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S1E8: Navy Travel Adventures with Ellen Dreibelbis

This episode features the very first guest appearance on the show - Sara’s lifelong friend (and one of the original 20 listeners of the podcast), Ellen Dreibelbis! Ellen joins Laura and Sara to discuss their salty/sweets for the week before sharing her experiences as a nurse in the Navy and the travel opportunities she’s had through that line of work. All three answer a listener question about pursuing interests outside of their jobs and then give their recommendations. PRODUCTS, ETC....


S1E7: Our Favorite Food and Travel Media

Sara’s finally getting over being sick (ugh) and she’s been crying a lot while watching Queer Eye, while Laura’s been “left on read” and is planning to do more video work during her summer travels. For this episode they get fully into their favorite food and travel media: They discuss their crushes on Brad Leone, Sara’s many favorite cookbooks, how they want to go to a farmer’s market with Alison Roman, complicated feelings about Anthony Bourdain, Laura’s endless love for Iz Harris, planning...


S1E6: '90s Nostalgia

We start off this nostalgic episode with Sara giving Laura a surprise birthday gift. They both had bad weeks, but Laura is looking forward to celebrating her birthday and Sara is excited about her updated pantry jars. The bulk of this episode is a trip down memory lane, with a focus on their ‘90s childhoods. In addition to all the classic ‘90s music, tv and fashion, they also discuss the Scholastic Book Fair, puberty, and what their Spice Girls names might be. It’s a fun one! Then they...


S1E5: London

This episode begins with a correction about malt whisky from episode 4, Whiskey Women, and Laura explains that she found “her drink.” She’s also working on an exciting project but it’s stressing her out a little bit. Sara’s blog got sneakily hacked but Taylor Swift is coming through for her on the political front. After catching up they move onto drinking gin and tonics, eating blondies, and discussing London while doing some terrible British accents. Before ending with recommendations they...


S1E4: Whiskey Women

Sara met a cat she didn’t hate, she’s dealing with some social anxiety, and she’s happy to be podcasting. Laura is super annoyed by airlines but she had a puppy chow angel who made her week. The main topic this week is whiskey, and the gals get into it: they discuss how they learned to love whiskey, what it’s like to be women who drink it, and their whiskey bucket lists. They obviously had to imbibe, so they tasted some scotch and Sara made whiskey sours (recipe below). Before their...


S1E3: Fitness, Wellness & Feeling Good

Sara and Laura kick off the episode by saying #sorrynotsorry for, like, saying the word “like” so much. (But seriously they’re trying to be more conscious of it.) Sara’s way behind on her podcast listening and Laura is having bed bug PTSD. Valentine’s Day was the best kind of chill for Sara, and Laura is pumped because she just booked her summer travels. For the bulk of the episode they get into their personal backgrounds and routines with fitness and wellness before giving a TON of podcast...


S1E2: Feast of St. Pizza 101

It’s episode 2 and things are already going off the rails … Sara and Laura are both getting old, they can’t see at night, and Sara just had the worst hangover of her life. Thankfully Laura also experienced the many joys of a night all to herself and Sara is feeling fancy-fresh thanks to a gel manicure. For the main topic of the day they dive into the event that helped their friendship to truly blossom: The Feast of St. Pizza! From how to plan to where to go and why the heck would you do it,...


S1E1: Hi! Get to Know Sara & Laura

In this very first episode of the Passports and Pizza podcast, Sara and Laura invite you to get to know each of them while they pop open a bottle of sparkling rosé and play some games. Sara reveals herself to be an OG podcast listener, there’s a game of Mad Libs and they dive into Laura’s scuba diving adventures. There are some serious thoughts about Harry Potter movies as well as Domino’s and Papa John’s pizza. In a round of rapid fire “this or that” questions, Laura and Sara do their best...



Here’s a little teaser for what’s to come of the Passports and Pizza podcast. Enjoy these little snippets of the first few episodes to get a taste of what to expect. Mainly: food, travel, fun, and other nonsense. Welcome! Thank you for listening! Please make sure to subscribe and leave a review. If you’d like to reach out to send in a question or comment, please do so via any of these platforms: • email • leave a voicemail at 717-964-0215 • Instagram •...