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Waveplays, interviews, specials, clips from the Nonsense Password Lounge, and other topics.

Waveplays, interviews, specials, clips from the Nonsense Password Lounge, and other topics.


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Waveplays, interviews, specials, clips from the Nonsense Password Lounge, and other topics.




April 10, 2021

The vaccine shot drains Somesense a day after while I sketch a strangers house in a nice neighborhood. Why do people bend over in group photos? Joined by Stephanie and Homeboy (of the Homeboy 88 Podcast)


April 9, 2021

Somesense got her first vaccine shot, so I guess she left me for Bill Gates; Prince Phillip is dead, but how can they be sure?; joined by Homeboy (from Homeboy88 Podcast), Wampus Cat, Miltdog 2020 (from Fuuk Space aka The Miltdog Show), and Father Brian (from Planet ADHD).


April 8, 2021

No honor among child sex traffickers; Homeboy calls in and we talk about Tiger Woods; cries for help and the 2nd Amendment; Wampus Cat calls in and we talk about normal carny outlaw bullshit; and Wampus and I talk male bonding in public bathrooms. I apologize for the delay posting the show. My internet went out at the end of the show and it was out for most of the night.


April 7, 2021

Jeopardy contestants guess US human rights violations; art school talk, I'm doing a good job; like trying to say like less, you know, like; I have 2 speeds, mosey and shashay; Wampus Cat calls in, we talk about cigarettes and he's about to go to Florida for wrasslin; Podbeans autoprocessing messes with this one a little bit, but most of it works well enough I guess


April 6, 2021

Drunk guy with my same name got my Instacart locked because he thinks he has my email address; "Continue" is an English word; you're probably never really used a pencil; what happened to wedgies; and my spiritual advisor is with child, how will she play the numbers game?


April 5, 2021

Likely, as punishment for the Easter nature walk with Somesense, Nonsense found a tick had bitten him while he lotioned up in his van during lunch. Nonsense also ponders about the event Trojan Horse was actually like and how his attempt would go down in the near apocalyptic future. He's also bummed about Yahoo Answers! going away, complains about Facebook data leaks, and talks about his efforts for the drawing class.


April 4, 2021

Nonsense rambles for a solid hour about forgetting that it's Easter, again, even though he talked about forgetting that it was Easter on last night's show, his history of reckless car ownership, and being walk-shamed by Somesense, who he walked with at a nature park while he demanded some toodlin' time. Also, about being in a How to Draw class.


April 3, 2021

Nonsense reflects on Easter as a child in the MidWest, wishes Charles Barkley was President, and gives a shoutout to DMX.


April 2, 2021

Feelin good, hog is rising, and joined by It's Doomsday Podcast for a hot call full of many stories about accidentally setting oneself on fire. Can you feel your brain?


April 1, 2021

Apparently I was lacking Iron and now I feel amazing.


March 31, 2021

Major Biden is my favorite White House occupant through my first 40 years of life, the Pillow Guy is offering Scientific Proof in a sly way - naming a movie, Scientific Proof. April Fools warning. Joined by Wampus Cat, fresh off a vaccine shot, and Lara.


March 30, 2021

I talk about how my hog might be messing up my skeletal muscle reading, I remember G Gordon Liddy fondly because I listened to his radio show as a little kid and he made me giggle because was way out there, talk lots of trash about current Eddie Munster looking conservative drama queen Matt Gaetz who is in a human sex trafficking schedule because of a DOJ investigation launched by fellow Trump lackey Bill Barr, and hog cult favorite Blu Bell calls in, gives us an update, and some tips she...


March 29, 2021

It was a windy day full of geese abuse and bad shirt times.


March 28, 2021

Nonsense ate too much lasagne and talks about being a bald man with too much hair though a tremendous beard. Tried to end Red Dead Redemption 2, but there was more. Parmida and Miltdog call in.


March 27, 2021

The return of the nightly show was attended by very special cult members Ace and Parmida, on her birthday. I went hat shopping with Somesense and learned that Johnny Sins and Alexis Texas are huge in Iran and India. I'm angry about this alleged "Sexiest Bald Men" list.


March 26, 2021

This last 2-hour fortnightly show starts out with me complaining about a sound problem with Podbean (that seems to have gotten a bit better with this show) and then descends into some existential dread before the show picks up and ends up all right, with the audience showing up and appearances from JLow, LingaLonga, Homeboy88, PattyWagon, Kelso, and Kapz. From now on, the Nonsense Password Lounge will be live nightly on Podbean, 11PM-Midnight central US on Podbean.


March 12, 2021

Nonsense talks about weather conspiracies, recycling conspiracies and other stuff as we struggle against the Podbean auto-limiter. Sorry for the audio quality.


Feb 26 21

Joined by Wampus Cat and Haze. We touch on the recent freezing cold; Civilization 6: Gathering Storm; me and Somesense getting out and around for the first time in a long time to get plants, sweets, and CBD; van life saving me; my ear rattling; Podbean toxicity and the Podbean of yore; DDoS on Podbean, Buzzsprout and other podcast hosts; tweeting song lyrics and seeming suicidal; the Netflix series “The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” about Elisa Lam; the TV series “The Sinner”; Lady Gaga’s...


Feb 12 21

The show will now be fortnightly on Fridays 10PM-midnight, with maybe some shows in between. We talk about the Super Bowl and how well Pat Mahomes played, buying something only to have your inbox blown up, the Trump impeachment trial, GABBA, Free Britney, True Blood, the Twitter hack, and other stuff. With Somsense Password and The Wampus Cat.


January 31 show

I come back as my heart healed from my platform screwing me again. I talk about all sorts of things: Q, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, masks, covid, whacky parents and all sorts of other things. A real hoot.