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From the podcast desk of producer Robert Ouimet




From the podcast desk of producer Robert Ouimet






The 20 Minute Walk

This podcast discusses suicide in a graphic manner and may be disturbing to some listeners. This is a first person narrative documentary created by Help Text founder Emma Payne. It was originally produced in 2017. Resources: Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention Mental Health Commission of Canada Talk Suicide Canada Centre for Suicide Prevention Government of […]


My Friend Ted: The Lines Behind Me

We talked about lines in the sand. But I was so busy looking forward to see the lines, I didn’t realize they were under my feet all along. So that’s when I had the resolve to end my life. My Friend Ted, Episode #5 On April 6th Ted died peacefully at home. He was 57.This […]


Pocket Girl Podcast: CPTSD

The more I think about it, the more I understand that Pocket Girl started long before I began dating terrible men, flailing in my artistic career, or smacked hard into the wall of sexism. I was raised to not have a self. Gas-lit into believing the problem was me, and not the horrendous, dysfunctional, misogynist, […]


Yellow Jack: The Whole World Stops

In spite of all the suffering, this a fantastic time…to really think inwards and try to realize that there are so many things that we change. This is the first time since the industrial revolution that the whole world stops. Rogério Soares Yellow Jack Podcast, Episode #7 (Ouimet Presents, Episode #18)Rogério Soares is a documentary […]


Yellow Jack: Pause Everything

If we could just somehow pause all rent, all mortgages and pause all interest for this time period, I think that could help everyone. Because then those small businesses won’t be paying for a building that they can’t run a business out of. Grant baldwin Yellow Jack Podcast, Episode #6 (Ouimet Presents Episode #17)Grant Baldwin […]


Yellow Jack: Imagine Everyone at Home

People make documentaries, not for money, they make them for love because they’re committed and have stories they want to tell and think they can make a difference…but it’s very precarious work, always. And now this. Michelle van Beusekom Yellow Jack Podcast, Episode #5 (Ouimet Presents Episode #16) Michelle van Beusekom had just returned from […]


Yellow Jack: There’s a Lot To Do So We Better Go Slow

Everyone has kicked in here….our doctors…all the health care professionals we’ve had any contact with…we were just so thrilled and we just felt so confident…you’re so vulnerable in this state. And then when you have people who are saying, it’s OK, come on and wash your hands, put a mask on, we’ve got this. It […]


Yellow Jack: What Choice Have I Got?

Part of my world is to experience it with my hands. And…it’s very difficult for me to know what proximity I am to other people. A lot of times I will bump into somebody or I just won’t be able to maintain a distance that they’re comfortable with…I touch more things than most people touch…and […]


Yellow Jack: Pioneers

In a sense we’re like pioneers. We’re figuring stuff out, like if you came to a new place, and you had to figure everything out. That’s an exciting time. Richard Smith Yellow Jack Podcast, Episode #2 (Ouimet Presents Episode #13) On this episode of the Yellow Jack Podcast you’ll meet Richard Smith, SFU Professor and […]


Yellow Jack: Business as Unusual

At times like this it’s important we take care of ourselves. We don’t need to add stress…isolation in and of itself is stressful. ina fichman Yellow Jack Podcast, Episode #1 (Ouimet Presents Episode #12) On this first episode of the Yellow Jack Podcast you’ll meet two Canadians who are in self-isolation due to the COVID-19 […]


My Friend Ted: The Need to Live

I’ve always thrived with change…I just was never looking forward to this kind of change. My Friend Ted, Episode #4 Ouimet Presents #11 This is the fourth episode in this series called My Friend Ted. Produced by Robert Ouimet. This episode is titled: The Need to Live. ISBN: 978-1-926758-22-0 Show Notes:My Friend Ted – Episode […]


My Friend Ted: Hope

I think I have to set a different bar for what hope is. My Friend Ted, Episode #3 Ouimet Presents #10 This is the third episode in this series called My Friend Ted. Produced by Robert Ouimet. Additional recording by Robyn and Ted.This episode is titled: Hope. ISBN: 978-1-926758-21-3 Show Notes:My Friend Ted – Episode […]


Pocket Girl Podcast: Crazy Lonely

There’s more than one way to feel alone. It’s not just about being the only one in a room. Vapid, life sucking relationships and friendships don’t count as real human connection. Ouimet Presents:Podcast Ep. 9 ISBN: 978-1-926758-20-6 Show Notes:From an essay written after seeing a post tagged “loneliness” and “Portland”.Loneliness and the Fitbit. Links:Loneliness is […]


My Friend Ted: Front Loaded

Sometimes I feel like maybe I needed this disease to learn what I was not able to learn myself. My Friend Ted, Episode #2 Ouimet Presents #8 This is the second episode in this series called My Friend Ted. Produced by Robert Ouimet.This episode is titled: Front Loaded. ISBN: 978-1-926758-19-0 Show Notes:My Friend Ted – […]


Pocket Girl Podcast: #SYA

There’s some shit so egregious happening right now…which has eclipsed the fear of speaking up. I found this to be true, time and time again throughout my life, that it’s only when the pain of not saying anything surpasses the fear of doing so, that I can. Ouimet Presents: Podcast Ep. 7 Writer Alexandra Blatt’s […]


My Friend Ted: Do What You Can

I’m not going to say this time has been stolen from me. I’m just going to move on. It’s what’s going to happen whether I get frustrated or angry or not. My Friend Ted, Episode #1 Ouimet Presents #6 This is the inaugural episode of a podcast series called My Friend Ted. Produced by Robert […]


Pocket Girl Podcast: Match.con

I’ve spent way too long trying to morph myself into someone I wasn’t, so other people would like me. Litany of passive aggressive disasters behind me, I vowed to do the only thing I can and ever truly do well; be myself. But as it turns out, a lot of people, most in fact, don’t […]


Linda Bracken Gets the Chores Done

Some really interesting clients have come to me because they’ve seen what I’ve done at the ABC and they’ve heard me at conferences and doing keynotes…and they’re like “Oh, this could actually have an application for us”…it doesn’t matter what content you’re doing as long as you’re understanding your audience. That’s the key to what […]


Pocket Girl Podcast: Burning the Barn

I think women, and anyone who has ever presented as female for that matter, know all too well how it feels to be told which pockets you will, and will not, inhabit. And frankly, I’m simply tired of keeping myself in one. Ouimet PresentsPodcast Ep. 3 I am thrilled to present Pocket Girl Podcast. A […]


Anthony Bourdain: Vancouver 2006

Having been a heroin addict is really good training for a career in the entertainment business. Anytime you think this is undignified or humiliating, I think back to borrowing money from my mom under false pretenses or stealing purses on the subway. Undignified? Compared to what? Ouimet Presents Podcast Ep. 2 In 2006 I hosted […]