. Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones. Kidding. It's not James Earl Jones. We've got the real answer and loads more info on this odd little bird for you wrapped up neatly in today's gift, so please, go ahead and open it. Enjoy and thanks for...


Season 3 Ep 18 - 'The Keep'

This week Shawn and interim co-host Brian Crane go once more unto 'The Keep' to give you the goods on the 1983 Michael Mann horror-ish flick starring Scott Glenn, Jurgen Prochnow, Gabriel Byrne, Alberta Watson and Sir Ian McKellen. Not enough? Okay, what if we also talk about the F. Paul Wilson novel that the film was adapted from? Still not enough? Whoa, stop being so greedy. As always, the big question is whether or not this is the best movie of all time or the worst. There's no in...


Season 3 Ep 17 - Tee Up: 'The Keep'

This week Shawn and Brian "Don't Call Me Craig" Crane tee up the one movie in Michael Mann's entire filmography that he possibly doesn't want you to see. That's right, it's the 1983 WWII fairy tale horror something 'The Keep'! What's in the keep? We don't know. Who's trying to let it out? We couldn't tell you. But what we do know is that we've got all sorts of info on everyone involved in making 'The Keep' and some dirt on what went down as they were making it. And there's no way on this...


Season 3 Ep 16 - 'Dogfight'

This week Craig and Shawn are getting crew cuts, lacing up the boots, and working on their war faces so they can do battle with the 1991 Nancy Savoca directed dramedy ‘Dogfight.’ While fortunately not about a literal dog fight, this flick still deals with a fairly dicey premise set in a time when the Vietnam War was right around the corner. With that in mind, this may be the most gentle military related film you’ll ever see and a real hidden gem in the illustrious careers of both River...


Season 3 Ep 15 - Tee Up: 'Dogfight'

This week, Shawn and Craig tee them up some 'Dogfight', the 1991 Nancy Savoca film in which River Phoenix is supposed to find an ugly girl to take to a party but instead finds Lili Taylor. We’re gonna get into all of it, from how they shot the last scene to how you position a love story involving marines that’s titled 'Dogfight'. It’s not an easy job, but they did it real good and you should do it to, by which we mean take a listen to this episode and then go check out the movie! Enjoy and...


Season 3 Ep 14 - 'Bugsy Malone'

This week Craig and Shawn swim across the Atlantic to see what made the 1976 musical 'Bugsy Malone' and it's all-kid cast such a hit in the UK and not in the US. They talk splurge guns, mouth breathers, non-tapping tap dancers, soup kitchen singers and so much more! And did we mention they do the entire episode in song? Well, they do. Or do they? I mean, they could! But then again they could not, right? Only one way to find out... Enjoy and thanks for...


Season 3 Ep 13 - Tee Up: 'Bugsy Malone'

This week Craig and Shawn are back with their gats and their gals to tee up Alan Parker’s debut feature, the 1976 gangster musical ‘Bugsy Malone.’ Now, when you think “gangster musical,” you obviously think a G-rated film starring nothing but children, right? No? Well, Parker did and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to get into this one. So, as they say in 1920’s Hollywood, come for the custard and stay for the Michael Jackson! It’ll all make sense once you listen. Maybe. Enjoy and...


Season 3 Ep 12 - 'Skidoo'

Spring is in the air and that means one thing: drugs. Naturally, we’re talking about the allergy kind and wish you pollen-sufferers strength and resolve as you navigate the next few snot-filled weeks. But in 1968 it was the spring of LSD and for Otto Preminger that meant rounding up the oldest actors he could find, grabbing Harry Nilsson and Rob Reiner by their long-ish hair and making the notoriously shelved comedy caper ‘Skidoo.’ Joining us today is musician, screenwriter, journalist, and...


Season 3 Ep 11 - Tee Up: 'Skidoo'

This week, Shawn and Craig take a listener suggestion and start spinning gold! Listener and friend of the podcast Tyler Baum suggested we watch the 1968 freak out ‘Skidoo’, so we shook hands on it and this week we talk about all the behind and in front of the scenes shananigans you can possibly imagigans. We talk about grumpy actors, John Wayne’s yacht and at least one actor on LSD that, really, sounds like it would be more fun than any movie we’ve ever seen. So buckle up, “hippies”! Let’s...