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Marginalia #9: Fuck Capitalism (Unless You'll Give Me a Job)

Marginalia #9: Fuck Capitalism (Unless You'll Give Me a Job) In this mixed bag of an episode, Jensine and Candice talk briefly about: * Book trailers and their efficacy * Brooklyn Beckham: Travel Photographer extraordinaire * The books in which LGB people first find representations of themselves And then we get onto the topic of capitalism and whether publishers can be held accountable for-- Look, honestly, between you and me? It's probably better to just listen. It ends with Jensine trying...


Episode 14 - Nimona (aka honestly though? no complaints)

This week we tackle our first graphic novel with Noelle Stevenson's webcomic-turned-published-book, Nimona. Um, we really liked this book guys. We discuss the strange twist of having your ship... come... true, how much we love Stevenson's art style and colours, and which characters were our favourite (and least favourite). Once you've given it a listen, head over to our website at to see a list of webcomic recommendations from all of us!


Episode 13 - Lies My Girlfriend Told Me (aka Accent a Droite, Bitch)

This week we read Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters, a tale of love, deception and baffling cellphone habits. When Alix's girlfriend Swanee dies, Alix realises she may not have known Swanee at all. Meanwhile, we realise we have no idea how to pronounce Swanee's name. That aside, we're left to contemplate just how much plot is actually in this book. Also, why some parts worked and some really didn't. And that's before we get to whether the main character was actually the best...