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19 Surviving the Holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, Bryce sits down with fellow EPLers Camilla Fita, Kyle Marshall and Suzuanne Burwash to chat all about their favourite Christmas titles. The group shares some great advice on how to manage the stress of the holidays including some great tips from a couple of young listeners. Kyle shares his knowledge of wine and the group shares which celebrity they would like to spend Christmas with. For a complete list of all the items discussed on this episode,...


18 Let's Go Exploring with Michael Hingston

Edmonton writer Michael Hingston joins Bryce and Kate Gibson in studio to chat about his book about Calvin and Hobbes called Let's Go Exploring. They discuss the legacy of the legendary newspaper comic strip and of course those infamous Calvin car decals. Michael also shares details about his new short story advent calendar and what it's like to work with comedian Patton Oswalt on Ghost Box. This is a must listen for any Calvin and Hobbes fan! Visit EPL.ca for a complete list of...


17 The Evolution of Archie

Bryce is joined by librarian Carla Iacchelli and the official "comics correspondent of Overdue Finds" Amie Wright as they explore everything Archie and the entire Riverdale universe. They look at how the series has changed since it was first introduced in 1941 to include everything from comics and TV shows to some crazy crossovers. Carla and Amie share why Riverdale is a guilty pleasure must watch and Bryce shares a comics storyline where Archie picks up a rather controversial part-time...


Bonus Episode 3 - Comic Expo Interviews with Amy Chu and Jenn St-Onge

In this "truly truly truly outrageous" bonus episode of Overdue Finds Bryce and Amie Wright hit up the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo to chat with more comic writers and artists. They chat with Red Sonja writer Amy Chu about an upcoming Red Sonja Christmas crossover and Jenn St-Onge talks about being involved with the new Jem and the Holograms comic series and being inspired by young fans. Visit epl.ca for a complete list of everything that we chat about in this episode. We would...


16 Books to Film: Halloween Edition

It's an extra spooky edition of Overdue Finds as Bryce is joined by fellow EPLer Allison DaSilva as we explore some of our favourite scary books that have been turned into movies. Find out which documentary terrified Bryce and the crazy conspiracy theories behind The Shining. We also share which book we would like to see turned into a movie and Bryce does a terrible impression of Bane. Grab your flashlights because you won't want to miss these spooky picks. Visit EPL.ca for a complete...


Bonus Episode 2 - Comic Expo Interviews with Vic Malhotra and Kyle Charles

We're back with another mini-bonus episode of Overdue Finds. Kim and Bryce are bringing you another set of interviews from the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. In this episode Bryce and Amie Wright chat with Edmonton comic artists Vic Malhotra and Kyle Charles. Vic shares how he got started in comics after having a career in marketing and Kyle bonds with Amie and Bryce over his love for Wolverine and true crime! Visit epl.ca for a complete list of everything that we chat about in...


15 Back in Shepherds' Time

In this latest episode, Bryce and Kim welcome Edmonton author Rayanne Haines and official friend of the show Kate Gibson. They chat about everything from some of their favourite kick-ass heroines to which kind of wine would be paired with the show. Rayanne shares her story about getting a book deal with a New York publisher and some of the amazing poets here in Edmonton. Plus, Kim has a major announcement that will surprise all the listeners. Visit EPL.ca for a complete list of everything...


Bonus Episode 1 - Comic Expo interviews with Courtney Loberg & Jeff Martin

Hey, it's a bonus episode of Overdue Finds! In the first of a series of bonus episodes, Bryce and Kim will bring you interviews with some comic book artists who were at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. In this first set of interviews Bryce and EPL's comic expert Amie Wright chatted with Edmonton comic artists Courtney Loberg and Jeff Martin. Learn about Courtney's role as Happy Harbor's Comics artist in residence and how she just started at EPL. Plus, get the scoop on how Jeff got...


14 A Podcast About Podcasts

Kim and Bryce are joined by fellow EPLer and self confessed "Overdue Finds superfan" Vicky Varga to chat about podcasting and some of our favourite shows. You'll hear all about the Overdue Finds origin story plus learn about shows that cover everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Watergate. You'll also be shocked to learn that there's a true crime podcast that Kim doesn't like! Visit epl.ca for a complete list of everything that we talk about in this episode. We would love to hear from...


13 Karaoke Ballads & Spelling Bees

We're joined this week by friends of the show Kate Gibson and Rocky Mann as we chat about some festivals taking place this fall featuring some of Edmonton's best musicians and writers. Kim and Bryce make a big announcement about a partnership with the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. Plus the group chats about who they would like to narrate a book about their lives and which bands they would hire to play a house party. Bryce also gives the group a crash course on fantasy sports. Visit...


12 Pop Culture Confessions Part 4 - Television

We've reached our last pop culture confessions episode for the summer. On this episode we invite one of our most opinionated staff members, Laura Winton, on to discuss dramas, comedies and, importantly, Kim and Laura bond over their love of reality tv! Listen and talk back to whatever device you're listening to about how much you disagree with our opinions. Then tweet at us and we'll defend our positions! Please visit epl.ca to view a complete list of all the materials that are discussed...


11 True Crime

Reporter Jana G. Pruden joins Bryce and Kim to talk about True Crime. If you've ever been curious about the work of a crime reporter, Jana basically lays it out for us and it's truly compelling! From her early days at the Interlake Spectator to her current work at The Globe and Mail she has honed her craft to become an incredibly accomplished Canadian journalist. After this conversation we have a next level appreciation for the complexity of a reporter's job - to think it all started with...


10 Pop Culture Confessions Part 3 - Music

In part three of our Pop Culture Confessions series Bryce and Kim share EPL staff picks for some of overrated and underrated music. Our hosts share their own picks including some crazy confessions about Canadian music icons, Christmas music and a Kid Rock concert. Plus Kim and Bryce debate about the music of the Foo Fighters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Please visit epl.ca to view a complete list of all the materials that are discussed in this episode. We would love to hear from our...


09 Pixels & Parrots

On this week's episode Bryce and Kim sit down with EPL's "robot wrangler" Holly Arnason to chat all things video games. They cover all genres including some independent games that even the most avid gamers might not know about. The group also chats about what an Overdue Finds video game might look like and how a little blue bird has wiggled his way into Kim's heart. We also find out about Old Man Bryce and his mad iPad photo skills! For a complete list of everything that we talk about in...


08 Pop Culture Confessions Part 2 - Books

This week we welcome back the charismatic duo of Darrin Hagin and Kate Gibson to reveal their thoughts on overrated and underrated books. We talk bathroom reads, boring reads, find out what Darrin really thinks about Christmas, and Bryce makes us confess to our most embarrassing reads. For a complete list of everything that we talked about on this episode please visit -...


07 Selective Ignorance & Missing Muffins

This week, Bryce and Kim are joined by librarians Angelica Thompson and Carla Iacchelli as they chat about some of the books that they'll be reading this Summer and some fun programs happening at EPL. The group also takes a stroll down memory lane and reminisces about joining Summer reading clubs when they were kids and they chat about which fictional characters they would like to go on vacation with. Plus, we learn all about sleuthing skills of Kim Bates: Library Gumshoe! To learn more...


06 Pop Culture Confessions Part 1 - Movies

This week Kim and Bryce confess and expound upon some of the most favourite and least favourite movies. We've polled the Edmonton Public Library staff and share some relatively controversial opinions! Take a listen and send us your thoughts. For a complete list of all the materials talked about in this episode please visit - https://epl.bibliocommons.com/list/share/1176606007_overdue_finds/1204490177_pop_culture_confessions_part_1_-_movies We would love to hear from our listeners so if...


05 Comics are for Everyone!

In this latest "super" episode of Overdue Finds, Kim and Bryce are joined by EPL's comics expert Amie Wright. Amie recently joined EPL from New York, talks about some of her favorite comic book stores there and gives some picks for great Canadian comics. The group has a friendly debate about Marvel vs. DC and Bryce makes a shocking confession about an unpopular comic book movie. Plus, find out which superhero everyone would love to be and why. Check out Amie Wright's list of kids comics,...


04 Read Local with Natasha Deen

This week we overcome some unique technical difficulties to welcome back official friend of the show Kate Gibson and chat with local Edmonton author Natasha Deen. The group chats about which local book that they'll be reading in May for the EPL Reading Challenge. Natasha also tells us about a funny mix-up at the US border while traveling with her Mom. Plus, we talk about unlocking your inner super-hero and Stephen King doing a book signing at Wal-Mart. Learn more about Capital City...


03 Soupy Beards and Roller Derby

We have a special guest this week, friend of the podcast and super cool Librarian, Rocky Mann. Rocky manages EPL’s Capital City Records our go to source for local music in Edmonton. In this episode we talk about A LOT, more than you’d think considering it is supposed to be an episode about Edmonton music – although we talk about that too. Get to know Bryce’s ‘eclectic’ iPod playlist and hear Kim fangirl for a long time favourite musical duo. For a playlist of the Capital City Records...