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Your home for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. Get your weekly recap on what's happening in this crazy world of entertainment, all with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of LOLZ. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, creator of the Instagram "Not Skinny But Not Fat".

Your home for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. Get your weekly recap on what's happening in this crazy world of entertainment, all with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of LOLZ. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, creator of the Instagram "Not Skinny But Not Fat".


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Your home for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. Get your weekly recap on what's happening in this crazy world of entertainment, all with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of LOLZ. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, creator of the Instagram "Not Skinny But Not Fat".




101. My Fave Southern Charmer w/ Craig Conover

I've been waiting to have my favorite Southern Charmer- Craig Conover aka Craigy on the pod. Ever since I first saw him breaking all stereotypes with a sewing machine, and crying over ex Naomi Olindo's nose job, I've wanted to marry I mean speak to him. I talk to Craig about all things Southern Charm this past season, that unforgettable reunion, and everything the Pillow King has going on now. Support the show by supporting our sponsorsss: Stitch Fix: Get started today at...


100. Corona, Comedy, and The Bachelor w/ Jared Freid

My favorite guest to complain with and discuss all things Bachelor, Comedian Jared Freid is on and like always, he makes me LMFAO. We talk about the new normal. corona, queantatine, and annoying people. Jared tells me his hot takes re Matt James as the bachelor, and I tell him which celeb slid into my DMS and made my life complete. ELF Cosmetics: Get 25% off your e.l.f. purchase of $40 or more! Go to and use code NOTSKINNY Spanx: Use code NOTSKINNY for 10% off at...


99. #FreeBritney Deep Dive (part 2) w/ Jared Lipscomb

A LOT has happened since our first #FreeBritney deep dive episode. Most importantly, the New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” that premiered on February 5th, and has caused the entire world to be talking about our girl Brit, under the control of her evil dad. Jared Lipscomb, celebrity makeup artist by day, and #FreeBritney front liner by night, joins me to discuss the doc, as well as the latest court decision, and he even shares his own run in with Britney’s infamous...


98. Bullies on the Bachelor

Arielle joins me today to talk about the bullying going on on this season of The Bachelor- are we overly sensitive? Are the producers to blame? Has it always been like this or is it really the worst this season? We talk about Queen Victoria, Rachael who Matt is soooooo falling for, and other updates from Bachelor Nation. We also touch on the latest celeb news- Kourt & Trav, Armie Hammer, Madison LeCroy, Rebel Wilson’s single, and more! Produced by Dear Media


97. Dudes, Dating & DMing Dale w/ Violet Benson

Meme queen (Daddy Issues) and host of Too Tired to Be Crazy podcast Violet Benson joins me to talk about Armie Hammer, dating in quarantine, sliding in to dudes' DM’s (specifically some Bachelor Nation dudes). She shares those hilarious stories and I make her DM someone of my choosing on the air! You have to hear her pick up line. Ritual: Go to for 10% off for 3 months! Usual Wines: Go to and use code NOTSKINNY for $8 off! Produced by Dear Media


96. The Matchlor w/ Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez, or Bekah M as you may remember from Arie Luyendyk's season of The Bachelor, joins me to discuss all things Matt James' season- including controversial contestant Sarah Trott, the hilarious Victoria Larson, and what we think of Matt as the bachelor and the season so far. The mom of 2 also shares her experience on Arie's season- was Arie a good kisser? How she dealt with being labeled as the "too young to be there/ not ready for an engagement" one ? Spoiler alert- she had her...


95. Lols & Trolls w/ Taylor Strecker

Getting the life update from our fave friend Taylor Strecker! We hear all about her lesbian engagement, how it all was planned, went down and where they got the rings! We do a “mean tweets” segment reading some of our best negative reviews, and it’s honestly a vibe. Bring a change of undies because you will pee your pants. Produced by Dear Media


94. Hilary AKA Hilaria w/ Lilliana Vazquez

WHAT WERE OUR LIVES BEFORE THE HILARIA BALDWIN DRAMA? Seriously guys. Shall we call it cucumbergate? Whatever you want to call it, it took over my damn life and is one of the wildest celebrity scandals EVER. Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilary from Boston pretending to be Hilaria from Spain, and fooling us all for years has us spiraling. To discuss the entertainment value but also reasons why it is offensive to both the Latino and Hispanic communities, E!'s Lilliana Vasquez joins me and does a...


93. Very Shannon Ford

What perfect timing it was to talk to ex cast mate of ex E! Show; Very Cavallari. Shannon Ford was given the boot after making a huge impression on the first season of Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavallari’s new show. So what went wrong? Why was she fired? How was she fired and where do her and KC stand now? Shannon breaks it allllllll down and gives us the MF piping hot tea. She’s an honest b and we love it. We also talk about those recent Instagram lives featuring her old boss, and what was...


92. Honestly, it was a lot #BacheloretteFinale #SpoilerAlert

I have no words! I am so so happy about the ending of the bachelorette and this seasons’ second bachelorette, Tayshia Adams killed it! Listen to Arielle and I remember recap the final 2 episodes of The Bachelorette. Honestly, it was a loooot. Produced by Dear Media


91. Bachelorette, Paradise, & Stagecoach w/ Blake Horstmann

Thank god there was no Stagecoach this year ! Blake Horstmann from Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette (and from that wild season of Bachelor in Paradise) joins me in talking about the current season of The Bachelorette as well as about his time on The Bachelorette, being the runner up, and about the whole process (hint: it's wild!). This was MAJOR. He tells me a NEVER BEFORE SHARED moment with Becca, and where their relationship stands now! We discuss coming on the show for fame-...


90. #FreeBritney Deep Dive w/ Jared Lipscomb

It’s been a long time coming. We all think we know a bit about what’s going on with our favorite pop star ever, Britney Spears, with her kooky Instagram posts and the rising #FreeBritney movement, but it also seems like we’re just becoming aware of the 12 year conservatorship our beloved Brit has been under! And we have to free her! To help me/us better understand WTH is going on, one of Britney’s biggest fans and the go-to makeup artist for Vanderpump Rules cast and cancer survivor Jared...


89. Reality TV's Heather Rae Young & Tarek El Moussa

Ok my 2 guests' names are so long that I had no room for a snarky episode title! The v popular reality tv (engaged) couple, Heather Rae Young from Selling Sunset & Tarek El Moussa from HGTV are everything they seem from their social media- they're v cutesy and v in love. They tell me all about how they are now a sup reality tv duo, how they met, who won't be invited to the wedding and more. Produced by Dear Media


88. Bachelorette SZN w/ Dylan Barbour

It's Bachelorette SZN! Dylan Barbour from Hannah B's season of the Bachelorette, but more memorably, from Bachelor in Paradise where he Twilight-style imprinted on Hannah G from Colton's season and got her in the end- is on the pod! Aside from being a GD gem of a human, he also tells us about his app, Vizer, how he got on The Bachelorette, how he knew he wanted Hannah G, how he feels about Blake, was he happy about him getting heat from Stagecoach Gate? Honestly I like this guy so much...


87. Two B’s on a Pod w/ Andrea Lavinthal

Style and Beauty director at People Magazine, and a whole vibe of a woman, Andrea Lavinthal, joins me in breaking down the last Bachelorette ep, where Clare and Dale stand now; and how I was threatened to take down that post incriminating dale! We talk about hashtag mom life, her interviews with several of the Kardashians and who was the best, our worthless husb’s and how we're not part of the empowered WAP generation. Produced by Dear Media


86. The King of Bachelor Nation Spoilers: Reality Steve

Can you guys believe we're only like 5 episodes in to this wild season of The Bachelorette? Clare and Dale are gone and breath of fresh air Tayshia has arrived! Of course, we're not totally done with Clare and Dale as we get to enjoy their cringey Instagram lives now that they're a free couple! The king of Bachelor Nation spoilers- Reality Steve is on and helps me understand this season at LA Quinta. Did Clare and Dale actually speak before the show? He even spoils Tayshia's season at minute...


85. Blowing Up the Bachelorette & The KarJenners F Up

Ok we just watched the last episode of The Bachelorette with crazy Clare (what? you mean falling in love with a dude through his instagram and deciding he's going to be your husband before ever meeting him and the 20 something other guys who all came to meet you is crazy?? Noooo. Dudeeeeeeeeeeee. Clare's 3 episodes were exhausting. The name Dale has never been said so many times. Ever. Is Dale even into her at all? Well he did go down on one knee after Chris Harrison was like- NO ONE WILL...


84. Anon celeb gossip w/ Deuxmoi

Born during quarantine, the anon celeb gossip instagram account Deuxmoi is on the pod, and answers my pressing questions- how she started, her fave and least fave celebs, how is she connected to the entertainment industry? who is she? Where does she live? What does she do and what are her goals with the account? What's the deal with her celeb nicknames (i.e for Leo) -hint- it has to do with headphones and sex. Who is the thirstiest and which celebs follow her account? Why is she private? and...


83. The Cringiest Bachlorette Episode of all time w/ Kate Casey

Fellow sarcastic, cynical and reality TV loving podcastress, Kate Casey, joins me in recapping the second episode of the shit show that is this season of the bachelorette, and also the cringiest episode of all freaking time. Kate has an inside scoop about Clare and what the producers thought of her. Kate also shares she had stupid Max on her podcast when he was dating Demi, and gives us the creepy (Andrew Cunanan vibes) lowdown on what he was like. Produced by Dear Media


82. Bachelorette Recap and Maxgate

The most dramatic season yet of the bachelorette is here! Ok but really this time? A 39 year old bachelorette, leaving mid season, only to be replaced by a new bachelorette!? Damn. This should be good! Sistager joins me to recap the first episode as well as discuss Demi Lovato’s crazy ex fiancé, Max, whom I’m obviously spiraling about! We also talk about Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae’s bizarre friendship and trip to NYC which I’m obviously V jel of, as well as some new Hollywood...