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- The home for everything New England Whalers, Inspired by the ever-growing world of Esports. Three couch vibed friends covering Gaming news, Lifestyle, and pop culture.

- The home for everything New England Whalers, Inspired by the ever-growing world of Esports. Three couch vibed friends covering Gaming news, Lifestyle, and pop culture.


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- The home for everything New England Whalers, Inspired by the ever-growing world of Esports. Three couch vibed friends covering Gaming news, Lifestyle, and pop culture.






Episode 12



Episode 11 | "BMF"

The Off The Boat Crew takes control of the Tom Brady leaving the Patriots narrative (05:15). Kanye West finally delivered his Gospel album Jesus is King and the guy's debate whether or not if the album is re-playable (23:00). Jonhimself and Kany discuss their love and hate relationship with Call of Duty Modern Warfare (35:50). The @Blurayging movie of the week is Predestination(45:00). Last but not least the OTB boys slander the UFC's BMF Belt(1:02:40). Make sure you follow @blurayging on...


Episode 10 | "Austin from Boston"

The Off The Boat Podcast opens the conversation with Jaylen Brown's new contract with the Boston Celtics, and the rookie extension deals around the league(2:00). The crew also speaks on their expectations for the NBA 2019 regular-season start(7:25). This week’s guest, Austin Champagne, educates the podcast with some Colin Kaepernick kneeling history(15:35). Kany tells the crew how he’s preparing for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 release date(28:15). Make sure you follow @blurayging...


Episode 9 | "Black Hole"

For this episode’s opening topic, the Off the Boat Podcast starts things off with Kylie Jenner. Kylie recently was wealth shamed for posting a picture of a Bugatti and the boys put themselves in her shoes (12:00). Meech watched Netflix’s new rap music show Rhythm + Flow starring Chance the Rapper, and they dive into the Who’s the hottest rapper right now conversation (6:20). The guys finally watched the highly controversial Joker Movie and the guys compare it to lasts week @Bluraygin movie....


Episode 8 | "Swipe night"

The Off The Boat Podcast start off episode 8 with a weekend recap. Meech went apple picking, and Jonhimself experienced Swipe Night on Tinder (00:35). The OTB crew joined with @Blurayging for the first Official collaboration of the podcast. Bluraygin chose a Martin Scorsese movie, Taxi Driver for our first Official movie review (22:17). NBA Preseason started and the guys give their expectations for the Boston Celtics for the 2019 season(49:48). The Off The Boat Podcast also talk Dame...


Episode 7 | "Careful When You Sneeze"

Jonah Hill was cast for a Batman Movie and the Off The Boat crew brainstorm possible roles and if he’ll be the next Penguin (09:05). Kanye West fails to drop his new album, Jesus is King, and the boys discuss how it's becoming a pattern for Kanye's releases. The crew debate whether Kanye’s lagged delivery is tarnishing the relationship with his loyal fanbase (24:00). In the wake of yet another teacher-student sex scandal, the OTB crew talk about whether they would have hooked up with their...


Episode 6 | "Innuendos"

Jonhimself surprises the crew with a new hair-do and shares a solution for his balding called "The Magic Hair Growth Hat" (09:15). The Emmy Awards aired over the weekend and the boys dive into why award show ratings are at a record-breaking low (12:00). Forbes released a list of highest-paid rappers in 2019 and Meech reacts to Kanye West topping Jay-z and Drake (17:00). The Off The Boat crew recap J.Cole's 2019 highlights after his recent tweet about retiring from featuring on other artists'...


Episode 5 | "Battle Of The Couches"

Episode 5 begins with Jonhimself recapping what happened during week 2 of Fantasy football (1:54). Kany brings up how Hecz left Optic Gaming and announced joining NRG and Call of Duty Chicago (7:25). This week's "F*ck Stick Of The Week Award" after watching the new surveillance video from the Dominican Police (17:35). On the eve of the NFL's meeting with Antonio Brown's accuser, Captain Barbo brings up the new allegations that have surfaced and asked the guys their thoughts (23:43). Somehow...


Episode 4 | "Edibles"

The Off The Boat team start Episode 4 with Jonhimselfs break down of his dating app Pickle excursion (10:00). The Boys also Debate who was the hottest 90's actress of all time (18:30). News broke out that the MCU lost the rights to the Spiderman movies, and Jonhimself and Captain Barbo share their experience with dabbling with Edible marijuana and also the possibility of Rob Gronkowki returning to the nfl (32:00). The New England Patriots pick up Antonio Brown for a one year deal. As Pat's...


Episode 3 | "Chicken Sandwich"

The Off The Boat team start with Roasting Jonhimself (0:40). The crew debate the impact Google Stadia will have on gaming (9:00). They also discuss the cringe-worthy Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwich by Oscar Myers( 19:00). Jonhimself gives us the F*ck Stick Of The Week: Connor Mcgregor sucker punches old man (24:00). Mike Tyson smokes $40k of marijuana(28:00). The Boys from Boston also dive into Fortnite’s Mistake with The Mech and all the memes that sprung out( 32:00). Last but not least the crew...


Episode 2 | "Pound It"

Popular streaming service inks deal with Game of Thrones writers and the boys have something to say about it (5:00). They also discuss Stock X's data gate and how the recent hack has affected influencers and YouTubers (27:27). Tom, Ken, and Jonhimself share their embarrassing hobbies, including Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers and NFL Fantasy Football (54:00). The Off the Boat cast comment on Antonio Brown headlines and drama (60:50). The boys dive into their favorite sports to watch for this...


Episode 1 - Pilot

The pilot to four 20 something year-olds commenting on society and culture with a touch of comedy. For more OTB content subscribe to the blog. Follow us on all social: Twitter: @offthe_boat Instagram: @offtheboatpodcast Powered by the New England Whalers @whalersgg