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The Dresden Files, First Wave & Witchblade, plus the value of physical items to save-our-show campaigns

http://onthebubblepodcast.com Fans of TNT’s ‘Witchblade’ sent in Pez candy dispensers, inspired by the lead character's name, Sara Pezzini.Fans of Syfy’s “The Dresden Files” sent in drumsticks to the network, inspired by lead character ‘Harry Dresden’s’ propensity to use drumsticks to cast magical spells. But did any of these clever items actually move the needle, and get the show(s) saved? https://gonnageek.com/discord @joshuacliston on Twitter and @joshuacliston Instagram.


Save-This-Podcast: we're looking for a co-host, plus where the podcast is heading

To express your interest in joining the creative team behind On The Bubble podcast email: joshuacliston@gmail.com or DM Josh on @joshuacliston on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.


Author JOHN J. JOEX - how TV ratings work, plus why sci-fi and fantasy shows are always getting cancelled - OTB034

http://onthebubblepodcast.com | https://gonnageek.com/discord Em: josh@onthebubblepodcast.com Author ‘John J. Joex’ shares his expertise on North American TV ratings, plus why Sc-fi and Fantasy shows have always struggled for renewals. John J. Joex on the web: http://www.cancelledscifi.com/ All episode sources, credits, and more can be found at...


TIMELESS: how #ClockBlockers campaigned to save Timeless and got themselves a two-part finale #SaveRufus - OTB033

http://onthebubblepodcast.com | https://gonnageek.com/discord Em: josh@onthebubblepodcast.com NBC's has spent the majority of its broadcast run on the bubble; but now fans are getting a two-part series 'finale', coming December 20th 2018. But how did such a loved show find itself struggling for a renewal, why the two-part 'finale', and what (if anything) did Timeless fans have to did with saving the show? #SaveTimeless https://www.savetimeless.com/ All episode sources, credits, and...


DAREDEVIL: why did Netflix cancel Daredevil? plus Marvel TV speculations with Stargate Pioneer from Legends of SHIELD - OTB032

http://onthebubblepodcast.com | https://gonnageek.com/discord (to join the conversation). In this episode Josh joined by Legends of SHIELD and Gonna Geek Show co-host, Stargate Pioneer (aka SP). The guys discuss the recent cancellation of Marvel/Netflix show DAREDEVIL - plus the current status of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and The Punisher all get a mention. For all articles, sources, links and more check out http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com and for more great Gonna Geek network...


LAST MAN STANDING: the cancellation and renewal of the Tim Allen comedy - OTB031

http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com https://www.gonnageek.com/discord LAST MAN STANDING was cancelled by ABC after six successful seasons, and was then renewed by FOX a year later. Both the cancellation and the renewal got mired by political mud-slinging, so in this episode Josh L. is joined by GonnaGeek.com founder Stephen Jondrew to discuss the situation. Episode Sources and Article...


SLIDERS - phones, letters, Syfy network - the campaign to save cancelled FOX series, Sliders - OTB030

http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com https://www.gonnageek.com/discord SLIDERS was cancelled by FOX after 3 inconsistent yet much loved seasons, so today we're taking a look at the save-our-show fan campaign to rescue SLIDERS, and take the cult show beyond a season 3. Em: joshuacliston@gmail.com @joshuacliston on Twitter @joshuacliston on Instagram


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: the campaign to save the Taylor Kitsch lead sports drama - OTB029

http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com From Facebook and light bulbs, to eye drops and plastic footballs, the Friday Night Lights fan campaign is one of the more respected renewal campaigns of the 2000's. In this episode we take a look at the historic fan campaign for NBC drama Friday Night Lights. Sources and...


THE EXPANSE season 4, #SaveTheExpanse banners, coffee bags, Rocinante rockets and more - OTB028

http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com From coffee bags and 3D videos, to model rockets and 50,000 upvotes, The Expanse fan campaign is one of the most intense fan campaigns in recent memory. In this episode we take a look at the explosive fan campaign for acclaimed sci-fi/drama The Expanse. For Full Episode Resources, Links and Sources - Click Here. Twitter and Instagram: @joshuacliston Em: josh@onthebubblepodcast.com A proud Member of the Gonna Geek Network.


FLASHFORWARD: the Blackout campaign to try and save ABC's FlashForward - OTB027

http://onthebubblepodcast.com In this episode we take a look at the #PreventTheBlackout fan campaign for ABC sci-fi/drama Flash Forward. Twitter and Instagram: @joshuacliston Em: josh@onthebubblepodcast.com


Save Lucifer #PickUpLucifer - the fan campaign to save the Tom Ellis lead FOX drama LUCIFER - OTB026

https://www.gonnageek.com/category/onthebubble/ In this episode we look at the #SaveLucifer campaign from May 2018 that convinced Netflix to give the cancelled FOX comedy/drama another day in the Hell Fire. Get all article links, audio credits, etc. at http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com @joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and GoodReads. Special S/O to Heather from Sunshine & PowerCuts.


SLEEPY HOLLOW: the campaign to save FOX's Sleepy Hollow - plus a Save Lucifer preview - OTB025

OnTheBubblepodcast.com In this episode we explore the fan-grievances-campaign that caused a change in writing and execution from the showrunners of FOX's Sleepy Hollow. For all episode sources, links and expanded show notes, go to OnTheBubblepodcast.com Em: josh@onthebubblepodcast.com @joshuacliston on the socials.


ANGEL: We’ll follow Angel to Hell. Or Another Network - (Angel starred David Boreanaz and James Marsters) - OTB024

http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com | https://geeks.link/onthebubble "In this episode we take a look at the fan campaign to save Joss Whedon's ANGEL for a Season 6". Save Angel campaign actions: Articles / Resources: http://www.metacritic.com/feature/save-our-show-a-history-of-tv-fan-campaigns https://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/television/news/2004-04-12-angel-fans_x.htm https://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/04/prweb118403.htm josh@onthebubblepodcast.com to email to show. @joshuacliston on...


Prayers For the Dying (how-to save TV shows) - Josh was interviewed for 'In Defense Of' Ep. 47 - OTB023

http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com Episode audio courtesy of 'In Defence Of' (@InDefenseCast) - Episode 47: Prayers For the Dying (Saving Cancelled Shows). For full show notes and to listen to 'In Defense Of' please go to http://indefensecast.com/episode-47-prayers-for-the-dying-saving-cancelled-shows @joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


#save99 #renew99 the campaign to save the Andy Samberg lead Brooklyn Nine Nine - OTB022

OnTheBubblepodcast.com In this episode we break down the recent #Save99 #Renew99 fan campaign to save Brooklyn Nine Nine, and earn the show a Season 6. After being cancelled by FOXTV on May 10th 2018, a massive online campaign fired-up and flooded influential channels such as Twitter with countless messages of support for a Nine Nine renewal. Those messages weren't just coming from fans, but were also being sent by popular comedians, actors, directors and more. In my time researching fan...


MARVEL'S MOST WANTED: the campaign to get ABC to release the Adrianne Palick lead pilot - OTB021

For all episode links, research and sources head on over to http://OnTheBubblepodcast.com CLICK Here To Read The Episode Script (containing all quotes and ideas featured in the episode audio) Today we're taking a look at the Marvel's Most Wanted pilot, and the fan campaign to get ABC to release the pilot to fans. @OnTheBubblepod Episode Links and...


UNITED WE FAN: director Michael Sparaga (The Missing Ingredient) talks @UnitedWeFanDoc and saving TV shows - OTB020

OnTheBubblepodcast.com In this very special episode of @OnTheBubblepod Josh is joined by feature director 'Michael Sparaga' from Toronto, Canada to discuss his new TV fandom documentary UNITED WE FAN (@UnitedWeFanDoc on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). Watch some trailer action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AerErHz9fA In ‘United We Fan’ Sparaga explores the wonderful world of save-our-show fan campaigns and the awesome folks who run, join and fuel them. From Star Trek to...


TRU CALLING: Eliza Dushku's huge trade-off and the Season 2 cancellation - OTB019

onthebubblepodcast.com [for all sources, links and images used to produce this episode] In this episode we take a look at the wild ride that was FOX Fantasy/Drama TRU CALLING (starring Buffy The Vampire Slayer alumni Eliza Dushku). Socials: @joshuacliston on Twitter and Instagram. Em: josh@onthebubblepodcast.com


The Librarians S5 news | the fan campaigns for Agent Carter & Marvel's Inhumans - OTB018

http://onthebubblepodcast.com [for all Sources and Articles mentioned in the audio podcast] This Episode Covers: Contact the Podcast. Episode music credits - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1StjgRTfJg4&list=PLzCxunOM5WFJmDRIzZJQexQfSxphkbB9o&index=9


Joss Whedon returns to the Buffyverse | The Pinkertons fan campaign for Season 2 - OTB017

onthebubblepodcast.com (for all links and source notes) In this episode we take a quick look at Joss Whedon's return to the Buffyverse, and we also take a look at the S2 fan campaign for Canadian Western 'The Pinktertons'. Links/Sources. https://geektyrant.com/news/joss-whedon-returns-to-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-for-season-12-comic https://www.history.com/news/history-lists/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-pinkertons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pinkertons @joshuacliston on...