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Join the OverComing You podcast host, Josh Knutti, as he has candid conversations with professional & Olympic athletes, thought leaders, business owners, C-level executives, and everyday inspirational individuals on how they overcame life’s obstacles.

Join the OverComing You podcast host, Josh Knutti, as he has candid conversations with professional & Olympic athletes, thought leaders, business owners, C-level executives, and everyday inspirational individuals on how they overcame life’s obstacles.
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Join the OverComing You podcast host, Josh Knutti, as he has candid conversations with professional & Olympic athletes, thought leaders, business owners, C-level executives, and everyday inspirational individuals on how they overcame life’s obstacles.




OCY I See Why #1:Excerpt from "The Four Agreements"

ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!!! This message is from the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. Do you do your best in EVERYTHING you do? Do you do your best at work, w/ your kids, yard work? If you do your best in everything you do it will change your life for the better.


Jonathon Aslay: OverComes The Loss Of His Son By Using a Self Love Practice EPS:21

Jonathon Aslay has OverCome a lot. From the loss of his 19-year-old son to loosing a 7 figure net worth. He OverCame it all by utilizing a Self-Love practice and making the decision to grieve with love instead of suffering. His Book https://www.amazon.com/What-Self-Love-Anyway-Jonathon-Aslay/dp/1092498397 Website http://www.jonathonaslay.com/


Colin "Scummy" Morrison: Motocross Rockstar OverComes Addiction

Colin "Scummy" Morrison is a motocross rockstar that lived the fast pace life of motocross, fame, & parties. Colin fell from the highest highs of traveling the world doing what he loves only to fall victim to drugs & alcohol. He talks about OverComing all of it and leading a life of service His clothing line https://skvi.com/


Sam Lamott: A Man OverComes Struggles & Learns How To Human Eps#19

Sam Lamott is an artist, writer, & podcaster and he talks about living and writing from a place of truth and vulnerability, after experiencing so much pain and struggle in his life. He was such a joy to talk to as he has such depth & profound outlooks on life. He has OverCome a lot of challenges in his life from being a teen dad to being a meth head coming out of a ten-year bender. His podcast titled "How to Human" is one of the best podcasts and he has some amazing guests where they dive...


Aaron Patton: A Man OverComes and Lives a New Age Lifestyle EPS#18

Aaron Patton is part of the mindset/ generation who believes everyone deserves to make a living doing what they ACTUALLY enjoy. He has an amazing podcast titled "New Age Influencers" that is quickly becoming one of the biggest & best in the business sector. He was a joy to talk with and such a down to earth guy with real practical ways to improve your lifestyle & self-worth so that you can OverCome anything life throws at you. Aaron Patton http://aaronbpatton.com/ Join his...


Ryan Hughes: Motocross Legend OverComes & Charges Life EP#17

Ryan Hughes is a motocross legend. He is an elite athlete in his sport and has raced with & competed against the best. He as accomplished a ton in motocross & is on the Mt. Rushmore of motocross for sure. However, it is his love & zest for life & how he charges it in EVERYTHING he does. He now travels around the globe coaching, mentoring, & inspiring people to CHARGE LIFE. Amazing workout supplements https://rynopower.com/ Great workout regimens, routines, &...


Zack Ruhl: Adaptive Athlete OverComes & Cultivates an iron Will & Mind Eps. 16

Zack Ruhl is an adaptive athlete that lost both his legs at the age of 2 years old. However due is tough love from his mother & pure determination on his part he has been able to accomplish great things. Zack is a coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and powerlifting record-breaker. He holds the record for bench press in his weight class. Listen & learn how he built an iron will & mind To book Zack for speaking engagements or collaboration reach out to him @ pitbull.ruhl@gmail.com


Chapin Kreuter: A Misfit & Reject overComes & Travels the World

Chapin Kreuter is a world traveler and the host of the amazing podcast Misfits & Rejects. He has literally traveled the world for years. From the outside you would think at times he had it all- beach, waves, money, friends, fun and he did. However, even at his best times, he struggled with negative thoughts & he will talk about how he OverCame them Check out his website & buy some merch https://www.misfitsandrejects.com/


Coach Pat: Muay Thai Coach & Fighter OverComes & Fights for His Life

Coach Pat Pallan is a Muay Thai Coach & Fighter and entrepreneur. In this episode, he talks about OverComing haters and he gives tips to turn your negative thoughts around. Pat not only coaches many people through tough times, but he also had to coach himself out of a dark time in his life when he was contemplating suicide. He is an amazing person, fighter, & coach and I am lucky to know him & have him on the podcast. He has an amazing gym stop by for a...


Shawn Vitale: Dance Entrepreneur OverComes & Levels UP

Shawn Vitale is a professional dance and entrepreneur. Despite her childhood & other life challenges she always kept a smile on her face. Shawn has built an amazing dance studio and is a teacher & owner of "After Hours Dance Studio". She is an amazing person with an amazing story of leveling up & OverComing. Check her dance studio out @ https://www.afterhoursdancestudio.com


Brandon Sundwall: A Personal Trainer OverComes & Teaches Other How to Push Through

Brandon is a wrestler, a personal trainer, & intelligent man. He talks about his wrestling career and how he learned how to push through & OverCome even when he failed. He then carried those learnings through his adult career as a teacher and now as a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, he not only trains the body but the mind as well. Need training check him out @ https://brandonsundwallfitness.com/


Big Will Robertson: A Big Man OverComes Big Life Challenges

Big Will is one of the biggest men you will meet but also has one of the biggest hearts. He was an MMA fighter, he is a trainer, a life coach, and an entrepreneur. He talks about OverComing big life challenges all while keeping in mind health mind, body, & soul healthy. For Mind, Body,& Soul health visit his website https://all4healthnwellness.com/


Heather Cullen: A Strong Woman OverComes & Becomes a Mom, Boss, & Wife

Heather Cullen is a new Mom, Boss, & Wife. She talks openly about struggles that many of us go through weather it is OverComing a shitty relationship or struggling with chasing your dreams, goals, & aspirations all while being a mom & significant other. She does all this with some great tactics and a positive attitude. She has a ton of projects click below https://linktr.ee/iamheathercullen


Chris Mogaddam: A Business boy OverComes & Becomes a Businessman

Chris Mogaddam has been a hustler since he was a boy and has utilized the entrepreneur mentality to OverCome and be a successful business entrepreneur. Listen to how he sees/hears a "need" and does not say "I do not know how to do that" he recognizes a need and figures out how to do it. Listen to how he puts in the work BEFORE he needs it, so when the big opportunities come he can capitalize on them and create an elite business and life. Website: https://doptraining.com/


Ian Butler: MMA Fighter OverComing Being Homeless

Ian Butler is an MMA fighter fighting for Bellator. He is one of the best fighters out there and currently on a massive win streak. He not only fights for a living but he has had to fight through adversity in life too. He has had to fight through and OverCome being homeless a drug overdose, and his dream ALMOST being taken away from him. However, he is not only tough in body but in mind as well as he fought through adversity and OverCame to live out his life's dream of being an MMA...


Dr. Robert Duff: PhD Psychologist OverComing Wife's Suicide Attempt

Dr. Robert Duff is a Ph.D. Psychologist who has a multitude of services he provides. He has been featured in multiple publications like the New York Times, VICE, How Stuff Works, & Healthline. He has an amazing podcast titled "The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast". He also is the best selling author of books like "F**K Anxiety" & "F**K Depression". He gives some GREAT advice & tips & tricks to help people currently going through depression or anxiety. He also gives his knowledge of someone who has...


Allison Taylor: Fitness Model OverComing Body Image Issues

Allison Taylor is a fitness model, she has been in multiple fitness publications, she has done multiple fitness competitions, and she is an Allmax sponsored athlete. Allison will discuss her body image issues as a little girl and also the fact that even as a fitness model she still has insecurities about her body. She discusses how she OverCame that and pushed through a grueling training regiment. Allison Taylor is a person of deep integrity and she gives a ton of great life lessons on how...


Cayce Howe: How to OverCome Using Meditation

Cayce Howe has been practicing meditation for over 30 years. He spent 6 years in meditation retreats. Since leaving the mediation retreats centers he has dedicated himself to helping others discover the benefits of meditation. In this episode, Cayce talks about the specifics of how to meditate and some common misconceptions about meditation. Make sure to listen to the end as he has a treat for everyone. He does some amazing coaching and both public & private mediation and you can find all...


Nicole Stout: Olympic Judo Athlete OverComing Haters

Nicole Stout is an Olympic Judo Athlete hopeful and also is currently attending Harvard. After being forced out of gymnastics due to intense bullying and body shaming. She made the switch to Judo where she used her intense competitive spirit to OverComing the haters and become an elite athlete in the martial art of Judo. She has one of the happiest attitudes that you will ever come in contact with and that is just one of the reasons why she has been able to OverCome the haters in her...


Kate Snowise: Psychologist OverComing Breast Cancer

Kate Snowise has a Masters in Psychology, she is a life coach, a corporate psychologist. She has been featured in numerous publications such as The Huffington Post, Complete Wellbeing, Project Happiness, and Forbes just to name a few. She shares some amazing insights from her personal view on how to OverCome some of life's challenges. She also opens up about her battle with breast cancer and how she not only OverCame but has started to thrive. She is the host of an amazing podcast titled...