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Off Panel #161: The Superhero State of the Union with Oliver Sava

In this week's episode of Off Panel, The AV Club's resident comic critic Oliver Sava returns to the show for a deep dive into the state of the superhero union. We discuss how we feel about superhero comics in general today, Geoff Johns' big move out of DC Entertainment, what he's liking and not liking at DC right now, The Killing Zone, Bendis's start at DC, Young Animal ending, DC's love of imprints, Vertigo's relaunch, where Marvel is at, Ta-Nahisi Coates' work on Black Panther, the titles...


Off Panel #160: In the Summertime with Vera Brosgol

In this week's episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Vera Brosgol joins the show for the first time to talk her latest graphic novel Be Prepared and her work overall. Brosgol discusses her recent book tour, the experience of visiting schools, solely focusing on being a graphic novelist, the difficulty of writing, how she works, revisiting her past in her work, going the memoir route, the impact working in animation for Laika Studios had on her comic work, working with first second, her approach...


Off Panel #159: Power Rankings with John Allison

In this week's episode of Off Panel, it's a special Power Rankings episode with cartoonist John Allison of Giant Days and Bad Machinery fame, who joins the show to rank a few of his favorite things. Allison discusses his favorite characters of his own, why writing is easier for him than art, favorite colloquialisms, his love of television, the MCU, favorite elements of old superhero comics, science fiction stories, Death's Head II, his characters he's most similar to, bizarre, modern things...


Off Panel #158: Vassalovka Propaganda with Greg Rucka

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Greg Rucka joins the show to talk Lazarus and its big format and schedule change. Rucka discusses why that change was necessary, the varying ways you can handle delays, how he figured out solutions, how it changes his job, artist Michael Lark's subtle skills, the impact the format change will have, Eric Trautmann's low-key MVP nature on the title, whether today's market is more conducive to atypical comic approaches, balancing workloads, his...


Off Panel #157: Snotgirl with Leslie Hung

In the second episode of two on Off Panel this week, artist Leslie Hung joins the show to talk Snotgirl and her art. Hung discusses the TCAF experience, art school, the magic of comics, how she and Snotgirl collaborator Bryan Lee O'Malley teamed up and created Snotgirl, fashion bloggers, social media stars, the learning curve on making comics, her art process, the colors in the book, creating the looks of the cast, character acting, her understanding of the cast, her podcast Salt & Honey,...


Off Panel #156: Snotguy with Bryan Lee O'Malley

In this week's first episode of two on Off Panel, cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley joins the show to talk his Image Comics series Snotgirl and his career making comics. He discusses what stood out to him about his collaborator on Snotgirl, Leslie Hung, where the idea for the book came from, the impact of Los Angeles had on the book, fashion bloggers and social media curation, whether he feels like part of the online conversation, the Warren Ellis Forums, allergies, the improvisational nature...


Off Panel #155: The Goddess of Thunder with Russell Dauterman

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Russell Dauterman joins the show to talk his art and recently completed run on The Mighty Thor. Dauterman discusses how he celebrated The Mighty Thor concluding, the experience of tackling such a long run, his character design background, designing the cast of Thor, differentiating Jane Foster and Jane Thor, his art process, photo reference, working with Matt Wilson, page layouts, the power of continuity, having a long run under his belt, and...


Off Panel #154: Where We Live with Will Dennis

In this week's episode of Off Panel, editor Will Dennis joins the show to talk his role in comics, specifically on the upcoming anthology comic, Where We Live. Dennis discusses the role of an editor, what drives the projects he takes on, the importance of trust, Will Dennis books, the Vertigo brand, Scalped, Vertigo's incredible run of cover artists, what he's doing on Where We Live, how working in comics changes your relationship with them, how the project has come together, the...


Off Panel #153: Flying Colors with Joe Field

In this week's episode of Off Panel, comic shop owner (and Free Comic Book Day creator) Joe Field joins the show to talk FCBD and the world of retail. Field discusses Free Comic Book Day, the power of the day, the unique environment that led to the day, growth of interest, converting FCBD customers into regular customers, the power of events, how his shop has evolved in its 30 years, what 2017 was like for his shop, the year so far, the state of Marvel, DC making moves, Action Comics...


Off Panel #152: Do the Right Thing with Karl Kerschl

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Karl Kerschl joins the show to talk his influences and his new Image series, Isola. Kerschll discusses the impact the Image founders had on him, being a contrarian, his career path, the appeal of comic strips, doing your own thing, modern coloring, Isola's colors, sound effects, research, telling a story with a silent character, the creative process on the book, the value of hooks, the map of the world, and more, before closing with five...


Off Panel #151: Count Stockula with Ryan Browne

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Ryan Browne joins the show to talk his latest Kickstarter for GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS presents 3-D COWBOY'S 2-D SPECTACULAR! Browne discusses the origins of God Hates Astronauts, building an audience, webcomics, why he went back to Kickstarter, the story behind it, his incredible artistic collaborators, the creative process on the book, living with Paolo Rivera, the importance of taking things seriously, crazy character names, Kickstarter rewards,...


Off Panel #150: Final Fantasies with Kazu Kibuishi

In this week's special, 150th episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Kazu Kibuishi joins the show to talk comics, art and ten years of Amulet. Kibuishi discusses creating a story readers grow up with, the next generation of comic creators, Amulet's evolution, managing such a sprawling story, respecting readers, digging into Amulet's world, his creative process, expanding comics' genres, the value of simple character depictions, Final Fantasy, and more, before diving into five questions about...


Off Panel #149: Uncanny X-Rankings with Brandon Burpee

In this week's episode of Off Panel, friend of the show Brandon Burpee returns for a power rankings episode all about the X-Men. The show begins with a discussion about our X-Men backstories, before we dive into the ranks, as we share our favorite X-Men artists, the best characters who died and came back, X-Bases, villains, writers, moments, stories and more, before closing with a fantasy draft to create our own X-Men line of comics. It's a fun episode, but as a note, it's also one with...


Off Panel #148: The Color Game with Tamra Bonvillain and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Live from Emerald City ComiCon, it's a panel episode as colorists Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol) and Kelly Fitzpatrick (Shade the Changing Woman) join the show to discuss their work. They talk getting into art, whether they studied art at school, the idea of coloring as a stepping stone, how their line art experience impacts their coloring, how much their colors change based off the line artist, attribution, their processes, whether they have specific palettes, balancing workload, the...


Off Panel #147: The Comic Life with Robert Kirkman

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Robert Kirkman joins the show to talk comics and his new book, Oblivion Song. Kirkman discusses why he keeps making comics, whether he's an art nerd, how his success allows him to take risks, learning from other creators and comics, Oblivion Song's lead time, his approach to writing, Savage Dragon's impact on him, how artists have changed the path of his comics, what made Lorenzo de Felici the right fit for Oblivion Song, what he looks for in his...


Off Panel #146: Harry Potter After Dark with Jen Bartel and Sam Humphries

In this week's episode of Off Panel, Jen Bartel and Sam Humphries - the creative team behind the upcoming Image Comics series, Blackbird - join the show to discuss their upcoming book. They discuss what stood out about each other's work, their commonalities as creators and people, comic creators as entrepreneurs, when Blackbird first started coming together, how they highlight each other's strengths, the development of the book, what it's all about, the comic's influences, making the book...


Off Panel #145: Cinderella Story with Rob Guillory

In this week's bonus episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Rob Guillory joins the show to talk his recently announced series from Image Comics, Farmhand. Guillory discusses the Todd McFarlane experience, the Chew recovery process, figuring out what was next for him, the development of Farmhand, what the book is all about, how it's coming together, his collaborators on it, the plan behind it, why Image was the fit for Farmhand, being disconnected from the comic conversation, and more.


Off Panel #144: Ledger Man with Gerry Duggan

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Gerry Duggan joins the podcast to discuss his new Image series, Analog, and his views on writing. Duggan talks about the ComicsPRO experience, his comics retail past, comic naming conventions, working with the Allreds, his wave of creator-owned books, Analog vs. reality, whether he needed to mix things up, his time writing for television, the surprising script that helped him get Deadpool, his time writing for television, why the lead of Analog...


Off Panel #143: Shop Talk with John Hendrick and Steve Anderson

In a bonus episode of Off Panel, we have one recorded live last week from ComicsPRO's annual meeting in Portland, Oregon with two of the best retailers in comics - John Hendrick of Dublin's Big Bang Comics and Steve Anderson of Maryland's Third Eye Comics. It's a caffeine fueled discussion - at least on my end - where we talk about the origins of their shops, their affinity for retail, how they organize their comics, what 2017 was like for their shops, Rick & Morty, their hopes for 2018,...


Off Panel #142: The Stegman Power Rankings with Ryan Stegman

This week on Off Panel, artist Ryan Stegman returns to the show for a special episode breaking down his personal power rankings of varying subjects important to him. Stegman discusses his favorite artists growing up, his most surprising influences, the Malice in the Palace, his personal Mount Rushmore of comics, the artists he'd steal the powers of, the most important meals of the days, his favorite projects, and more. It's a bit different for Off Panel, but I hope you enjoy it.