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The Oh-N0 podcast is a podcast dedicated to having conversations with interesting people on a wide array of subjects and matters. Each week we delve into comedy, Politics, art and more!

The Oh-N0 podcast is a podcast dedicated to having conversations with interesting people on a wide array of subjects and matters. Each week we delve into comedy, Politics, art and more!


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The Oh-N0 podcast is a podcast dedicated to having conversations with interesting people on a wide array of subjects and matters. Each week we delve into comedy, Politics, art and more!






OH-N0 #26 - Sean "Kutios" Maria

You wondering where we been? well we're here now and that's all that matters. This episode, Milo and Shad talk to Local Smash Enthusiast Sean Maria, AKA Kutios, who is considered one of the founders of the Smash Community and tournaments in Aruba. Their good friend Anthony and Ofo also joined in!


OH-N0 #25 - Rowena

We talk about all kinds of things as Shadir returns. This episode, we dive into the mind of Rowena, a young up-and-coming artist from Aruba and Elevate Artist. We talked about her dreams and aspirations, stories about her singing endevours and even bantered a bit about the commonalities of life. ALL on The OH-N0 Podcast.


Oh-N0 #24 - Mauro Caralps

First episode of 2021, Milo sits down with Mauro Caralps, the founder of Selfmade Aruba. A motivational podcast about Self Improvement, in which Milo started the process with. Delving deep into the origins of Selfmade, His childhood, What motivates him and lifestyle.


Oh-N0 #23 - Jeff Maduro

This Episode, Milo sits down with Comedian Jeff Maduro to talk about the year, comedy and much more.. Shad joins in as he delivered the goods......


Oh-N0 #22 - Venture

This week's episode, Shad & Milo speak about Empathy and the reaction towards Trumps diagnosis, Common Decency, HTC and their influence, Pokemon Cards and much more. This Week's episode is brought to you by Elevate Entertainment.


Oh-N0 #21 - Elliott "Lefty: Loonstra

This Episode, we sit with The creative, Talented & Aruba's First Para Taekwondo Athlete who's won the coveted Bronze medal at the Lima Games. We talk about his time at Lima, Conspiracy Theories, Fun times and many many more.


Oh-N0 #20 - Stanson Tromp

We're Back with Season 2 of The Reformed Oh-N0 Podcast, joined by our new Co-Host, Shadir Lanoy and we shared a conversation with The Always funny and informative Stanson Tromp. We shared our thoughts on Current Times Aruba, His Serve and many more incredible topics. Thanks to Stanson for Joining us in this new opening.


Oh-N0 #19 - Team Ormen (Fadedtrix & Comp)

On this episode, we had an insightful conversation with Two Prominant Gamers in the Local Gaming Scene Fadedtrix & OrmenComp who both collectivally own the Esports team known as Team Ormen .


Oh-N0 #18 - Allan Gonzalez

This Episode, we talk to our friend Allan Gonzalez about his experiences in Canada, how life during this epidemic is there, and we just had a banterful conversation, alongside our good friend Jonah Tromp.


Oh-N0 #17 - Tommy de Los Santos

In this Episode, we have a full fledged conversation with our good friend, Tommy de Los Santos, and had an interesting vibe conversation about Theories, Philosophy, The Informative world of Stoicism and more. A New addition to the show y'all. Our Friend, Shadir Lanoy, has joined the Oh-N0 Team and will be our new Co-host, tuning out a podcast episode every week, Wednesday & Saturday. Remember to subscribe to us on ALL Platforms if you like the show and tell us who do you want us to talk to...


Oh-N0 #16 - Solo

We have a different episode this week, with Host Milo taking over the reigns to provide a solo episode talking about what he saw, what he thinks and more.


Oh-N0 #15 - Daniel & Josh

In regards to the 4 week quarantine we are currently living in, We had an interesting conversation filled with banter and laughter.


Oh-N0 #14 - COVID 19(Novel Coronavirus) and the Pandemic

In this Episode of the podcast, we delve deep into the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it's affecting our own lives and the economies around the world. Justin Iguana returns and gives us a very insightful view on the Coronavirus and the aspects it deals with.


Oh-N0 #13 - Justin Iguana

On this episode, sparked a very informative and exciting conversation with the Talented and intelligent Justin Mohamed, AKA Justin Iguana. We went in on an array of diverse topics, including Discrimination and more and our friend Tommy de los Santos joined in to further our graceful conversation.


Oh-N0 #12 - Luis "Lui V" de Cuba

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Up-and-Coming Artist Luis de Cuba, also known as Lui V. We talk about how he got started, future plans, working together and the highs and lows of every industry. Stick Around and Tune In y'all.


Oh-N0 #10 - Glen Geerman & Yeremyh Maduro

Here we GO! The tenth episode is here. This episode, we sit down with good pals Glen Geerman, Also known as Sombre Visuals & Yeremyh Maduro, with his company &brand 2525. We talk about their creative endeavors and their new prospect with 2020TheCollective, What their future holds, we Gag around a lot and do some Really funny Impressions while also exploring the world of Michael Jackson. Stick Around Y'all! (Also, Sorry for the bad quality of sound. My mic fell mid podcast and it broke the...


Oh - N0 W: Milo Ep 9 - Daniel Alvarez And Shadir Lanoy

Happy New Year! In the first episode of 2020, we have a spark conversation with Daniel Alvarez about issues we deal with here in Aruba, the recent Iran crisis and more....


Oh-N0 w/ Milo Ep 8 - Ofo Croes & Dennis Henriquez

In this Episode, we reminisce about some unfortunate events with alcohol, Christmas and more alongside the Homie Ofo Croes, known as Blingtico del Caribe on Twitter and Fellow Boi, Dennis Henriquez.


Oh-N0 w/ Milo EP 7 - Michael Flores & Josh Alcantara

in This episode, Milo has a conversation with Michael Flores & Josh Alcantara about Judgement, The Paranormal, The Phillipines and more.


Oh-No with Milo Ep 6 - F0UR & Jordan Wagner

On this episode, We discuss the recent tragedy that is Juice WRLD's untimely death, Four's Recent music video ventures & how Mental health is presented in the current spectrum.