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Over The Bridge Episode 43 - Cambridge: One year on with Baker Lubwama

We welcome past guest Baker Lubwama to catch up with him after his first year of studying medicine at Cambridge University. The former Brampton Manor student goes into detail about social life, friendships, mentorship, clubbing, oh and a bit about work, at Cambridge. And we discover how much has really changed since we started there, almost 10 years ago...


Over The Bridge Episode 42 - Welcome Back

After a lickle hiatus, the boys are back in the studio! In our introductory episode for Season 4(ever), we get together for a catch up to fill our listeners in on what we've been up to in recent months. And also to introduce a new format! Instead of having seasons we will drop content on a continuous and weekly basis (hence Season 4ever). We've also got YouTube content coming soon, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!


Over The Bridge - S3 E15 - The Clapback with Elijah Lawal

This week is joined in the studio by Elijah Lawal, the writer of The Clapback - your guide to clapping back against every day racism and micro-aggressions with witty retorts, factual studies and a sprinkling of humour.


Over The Bridge - S3 E14 - Englishness vs Britishness Part 2

We have all of the guys back in the studio, including surprise guest Hannah Lee, to continue the discussion on what it means to be British for black person in the UK. Where do we say when people ask where we are from? And can we ever truly identify with the Union Jack or St George's Flag outside of major sporting events like the World Cup or Olympics?


Over The Bridge - S3 E13 - Englishness vs Britishness Part 1

What does it mean to be British for a black person in the UK? Can a black person or indeed a POC really be considered English? In a slightly different episode, Bilal and Patrick begin to unpack this discussion in front of a live audience as part of the British Podcast Awards Variety Show at the Underbelly Festival in June.


Over The Bridge - S3 E12 - Does Cambridge Need a Slavery Inquest?

In this episode the guys come together after an extended break to discuss the recent news of Cambridge University's inquest into their historical links with the transatlantic slave trade. We unpack whether we think it is a genuine step in the right direction or a PR exercise with no tangible impact. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E11 - Financial Independence with Ken Okoroafor

In this episode we are joined by Ken Okoroafor, chartered accountant and creator of the Humble Penny Blog (https://thehumblepenny.com). We talk about how he was able to become financially independent by the age of 34, having come to the UK as a Nigerian immigrant at 14 years old. Have your pens and pads out for this one as we discuss the pillars of financial independence and Ken shares tips and advice on how to design a lifestyle that allows you to live on your own terms. We also have a...


Over The Bridge - S3 E10 - Masculinity: Taking off the Mask

In our second ever Live Show, The cast are joined by Ben Hurst & Alex Leon to discuss what Masculinity means for them. We get really personal, share our experiences and get under the mask of masculinity with two incredible guests! - Is masculinity a performance or inherent? - An intersectional appreoach to masculinity - The opposite of toxic masculinity and how do we get there? - Men and their relationships with their fathers. Follow us on: Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk...


Over The Bridge - S3 E9 - For The Love of Art

In this episode the boys keep it light hearted and talk about different works of art that have impacted our lives. We talk music concerts, albums, books, films and more! Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E8 - Law But Make It Fashion with Aji Ayorinde

Entrepreneur, founder of clothing label MIA London, co-founder of The Law Collective, Aji Ayorinde is our guest in the studio as we continue to explore theme of black business. We discuss entrepreneurship, start-ups, and how to juggle corporate life with your personal passion project. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E7 - Black to Business with Khalia Ismain

In this episode we are joined by Khalia Ismain, Founder of Jamii (lovejamii.com) - the first discount card for Black British businesses. Join us as we talk about social change through business, funding, disrupting markets, "selling out", as well as an insight into Khalia's journey of entrepreneurship and advice for others. Hopefully the first of many discussions that our guests and I will be having on black entrepreneurship in the UK! As always, get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com...


Over The Bridge - S3 E6 - Filmmaking While Jamaican with Adjani Salmon

Star and creator of the Dreaming While Black web-series, Adjani Salmon joins OTB in the studio as we discuss the challenges of being a black filmmaker in the UK, and seeing British culture through Jamaican eyes. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E5 - The Good Immigrant USA with Nikesh Shukla

We are joined by acclaimed writer Nikesh Shukla, the man behind The Good Immigrant, as we talk about the struggles of being a writer of colour, the immigrant experience and his forthcoming book The Good Immigrant USA. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E4 - What Is The Supernatural? with Dalian Adofo of Ancestral Voices

Do you believe in the supernatural? In this episode we sit down with Dalian Adofo, creator of Ancestral Voices to discuss those weird experiences in our lives that are hard to explain and also get an introduction to the nature-centred indigenous spiritual practices of African and beyond. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E3 - Reconnecting With Nature with Beth Collier from Wild in the City

As urban dwellers are we disconnected from nature? In this episode we are joined by nature-based psychotherapist and founder of Wild in the City, Beth Collier. Join us as we explore our own relationships with nature, discuss why people of colour in the UK spend less time in nature than white people, and learn how we can begin to reconnect to improve our wellbeing. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge S3 E2 - What's the impact of colonialism on your life today?

What is the impact of colonialism on our lives today as people growing up in Britain? Join us as we unpack religion, language, identity and our relationship to colonialism. It's our first time back in the studio as just the four of us for a while so lots of laughs and deep conversations as we get under the skin of this huge question. As ever, get in touch: Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S3 E1 - OTB Live Show: Dictating The Culture: Being a Creative

We are back for Season 3 of OTB Podcast and kicked it off with an extended length of a sold out Live Show. Joined by Special Guests Shanice Mears & Swarzy Macaly we unpack what it means to Dictate The Culture and Be a Creative from our perspective. As ever, get in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter at: @otbpodcastuk or send us an email at otbpodcastuk@gmail.com


Over The Bridge - Bonus Episode - For Every One: with Jason Reynolds

In this off-season special we are joined by NYT Bestseller author, Jason Reynolds, and we discuss his book 'For Every One' published by Knights Of. We learn about Jason's journey as a writer and receive words of wisdom from his perspective on how we can all pursue our dreams. Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S2 E15 - Black Excellence Part 3 - #Merky Books with Chelsea Kwakye

In the final episode of Season 2 we are joined by Cambridge grad Chelsea Kwakye, co-author of forthcoming book 'Taking Up Space' under the #Merky label with Penguin Books. We unpack the motivations behind the book and Chelsea's own journey as a graduate and writer! Get in touch: email: otbpodcastuk@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk


Over The Bridge - S2 E14 - Theatre, Artistry & Creativity with Ifey Frederick

Joined by Writer of stage-play The Hoes, with fellow Cambridge grad Ifey Frederick, we unpack what it's like to create a play, theatre and the art of being creative! Get in touch: email: otbpodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @otbpodcastuk Instagram: @otbpodcastuk