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Four friends putting the world to rights over a cup of tea. P.S. we're blind.


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Four friends putting the world to rights over a cup of tea. P.S. we're blind.




Episode 27 - The One Where We Reunite, Chat Writing and Celebrate Sam's Achievement!

We're back! Welcome to episode 27 of P.S. I’m Blind. It has been nine months since we last recorded, so technically, enough of a time to have had a baby. Besides chatting about how glad we are to be recording again, we interview, or some might say interrogate, Sam who in the interim had one of his very own writing pieces produced and broadcasted on BBC radio 4 Extra, what an achievement! We grill Sam about his writing process, inspirations, techniques and more. You can listen to Sam’s audio...


Episode 26 - A 2020 Christmas Special with a Little Something Extra to Get Us in the Festive Mood

Welcome to another episode of P.S. I'm blind, where we get festive, talk end of year achievements, hair and otherwise; we bring up our favourite memories as a group, lay down the plans for a bigger and better podcast and last but not least, get creative. Stick with us until the end of the episode, as we have a present of our own for you, our loyal listeners. Thank you for keeping with us, we really appreciate your support. Merry Christmas, from all of us at P.S. I'm Blind <3 Picture shows a...


Episode 25 - A His Dark Materials Special (season 2 episode 4) Tower of the Angels

Welcome to another episode of P.S. I’m blind, a His Dark Materials special, the one where we chat about Will’s newly acquired superweapon. We see Boreal show the sinister Mrs. Coulter the window to another world as well as the witches going fool on matrix on the Magisterium, and Merry Malone speak to angels. We conclude by unanimously deciding ‘Tower of Angels’ is the best episode of this season yet! Enjoy 😊 and don’t forget you can tweet us @psimblind or email us at psimblind@gmail.com. <3


Episode 24 - A His Dark Materials Special (Season 2 Episode 3) Theft

Welcome back to the P.S. I’m Blind podcast, a His Dark Materials special. Beware, henceforth, spoilers are a given. Listen as we dissect episode 3 of His Dark Materials, from Mary making progress with the cave, Lyra losing the Alethiometer, the clash between Lee Scoresby and Marisa Coulter, not to mention the long awaited appearance from our favorite armoured bear, Iorek Byrnison, the party is just getting started! As always, you can contact us on twitter @psimblind or email...


Episode 23 - Nice Racist Comments, Fifty Shades of Grey and Moneybox

Welcome to another episode of PS I’m blind. From chatting about uncomfortable or frustrating encounters, to accessible gaming with The release of the new Xbox and PlayStation 5, Agon tells us about some of the strange comments he has received on his gaming YouTube channel and after a short but entertaining Break, we somehow get onto a discussion about Fifty Shades of Grey, a new but odd app which seems to enable stalking behaviour and the case surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. We...


Episode 22 - A His Dark Materials Special (season 2 episode 2) The Cave

Welcome to another His Dark Materials special from the P.S. I’m Blind crew 😊. This was a heavy one to be sure, listen as we dissect episode 2 of season 2. Lyra gets to visit Will’s Oxford and of course, enter Mary Malone, the open-minded scientist who is happy to talk about her research with a child. The ending is an emotional one, as we see the lengths the magisterium is willing to go to. Enjoy 😊 and if you would like to join in on the convo, you can email us at psimblind@gmail.com or...


Episode 21 - A His Dark Materials Special (season 2 episode 1)

Welcome to PS I'm blind: a His dark Materials special, the one where we have a good natter and review season 2 episode 1. From spectres to the good type of murderers, terminator witches and the meeting we've all been expecting. Spoilers are a given. Enjoy 😊 and if you would like to join in on the convo, you can email us at psimblind@gmail.com or tweet us @psimblind Until next time <3


Episode 20 - Braille and Us

Welcome to another episode of P.S. I’m blind; the one Where we chat braille and reminisce on how we started using it and what it means to us. We also discuss its use at present and speculate on its future. From Louis Braille slate and stylus to modern tec, every single one of us has a story to tell. Enjoy :) and don't forget, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @psimblind and facebook at P.S. I'm Blind. You can also email us at psimblind@gmail.com. Thanks for listening :) See you next...


Bonus Episode - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

In this episode, Kevin interviews Mariam about her childhood experience of eye cancer for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which falls in September. Their discussion gives an insight into being in hospital as a child, getting used to prosthetic eyes and growing up as a blind child with sighted siblings. You can find more information and support at the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust website at https://chect.org.uk/ Don’t for get to follow us on Facebook (P.S. I'm Blind) and Twitter and Instagram...


Episode 20: PS I'm High

Be a fly on the wall in this impromptu podcast where Kevin and Agon get high and talk Harry Potter and train travel with Mariam P.s. I'm Blind


Episode 19: Where We Chat Gardening

Welcome to episode 19, where we chat gardening with Lucy Edwards! We talk about our newfound lockdown love and discuss the triumphs and tribulations of first-time gardeners. From vegetables, herbs and flowers, to soil, mulch, compost and tackling bugs and aphids, we have a well-rounded, all encompassing, gardener’s heart to heart. Thank you, Lucy, for joining us, it was a pleasure to catch up and hear about your gardening experiences! If you haven’t already, you can find out more about Lucy...


Episode 18: The Representation of Disabled People in the Media

Welcome to episode 18 of the podcast, the one where, once we get over the giggles, we talk with Juan Alcazar about blind/disabled people in the media. Juan is one of the very first people who got in touch with us when we began this podcast in November 2019; we are so pleased to finally have him join us for a good old natter. First, we discuss how the media has represented and possibly perpetuated stereotypes of disabled people, second, we consider how these compare and link to our real life...


Bonus Episode - Nystagmus Awareness Day

Welcome to this bonus episode, where we catch up with an old friend and talk about what it is like to live with Nystagmus. Thank you, Sinead, for joining us and sharing your knowledge and experiences of this eye condition. It has been great chatting and we learnt a lot! We hope you enjoy this bonus episode as much as we did recording. Don’t forget, you can follow us on Twitter @psimblind, Facebook and Instagram at P.S. I’m Blind and you can email us at psimblind@gmail.com. All the best for...


Episode 17: Crip Camp, Disability Activism And Change

Welcome to Episode 17! We discuss the centenary of the 1920 blind march, where visually impaired people throughout the UK marched on London, bearing a banner which read 'We demand justice, not charity' We also discuss the Netflix documentary, Crip Camp. We share how the disabled activists featured in the film have shaped our lives as disabled people today, and the work that still needs to be done to fight for equality. To round off the episode, we discuss the ethics of having a child when...


Episode 16 Earth Day and Audio Description Awareness Day

Welcome to episode 16 of the podcast, where in homage to Earth day, we take a hard look at our efforts to save the planet and make that footprint a tiny bit lighter. We talk accessible recycling, conscious buying and more. We also launch into a chat about audio Description, in case you ever wondered what that overly helpful voice during your film or show was for. Why don't you grab a cuppa and join us? We will soon set things to rights. Enjoy! P.s. We’re blind. Thank you Agon for editing...


Episode 15

Wellcome to Episode 15 of the podcast, where we discuss Politics surrounding the sudden changes since Covid-19, clapping for the NHS, key workers and carers. We talk lockdown hacks and how to keep your heart happy in these difficult times. Take a seat tune in and we'll talk it all out. P.S. I'm Blind


Episode 14

Welcome to episode 14, where we chat to Rhi, a student studying zoology at university. She talks to us about some of the challenges she faced as a visually impaired student both navigating and balancing academic and social life. From lab experiments to bin wars with the neighbours, from assessments to falling in unexpected wholes, we meander through various topics. P.S. We’re blind.


Episode 13

Welcome to episode 13, a Mother’s Day special. This week we speak to Joy, a blind, single mother of one. Parenthood and of course coronavirus only being two amongst the variety of things we discuss. You can also find Joy’s very own podcast “Joy’s World”, on all the main podcast channels, including Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/0NL0qMYKUO7YJJ3WmK58hN?si=NoUqG1p9Rm-0VeHMzRHxYA and Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/joys-world/id1462734184 Don’t forget you can find us...


Episode 12

Where we discuss the #uHateDisabledPeople hashtag, find out what it's like to ride a twitterstorm and ponder the kind of advice we would give our younger selves.‬ ‪P.s. We're blind.


Episode 11

Welcome to episode 11, the one where we wrap up and reminisce, as we dissect the final episode of His dark materials season 1. Are parents truly more trouble than they're worth? Is Roger right? Maybe considering Lyra's parents he could be. We speculate if blind people have blind demons and discuss what we might expect in the following season. Spoilers are a given. Enjoy! P.s. We're blind!