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Off Panel #178: Comic Voltron with Sanford Greene

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Sanford Greene joins the podcast to discuss his art and his upcoming Image Comics series, Bitter Root. Greene talks about the influence of cartoons on his art, what stood out to him about comics when was younger, the impact of youth, whether he always knew he wanted to draw comics, the impact of artists like Toth and J.C. Leyendecker, becoming a Voltron of influences, getting into artists you disliked in your youth, Bitter Root's origins, the...


Off Panel #177: Boom and Bust with Heidi MacDonald

In this week's episode of Off Panel, The Beat's Heidi MacDonald joins the podcast to talk about New York Comic Con and recent happenings in the comic world. MacDonald discusses the NYCC experience, her favorite announcements from the con, the publisher boom, what's happening at DC, Bendis's fit, the Batman Damned controversy, the rare double Telgemeier, the Chuck Wendig news, the C.B. Cebulski era at Marvel, Ike Perlmutter's influence, industry doom and gloom, and more.


Off Panel #176: Freezer Pizza with Brenden Fletcher

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Brenden Fletcher joins the show to talk the comic industry and his Image series with artist Karl Kerschl, Isola. Fletcher discusses what he was doing before comics, the language of fandom, the musicality of language, how Gotham Academy and Batgirl came together, why he co-writes so often, balancing abstraction with narrative, fitting the comic marketplace, the impact of continuity, the first volume's cover, long distance collaboration, the Motor...


Off Panel #175: I Am Baytor? with John McCrea

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist John McCrea joins the show to talk his career and new Image series, Dead Rabbit. McCrea discusses how he and writer Garth Ennis met, how he got into comics, learning art, how his style shifted over the years, getting away with things on Hitman, the greatness of Dogwelder, his fondness of Section Eight, how Hitman affected him and his career, the origins of Dead Rabbit, Gerry Duggan's writing, the Image Expo reveal, character design, his style for...


Off Panel #174: Back to School with Ramon Villalobos

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Ramon Villalobos joins the show to talk his art and new Vertigo Comics series, Border Town. Villalobos discusses the Marvel movies, non-comics influences, learning about art, making something 100% his, Border Town, how it came together, the appeal of teen stories, his process, creating character through art, Tamra Bonvillain's colors, the response to the book, how he's promoted it, Comicsgate, his shoe game, and more, before closing with five...


Off Panel #173: Dividing Earths with Faith Erin Hicks

In this week's episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks joins to talk her work and latest graphic novel, The Divided Earth. Hicks discusses her 19 years in comics, how her skills have evolved, key influences, the power of silence, The Nameless City trilogy, what she learned from that experience, creating empathy, long-term planning, Jordie Bellaire's impact, what she gives herself breathers between projects, working with Rainbow Rowell, selling humor, her upcoming schedule, working...


Off Panel #172: LIVE! with Bruno Batista, Declan Shalvey, John Hendrick and Stephen Mooney

In this week's special edition of Off Panel, creators Declan Shalvey and Stephen Mooney and retailers Bruno Batista and John Hendrick join the show in a live podcast recording from Dublin's preeminent comic shop, Big Bang Comics. In the episode, we discuss how creators, retailers and journalists can work together to give comics a bright future, how promoting comics is changing, what comics are today, whether artists can consider the industry as a whole while working, what artists can do to...


Off Panel #171: The Beach with Jason Howard

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Jason Howard joins the show to talk his art and upcoming Image series with Warren Ellis, Cemetery Beach. Howard discusses his time studying graphic design, how that influences his art, his path to comics and focus on creator-owned work, the origins of Cemetery Beach, its appeal, world building, the power of his sketchbook, why things click with Warren Ellis, how he works, character acting, his colors, cover design, Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark, and...


Off Panel #170: Total Eclipse of the Heart with Alejandro Arbona

In this week's episode of Off Panel, editor and writer Alejandro Arbona joins the show to talk his path to comics and his current work as a freelance editor on books like Lazarus, The Old Guard and Black Magick. Arbona discusses his time at Wizard Magazine, interviewing Alan Moore, how he got to Marvel, how he approaches editing, Lazarus's new format breaks down, working with Warren Simons, Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte, chupacabras, why he's still editing comics, the differences between...


Off Panel #169: No Longer Mint with Rico Renzi

In this week's episode of Off Panel, colorist Rico Renzi (Spider-Gwen, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) joins the show to talk his work. Renzi discusses his time in a ska band, how that world influenced his art, what led him to coloring comics, how his take on colors developed, his time as the creative director at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find and HeroesCon, the art of arranging people at cons, how his shop experience changed his understanding of comics, going full time as a colorist, his approach...


Off Panel #168: Literal Nature with Dafna Pleban

In this week's episode of Off Panel, BOOM! Studios senior editor Dafna Pleban joins the show to talk her role as an editor. Pleban discusses her comic book origin story, 90s teen heroes, her time in comic shops, how she started at BOOM!, what her job as a senior editor entails, how the order cycle impacts her, Wild's End, how complete that book felt, the mix of titles she edits, editing licensed books, casting comics, and more, before closing with five questions about Dafna Pleban, the...


Off Panel #167: Mass Maelstrom with Daniel Warren Johnson

In this week's episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson returns to the show to talk the end of Extremity and the story behind his new comic, Murder Falcon. Johnson discusses his recent San Diego Comic Con experience, whether his cons have changed since Extremity, the personal connection people had with the book, the power of story, what he did after he wrapped that project, the key takeaways from tackling Extremity, the origins of Murder Falcon, putting so much of himself in a...


Off Panel #166: The Weatherman with Nathan Fox

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Nathan Fox joins the show to talk his art and work on his new Image series, The Weatherman. Fox discusses what attracted him to art and storytelling first, his path to becoming a working artist, his approach to art, some of his earliest influences, the street art influence, why he took a break from comic interiors, whether he wanted his own project to build, the story behind The Weatherman, world building, his art process, character acting, the...


Off Panel #165: Sneak Attack with Shawn Kirkham

In this week's episode of Off Panel, Skybound Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Business Development, Shawn Kirkham, joins the show to discuss their stealth launch of the new comic series from Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn and Rus Wooton, Die!Die!Die!, and everything his job includes at Skybound. Kirkham discusses fancy titles, the origins of Die!Die!Die!, why they wanted to release a comic without any advance warning, the upside of doing a comic that...


Off Panel #164: More Than Meets the Eye with Bob Budiansky

In this week's episode of Off Panel, former writer, artist and Marvel editor joins the show to talk his career, the Transformers, and more. Budiansky discusses having his life dramatized in The Toys That Made Us, the origins of The Transformers (and his part in it), how he ended up at Marvel, whether he viewed comics as a career at the time, what Marvel was like in the 80s, Mark Gruenwald, how he started writing The Transformers, his approach on the book, why he left it, whether his...


Off Panel #163: The Horror with Al Ewing

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Al Ewing joins the show to talk about his new series, the Immortal Hulk. Ewing discusses his background as a comic reader, the strips hew grew up on, his Marvel background and love of the Hulk, Peter David's Hulk, how the idea for the Immortal Hulk came together, the Banner/Hulk dichotomy, Joe Bennett's impact on the book, how they're handling the art on the book, his writing approach, consecutive double page spreads, borrowing from other creators,...


Off Panel #162: The Comic Maker with Paul Levitz

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer and DC Comics legend Paul Levitz joins the show to talk his career and latest trade paperback, Brooklyn Blood. Levitz discusses his comics journalism background, what comics were like when he joined DC, comic book pro poker night, Jenette Kahn's impact, his time writing the Legion of Super-Heroes, his self-created position at DC, the development of the modern DC creator contract, the direct market, the development of the trade paperback and its...


Off Panel #161: The Superhero State of the Union with Oliver Sava

In this week's episode of Off Panel, The AV Club's resident comic critic Oliver Sava returns to the show for a deep dive into the state of the superhero union. We discuss how we feel about superhero comics in general today, Geoff Johns' big move out of DC Entertainment, what he's liking and not liking at DC right now, The Killing Zone, Bendis's start at DC, Young Animal ending, DC's love of imprints, Vertigo's relaunch, where Marvel is at, Ta-Nahisi Coates' work on Black Panther, the titles...


Off Panel #160: In the Summertime with Vera Brosgol

In this week's episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Vera Brosgol joins the show for the first time to talk her latest graphic novel Be Prepared and her work overall. Brosgol discusses her recent book tour, the experience of visiting schools, solely focusing on being a graphic novelist, the difficulty of writing, how she works, revisiting her past in her work, going the memoir route, the impact working in animation for Laika Studios had on her comic work, working with first second, her approach...


Off Panel #159: Power Rankings with John Allison

In this week's episode of Off Panel, it's a special Power Rankings episode with cartoonist John Allison of Giant Days and Bad Machinery fame, who joins the show to rank a few of his favorite things. Allison discusses his favorite characters of his own, why writing is easier for him than art, favorite colloquialisms, his love of television, the MCU, favorite elements of old superhero comics, science fiction stories, Death's Head II, his characters he's most similar to, bizarre, modern things...